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Cases, Civil and Criminal.


ftate taxes,

and Excise, pay or allow them therefor on their Rates or Taxes, and Accounts Collectors of in the Monies, Notes, and Certificates for which collecting Fees are made pay

impoit, &c. able in the same Monies, Notes, and Certificates, and in the Proportions in their fees which they are paid into his Hands.

how paid.

That on all Taxes which shall become due and payable to the Treasurer of this State, from and after the Thirtieth Day of November, 1785, the Collec- Collectors of tors Fees there for shall be Six-pence on every Pound he shall collect and pay in- taxes fees. to the Treasury, to be discharged in the Manner provided by this Act, which shall be paid or allowed by the Treasurer of this state, besides the Post-mileage, 2s heretofore allowed.

And the levying Fees of every Collector of Taxes, which shall become due and payable after the said Thirtieth Day of November, 1785, shall be One Their fees Shilling on every Tax not exceeding One Pound, and Six-pence on the Pound for levying,

&c. (besides the faid'One Shilling which hall be allowed upon every such Levy) on every Pound for which tbe Levy is made, which levying Fees may be discharged in the Manner before directed.

So far as para And be it further enacted, That so far as the palling this A& shall alter the fing this aa, Fees of Collectors of State Taxes, on Taxes which shall become due and paya- &c. to operate ble after the said Thirtieth Day of November, 1785, it Mall operate as a Re- as a repeal peal of every Act of the General Assembly heretofore paffed for the Purpose of of, &c. regulating Collectors Fees,

An Act in Addition to a.Law of this State, entitled, “ An Act

“ for the Limitation of Prosecutions in divers Cases, Civil " and Criminal."

E it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Representatives in General Court afem bled, and by the Authority of the fame, That no Suit or Action, either

Action ain Law or Equity, thall hereafter be brought or maintained against any Sheriff, gainst theriffs, Sheriff's Deputy, Constable, or any other Person or Persons whatsoever, for any &c. for neNeglect or Default of such Sheriff, Sheriff's Deputy, or Constable in their of- glect, to be fice and Duty, but within two Years next after the Right of gætion shall ac

2 years after crue ; and that where the Right of A&tion hath already accrued, no Action

&c. fhall be brought or maintained as aforesaid, but within two Years from the ri. fing of this Assembly; any Law, Ulage, or Cuftom to che contrary notwithstanding

bro't within

Provided nevertheless, That Nothing in this A& shall extend to, or affe& a- Provisa. ny Feme Covert, or Minor under the Age of Twenty-One Years, during the Time of their respective Disabilities; but that they may bring their actions as aforesaid, at any Time within two Years next after the Removal of fuel Disabilities ; any Thing in this Act notwithstanding,


Navigation. Ferries. Trespasses.

An Act in further Addition to an Act, entitled, “An Ac for

regulating of Navigacion."

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E it enaded by the Governor, Council, and Reprefentativis, is General Naval-Officer Court afsembled, and by the Authority of the same, That there ball be kept for the port of at the Port of Stonington, one Naval-Officer ; who shall be nominated Stonington and deputed in the fame Way and Mariaer, and be subject to the same

and Regulations that other Natal Officers in this State by Law are.

An Act in Addition to a Law of this state, erutled, “An Ad

“ for regulating Ferries."

BE , The fare of Affembled, and by the authority of the fame, That the Owners of the feveferries to be fet ral Ferries within this Stare, shall, by the Fir# Day of December next, and in writing at from that Time forward, keep up and maintain on each side the River where sl ferryplaces fucb Ferry is kept, a Poft,

with the several Fares allowed by Law for such Perftate. ry, writ thereon in large Capitals, and place fuch Pot fo near the Place where

the Passengers enter the Boat used for such Ferry, that the same, with the Writing thereon, fhall be open and visible to foch Passengers. And if any Ovner or Owners of any Ferry, shall at any Time after the said First Day of December next, fail or neglect, for one Week, at any Time, to keep up or main; tain a Poft in Manner and form aforesaid, shall fotfeit and pay the Sum of Forty Shillings; the one Halt thereof to the Person or Persons who shall fue for the same, and the other Half thereof co the Treasurer of tře County where. in fuch Ferry is.

An Act in Addition to an Act, entitled, " An Act for detecto

“ing and punishing Trespasses in divers Cases, and directo “ing Proceedings therein.”


WHEREAS great Damage, Loss, and Expence bas brex occafioned to the Owa

ners of Mafts, Yards, and Spars floating down Connealicut River, by beir being taken up, and towed isto By-places.

No maft, &c.

Be it eaded by the Governor, Council, and Reprelentatives, in General Coury which exceeds afembled, and by the Authority of tbe jame, That from and after the siting of this 40 feet in Assembly, no Person or Persons shall ftop, take op, or interrupt any Maft

, Yard, length, afloat or Spar, which exceeds forty Feet in Length, foating down Connecticut-River, in Connedi. cút river, to

within this State, above Middletown, unless authorized thereto by the Owner, be taken up except he or they carry the same into the Cove at Wethersfield. And whoes above Middie- ver Tall top, cake ap, or interruptany Malt, Yard, or Spar, contrary to this town unlefs, Ad, shall be liable to double Datsages that may accrue co the Owoer of faid &c.

Maft, Yard, or Spar, to be by hisn recovered in any Coprt withia chia State proper to try the farne.

Highways. New-Haven City.


An Act directing Repairs of the Highways and Roads, used

by the Stages carrying the public Mails.

WHEREAS the Congress of the United States, bave direded that the public

Mails in fuiute, be carried by the Siages ; and it is necisary ebat the pæb- Preamble. bic Roads be repaired ithimediately, oxrbe Reut used by the Stages.

Be it inaded by she Governor, Council, and Representatives, in General Court alembled, and by the Authority of the jame, Thai the Select-men of the several Bridges and Towns through which the Stages charged with the Mails país, do immediately roads used by

the stages mend and repair the Bridges and Roads ufed by the Stages, and keep the same

that carry the in good Repair ; And opon Complaint made to the Coanty Court of any Neg- mails, to be lect in such County, luch Court fall order necessary Repairs, and grant a War- repaired, &c. rant againft the Select-men of the Towa where luch Neglect is found, to collect the Sums expended in Repairs from the Select-men of the Town or Towns fo neglecting

An Act in Addition to, and Alteration of an Act, entitled,
An Act for providing, altering, regulating, and mending

WHEREAS it is found that the Penalties in seid Ad annexed, for nogleeting to

work in the Highways, are found injufficient 10 enforce Obedience to jaid di : Therefore,

-Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Reprefentatives in General Court effembled, and by the Authority of obe fame, That if any Person Mail rafate or neglect to work in the Highways, according to che Requisitions of faid Aa, he penalty for thall forfeit for every Day's Neglett, viz. For a Person, the Sum of Three work in the Shillings ; and for a Man and Team, the Sum of Six Shillings; any Provifi- highways. on in said Ad notwith tanding.

An Ad in Alteration of an AA, entitled, “ An Act for incor

porating a Part of the Town of New Haven,"

E it enabled by the Governor, Council, and Representatives, in General Court be, and they are bereby authorized and impowered to erect a Work-House within said City, and to make such Bye-Laws as said City thall judge neceffa- The city of ry ; relative to the Persons who may be committed to such Work-Housc ; re- authorized lative to the Manner of their being committed and confined therein ; and re- to erect a lative to the well-ordering and governing taid Work-House, and keeping the work-house, Persons, confined therein to Labour.


Provided nevertheleli, That such Bye-Laws shall be under the same Regolations, and liable to be repealed in the same way and Manner as the Bye-Laws Proviso which faid City are already autborized to make and pass.

Y y

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An Act in Addition to an Act, entitled, “ An A&t for erecting

« and continuing a Sign-Poft in each Town in this Stace."

A fign port to B

E it ena&ted by the Governor, Council, and Reprejentatives, in General Court

affembled, and by the Aat bority of the fame, That there hall in future be be erected in ereded in each located Society in chis State, by the Committee of such Socieeach located ties respectively, and in such Situation as such Committee shall judge mot society in this ftate.

convenient, a Siga-Pof, at the Cost of such Society, under the same penalties as is by Law provided againft Select-men for their Neglect to fet up and maintain Sign-Posts in their several Towns, to be recovered of such Society Com. mittee, in the same way and Manner as is by Law provided against Seleå-mes.

And be it further ina&rd, That Advertisements of Lands or Goods taken by Advertise.

Execation or Distress, for Rates and Taxes in such Societies respectively, shall mer.ts of land be posted on the Sign-Poft of the Society where' such Lands or Goods are taken, taken by ex. and sold thereat. And the said Sign-Pofts shall otherwise be improved for fie ecution, &c. milar Purposes and Uses as Sign-Ports in the several Towas in this State have to be pofted heretofore been improved according to Law. on society hgn-ports. Conflables

Bei: further enaded, That in such Societies as are made out of two or more authority in Towns, the Conftables of such Towns shall have the same Power and Authority focieties in the Matters aforesaid, where the said Sign-Pofts shall be without the Limits made out of of the Town to which they belong, as other Constables by Law have within their two or more respective Difries; any Law, Usage, or Custom to the contrary notwithftanding. towns.

This a&t to be in force

This Ad to take Effect and be in Force from and after the first Day of du after at Jan. Duary next.




Made and passed by the General Court or Affembly of the State

of Connecticut, holden at Hartford (in said Şcate) on the second Thursday of May, Anno Domini, 1786.

An Act for the better methodizing and Regulating the public

Accounts, and for effecting a speedy Settlement of all out-
Itanding Debts due to this State.

BE im

asembled, and by the Authority of sbe lame, That there hall be annually appointed by the General Allembly a Comperolier of all public Accounts of Comptroller i this State, and the said Comptroller is hereby Authorized to appoint from Time authorized

to appoint a to Time as he shall find necessary, one Clerk or more to Alist him in his said

Clerk. Office, and Duty, And in order that the said Comptroller may be Enabled to Execute the Duties of his Office, he shall have free access to the public Offi

May have ces of the Treasurer the Seeretary and the Pay Table, or any other public Offi- access to the ces or Records, with full Power to Examine all Books, Accounts, Documents or public Offi. other papers whatsoever, that respect, or have any Relation to his said Office ces or Re-,

cords, agd Trust, and may call for any Acts, and Resolutions, and also for such neral or particular Abstracks or Scatenents of any and all public Accounts as he ihall Judge necessary in Order to Investigate their Situation, 'And it shall be the Duty of the said Comptroller from Time to Time diligendy to Examine, To state the and State the amount of all the public Debts, and Credits of this state with

public debts the United States, or with any public Offices, or other Individual or Commu- and credits nity whatever,

of this State with the

U. Srates.] Andir Efect and bring about a pudy fettlement with such as ars in. debted to this $1918 i

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