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A Governor, naging of the Affrirs and Baliness of the said Company and their Successors, Deputy-Go- there shall be One Governor, One Deputy Governor, and Twelve Affiftants, vernor, & 13 to be from Time to Time constituted, elected and chosen out of the Freemen Alitants to be elected

of the said Company for the Time being, in such Manner and Form as herefrom Time to after in these Presents is expresled, which said Officers shall apply themselves to

take Care for the best disposing and ordering of the general Bufiness and Af. fairs of and concerning th

Land and Hereditament, herein after mentioned to be granted, and the Plantation thereof, and the Government of the People thereof: And for the better Exccation of our Royal Pleasure herein, We do

for Us, Our Heirs, and Succeflors, assign, name, conititute and appoint the First Gover. aforesaid John Winthrop to be the first and present Governor of the said CoinGovernor & pany, and the faid John Mason to be the Deputy-Governor, and the said, Alliitants ap. Samuel Wyllys. Mathew Allyn, Nathan Gold, Henry Clarke, Richard Treat, pointed! John Ogden, John Tapping, John Talcott, Thomas Wills, Henry Wolcott,

Richard Lord, and Daniel Clarke, to be the Twelve prelent Afiftents of the faid Company, to continue in the faid several Ofices respectively, until the fecond Thuriday which shall be in the Month of October now nextcoming. And

further, We Will, and by these Presents for Us, Our Heirs, and Succeflors, Governor and Deputy-Go

De ordain and grant, That the Governor of the said Company for the Time vernor Power being, or in his Absence, by Occasion of Sickness, or otherwise by his Leave to call a Gen, or Permission, the Deputy-Governor for the Time being, shall and may from Affembly. Time to Tiine upon all Occasions, give Order for the assembling of the faid

Company, and calling them together to consult and advise of the Bufiness and

Affairs of the faid Company, and that forever hereafter, Twice in every Two General Year, That is to say, Onevery Second Thursday in Oitsker, and on every Sc. Asemblie; in cond Thursday in May, or oftner in case it shall be requisite; the Assistants, a Year, and Freemen of the said Company; or such of them (not exceeding Two PerMay &October sons from each Place, Town, or City) who shall be from Time to Time there

unto elected or deputed by the major Part of the Freemen of the relpective Towns, Cities, and Places for which they shall be elected or deputed, hall have a General Meeting, or Asembly, then and there to consult and adviče in 'and about the Affairs and Bufiness of the said Company: and that the Governor, or in his Absence the Deputy-Governor of the said Corupany, for the Time being, and such of the Alliftants and Freemen of the said Company as shall be so elected or deputed, and be present at such Meeting or Assembly, or the greatest Nunber of them, whereof the Governor or Deputy-Governor, and

Sixof the Aniitants at least, to be Seven, shall be called the General Assembly, Power to al

and shall have fall Power and Authority to alter and change their Days and ter their Days Times of Meeting, or General Assemblies, for electing the Governor, Depetyof Meeting. Governor, and Afliltants, or other Officers, or any other Courts, Allemblies or

Meetings, and to choose, nominate and appoint such and so many other Perfuns

as they shall think fit, and thall be willing to accept the fame, co be Free of theiaid To appoint

Company and Body Politick, and them into the same to admit ; And to elect and Freemen, and constitute fuch Officers as they shall think fit and requisite for the ordering, managconstituteof. ing and disposing of the Affairs of the said Governor and Company, and their Sucficers. ceffors : And We do hereby for Us, Our Heirs and Succeffors, establish andordain,

That once in the Year forever hereafter, Namely, the said Second Thursday in May, the Governor, Deputy-Governor, and Alistants of the said Company, and other Oficers of the said Company, or such of them as the said General Assembly shall think fit, fhall be in the said General Court and Assembly to be held from that Day or Time, newly chosen for the Year ensuing, by such greater Part of the said Company for the Time being, then and there present;

and if the Governor, Deputy-Governor, and Alliitants by these Presents ap: Power to pointed, or such as hereafter be newly chofen into their Rooms, or any of them, chule newOf- or any other the Officers to be appointed for the said Company fall die, or be ficers in cire

removed from his or their several Offices or Places before the said general Day of the Death or Removal

of Election, whom we do hereby declare for any Misdemeanor or Default, to viothers.

be removable by the Governor, Afitants and Company, or such greater Part of them in any of the said public Courts to be assembled, as is aforesaid, that

thes and in every such Case, it shall and may be lawful to and for the Govera nor, Deputy-Governor, and Afitants, and Company aforesaid, or such greater Part of them so to be assembled, as is aforesaid, in any of their Assemblies, to proceed to a new Election of one or more of their Company, in the Room or Place, Rooms or Places of such Governor, Deputy-Governor, Aliftant, or Former Offiother Officer or Officers fo dying or removed, according to their Discretions, cers Power to and immediately upon and after such Election or Elections made of such Go- the Choice of vernor, Deputy-Governor, Afiftantor Aliftants, or any other Officer of the new ones. faid Company, in Mariner and Form aforesaid, the Authority, Office and Power before given to the former Governor, Deputy-Governor, or other Officer and Officers fo removed, in whose Stead and Place new shall be chofen, fall, as to him and them, and every of them respectively, cease and determine. Provided allo, And Our Will and Pleasure is, That as well such as are by these Presents appointed to be the present Governor, Deputy-Governor, and Afiftants of the said Company. as those that shall succeed them, and all other Oficers to be appointed and cholen, as aforesaid, shall before they undertake the Execution of their faid Ofices and Places respectively, take their several and respective corporal Oaths for the due and faithful Performance of their Duties, in their several OS-es and Places, before fuch Person or Persons as are by these Presents Governor,D. hereafter appointed to take and receive the same ; That is to say, The said Governor, & Jorn Winthrop, who is herein before nominated and appointe, the present betwornstoa Governor of the said Company, shall take the said Oath before One or more of faithful Pera the Masters of Our Court of Chancery for the Time being, unto which Master formance of of Chancery, We do by these Presents give full Power and Authority to ad- their Duty & minifter the said Oath to the faid John Winthrop accordingly: And the said Oitice. John Major, who is herein before nominated and appointed the present Depui-Governor of the said Companv, ihall take the laid Oath before the said John l'interad, or any Two of the Anitants of the said Company, unto whom We do by these Presents give full Power and Authority to adminifter the said Oath to the aid John Malon accordingly : And the said Samuel Wyllys, Henry Clarke, Marthew Allyn, John Tapping, Nathan Gold, Richard Treat, Richard Lord, Henry Walcott, John 1 elcort, Daniel Clarke, John Og den, and Thomas Wells, who are herein before nominated and appointed the present Aslistants of the faid Company, shall take the Oath before the said John Winthrop, and John Maion, or One of them, to whom We do hereby give full Power and Authority to adminifter the same accordingly. And Our further Will and Pleasure is, that all and every Governor, or Deputy-Governor to be elected and chosen by Virtue of these Presents, shall take the said Oath before Two or more of the Affiftants of the said Company for the time being, unto whom We do by these Presents give full Power and Authority to give and adminifter the said Oath accordingly; and the said Allistants, and every of them, and all and every other Officer or Officers to be hereafter chosen from Time to Time, to take the said Oath before the Governor, or Deputy-Governor for the Time being, unto which Governor, or Deputy-Governor We do by these Presents give full Power and Authority to administer the fame accordingly. And further, Of Our more ample Grace, certain knowledge, and meer Motion, We have given and granted, and by thefe Preients for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, do give and grant unto the said Governor and Company of the English Colony of Connecticut, in New-England in America, and to every Inhabitant there, and to every Person Power to and Persons Trading thither, and to ever, such Person and Persons as

transport In

are or habitantsinto fhall be Free of the said Colony, full Power and Authority from Time to Time, the Colony,& and at all times hereafier, to take Ship, Transport and carry away for and to- Goods, Merwards the Plantation and Detence of the said Colony, fuch of Our loving Sub-chandises &c, jects and Strangers, as ihall or will willingly accompany them in, and to their faid Colony and Plantation, except luch Person and Persons as are or shall be therein reitrained by Us, Our Heirs and Successors; and also to ship and transpore all, and all Manner of Good, Calreis, Merchandizes, and other Things whatsoever that are or fall be uletulor necessary for the Inhabitants of the said Caloos, and may lawfully be transported thither; Nevertheless, not to be di!


charged of Payment to Us, our Heirs and Succeffors, of the Duties, Cuftoms The King's

and Subsidies which are or ought to be paid or payable for the same. And Subjects in further, Our Will and Pieasure is, and We do for Us, Our Heirs and Succefthis Colonyco fors, ordain, declare, and grant unto the said Governor and Company, and enjoy all the their Succeffors, That all, and every the Subjects of Us, Our Heirs, or SuccefPrivileges of sors, which ihall go to inhabit within the said Colony, and of their Chil. free and naTural subjects

dren which shall happen to be born there, or on the Seas in going thither, or returning from chence, shall have and enjoy all Liberties and Immunities of free and natural Subjects within any the Dominions of Us, Our Heirs or Successors, to all Intents, Constructions and Purposes whatsoever, as if they and every of them were born within the Realm of England ; And We do authorise

and impower the Governor, or in bis Absence the Deputy-Governor for the Power to ad. Time being, to appoint Two or more of the said Afliltants at any of their Courts minister the or Affenblies to be heid as aforesaid, to have power and Authority to admi. Oath of su: nister the Oath of Suprem icy and Obedience to all and every Person and Perpre nacy and Obedience.

fons which thall at any Tine or Times hereafter go or pass into the said Co. lony of Connecticut, unto which said Ali tants fo to be appointed as aforesaid, We do by these Presents give full Power aud Aushority to adminifter the said Oith accordingly. And We do further of Our especial Grace, certain Knowledge, and mere Motion, give, and grant unto the said Governor and Company of the English Colony of Conneticut, in New-England in America, and their Succeffors, That it huli and muy be lawful to and for the Governor, or Deputy-Governor, and such of the Alliitants of the said Company for the

Time being as shall be Asembled in any of the General Courts aforesaid; or in To erect Ju- any Charts to be especially Samnɔned, or Assembled for that Purpose, or the


greater Port of them, whereof the Governor, or Deputy-Governor, and Six of the Affitants to be always Seven, to Erect, and Make such Judicatories, for the Hearing, and D:termining of all Actions, Caules, Matters, and Things

happening within the said Colony, or Plantation, and which shall be in Dispute, To ordain & and Depending there, as they hall think Pic, and Convenient, and also from establich law; Time to time to Mike, Ordain, and Establish all Manner of Wholesome, and for settling Reasonable Laws, Scatuces, Ordinances, Directions, and Instructions, not Conthe Forms of government,

trary to the Laws of this Realm, of England, as well for Settling the Forms, and Ceremonies of Government, and Magistracy, Fit, and Necessary for the faid Plantation, and the Lahabitants there, as for Naming, and String all Sorts of icers, buca Superior and Inferior, which they Ahall Find Needful for the Gyvernment, and Plantation of the said Colony, and the Distinguishing, and feccing forth of the several Duties, Powers, and Limits of every such Office, and Piace, and the forms of such Oaths not being Contrary to the Laws, and Statutes of this Our R:alm of England, to be Administred for the Execution of the said several Offices, and Places, as also for the Disposing, and Ordering of the

Election of such of the said Officers as are to be Annually Chosen, and of such To impose others as shall Succeed in case of Death, or Removal, and Administring the Fines, Mulas

said Oath to the New-Elected Officers, and Granting Necessary Commissions, and for Impɔlition of Lawful Fines, Malets, Imprisonment or other Punishment upon Offenders, and Delinquents according to the Course of other Corporations within this our Kingdom of England, and the same Laws, Fines, Mulets, and Executions, to alter, change, revoke, annul, release, or pardon under their Common Seal, as by the said General Assembly, or the major part of them thall be thought fit, and for the directing, ruling and disposing of all other Matters and Things, whereby Our faid People, la habitants there, may be so religiously, peaceably and civilly governed, as their good Life and orderly Conversa'ton may win and invite the Natives of the Country to the Knowledge and Obe. dience of the Only True GOD, and the Saviour of Mankind, and the Christian Faith, which in Our Royal Intentions, and the Adventurers free Profeflion, is the only and principal Ead of this Piantation ; willing, commanding and re

quiring, and by theie Presents for us, Our Heirs and Succellors, ordaining and Laws to be appointing, that all such Laws, Statutes and Ordinances, Instructions, Imposipubliced. tions and Directivas as fhall be so inade by the Governor, Deputy. Governor,



and Afiftants as aforesaid, and published in Writing under their Common Laws to be Seal, shall carefully and duly be observed, kept, performed, and put in Execu- put in Exetion, according to the true incent and Meaning of the same, and these Our Let-cution. ters Patents, or the Duplicate, or exemplification thereof, shall be to all and every such Officers, Superiors and Inferiors from Time to Time, for the putting of the same Orders, Laws, Statutes, Ordinances, Instructions, and Direcrions in due Execution, againf Us, Our Heirs and Succeffors, a fufficient Warrant and Discharge. And We do further for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, give and grant unto the said Governor and Company, and their Successors, by these Presents, That it shall

and may be lawful to, and for the Chief Commanders, Governors and Officers of the said Company for the Time being, who shall be resident in the Parts of New-England hereafter mentioned, and others inbabiting there, by their Leave, Admittance, Appointment, or Direction, from Time to Time, and at all Times hereafter, for their special Defence

and Safety, 10 Assemble, Martial Array, and put in warlike Posture the Inha- Power to albitants of the said Colony, and to Commiflionate, Impower, and Authorize femble,& put fuch Person or Persons as they mall think fit, to lead and conduct the said Inha- Pomure the bisans, and to encounter, expulse, repel, and refift by Force of Arms, as well inhabitanıs. by Sea as by Land, and also to kill, Nay, and defroy by all fitting Ways, Enterprizes, and Means whatsoever, all and every such Person or Persons as fall at any Time hereafter Attempt or Enterprize the Destruction, Invasion, Detri

To use the ment, or Annoyance of the said Inhabitants or Plantation, and to use and exer- Law Martial. cise the Law Martial in such Cases only as Occasion Mall require ; and to take or furprize by all Ways and Means whatloever, all and every such Person and Perfons, with their Ships, Armour, Ammunition and other Goods of fuch as fhall in such hoftile Manner Invade, or attempt the Deteating of the said Plantation, or the Hurt of the said Company and Inhabitants, and upon juft Causes to invade and destroy the Natives, or other Enemies of the said Colony. Neveribeless, Our Will and Pleasure is, and we do bereby declare unto all Christian

His Majesty's Kings, Princes, and States, that if any Persons which hall hereafter be of the Declaration said Company or Plantation, or any other by appointment of the said Governor to all Princes and Company for the Time being, shall at any time or Times hereafter rob or and States,aspoil by Sea or by Land, and do any Hurt, Violence, or unlawful Hoftility to

gainst such as

Thall robor any of the Subjects of Us, Our Heirs or Successors, or any of the Subjects of any fpoil by Sea Prince or State being then in League with Us, Our Heirs or Successors, upon or Land. complaint of such Injury done to any such Prince or State, or their Subjects, We, Our Heirs and Successors will make open Proclamation within any Parts of our Realm of England fit for that Purpole, that the Person or Persons com, nitting any such Robery or Spoil, shall within the Time limited by such Proclamation, make full Reftitution or Satisfaction of all such Injuries done or committed, so as the Said Prince, or others to complaining may be fully satisfied and contented ; and if the said Person or Persons who shall commit any such Robbery or Spoil shall not make Satisfaction accordingly, within such Time to to be limited, that then it shall and may be lawful for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, to put such Person or Persons out of Our Allegiance and Protection; and that it shall and may be lawful and free for all Princes or others to prosecute with Hoftility such Offenders, and every of them, their, and every of their Procurers, Aiders, Abettors and Counsellors in that Behalf. Provided also,

Liberty reAnd Our express Will and Pleasure is, and We do by these Presents for Us, served for all

Our Heirs, and Successors, Ordain and Appoint, that these Presents shall not his Majesty's ! in any Manner hinder any of Our loving Subjects whatsoever to use and exer- fubje&s to

cise the Trade of Fishing upon the Coaft of New-England, in America, but they fifh upon the and every or any of them hall have full and free Power and Liberty, to contidue, and use the said Trade of Fishing upon the said Coaft, in any of the Seas thereunto adjoining, or any Arms of the Seas, or Salt Water Rivers where they have been accustomed to fith, and to build and set up on the waste Land belong

To build ing to the said Colony of Connecticut, such Wharves, Stages, and Work-Houses Wharves,&c. as shall be necessary for the salting, drying, and keeping of their Fish to be ta- upon walte ken, or gotten upon that Coast, aby Thing in these Presents contained to the Lands.

contrary notwithftanding. And Know Ye further, That We, of Our abundant Grant of the

Grace, certain Knowledge, and mere Motion, have given, granted, and con: Lands within firmed, and by these Preients for Us, our Heirs and Successors, do give, grant, the limits ex- and confirm unto the faid Governor and Company, and their Succeffors, all preffed to the that Part of Our Dominions in New England in America, bounden on the Enft by Gov.& Com. Narraganlet-River, commonly called Narraganjet-Bay, where the said River pany, withthe Commodi

falleth into the Sea ; and on the North by the Line of the Mofucbujetts-Plantarities thereof, on; and on the South by the Sea ; and in Longitude as the Line of the Maffa&c.

chusetts-Colony, running from Enfi to West, I hat is to say, From the said Narraganfett-Buy on the East, to the South Sea on the West Part, with the liands thereunto adjoining, together with all firm Lands, Soils, Grounds, Havens, Ports, Rivers, Waters, Fishings, Mines, Minerals, precious Stones, Quarries, and all and fingular other Commodities, Jurisdictions, Royalties, Privileges, Franchises, Preheminencies, and Hereditaments whatsoever, within the laid Tract, Bounds, Lands, and Islands aforesaid, or to them or any of them belonging. To have and to hold the fame unto the said Governor and Company,

their Succeffors and Asigns forever, upon Trust, and for the Use and Beneat To be held

of Themselves and their Asociates, Freemen of the said Colony, their Heine in free and and Alligns, to be holden of Us, Our Heirs and Succeffors, as of Our Manor of commonsoc. East-Greenwich in free and common Soccage, and not in Capite, nor by cage.

Knights Service, yielding and paying therefor to Us, Our Heirs and Succes fors, only the Fifth Part of all the Ore of Gold and Silver which from Time to Time, and at all Times hereafter, hall be there gotten, had, or obtained, in Lieu of all Services, Duties and Demands whatsoever, to be to Us, our Heirs, or Successors therefor, or thereout rendered, made, or paid. And lastly, We

do for Us, our Heirs and Successors, grant to the said Governor and Company, The Patent and

their successors, by these Presents, That these Our Letters Patents, Thali to have the be firm, good and effectual in the La

to all intents, Constructions, and Purble Construc. poses whatsoever, according to Our true Intent and Meaning herein before tion for the declared, as shall be construed, reputed and adjudged most cavourable on the Benefit of the Behalf, and for the best Benefit, and Behoof of the said Governor and Company, Cov. &Com. and their Successors, although express Mention of the true Yearly Valce or Cer

tainty of the Premises, or of any of them, or of any other Gifts or Grants by Us, or by any of Our Progenitors, or Predecessors, heretofore made to the said Governor and Company of the English Colony of Connecticut, in NewEngland, in America, aforesaid, in these Presents is not made, or any Statue, Ac, Ordinance, Provifion, Proclamation, or Restriction heretofore had, made, enacted, ordained, or provided, or any other Matter, Cause, or Thing whatsoever to the contrary thereof, in any wise notwithstanding. In Witnejš whereof, We have caused thefe Our Letters to be made Patents. Witness Ourself at Weftminfter, the Three and Twentieth Day of April, in the Fourteenth Year of our Reign.

By Writ of Privy Sral,

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