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Lifters. Counties. Shipping.

Limitation of as are now outstanding, or that shall hereafter be contracted, and that hall not Book Dehts

within fix Years after the contracting such Debt, or within that Term of Timo unless, &c.

after the first Day of July 1785, where such Debts are already contracted, be either sued for, balanced, or accounted for with the original Debtor, his Attorney, Agent, or other lawful Successor or Substitute, and an Account or Bal. lance thereof, witnessed by subferibing the Debtor or Accountant's Name to the Creditors Book, such Debe shall not be recoverable in any Court in this State.

Provided nevertheless, That the Timethe Debtor shall be out of this State Proviro.

or the Creditor shall be absent from the United States, or legally incapable to
fue in his own Name, shall not be computed as a Part of the Time limited by
this Act.
An Act in addition to an Act, entitled, an Act for directing

Lifters in their Office and Duty. Lifters to E it enacted by the Governor, Council and Representatives, ix General Court make retura afsemblea and by the Authority of the jame, That the Lifters of the to Gen. Al feveral Towns in this state, shall make Return of the Lifts of their respective fem.bly.

Towns to the General Assembly at their Seffions in October annoally, on or

before the second Tuesday after the Meeting of faid Assembly, under the PenalPer alty for

ty in faid Act annexed to the Neglect of returning the Lift. negle&.

An Ad in further addition to an Act, entitled, an A&t for sta.

ting, limiting and naming the Counties in this Scate. Berlin to be in BA

E it enalted by the Governor, Council and Reprefentatives, in General the County of Court asembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That the Town of Ber, Hartford.

lin be included in, and Part of the County of Hartford.
An Act in alteration of a Law of this State, entitled, an A&

for laying a Tax on Shipping, for repairing the Light-
Houte near the Port of New-London.

E it enafted by the Governor, Council, and Representatives, in General Court Taxes to be afembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That the Taxes to be paid by coasta paid by coafting Vessels in pursuance of an Act, entitled, an Act for laying a ing Vessels.

Tax on Shipping for repairing the Light-House near the Port of New-London,

Thall be as follows after the roth Day of July next, viz, for each and every Naval-Officer

coasting Vessel of the Burthen of twenty Tons or more, the sum of twelve Shil. to give Certificate.

lings, annually; and if of less Burthen than twenty Tons, the Sum of eight

Shillings Lawful Money, annually; which Sums shall be paid the firft Time Vessel not to

such Vefsel shall clear out at any Naval Office after said tenth Day of July; be liable to

and the Naval Officer clearing out such Vefiel shall give a Certificate ander his further Tax Hand and Seal of Office, of the Payment of the Tax imposed by this Act, co for one year. the Maler of such coasting Vessel, and such Vesel shall not be liable from the

Date of such Certificate to pay any further Tax for the space of one Year, any thing in jaid Act notwithftanding.

Tolland County.



Made and passed in and by the General Court or Assembly of

the State of Connecticut, in AMERICA, holden at NewHaven, (in faid State) on the second Thursday of O&tober, Anno Domini, 1785,

An Act for erecting and establishing a new County,


E it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Representatives, in General Court

afsembled, and by tbe Authority of the game, That the Towns of Tolland, Towns in Stafford, Bolton, Somors, Hebron, Willington, Union, and the Parish of El- Tolland lington, in Eaft-Windsor, be, and they are hereby confituted a County, by County. the Name of the County of TOLLAND. ;

And be it furtber enated by the Authority aforesaid, That there shall be an.

Times for Dually holder in said County, two County Courts, one on the third Tuesday of

holding March and September, in taid Tolland; and'one Superior Court in Tolland, courts, ią said County, on the last Tuesday of January. And all Causes already insti. faced in the Counties of Hartford, or Windham, in favour of, or againit any Person or Persons in either of faid Towns, thall proceed to final judgment and Exccution, as though this Ad had not been made.

Provided nevertheless, That this Act, nor any Thing contained therein,

Provisa Thall have any Eft?, until a proper and suitable Court-House and Goal, to be approved by this bliembly, fhall, by voluntary Subscription, or otherwise, without taxing laid County, be erected and provided ia faid Town of Tolland.

[blocks in formation]


An Aet for regulating the Fishery, and removing Qbftructions

in Pawcacuck-River. BE E it enaded by the Governor, Council and Reprojentatives in General Court No wear, &c.

ofjembled, and by ibe Autbority of the jume, That no Wear, or other ober be crected fruction, inhall be erected, set, or continued in any part of Pawcatuck-River, is Pawcarucks lividing the States of Connecticut and Rhode Island, upon Penalty of Eigbac

Pounds for erecting, or setting the same; and Four Pounds for every Twenty: four Hours any such Wear, or other Obstructions, hall be continued' in faid River,

Be it furber enabled, That na Person or Persons, Citizens of this state, be Time when to filh ia faid

perinitted to set, or draw any Sein or Seins in faid Pawcatuck-River, trom the a aver ;

Twentieth Day of March, to the firft Day of June annually, excepting between
Sun riting on Monday Morning, and Sun rifing on Wednesday Morning in each
Week, upon Penalty of Four Pounds for each and every Time fuch Sein shall
be set or drawhi,

otherwise than as aforesaid. That in setting and drawing any Sein ás aforerad, at any Time from the said Twentieth Day of March, to the First Day of June annually, no Person or Persons thall be permitted to drive the Fith in fáid River, by thrashing, beating, or in any other way by Sounds, upon the Penalty of Two Pounds

for each and every Offence. except, &c.

Be it further enquired, That ro Person or Persons be permitted to fith in faid River, except on the Days aforelaid, and iuch other Days as shall be appointed by the State of Rhode Idand, for the Benefit of the Citizens of that State, ex. cepi with flooks and. Lines, upoa che Penalty of Forty Shillings for each and every Offence.

And to the End that the Fih may more freely pass to the various Sources of

the said River : When dame · Be ir furtber exatled, That yearly, and every Year from the Twentieth Day are to become of March to the Pirtt Day of June, there be a Pallage opened in the Mill-Damn pened. below Pawcatuck-Bridge, and in all other Dams in said River, Ten Feet in

Length from the Middle of faid River welterly. And the Owner or Owners,

Occupier or Occupiers of any of the Dams aforesaid, who shall neglect or refuse Penalty.

to open a Passage or Passages aforefaid, on or before faid Twentieth Day of March annually, thall forfeit the Sum of Four Pounds for every such' Retural or Neglect : And for every succeeding Day's Refulal or Neglese to open a Passage as aforetaid, from the said Twentieth Day of March to the First Day of June annually, the Offender or Offenders shall forfeit the Sum of Forty Shillings. The one Half of all the penalties imposed by this Act, thall be to him of them who hall sue for, and profecute

to Effect ; and the other Half to a public Treafury, according to Law: But if the Prosecutions are brought forward by informing Officers, the Whole of said Pepalties ihall be to the Use of the proper Treasury. And all informing Officers are directed to enquire after and due

Presentment make of all Breaches of this Act. Disputes, &c.

Be it further enaded, That no Suits in Law or Equity shall be instituted or between the maintained by the Citizens of this state again the Citizens of the State of Citizens of Rhode Isand, fos, or on Account of the Disturbances, Riois, and Breaches of

the Peace that have heretofore taken Place between them, relative to the Futh, velo &c: ery in Pawcatack-River : And all Suits that may have been instituted, as afore.

said, in the Matters aforesaid, hall cease and determine

this state & Ronand, re,

to ceasc.

[blocks in formation]

And be it furibar enacted, That this Act shall take Effect, and be in Force, This Ad to from and after the First Day of March next : Provided the Legifaturs of the be in force State of Rhode-Idland Mall then have passed an Act, similar hereco, relative to day of March Wears and Obstructions in said River ; relative to the Manner of Fishing ; li- next, provide miting to the Citizens of that Space, within the Period aforesaid, two Days in ed, &c. each Week for fishing in said River, by setting and drawing Seias therein, dil. cinct from the Days appropriated to the Benefit of the Citizens of this State ; relative to any other Mode of fishing in faid River; relative to opening the Dams in said River within the Period aforetaid ; providing that an equal Extent of said Dams, Eali of the Middle of said River shall be opened by the Qwners or Occupiers thereof, as is herein directed to be opened West of the Middle of said River ; relative to the Penalties and Forfeitures imposed by this Ad, and as relative to Acțioas, or Causes of Action, between the Citizens of the respective States, all upon Principles of perfect Reciprocity, or as soon after the said First Day of Marck next, as the Governor of this state fall have received an authenticated Copy of fuch A& of the Legiflature of the State of Rhode-lland, and shall have caused the same to be made known to the People of this State by Proclamation.

An Act to prohibit the coining of Copper, without Permiffion

first had and obtained of the General Assembly.

E it enafted by the Governor, Council and Representatives, in General Court

No person to ajjembled, and by ibe listbority of the fame, That no Person whateyer, coin copper fhall coin, or manufacture any Copper Coin of any Description or Size, without without pecc Permision first had and obtained from the General Assembly, on Pain of forfeit- mission, &c. ing for each Ofence the Sum of Qne Hundred Pounds Lawful Money: Which on penalty of Forfeiture shall be, if sued for by a private Person, one Moiety thereof to the tool. Ule of the Person prosecuting to Effect, and the other Moiety thereof to the Treasurer of this state, io and for the Ule of this State ; and shall be recover. abie by Action of Debt, or Information before any Court proper to try the same.

An Act in Addition to the Statute made in May last, entitled,

“An Act in Addition to an Act, entitled, An Act for collecting and paying Rates or Taxes.”.


E it enaded by the Governor, Council and Representatives in General Court

affembled, and by the Autbority of the same, that the Civil Authority and Civil authoSelect-men be, and they hereby are quchorized to make an Abatement in Whole abate taxes, or in Part, of any of the Races or Taxes mentioned in said Ad, whether the provided, &c. Collector hach settled the same with'the Trealarer or not : Provided it shall appear, on due Examination, that the Person upon whom the Tax or Rate was. laid, hath not paid, or fecured to be paid to the Collector fuch Rate, and is unable to pay the same : And provided also, the whole Abatements doch not exceed the one Twentieth Part of such Tax, as mentioned in said Ad. And in Case any Abatements shall be made on Taxes which have been settled by any Frovided alles

[blocks in formation]

Collector with the Treasurer, the same being received and allowed by the Treafurer, he is hereby authorized and directed to refund to such Collector the Amount of the Sums abated, in the fame Specie, or paper Currency, in which is was paid to hia i

An Act in Addition to a Law of this State, entitled, “An Act

“ for collecting and paying Rates or Taxes."

E it enaded by the Governor, Ceuncil, and Representatives, in General Court After the 30th

affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That from and after the Thirtieth Nov. 1785, no

Day of November, 1785, no Interest thall be computed upon any Tax granted interest to be by this State, and payable before that Time; but that from and after that Pe. compuced on riod, all such Interef shall cease and determine : And the Treasurer of this any tax State, and all Collectors of Taxes due to him, are hereby directed to govern granted be

themselves accordingly. That no Intereft shall be exacted or required on 2 fore that time, &c.

Tax which is or shall be made payable to the Treasurer of this Scace, from and after the said Thirtieth Day of November, 1785 ; any Law, Ulage, or Cuftom

ta the contrary notwithstanding. Notes given to the Con

Tha: all Notes given to the Connecticut Line of the Army of the United necticut line States, and all Certificates for Intereft on said Notes, and Certificates for of the army, Interest on Monies loaned to this State issued by the Treasurer thereof, shall be & c. to be re. received promiscuously on any Tax granted by this state, and for Duties apoa ceived promil

Importation, and for Excise, for which either said Notes or Çertificates are Bow cuously, &c.

by Law reçoivable.

LiR of what That in Qrder that the good people of this State may receive the moft clear may be re.

and explicit Information in what Manner they may discharge their respective ceived for taxes, &c. to Taxes, and Duties upon Importation, and for Excise payable to the Treaturer be published of this State ; an Account or Lift of whatever is made receivable upon every at the close of unsettled Tax, and for Impost, and Excise, shall be published at the Clase of every alem- every Session of the General Assembly, by the Secrecary of the State, under the bly. Direction of the Legiflature. The treasu. That the Treasurer of this State be, and he hereby is directed to insert in rer to iniert

every of his Warrants for collecting Taxes, whatever is by Law made receivarants, &c. ble thereon: Sale by virtue That every Sale, by Virtue of a Warrant issued by the Treafurer for collecting of the treasur's Taxes, or for other Purposes, shall be made either for Specie, or for whatever warrant, &c. else can lawfully discharge the Tax, or other Object for which the Sale is made. for specie, or

And it shall be the Duty of every Collector of Taxes, who shall levy his War&c.

rant on any Property for satisfying any Tax, to insert in his Advertisements for Collector's Sale, and shall also give public Information at the Time when the Sale hall duty. be made, of all, and

whatever can lawfully be received in discharge of the Tax or Taxes for which such Levy hath been made. And that every Collector thall His fees how receive his levying Fees in whatever the Tax which he collects' is made receipaid, vable, at the Option of the Person charged therewith.

That the Treasurer of this State, in settling with, and paying the Col, le&ors of State Taxes their Fees, and the Fees of Collectors of Importe

to be made

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