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And the Authority of that County, uniting to build as aforesaid, wherein fach House happens not to be, thall have as full Power and Authority to send and commit any person or Persons to such House, as the faid Authority would by Law have, were the said House within the County to which they belong.

And be it further enated by tbe Authority aforefaid, That it shall and may be

lawful for an Afiftans or Justice of the Peace, in the respective Counties, and Rogues, &c. they are hereby fully authorized and impowered to send all Rogues, Vagabonds, to be sent to Sturdy Beggars, and other lewd, idle, diffolute, profane and disorderly Perfone, the work.

that have no Settlement in this State, to fuch Work-Houfes, and order them to kouse, &c.

be kept to hard Labour, under the Rules and Regulations of faid House, until released by order of Law.

Also all Persons using, or pretending to use any subtil Craft, Jugling, 07 08

lawful Games or Plays, or feigning themselves to have Knowledge in PhyfogJuglers, &c. nomy, Palmiftry, or pretending they can tell Deftinies, Fortunes, or discover

where loft or ftolen Goods may be found,

Also common Pipers, Fiddlers, Run-aways, ftubborn Servants or Children,

common Drunkards, common Nighe-walkers, Pilferers, wanton and lascivious Pipers, &c.

Persons, either in Speech or Behaviove, common Railers or Brawlers.

Also such as are guilty of reviling and profane Speaking, or neglect their Cal

lings, mispend what they earn, and do not provide for themselves, or the Supe Profane, &c

port of their families, upon due Convi&tion of any of the Offences or Diforders aforesaid.

Also Persons under Distraction, and unfit to go at large, whose Relations or Distracted,

Friends do not take Care for their fafe Confinement.

Be it further enated by the Ausbority aforesaid, That in addition to the Punishment of Theft already by Law provided, if the Conviction for Theft be

before an Adiftant or Justice of the Peace, the Person convi&ted Nall be fentenThieves.

ced, and accordingly committed by such Authority to the Work-House, or House of Correction, there to be kept to hard Labour ; on the first Conviction, not less than one Month, and not exceeding three Months; on the second Conviction, not less than one Year, and not more than three Years.

And in Cafe the Conviction for Theft fhall be before the County Court, the Person convicted, hall, by faid Court, be sentenced and committed to the House of Correction, to labour as aforesaid ; for the first Offence at least fix Months; and so for a longer Time, as said Court

before whom the conviction is had, shall think proper and determine, having Respect to the Circumstances and Aggravations of the Offence, and the Number of Convictions had.

Provided arvert belesi, That no Person convicted of Theft, fhall on the firft

Conviction, be sentenced or committed to the Work-House, or House of Correc. Proviso. • tion, on that Account, unless the Person convicted be of the Age of twenty-one

Years, or upwards ; and also be in the Opinion of the Court before whom the Conviction is had, a Rogue, Vagabond, common Beggar, or a lewd, idle, profane or disorderly Person ; any Thing in this Act in any wise contained notwithstanding

Be it fureher enailed by tbe Autbority aforejaid, That the Charges of prosecut. Charges for

ing Persons for Theft, upon their Conviction before the County Court, shall be there, how

answered and paid out of the County Treasury of that County wherein the Propaid, &c. fecution and Conviction shall be ; and that for refunding the same, one Half of

the treble Damages recovered of the Person convicted, shall be and belong to the said County Treasury. And in Case the Earnings of such convicted Perdon's Labour in the Work-Houfe, clear of all lawful Deductions, be not sufficient to pay the Charge of his Prosecution, and the said treble Damages, and he hach do Estace to satisfy the same, he shall be disposed of in Service to answer the same,

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or the Remainder thereof, according as the Law has provided and dire&ted in Such Cases.

Be it further enaited, That when any person shall be committed to any Materials House of Correction, or Work-Houfe, in Cafe he or she belong not to any Town how found 2 in shis State, suitable Materials, fuch as are necessary and convenient for keep. paid for ing fach Persons to work during their abode there, shall be paid for out of the State Treafury. And in Cale he or the belongs to any Town in this State, that such Materials as aforesaid, hall be provided at the Charge of said Town ; and the Select-men of the said Town hall deliver the fame to the Master of such House, or be accountable co him for the Charge and Expence thereof, and atless the Inhabitants for the fame. And when any stubborn Children or Ser. Stubbora

childre. vants-thall be sent thither as aforesaid, the aforementioned Materials thall be provided at the Charge of their Parents or Masters (if abley during their abode ja fucb Work-House.

And each Person committed as aforesaid, hiall be allowed out of their Earn-" ings, but two thirds thereof, for their Sapport and making Satisfaction for the Allowanada

Charge expended in bringing in and furnishing Materials ; and the Overplus of such Earnings, to be to the Master of the House to account for.

And if such Persons are Masters, or Heads of Families, then and in such Cale Maftert of laa the whole Profit and Benefit of their Labours, or so much thereof as the County milies com. Court of that County where such Persons are committed shall think necessary, mitted.

Allowance to and direct, shall be for the relief and support of their Families.

their families. And if any Person or Persons committed to said House of Correction shall be unable to work, or be weak or fick, then to be relieved by the Master or Keeper of such House, who shall be again reimbursed what he shall so necessarily expead for the Relief of such Person or Persons, out of the public Treasury of this Unable to

work how lon State, if the Person belong not to any Town within the State ; and if the Per

lieved... son belongs to any Town in this State, then by the Select-men of that Town : And the Select-men may assess the Inhabitants of such Town to answer the . fame ; except fuch Persoas being weak or fick as aforesaid, were at the Time of their-Commitment in their Minority, and under the care of Parents or Mafters ; then and in every such case the Parents or Mafters of such Persons Ahall reim. burse what necessary Charges the Master or Keeper of such House of Correction Thall necessarily expend for their Relief.

Be it further enacted by the Ausboriry aforesaid, that the Master or Keeper of each House of Correction, shall be allowed for his Care, Labour and Service, Anowanee ** in looking after those committed to his Care, and for relieving them who all the matter. happen to be fick or weak, such reasonable Sacisfaction, to be made by the County, Select-men, Parents or Mafters, as the County Court shall direct and appoint, if the Earnings of such Person or Persons Thall not be sufficient codile charge the same, over and above what is allowed them out of their Earnings, for their Reljef.

And the Master or Keeper fall keep an exact Account of all Profits and Earnings that shall be made by the Labour of those under his Custody, from Time

Mafter to to Time, and present the same (upon Oath if required) unto the County Court &c.

keep account, ia fuch Councy; out of which Earnings the said Mafter or Keeper of such Houre Hall have his Allowance ; and also a Compensation to said Overseer or Overa, feers for cheir Trouble as aforesaid, as faid Court shall think proper and order ; and until the Earoings as aforesaid, shall produce a sufficiency for faid Purpose, what ie wanting shall be made up out of the County Treasury, to be refunded out of the Overplus of the after Earnings.

And the Mafter of Keeper of such House that shall refuse to accouns as, afore. faid, or shall otherwise be negligent of his Duty required by this Aa, shall be penalty for Hable to such Fine or Punishment as said County Cours Niall order and direct. negied.

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Matters' duty. Be it furiber Enard, That the Malters or Keepers of fuch Houses of Core

rection respectively, thall receive all such Persons as shall be sent there as afore.

*** said, and thall keep them to fuch Labour as they are capable of and able to to hackle, perform, for such i'ime as they fhall be ordered to continue and remain in fich punish, &c.“ Hoose ; and punish them (if need be) by putting Fetters or Shackles upon

them, and by moderate Whipping, not exceeding ten Stripes at one Time which (unless the Warrant of Commitment do otherwise direa) shall be inficted at their first Entrance, and from Time to Time, in Cafe they be fubborn, s disorderly or idle, and do not perform their Tak, and that in good condition, aceording as they shall be reasonably ftinced; or else may abridge them of their Food, as the Cause shall require, until they be reduced to better Order and Obedience : Said Masters however, from Time to Time taking and obterving fuch Orders and Dire&tions as the Overseer or Overfeers shall give therein,

And be it further Enafted, That if any Person or Persons, committed to faid Absconding House of Correction, thali unlawfully abscond, or make his Escape therefron, to be correct for depart without the licence of the Mafter of faid Houfe, they thall on beiag returned, &c. returned to faid House again, be corrected by Whipping on the baked Body,

not exceeding thirty Stripes for 'one Ofence; and foroties "quoties : Which 13. : Corrections the Matter shall be careful to see duly performed.

And be it furrber etaged by the Authority aforesaid, That the feveral Gaola

in the respective Counties, thall be, and they are hereby made to be Work Goals to bę Houses, or Houses of Correction ; to be used and improved according to the wouics Directions and Orders before in this A& refpe&ting Hoafes of Correction and until, &c.

the Government thereof, until there shall be fuch House or Houses of Corre&ti.

on built, as aforesaid. Gaoivkeepers

And the Keeper of the Gaols for the Time being, or such as they refpecto be maaltcre,

civelý shall appoint; thall be the Matters or Keepers of fuch Gaols, as Houfes &.C.

of Correction, and thall have the fame Authority and be under the same Regu

lations as is before in this Ad given and provided respecting Houses of Cor. Perfons or rection." And all Persons ordered to be fent to a House of Correction according

to rhis Adt, shall be sent to and received joto fuch Gaots, and there be kepty vuurk house

taken Care of, and governed according to the Directions of this Ad, until lucha... to be sent to

House or Houses thall be provided -as aforesaid; any Thing before in this Ad goal until, &c

deed to


An Act for laying and collecting Duties on the Importation of

Rum. Puty of two


e. it emačied by the Governor, Council and Repreliniatives, in Genital Couri

afjembled, and by the Authority of the same, That all Masters of Vessels, or pence per

other Perions importing any Rum into this State, shall pay to'lome Navatrumimported.

Officer, for the use of this state, Two-bence per Gallop for every Gallon of Rum by fueh Mafter or other Person imported as aforesaid:

And all fuch Masters or importers of Rum as aforesaid, shall be allowed for Wastage al. Wastage five per Cent, for Rum imported direally from the WA-Indies, and lowed.

per Cent. for Rum imported from the neighbouring States And whenfo

ever it shall happen that the said Mafter or Importer hall not have the ready Bond to be Money to pay the Duties aforesaid, tie fall become bound to the Treasurer of? given for the this State, in a Bond double the 'Amount of faid Duties, conditioned for the duties, &c.

Payment of faid Duty with Intereft, in rwo Months then next coming.

Be a furiber enačied by ibe Authority aforesaid, That atl. Rom as shall be Rum forfeited in cafe the

iinported or brought into this Suate, and landed or offered to Sale in any of duties are un- the Roads, Harbours, Creeks or Rivers thereunto belonging, without first paypaid. ing or securing the Duty as aforelaid, iball be forfeited, the one Halt to the


211 Inforger that shall prosecute to Effect, and the other Half to the State Treafures, for the Use of this State. And whenfoever any person shall inform any Afitant of Justice

of the Peace, Search-watof the Breach of this Order, he fall forthwith grant a Writ to the Sheriff or rant to break Coafable, commanding them to make diligent Search for the same, with open houses, Power (if need be) to break open any House,

Veffel, Ware House or Store, to &c. make Search in any suspected Place, and to seize the said Rum, and secure the fame till the next County Court in the County where it shall be taken ; who Thail declare the fame to be forfeited, and dispose thereof for the Use aforesaid: Ualeis the Owner thereof thail produce a Certificate from the Naval-Officer, that the Duty laid by this Act has been actually paid for the same, according to the true Intent and Meaning thereof; and make Oath that the Rum for which the Certificate is produced, is the very Rum for which the Duty has been paid or otherwise, thew to the Satisfaction of the Court that the Duties laid by this Ad have been truly wid..

' 611 And for tbe more effettual collecting the laid Duty ; Be it furtber macted by the Ausbority, aforesaid, That all Mafters of Ships Matters to and other Vessels

, as well open Boats as others, coming into any Harbour, make report Port, Creek or River within this State, from beyond Sea, or from any other in 24 hours...

after arrival, Place outof this state, shall make Report to some Naval-Officer of this state, of the Contents of the Loading of such Ship or Veflil; which Report such Malter thall give in to the Nayal-Oficer under his Hand; and Mall therein let dowe and express the Quantity of Hogsheads, Tierces, Barrels or other Caks of Ram loaden on Board løch Ship or Veiled, with the Marks and Numbers there. of, and to whom the fame is conligned . And also make Oath thereunto in the Tomake following Manner :

oathe YOU B. fwear ibat the Report or Maniff of the Contents of your Loada

ing, by you produced under your Hand, contains a just and true Account, to the best of your Knowledge, of the whole Loading taken on board and imported in 9 yeter Velfel, from the Port or Ports jäid Véssel cume from ; and that you bave na Form of the broken Bulk, nor delivered any of the Rum loaden on jaid Vafel, directly or indi. Gath. realy; and that if you shall know of any more Rum to be imported therein, before the Landing thereof, you will canje i to be added to your Manifeft.

So help you GOD. Which Oath the said Naval Officer is hereby impowered to adminifter afTo be admiter which such Master may unload, and not before, on pain of forfeiting the this behalf.

Be is further matted by the Authority aforesaid, That no Rúm thall be landed on any Wharf, or in any ware house or other Place, but in the Day Time only, and that after Sunrise, and before Sunset; untess' in the Prefence of, or with No rum to be the Consent and Permission of the Naval Officer to whom the Duty is payable, landed but in on pain of forfeiting all-fuch Rum, and the Lighter, Boat, or Vefsel out of the day time, which the fame thall be landed, or put into any Ware-house or other Place,

And if any Person or Persons shall not have, and product, an Invoice of the Number of Gallons of Rom, by him or them imported, or to him or them configned, and make Oath to the fame, as is before in this AQ provided, then the Invoice to be? Calk wherein the same is, Mall be gauged at the Charge of the fmporter, that producedly Sier" the Quantity thereof may be truly known.

That the Malter of any Ship or other Vestel, importing any Run," shall be Masters lia. liable to, and hall pay the Duty for such, and so much thereof contained in his ble for the

duties. Maaifeft as Mall not be duly entred nor the Duty paid for the same by the Per fon or Persons to whom such Rum is or thall be configned.

And it shall and may be lawful for the Master of any Ship or Vefiel, to Howrofetita fecure and detain in his Hands, at the Owners Risque, all tucb. Rum im. themselves.


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How.core. ported in fuch Ship or Vessel, until he shall receive a Certificate from the Nacure them

val Officer to whom he delivered his Manifeft, that the Duty for the same is felves.

paid, and until he be repaid his necessary Charges in securing the same, or fuch Mafter may deliver such Rum, as is not entred as aforesaid, onto the Naval Officer in such Port, or his Order ; who is hereby impowered and directed to receive and keep the same, at the Owner's Rifque, until the Impoft thereof with the Charges, be paid, and then to deliver such Rum as such Mafter shall dirett,

Be it further inated by the Authority aforejaid, that the Naval Officer or Naval-officer

receiver of the Duty, or impoft, in each Port, shall be, and is hereby impower. to lue, &c.

ed to fuc the Mafter of any Ship or Vessel, for the Impoft or Duty, for fo much of the Rum, imported therein according to the Manifest by him given apon Oath, as aforesaid, as shall remain not entred, and the Dary or Impoft chereof not paid by the Person to whom it is consigned as a foresaid.

And that the ship or Veffel, with her Tackle and Appurtenances, the Malter of which shall make Detaule in any Thing by this Ad required to be per

formed by him, shall be liable to make good the Sum or Sums forfeited by fuch Veffel liable,

Master, according to this Act, for any such Default; as also to make good thic ke.

Impoft or Duty for any such Rum, not entered as aforesaid . And upon Judge. ment against such Mafter, the said Ship or Veffel, or so much of the Tackle or Appurtenances thereof as shall be fufficient to satisfy said Judgment, may be taken in Execution for the same.

And the Naval Officer or Receiver of the Impoft is hereby impowered to make Seisure of such Ship or Veffel, and detain the same, under Seisure uncil

Judgement be given in any Suit to be commenced and prosecuted for any of Naval-officer

che laid Forfeitures, or Impoft, to the Intent that if judgment be rendered for to make rci. the Prosecutor or Informer, such Ship or Vefsel, and Appartenances may be exzure, &C. posed for Satisfaction thereof, as is before provided ; unless the Owners, or

Come on their behalf, for the releaäng of such ship or Vessel from under Seifure or Refraint, hall give sufficient Security to the Naval Officer that Seised the fame, to respond and fatisfy the Sum or Value of the Forfeiture and Duties, with Charges, that shall be recovered againft the Matter thereof, upon Suit to

be brought for the same as aforesaid. Owner to fue the master,

And the Master occasioning such Loss and Damage unto his Owners, through. &c.

his Default or Neglect, shall be liable unto their Ađion for the same.

And the Naval Officers, or Receivers of the Impok, in the several 'Ports of Bills of store this State, are hereby impowered to allow Bills of Store to the Mafter of any to be allow'd. Ship or Veffel,

importing any Rum for such private Adventures as shall Boxa Fide, belong to the Master, or-Seamen of such Șhip, or other Vessel, at the Dir." cretion of the said Naval Officer ; not exceeding rivo per Cent. of the Loading : And the Ducies payable for such Rum in such Bills of Store mentioned and expreffed shall be abated.

And the Naval Officers shall be allowed five per Cert, on all Monies they Tall collect and pay in to the Treasury of this State, on Account of the Duties

collected by them by Virtue of this Act. Forfeieures And be ir furtber enaked by obe Autbority aforesaid, That all Penalties and how difpored Forfeitures accruing, or arising by Virtue of this Act, shall be one Half to the of. Treasurer of this State for the

Uie of the State ; and the other Half to him or them who Thall feise, inform and fue for the fame, by Action, Bill, Plaint, of Information, in any Court of Record : The whole Charge of Prosecution to be

taken out of the Half belonging to the Informer. Who to pro

And all Naval Officers, Sheriff's, Conftables, and Grand-jurors, are hereby fecute, &c. fridly charged to make diligent Enquiry after, and make irse Information of

* all Breaches of this Act.

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