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tice of the Peace for a Warrant againft such negligent Collector, as aforelaid, agreeable to the Directions aforesaid. And it shall be lawful for such Affitant or Jutlice to grant out such Warrant against the Goods, Chattels, Lands and Body of such negligent Collector, in the fame Form and to be proceeded with in executing the fame, in the Manner as by Law is provided for the levying of Executivas

And to prevent Diputes that may arile respecting the Rates or Taxes arising erd levità on Lands in Ecclefiafticul Societies, belonging to Proprietors non-resident in fuch dacieties, and to direct where the Payment for fub Lands shall be made : Be it further inafted by the Authority'afurejaid, That all Taxes ariling, and

Taxes on that fhall be levied upon Land lying in any ecclefiaftical Society in this State, non resident's belonging to any fach non-resident Proprietor or Proprietors, and in the same lands, &c. Town, thall be paid by him or them in that Society, and for and by order of where paydthat Society only to which he or they belong, and is or are Resident in, accord ble; &c. ing to his or their Lift in the Grand-Levy ; except only where such non-resident Proprietor or Proprietors have Lands lying in fuch other Society or Sociecies, When dying in and there be a tenantable House or House thereon, and also a Tenani and not in the or Tenants actually living in and upon the same; then and in every suck Case Came society. the Taxes arising on fuch Lands in the improvement of such Tenant or Te.. nants, fhall be paid in the Society or Societies where such Lands lie, and Te.. pants live.

Provided nevertheless, That where any fuch Society or Societies have, ever fince their being helt let off and constituted, steadily and uninterruptedly used Proviso. and practifed ocherwise in paying Taxes arising on such Lands, this Act shall not be underilood to affect or prejudice such a fteady and uninterrupted Practice ; , but the fame shall be accounted a practical Agreement, and be bolden good and valid accordingly; any Thing to the contrary in this Ad contained notwitb.) per sostenes Atanding, Be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid. That if such non-resident Pro

Non-refi. prietor or Proprietors live in any other Town than that in which such Lands lie, dents that he or they shall pay for the same in, and to that Society in which such Lands live in othes lie ; and that when such Lands lie in two or more Societies in any other Town towns to pay than that in which such Proprietor or Proprietors live, then and in every such where the Cale, he or they in their Liit annually given in, thall particularly therein mentis land lies. on the Sort and Quantity of his or their Lands in each of fuch Societies respectively, and shall pay therefor in fuch respective Societies accordingly.

And wbereas this Asembly bavi granted, and in fomé Cales muy hereafter gram particular 7 axes on the Lands lying in new Towns and Societies, for the jpeedy and more equal Settlement of the fame :

For the effctual collecting of which;
Be it further enaded by the Authority aforesaid. That whenfoever this Aflem-
bly shall grant a particular Tax to be levied on the Lands in any such Town or
Society, the same shall be demanded as other Rates or Taxes by Law ought to

Particular be : And it the Owner or Owners of such Lands do not pay the Collector cho

paid as, &c. len or appoioted to gather the same, fuch Collector may apply to fome Affiftant or Justice of the Peace, who shall grant him a Warrant for that Purpose ; by Force whereof such Collector may proceed to levy the Tax or Taxes not paid, in the same Manner as Town or Society Rates and Taxes are to be levied.

Always provided, That if any Owner of Lands so taxed, be or shall be taxed greater or more than the Tax laid by the Assembly, the County Court of that proviso, County wherein such Lands lie, upon Complaint thereof made by such Owner of Lands, may grant Relief to him againft such Collector, Town or Society, according to the Wrong they fall find done by such Taxing or Levying ; and lax Coils to the Perfon unaccessarily rexed thereby.

taxes to be

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Provided also, That if any Person or Persons shall by any Town, Society of Provifo. other Community, be assessed wrongfully, or more than his or their proporti

on, he or they shall have Remedy by the County Court of the fame County whereto he or they belong, upon Proof made thereof; any Thing in this A& co the contrary in any wise not withitanding.

And be it furtber Enacted, That the Treasurer of this State, in granting ExTreafurer to ecution against any Collector of State Taxes, from whom Arrears of several one execution

Taxes are due, shall include in one Execution as maay of such Taxes as Cir. as many taxes cumstances will admit, therein specifying the Sum due on each, and any other as may be. Matters respecting the same that may be necessary for directing the Sheriff in

the levy of such Execution. Collectors to

And be it further ena&ed by the Autbority aforesaid, That in all Cases where keep an ac

any State Tax hath been laid or granted by the General Assembly of this state, count of pub- which remains unpaid, or that in future may be laid or granted, wherein Orlic securities ders drawn on the Treasurer, Soldiers Notes that are due, Certifcaces for the received for Interest of such Notes, or for Monics loaned to this State, or any other Secaritaxes.

cies, are or may be made receivable in Payment of such Taxes; ic thall be the

-Duty of the respective Collectors of such Taxes, to keep a fair Account is And render his account

Writing, of all such Orders, Notes, Certificaces or other Securities received in under oath. Payment of such Taxes, therein containing an exact state of the Time when the

same was received, the Name of the Perion from whom, and the Sum at whicha the same were received, and lodge a Copy thereof with the Treasurer, duly at

tested upon Oach (which Oath the Treasurer is hereby impowered to admini. Copy of which ac

ster); and if it shall appear on due Examination, chat any such Order, Noce, qount to be Certificate or other Security was received on Account of any such Tax, dire@ly lodged with or indirectly by such Collector, or any other person for his Benefit, at a Dif. the treasurer, count or lower Sum than the nominal Sum therein expressed, the Treasurer is

hereby directed to allow such Collector on Settlement of fuch Tax, the Sum at which he received the same, and no more.

And in order to prevent and puniflo Fraud and Extortion in Colleators of the public Taxes ;

Be it further enalted by the Authority aforefaid, That if the Collectors of way

State Tax within this State, fhall take or receive, directly or indirectly, of any Extortion in Person or Persons, any Sum of Money, or any other Article of Value, as a Gracollectors

tuity, Reward or Commillion for the Payment of any Order drawn on the Trea. how punished furer of this Scate by the Committee of Pay-Table, or any Note or Certificate

given or Order drawn by faid Treasurer or the Continental Commiffioner of Loans, in the same, on such Collector or Collectors, such offending Collector

Shall upon Conviction thereof, forfeit and pay to the Treasurer of the County AU inform. where such Offence shall be committed, the full Value of such Order or Ora ing-officers ders. And all Informing Officers are hereby required to make due Presentment to present, of all Breaches of the foregoing Paragraph of this Act. &c.

An Act concerning Replevins.

E it Enaded by the Governor, Council and Representatives, in General Court Liberty to affembled, and by tbe Autbority of the fame,' That every Man shall have replevy in all Liberty to replevy his Cattle, or other Goods and Chattels, impounded, discales, except, trained, attached, seized or extended (unless it be upon Execution after Judg.

ment, and in Payment of Fines and Rates ; or for some Cause or Matter cogni. zable and triable before the Admiralty and Maritime Courts) provided he purin,

and give good and sufficient Security to profecute his Replevin to Effect, and to Proviro. satisfy and answer such Damages, Demands and Dues as the adverse Party hall

by Law recover again him.


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An Act for preventing and punishing Riots and Rioters.
E it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Reprefentatives, in General Court

afsembled, and by the Autbority of the jame, That when three Persons or Irore, shall come or affemble themselves together, to the Intent to do any unlawful Aą, by Force and Violence against the Person of another; as to kill, beat, fone or more or otherways to hurt, or againit his Possession or Goods, as to break open or to afsembling to pull down any House or Fence wrongfully, or to cut or take away any Corn, do an unlaw, Grass, Wood or other Goods wrongfolly, or to do any other unlawful A& with ful act, to be Force or Violence again the Peace, or to the manifest Terror of the People, punished as

& and being required or commanded by any of the Civil Authority, or by any Sheriff or Deputy-Sheriff, or by any one more of the Select-Men'or Constables of any Town where such Assembly thall be, by Proclamation to be made in the Name of this State, in the Form herein after directed, shall not disperse themfelves, and peaceably depart to their Habitations or to their lawful Bufiness or being so affembled as aforesaid, shall do any unlawful A& against any Man's Perfon, Poffefsion or Goods, or against the public intereft in any Particular, in Manner as aforesaid, and be thereof convicted by due Course of Law, before the County Court, or before the Superior Court, in the respective Counties where said Offence is committed, shall be punished by Fine, not exceeding, for each Fine. Person concerned therein, the Sum of Ten Pounds; Imprisonment, not exceed- Imprisoning fix Months ; or by Whipping, not exceeding forty Stripes: All or any of mente, said Punishments at the Discretion of the Court that Éath Cognizance of such cion of the Offences, as the Nature and Circumstances of the Facts shall require.

court. That the Order and Form of the Proclamation aforementioned, shall be as follows, THAT IS TO SAY, The Persons authorized by this Aa thall, among, or near as he or they can saf ly come to said Rioters, with an audible Voice command, or cause to be commanded Silence to be whilft Proclamation is mak- Silence to be ing ; and after that, Mall openly, and with an audible Voice make, or cause to commanded. be made Proclamation in these Words, or like in Effect viz.

“ In the Name, and by the Authority of the State of Conne&icut, I charge " and command all Persons assembled, immediately to disperse themselves, and Form. " peaceably to depart to their Habitations, or to their lawful Business, upon the « Pains and Penalties contained in the Act or Law of this State, entitled, An

A& for preventing and punishing Riots and Rioters."

And every Aliftant, Juftice of the Peace, Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Sele&t-man Authority to or Constable within the Limits of their Jurisdictions, are hereby authorized, resort to the imp'wered and required, on Notice or Knowledge of any fuch unlawful and ri- place whero, orous Assembly, to resort to the Place where such Assembly shall be, and there &c. make, or cause to be made, Proclamation in Manner aforesaid.

Be it furber enaded by the Authority aforefaid, That if such Persons fo un. lawfully and riotoully assembled, or any three or more of them, after Proclamation made as aforesaid, shall continue together, and not disperse themselves, that then it shall and may be lawful to, and for every Aftant, Justice of the Peace, Persons to dif. Sheriff, Deputy-Sheriff, Sele&t-man or Constable, where such Affembly shall be, and perfe, &c. if to and for luch other Person or Persons as fhall be commanded to be alifting unto

not, to be ap

prehended, any Afbftant, Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Deputy-Sheriff, Select-man or Confta- &c. ble, who are hereby authorized and impowered to command all Persons of Age and Ability to be atsilting to them therein, to seize and apprehend, and they are hereby required to seize and apprehend fuch Persons so unlawfully and riotoudly continuing together after Proclamation made as aforesaid; and forthwith to carry the Persons fo apprehended, before fome Affiftant or Justice of the Peace, la ora der to their being proceeded against according to Law.

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Rioters killed. And that if any of the Perfons fo unlawfully and riotoufly affembled, hall hap

pen to be killed, or maimed, or hurt in difperfing or apprehending, or in en

deavouring to disperse or apprehend them, by Reason of their Refiting the Persons affift. Persons fo difperfing or endeavouring to disperse or apprehend them, that then ing in quel- every Affiftant, Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Deputy-Sheriff

, Select-man oi ling the riot, Constable, and all and fingular Persons being aiding and aflifting to them o intempified.

any of them, thall be freed, discharged and indemnified, as well agaiuk che Public as against all and every Perfon or Persons whatever.ot, for or concerning the killing, maiming or hurting of any fuch Person or Perfons fo oniswfully and riotously affembled, that fhall happen to be so killed, maimed or hurt as aforefaid.

Provided always, And be it furtber exaéted by the Authority aforejaid, That

if any person or Persons do, or shall with Force, and Arms, wiltully and knowProviso.

ingly oppose, obstruct, or in any Manner wilfully and knowingly let, hinder, or hurt any Person or persons that shall begin to proclaim, or go to proclaiın according to the Proclamation hereby directed to be made, and be thereof convicted by due Course of Law, fall forfeit, fuffer, or be punished

in Manner and Form as aforesaid. Any

And that also every such Person or Persons fo being unlawfully and riotorfly por Yers than assembled, to the Number of Three, as aforesaid, or more, to whom Proclamathree not dif- tion should or, ought to have been made, if the same had not been hindred, as perfing, &c. aforesaid, shall likewise, in Cafe they, or any of them to the number of Three or to bę punish- more, shall continue together, and not immediately difperie themselves after ed, &c.

such Let or Hindrance so made, having knowledge of fuch Let or Hindrarce fo made, and be thereof convicted by due Course of Law, shall forfeit, bufer, or be punished in Manner and Form as aforesaid.

Provided always, That no Perfon or Persons fhiall be prosecuted by Virtue Proviso, of this Act, for any Offence or Offences committed contrary to the same, unless

fuch Prosecution be commenced within twelve Months after the ONence committed.

An Act for restraining, correcting, suppressing and punishing

Rogues, Vagabonds, common Beggars, and other lewd, idle, diffolute, profane and disorderly Persons; and for fet

ting them to work. WHEREAS there are frequently divers Persons who wander about, and are va

gabond, idle, and di folute Persons, begging and committing many Irelercus; Preamble.

and many are guilty of profane and evil Discourse, and other Disorders, to the
corruption of Narners, the promotion of Idleness, and the detriment of good Order
and Religion.
For preventing of which, and for the better Regulation of such evil and disordet.

ly Persons, and punishing such Rudeness and Mitbehaviour :

E it enacted by the Governor, Council and Representatives, in General Court Work houfes afsembled, and by the Authority of the same. That in order there may be

erected, built, or otherwise provided in each of the respective Counties in this provided.

Stare, at the Charge of the said Counties respectively, a fit and convenient
House or Houses of Correction, to be used and improved for the receiving,

keeping, setting to work, and correcting of Rogues, Vagabonds, common Judge of coun Beggars, and other idle, diffolute and disorderly Persons ;---the Judge of the ty court to

County Courts in each County respectively, by and with the Advice of faid fummon the cial authorie Court, is hereby im powered to summon the Civil Authority, viz. tbe Affifa

cants and Justices of the Peace in faid County, to meet at such Time and

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Place in said County as he fhall appoint for that Purpose, or other Matters proper for them to consider and determine: And if the major Part of the Civil Au- Major part to thority, fo convened for that Purpose, fhall agree upon and determine that such determine a House or Houses thall be erected, built or provided, and also determine the and fix the Place where the same shall be fixed'; in that Cafe said County Courts respective place. ly are hereby authorized, impowered and directed forthwith 'to erect, build, or otherwise provide, such House or Houses of Correction as aforesaid, and transmit County court to the General A fembly from T'ime to time, an Account of their Proceedings build, &c.

therein, until fuch House or Houses are finished : Unlels in any County there be · fuch a House or Houses already provided; in whích Case the County Court of

put in re. that County, are required forthwich to put the same in good Repait and Order, paleo and :o transmit the Account thercof to the General Assembly as aforesaid.

And the better to enable the said County Coutes to do the same; Be it furtber enaded by the Authority aforejaid, That the said County Courts be; and they are hereby fully authorized and impowered to assess and tax the To tax the Inhabitants of the County to which said Court belongs, in luch Sum or Sums county: as the Court shall judge needful for the Purpose atoresaid : And for the collec. fing fuch Tax or Afessment, to appoint a Collector or Collectos, and them to authorize and impower; by Warrant or Warrants of Distress, figned by the Clerk of said Court, to levy arid collect the same; which Collectors shall have the same Authority, and be under the same Regulations and Penalties as other Collectors by the Laws of this State, have, and are lubject unto.

Beit further enacted by the Authority aforejaid, That the said County Courts Tô appoint respectively, shall and may nominate and appoint some honeft fit Person to be matters and Malter of said

House of Correction or Work-House, and also one or two able and overseets. discreet Persons to be Overseers; and the said County Courts shall order and direct such Overseer or Overseers (as soon as may be) to procure proper Materi. To provide als to the amount of fifteen Pounds, for each Work-House; and Mall deposit the same in tome convenient and safe Place, to be used and improved according to fuch Rules and Orders as Tall from Time to Time be given by said Courts respectively; and the raid County Courts are hereby authorized to draw on the County court Scate Treafurer for the aforesaid Sum, to enable the Overseers to procure the to Materials suitable to work with and upon ; and thall from Time to Time, give

state treasury', fuch Orders for the regulating and governing fuch Work-Houses, as they ihall think proper, according to Law. And the laid Overseers shall from Time to Time, as there may be need, provide the necessary Materials for all Persons committed thereinto, to work with and upon ; for which they shall be paid out of the County Treasury; and the same shall be drawn in and repaid to such Treasury according to the Direction and Provifion herein after made. : And the said Overseers shall from Time to Time, order and direct the Maf- Overseers to ters of the Work-Houses, in the Government and Regulation, as well as in the correcting and keeping to work the Persons thereto committed, according to

Law. Which overseers shall render their Account to the County Court, from
Time to Time, and shall have and receive such Allowance and Reward for their
Services as said Court shall judge juft and reasonable.

And it is furtber erafted and provided, That the County Courts of any two Counties, may, and are hereby im powered to agree together to build one House of Correction, if the same may be convenient for both Counties; and to proceed Two coun: therein in such Form, Manner and Proportion as they shall agree ; and each

ties may join, County Court to tax their respective Counties as aforesaid. Provided always, the previous Consent of the major Part of the Civil Authority in said Counties relpectively, to build the fame, be first had and taken, 20 before directed.

. Ff

materials &C.


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