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or Bills of Parcels thereof as Vouchers, and fall if required give crue Copies of all such Invoices or Bills of Parcels to such Collector, or his Deputy, and Thall pay the Excise by Law required on fuch Articles, or fecure the same with Surety to the Satisfaction of such Collector or his Deputy ; payable to the Treasurer of this Stase, one half thereof at the End of three months, and the other half at the End of Twelve Months from the Date of such Securities and Interest after payable until paid.

And the Oath to be taken as aforesaid, fall be in the Words following (to wit) You fwear by the Name of the everliving GOD that the Manifef Oath. " you now exbibit to me is true, and that the Prices set to the Articles therein * Enumerated, are the Prices ar wbicb those Articles were Bona Fide bougbi, " and that ibe fame contains all the Articles you have on Hand, or have jold by ** Retail, or Consumed or orbertvije dispojed of within Six months lajt paft, Subjected by Law to the payment of Excise

, on which the Excise hath not been paid, is 'nor fecured to be paid, and that the invoices you now'exhibit are the true In" voices containing all the Articles specipes in jaid manifeft.

So help you GOD. And every such Retailer or Consumer who shall neglect or Refuse to observe and keep the Laws that are, or shall be made, and in force concerning Excise Penalty. and being duly Convicted thereof, shall pay a fine to the Treasures of this State to the Amount of fourfold the Sum of the Excise which in the Judgment of the Court that shall have Cognizance thereof, such Person or Persons fo neglecting or refusing ought to have paid, and thall pay Cost of Prosecution.

And it shall be the Duty of the Collector of Excise in each County or his Deputy as often as once in fix months to make due presentment to the Court of Collector to common Pleas in their respective Counties of all Breaches of this A&, or to ant make Pre A liftant or Justice of the Peace, where in the Opinion of such Collector the

sentment, nature of the Offence doth not require a greater Penalty than by the Laws of this State, fuch Affitant or Justice of the Peace may give Judgment for, and upon such Complaint luch Affiftant of Justice of the Peace may proceed to give Judgment for a Penalty not exceeding Four pounds.

And all Prosecutions now depending against any Person or Persons for the Breach of any Laws concerning Excise tall Cease, and Determine upon his, or Former Prosetheir first conforming to this A & by paying the Excise according to the provi-cutions to

cease on payfons thereof and the Interest thereon from the Time fuch Excise onghe-toibave

ment, &c. been paid, and paying Coft of such Prosecution, any Law of this State notwith#anding.

An Act in addition to, and alteration of an Act in further ad

dition to and alteration of an Act for levying, and Collecting
a Dury on certain Articles of Goods, Wares, and Merchan-
dize imported into this State by. Land or Waters and one
other Act for laying an Excise on sundry Articles of Con-
fumption within this State,
Eis enacted by: be Governor, Council, and Representative: is General Cours
lembled, and by the Ausbority of the fame, that the leveral Naval Ofi-


2 a

Excise. Societies. Lifters.


cers, Collectors of Import, and Collectors of Excise duly appointed and qualis. cers, &c. ren. ėd, shall on the firkt Days of April and September annually Render to the Com, es the paye mittee of Pay Table a True Account of all the Monies Collected, and several

kinds of Securities received for I'mpost or Excise by them or their Deputies, and pay and deliver to the Treasurer of this Sture the Monies Collected, o? Certifcates for Interest received as aforesaid taking du policate Receipts therefor one of which shall be by them lodged in the Mice of the Committee of Pay

Table, any Law to the contrary notwithlanding. Pay. table to And be it furtber enaid by the autbority aforesaid. That the Colle&ort of fend a copy to Excise in rendering their Accounts as aforesaid thali face the Amount of the the Clerk of Bxcise received in each Town from which they are impowered to Çolled, a County Court also from the individoals, and that the Committee of Pay Table hall from

Time to Time' tranfmit a copy of the Account of Excise readered by the Cole lector of Excise to the Clerk of the County Court in the County to which said Collector belongs.

An Act in addition to a Law of this State Entitled " an A4

for forming, ordering, and regulating Societies.

WHERE AS in and by faid d& where rowe, or more Sociaies conftituted by sa of Preemble. the General Alfons bly bave the same Limits, and Boundariti, and there hapa

pens to be new inbabitants within joid Limits Provision is made to wbicbofland Sociwie: tbey hall belong, bas no provision is tbersis made to whicbof the land se. cietiestbe Taxes arifing ontbe Lards of Nor Refilene Proprietors pati belong, wbich Occafons much Dinculey and Dijpete, wbicb i prevent.

E it enaded by the Governor, Council and Reprefentarjuus, in Gergral Court on non-refi.

ajjembled and by the datberuty of ibe jame, That in all Cases where dents where there now are or bereafter fall be, two or more Societies within the fame Lid. Payable mits confticated as aforesaid, the Society Taxes arising on all Lands and other

Ettare belonging to Non Rehdest Proprietors, thall be, and belong to the Sep ciety lowelt in the Lid within such Limits which support the Minitry by Taxing.

An A& in addition to an Ad for the direction of Lifters in

their Office and Duty.

E ir analed by tbe Goverur, Council and Representations, in Gracral

Ceurt affimbled, and by the darkerity of sbe jame, That all Meadow Meadow

Lands in the Towns of Middletown, Haddam, Eart-Haddam and Chatham in Landsin Mid. fletown, &c. the County of Middlesex, whether Improved for Plowing, or Mowing, thall How fet in be set in the Lift at Is Shilliage per Acre, except Bog Meadow, which Bog the lit. Meadow, and all other Lands in said County of Middlesex, and in the Couny

of Tolland Mall be set in the Lift at the same Rate as the Lands in the Coun ries of New-London and Windham.

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An Act in addition to an AC Entitled "an A&t for constitut

ing Judges, and Justices of the Peace in this State and for im. pawering and directing them in their respective Offices.

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Eit enaged by the Governer, Council, and Representation, in General Court
affemblid, and by the Amebority of the fame, That for the fature where i

by marriage Thall so happen, that there shall be so seara Relation between any fudge or

ast to judge Justice and any of the Parsies, as berwees Uncle and Nephew, either by Nacure or Marriage, fuch, Judge, or Jukice hall have no power to Vote, or give Sençence thereia, any thing in land former AQ notwithllanding.

Ac Ac for the Encouragement of railing Sheep.


it anoded by sbe Governor, Council, and Reprefentatives, in General

Sherg to me "Court affembled, and by ibé duthority of the jame, That all owners of any credited in

Sheep in this Scate after the firft Day of January 1787, may alaually dur-lifts. ing the Continuance of this Act, inferi and Certify in taeir several Lifts of Polle, and Rateable Estate given in to the Litters of the respective Towas to which they belong, an Account of the Number of Grown Sheep which they leverally owned as the time of hearing froin which a Coal, or Fleece of Wool was thora, or taken in the Season sext preceeding the giving in such Lift while their progerty. And thereupon the laid Lifters, in making up the Lists of Eltaco as afore: Faid, all Credit, and deduct from the Sum Total of the Lifts of such Owners of Sheep to che Amount and at the Race of four chillings per Head for cach tuleb Sheep thoro as atorefaid. And the said Listers thall alla annually transmit to the General Assembly in their Return of the Liits of their respective Town, the whale Number of Sheepin cach I'own inserted in the Liste at aforesaid.

Be it furber Era@ed and provided, That if such Lifters by inspecting the perfono siva Lists of rareable Ettate as the Law directs, stall find that any Perlon or persons ing falle tint have inserted in their faid Lift, any

greater number of Sheep than were actually to be four. owned, and shorn as aforesaid, it shall be the Duty of such Litters to add to the fulded, Lið of such 'Person of Persons the whole Sum which by Virtue of this AA they bad deducted, and also at the rate of Gxteen shillings per Head for each surplus number inserted as aforesaid.

Be it furibor Exodud byrde Aur bority afortlaid, That any Namber of Sheep aot exceeding Twenty, the property of aay One Person shall not be liable to be Shoep extaken, or disposed of by Warrant, or Exceution for any Tax or Debe whatsoe

empted from ver, from and after the ribng of this Aftenbly and during the Continuance of this A&, and.chis Aa shall be, and remain in force until the first Day of January, which will be in the Year @ne Trouland foreo linadeed and ninety.


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An Act in addition to a Law of this State, Entitled " ADA&

for Levying and collecting a Duty on certain Articles of Goods, Wates, and Merchandize imported into this State by Land or Water.


E it eaded by the Governor, Council, and Representation, 'n General Court

Afembled, and by the dutbority of the fame, That a Duty of One Half penAdditional, py Lawful Money in addition to any Dutý already laid, shall be paid on each Duty on nails Pound of Nails imported into this

state by Land or Water from and after the inported.

firft Day of January next for the Term of Five Years, to be collected and paid in

the same manner as is already provided by Law in Regard to Dury on other Proviro.

Articles. Provided that nothing in this ad shall Extend to Nails wrought, or manufactured in these United States.

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A BATEMENT and Amendment of



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II. 12

12. 339

18. 312






AIL when taken.

2. 13 Abatement of Taxes. 200. 325. 331

special when given. 13 Account, action of.

no Bail in Treason &c.

251 Public how settled.

Ballast. Actions, civil regulated.

3 Barberry bushes. againit Sheriffs.

225 333

Barratry punished.
of Trespass before Jultice. 255

Barretis, their allize.
by Communities.
Bars, not to be thrown down.

74. 253 by the United States.


See Cities Limitation &c.

murder of Batlard Children. 10: Administrators, their daiy.

53 Bayberries,
on insolvent Estases,


See Executors.
Beef, how packed,

19. 310 Adultery punithed. * 8. 137 | Bigamy punished.

137 Age and ability to dispose of Estate and Bills of Credit &c, (choole guardians. 3

penalties for Counterfeiting. Alarms, falte punished.


Action for pating counterfeits. 25 Ambassadors Rights fecured.


not to be issued on private funds. 26 Apparel of one sex not to be worn by the

Continental their Scale &c. 49 (other. 138 Binding in service for debts.

9 Appeal from Juftices.


for Cons of prosecution.
in criminal cases.

for theft.

245 from County Court.

for fines,

77 from Probate.


to the peace & good behaviour. 19% no appeal from Auditors. Blasphemy punished.

6 noron suits by & against Sheriffs. 225

Boats, used without leave, penalty. Apprentices.


Bonds for Prosecution, when taken. 3. 7 Arbitrations.

payable to adverse party. 7 Arrests when legal.


Book debts, Auditors allowed. Members of General Court freed from. 28

A&tion of, regulated,

3+ Anon punished.


outlawed in fix years. 327 Allault fecret.


Bounds, of Land set by Freeholders. J14 Affembly, lee General Courts.

of Towns ascertained.

16 Attachments howissued and served. 3. 10. 35

Bribery punished, Atcornics how appointed.

Bricks, adlize of.

16 how punithed for tranfgreffing


Bridges how repaired.

17. 335 rules of pleading.


Buildings, Efate of deceased Auditors of Public Accounts.

(Person to be kept in repair. 56 in Actions.

Burning them punished. 66 of United States examine wit Burglary.

17 (ncies.

259 Audita Querela when granted.

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8. 9


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