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the Uaired States from any foreign Port or Place, fall be imported from fuch Stare into this State, such Goods, Wares aod Merchandize, lall be exempred. from the Payment of the Ducy impofeu by Said A&. Provided any Owner of

Provilo. fuch Guyushali declare upon Daca, and thew allo by such other fatisfa&ory. Evidence as the Nacure of the Cale will admit of, to the Naval-Officer or Col. lector of the County into which the lame shall be imporred, witbin forty-eight Hurs after being imported, that tuch Goode, Wares and Merchandize, are the Property of some Citizen or Citizens of this State solely, or the Property of forpe Citizen or Citizens of this State and some other person or Perlons not Citizens of this Siate, jointly as Merchants in Company and were by him or. them bona fiue iinported from lome foreign Port or Place not within the Uni.. te: States of America, and that they were imported from such foreign Port ori Piace. with intent and defign to be imported into this State before offered op exposed to sale, and that the same have nor directly or indire&tly in Wholt or ia' Part been paid for, or contracted to be paid for, to or for the use of any. Pero, fan or Persons belonging to, or residing in any other of the said United Statei; and that no Duty hath been paid dr secured to be paid thereon ja any other of: the said States, which declaration upon Oath Tall be according to the Depous aent's bef Knowledge and Belief. And fucha Naval Officer or. Collector jo hereby impowered to adminifter such Oath accordingly,

And be ir further enacted. That from and after the twentieth Day of July, next, there shall be paid instead of a Duty of five per Cent, payable by-faid Acta per Cento a Duty of lix per Ccat. ad valorem, at the Time and Place of importation, any.

Impost. Thing in faid former Act to the contrary notwithstanding

dpd be it further snaited by ibe Authority ajoulaid. That in the Couga i ties of Hartford, Windham, and Litchfield, ebese Thollo after the twentieth-c. Court to Day of July next, be appointed by the Coupky Courts of faid rospective appoint Col. Curie, á Collector of Impok, who shall give Bond and be worn locioro. according to the requirements of faid: Act. And the Collector fo appoint, , ed thall have power to appoint a Deputy in any or.cach of the : l'owns at his discretion within the County for which he is appointed. And fuch: Dec, páry shall take the Oach by said A& provided to be taken by Collectors, and shall have the fame Powers and Authorities within the Tows for which he is. appointed, which Collectors appointed by said Ad are invelted with. And the. Collectors of faid Counties of Hartford, Windsam, and Litchfield, and she sera, pe&tive Naval-Officers in this State shall once in fix Months-account with the Treasurer of this State according to the Provisions of faid Act. And the Time, limiet in the Bonds given by fuch-Cotiectors for accounting. Ihall be once iai fix Munths, any thing in faid Ad to the contrary notwithltanding,

And bait further enacted by the Authority aforejaid. That the Naval Officers Naval Ofi. wituin and for the Counties of New-Haveo, New-London, Fairfield, and Middle cers in certain sex, shall respectively have Power at their discretion to appoint one Depury in Counties each of the Towns within their respective Counties. Provided Wevertheless, may appoint That the Naval-Officer for the Port of Norwich shall not have power to ap- Depusion> point a Deputy in any other town save Norwich and Preston. And the Deca puties lo appointed mall take the Oath which Collectors by faid Ae are direc ted to take, and shall within the respective Towns for which they are appointedy have the same Powers and Authorities which by said Ad Collectors are inveft. ed with. And the Collectors which by this Aá are to be appointed and the Naval-Officers shall be respectively accountable for their Depucessi And that every Person importing any Articles by Land into any of the Towns in the Counties of Fai'field, New Haven, New-London, and Middlesex, shall exhibit Importation to the Naval-Officer or his Depaty in fuch. County, the original Invoice of such by Land Anicles or Price at which he purchased them, and make Proof of the same as in gulased, provided in said former Ad in Cales of Goods imparted by Waters

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* And be it fürtberenanted, Thaifany Naval-Omer, Collector, of Deput skall receive any Manifest or Invoice, which by Law are to be proved by Oark, *** without Oach made Aricely according to the Directions of the Law, fuch Na.

vál-Oficer, Collector or Depoty, shall on conviction thereof forfeit and pay to Penalty.

the Tréaturer of the County; to and for the Use of the County where the Or. fence is committed, the Sum ofwenty Pounds for each Ofence, and his Of fice as Naval Officer, Collector or Deputy, fhill from the Time of conviction be null and void.

And be it furiber exa&ed, That if any Perlon shall directly import or be aid, ing and a listing in importing into this State by Land or Water any Article

which by this Act or faid Accis made liable to the payment of Duty, without Penalty.

paying or securing to be paid according to Law the Duty to which such Article is liable, ruch Person thall (beliaes the Penalijes already by Law to be in ficted on fuch Person) be for the Terms of seven Years next after such Offence, reg. dered incapable of having and maintaining any Adion founded on Contract ex pressed or implied, and of eyer recovering aay Intereif that may have accrued chereon during said Term.,

And be it further inacted by the Autbority aforesaid, That in any such Action already brought and commenced, or that may hereafter be commenced, i.

which the Defendant that plead in Bar of faid Action, that she Piaiariff after **99194 the twentieth Day of July 1789, did import or was aiding or affiitiog in ima Penalty

porting from any other State into this State, any Article by said Act or thu Act liable to the Payment of a Duty not having paid or secured to be paid such

Duty, and on such Plea isfue in factor in Law, Thall on Trial be found in fa ? "vour of the Defendant, Judgment shall be rendered in favour of the Dęteadaat,

and the Plainciff thall thereby be barred of aay recovery for the same Malter, Caofe, or Thing, for the Term of seven Years, then next. following, and thail never recover any Intereft thereon that may have accrued during that Term.

And be it further endshed; That the third Paragraph of said Act and this part of the fourth Paragraph of said Act, viz." And wenty-five per Cent. ad“ ded 80 the Prices at which the Articles fpecified in said lavoices are fet, thell

"be deemed and taken to be the Value of luch Arcicles at the Time and Place Repealing " of importation," and that part of said Act directing Collectors to be appointclause. ed by the County Courtsy be, and the same are hereby repealed. And the

Collectors already appointed under and by Force of said Act, fhall hold and exercise the Powers and Authorities given to them by laid-Act, until the ewentieth Day of July next, after which Time the Powers and Authorities of such Collectors shall cease. And said Collectors shall shereupon forthwith account with

the Treasurer of this State according to the Directions of faid Act. nisis)

And it is furiber enalted. That the Collectors who shall be appointed in pur. Suance of this Act in the Coupries of Windham and Litchfield, Thall be entitled

to receive out of the Duties by them collected, at the Rate of seven and a half Collectors per cent for their Labour, Trouble and Expence, in and about the Execution Secs of the Duties of their Office ; and likewise that the like Commissions be allow.

ed on all Monies which shall be collected on Goods imported into this State by Land.

An Act in addition to an Act, entitled, an Act for collecting

and paying Rates or Taxes.

One Sth a bated.

E it enafied by the Governor, Council and Representativës in General Court ed hereafter by the Treasurer of this state for collecting of Taxes, there fail

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be allowed to the several Towns in this State an abatement of one eighth Part of the true Lift of faid Towns respectively, which eighth Part the Civil Authoris ty and Select-Men of the respective Towns are hereby impowered to apply for the relief of the Indigent in the Abatement of their particular

, Races, in whole or in part, in such Way and Manner as they shall judge most proper, just and reasonable ; and that no other or further Abatement thall be allowed in Settle. ment of said Taxes with the Treasurer, to the respective Towns or Collectors; any Law, Vlage or Custom to the contrary notwithftanding.

And be it further ended by the Authority aferzsaid, that the Treasurer, in Colladors iffuing his Distress on said Taxes again the leveral Collectors, shall iffue and may be direct the same, for want of Goods and Chattels, against the Bodies of fuch coinmitted to Collectors, who on Commitment shall be held in Goal unțil they shall respec• Goal. tively pay unto the Select. Men the Sums due on such Tax, or be ocherwise released by due course of Law.

- Aod on return of a Non eft inventus of the Distress or Commitment thereon of any Collector of faid Taxes, the Treasurer shall forthwith issue a Diftress

Select. Men for such part of said Taxes as may remain unpaid into the Treatury, againft the liable. Goods and Chattels of the Select -Men of the Town to which such negligent Collector belongs, in Manner as by said AG is provided.

And be ir further enaded by the Autbority aforefaid, That in Case of a return of Nones invertus, in whole or in part of the Distress issued as aforesaid, against the Select-Men of any Town, it shall be the Duty of the Treasurer forth. Other Inhabi,

tants liable." with to issue a Distress for such part of said Taxes as may remaid unpaid, together with all Officers Fees and Charges before such Time arisen, againt the *** Goods or Chattels of the Inhabitants of such Town.

And in order to complete the Collection of all arrearages of Taxes due to the Treasury, for which Warrants have heretoforé been issued on the Lift for the Year 1981, or any Litt firce, Be it further enacted by the Autbority aforesaid, Select-Men That in all sóch Cases the Civil Authority and Select-Men in the respective ro make äTowns, be, and they are hereby authorised to make an Abatement in whole or batements. in part of the Taxes yet due from the poor and indigent in fach Manner and Proportion as they fall judge moft juft and reasonable. Provided nevertheles, No Abatement shall be made to any Person, but such

Provilo. as the Aathority and Select-Men fall judge 'onable to pay the fame. · And provided the whole Abatement made by Virtue of this Act, shall not exceed the

COVT one twentieth Part of the Sum total of luch Tax on which the Abatement is made, which Abatements fo made, hall be allowed by the Treasurer.

And be it furiber inacted by the Authoriry aforefaid, That in all Cases where Warrants have heretofore been issued for collecting Taxes, if any Collecter or Collectors shall not fully settle and pay the same to the Treasurer on or before the firf Day of December next, it shall be the Duty of the Treasurer,' and he is Treasurer la hereby authorised and directed immediately thereafter to iffue "out a Warrant iffue War. against the Body of any such Collector fo neglecting, for want of Goods and rancs against Chattels, him to commit to Prison in common Form, any Usage or Culom

the Bodies of the contrary notwithstanding. And in Case of Commitment of any Collector, Collectors of or Return of Non eft inventus on such Warrant, the Treasurer shall thereafter ter the ift of proceed to iffue his Warrants against the Goods and Chattels of the Select-Men Dec. and Inhabitants of such Town, as the Case may be in the fame' Manner as is before provided in this Aqt for collecting of Taxes for which Warrants have not been already iflued. And be it füríber enacted by the Authority aforesaid; That whenever the

Select.Men Efate of Select.Men or of the Inhabitants of any Town in this Stare fhall be ta. and others ken on Distress issued agaiuft the Select.Men or Inhabitants of the Town, ac- Inhabitants cording to the Provisions of thi, Aa, the Owner or Owners of such Efate may

relieved apply to an Adilant or Justice of the Peace, not inhabiting in such Town, wha


[blocks in formation]

is hereby its powered to appoint three jadicious indifferent Freeholders, who Mall apprize the Eitate so taken on soch Difrers at the juft Value is Money, which on the Salt thereof Thall be paid by the Town from which fach Tard we due, with such further Damages as fhail be found just and reslonable

And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid that one fourth Part of

the Taxes of three Pence on the Pound, granted in January 1782, and of ont Certificates Shilling on the Pound granted in May 1782, may be paid to the Colleo ri of receivable. said Taxes, and by the in to the Treasurer, in fuch Certificates as may be ichord

from the Continental Loan Ofice in this State, parfuant to the Refolation of Congrefs of the 28th of April 1784 for Intereft due to the latt Day of the Year 1782, on Loan Office Certificates issued from the Loan Office aforesaid, and on Certificates of other liquidated Debts of the United States, contraâed in this State.

An Act in addition to the Statute, entitled, an Ad for collea.

.ing and paying Races or Taxes. B4 { it enafted by the Governer, Gouncil and Representatives, in General Court

affembled, and by the autboring of tbe lame, That in any Town where the Town whose Sum total of their Lift exceeds the Sum of chirty thousand Pounds, fach l'owns Lift exceed shall have Liberty and Auchority, if they judge it expedient, to appsint two £30,000, may Collectors annually to collect the State Taxes, and divide fuch Towa into twe appoint two Diftri&ts for the purpose of collecting the Taxes, and align to cash Collector Collectors. Towns to be

his diftrict to collect ; and the Town-Clerk in fuch Cale In ali annually jeni to divided into the Treasurer of the State the Names of both such Collectors, describing their Diftrids. respective Difricts as in other Cases is provided where but one Collec:or is ap: Town Clerk pointed. And the Lifters of fuch Town fhall in the Sun (oral of the Lits, to return

make a Divifion thereof according to the Ditricts made in íuch Town, and the Names of Collectors, Treasurer shall iffue his Warrants

to each of such Collectors respectively. &c.

And be it furrber enaxled. That whenever two Collectors are ch finis Man Der aforesaid, they fhall be vefted with the same Powers and Authorities to col.

lect the Rates on the Lift is their respective Didriets, under the same Regula. Power of Col.

tions, and be responsible in the fame Manner as other Collectors of State i axes, tectors.

and such Towns Thall be responsible for the Taxes as in other Cases where but

one Collector is appointed, and may proceed in the fame Manner agaief such Towns made Collectors to secure the Town and collect the Taxes if need be, whenever such respondble. Collector shall neglect to collect the fame according to Law.

And be it further ended by the Aur bority aforesaid, That any Town where

the Sum total of their Lill brings them within the Provision of this A&, may, Towne may if they shall judge it expedient, take the Benefit of this Ad the curreat Year by take advana

dividing the Town into Diftri&ts as aforesaid, and appointing Collectors and tage of chis Ad the cur.

sending their Names to the Treafärer in duc Scafon, and before any future Was rene Year rants shall be issued by him.

An Act in addition to an Act, entiled, an Act for laying and

collecting Duties on the importation of Rum, and in addition to an Act for levying and collecting Duties on the im

portation of certain Articles and for appropriating the fame. No Duty BE it emalied by the Governor, Council, and Reprojentatives, ir General Compei

affembled, and by obe Aur bority of the fame, That no Duty shall be payable not landed or by Force of faid Acos on Ram imported into this State thar is-Ror landed or fold

Estates. Courts. Book Debts.


or disposed of in this State, provided the Owners of such Rum or some other sold in this


State, &c. Perlon in his behálf, do at the Time of entering such Rum at the proper Office, give Bond with good security to the Naval-Officer to the Value of tuch Bond with fea Rum, that the same shall not be landed, fold or disposed of in this State, until curity. the Dutiés payable by said Acts have been according to Law paid or secured to be paid ; and that such Rum thall, if not landed, sold or disposed of as aforesaid, and the Duty paid or secured to be pald according to Law, be within one Month thereafter exported out of the State. Provided neverthelefs, That nothing in this Act fall be construed to exempt Rum exported out of this State northward by way of Connecticut River from the Payment of Duties payable Proviso. by said Azt; and in Case it thall not be made to appear within two. Months after the Date of such Bond, to the Satisfacțion of the Naval-Oficer of the Port

from which it is exported, by a Certificate from the Naval-Officer of the Port : to which it is imported, that such Rum was duly and legally entered at his Of.

fice, and by the Oath of iwo credible Witnesses, that the identical Rum fpeci-
fied in such Bond was bona fide exported out of this State and not relanded in
this State, such Bond Mall become absolute, and the Penalty thereof be forfeit.
ed; and no less Proof than what is in this Act specified, shall be admiflable by
any Naval-Officer of this State, nor shall such Naval-Officer on any pretence re-
ceive fuch Proof after the expiration of said iwo Months.
An Act in addition to an Act, entitled, an Act for the Settle-

ment of testate and inteftate Estates,
E it enaded by the Governor, Council and Representatives, in General Court

affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That when it fhall happen Personal E. that the personal Eftate of a deceased Intestate, learing a Widow, is not sufficient state infufficifor the Payment of Debts of the the said Deceased, belides such Houshold Goods, ent to pay as are necessary for the Support of Life, and are exempted from Execution by Debts of De.. Law in such case; the Court of Probate that grants Adminiftration on the E

to be exempt ftate of said Deceased; shall order unto the Widow such necessary Houshold from Executi Goods, exempted from Execution as aforesaid, to be her own Property. on, Widow

living. An Act in addition to, and alteration of an Act, entitled, an

A&t for constituting and regulating Courts, and appointing
the Times and Places for holding the same.
E it enaded by the Goverkor, Council and Reprefentatives, in General Court

assembled, and by the Authority of the jaine, That for the future the Time for holding the Court of Common Pleas within and for the County of Wind- Time of hold. ham, shall be the third Tuesday in Auguft annually, ioftead of the third Tuef- ing C: Court day in June, as by Law heretofore provided. And all Accions commenced or Suits bro't be that shall be commenced before the tenth Day of June next, returnable to the fore the soth Court of Common Pleas in said County on the third Tuesday of Jutie next, and June all Actions and Suits which stand continued to that Time, and Appeals taken Actions now from Judgthents rendered by fingle Ministers of Justice in said County, shall

continued. and may be entered in said Court, to be holden on the third Tuesday in August Justices; &c.

Appeals from next, and proceed to final Judgment and Execution in the same Manner as they might have been entered and proceeded with in said June Court, if this Act had not been made. An Act in addition to an Act, entitled, an Act concerning

Book Debts.
Eit enabled by tbe Governor, Council and Representatives, in General Court
afemblid, and by the Authority of the jame, That all fuck Book Debts




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