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Taxable fees, And the taxable Fees in all Causes cognizable by the Mayor, or one of the &c.

Aldermen of faid ciry sperally, fhall be the same as the taxable Pees in like Processes the

calcs, before Jukites of the Peace : And the Processes in all Actions brought to fame as to the county

faid city coort, mhall be the same as the Procefles to the coumty courts in this court. State ; and the Prócefles in all'Actions brought befeire the Mayrr or one of the

Aldermen of faid city, shall be the same as the processes in A&ions brought beBy whom fore a Jultics of the Peace, and he Ugned by the Governor, Lieutenan:-Goverfigned.

nor, or one of the Alifants of this state, or by a Justice of the Peace, within

and for the county of Neto London, or by the Mayor or one of the Aldernen of and served.

'faid City, or the clerk of said city court, and tħall be served by a Sherif, DeBonds for

puty-Sheriff, or constable, to whom directed, according to the Laws of this prosecution, State, and the Provisions of this AA. And all Bonds For Prolecurion taken by & c. any of said Oficers hereby inpowerod to figa Writs, "Thali be good and effectual

in Law. 'And Bonds for Profecution, fpccial Bail, and Bonds for Appeal, excepi, &c. thall be taken to the adverse Party : Provided neverthelets, That no: Writs,

(Executions excepted for Process, signed by the Mayor, or either of the Aldes.

men, shall be of any Effect without the Limits of faid city. Jurymen how

And be it juribrr inaced by the Authority aforesaid, That the said Mayer, and when Aldermen and common council, ihall on the first Monday of July annually, chosen meet, and íhali then chute Forty or more freemen of laid city, to serve as ja.

rors at said city court, and hail return the Names of faid jurors, under the Names of the Hand of the Mayor of said city, if present, or in case of his Abience, under the jurors to be Hand of the senior Alderman present at such Meeting, to the clerk of faid city returned to,

couri, who thail write each Juror's Name thus cholen, fairly on a separate Piece &c. Clerk to write of Paper, and roll up and put the same into a Box, which he hall provide ind the jurors keep for that Purpose ; and whenever either of the Sheriffs of said city shall renames on, &c. ceive a Warrant from the clerk of the city court, to summon a sury to appear

before faid court, the Sheriff receiving such Warrant, taking with him one of Jurors how

Aldermen of said city, shall repair to the said clerk's Office, and there, in the drawn. Prclence of said Alderman and clerk, Mall take out of said Box so many of said

Papers as his Warrant thall direct, and the Persons whose Names Mall be Turors neg.

found written therein, shall be summoned to appear before the court, to which Izsting to at the Warrant is recornable, to serve as Jarors; and in cale of neglecting to ai,

tend, Mall be liable to such Penalties as shall by the Bye-Laws of said city be 1:5 pannui,

indicted for such Neglect ; and in case a compleat Pannel hall not atrend, or whers drawn," ia Laie any fhall be challenged or excused, the Sheriff attending said court fall &c.

fuppay such Deficiency, by drawing in the Presence of the court, others out of jurors not a faid Box, and summoning them to attend and serve, unil the Pannel fhall be tending, &c. juro's. cath

complete ; and the Names of sach Jurors as do not attend, or are excused, shall be recurned into the Box, and be liable to be drawn again. And the Oath to

be taken by faid Jurors, shall be the same as is by Law provided to be taken by. 727... of Jurors in civil Actions. And the Name of each Juror that attends any city court 1110 at and ferves, shall be again written on a separate Piece of paper, and shall be

*rolled up and put into another Box, which the clerk of said court mall provide for that Purpose, and shall be liable to be drawn again, in case there thall not, by Reason of Death, Removal, or other cause, be a Sufficiency in the other Box, to complete the Pannel for that Year, in which they are chosen to serve.

And the said city may choose a clerk of said city, who fall make true and le cierk. regular Entries of all the Votes and Proceedings of faid cjęy, and the Records

by him kept Mall be of the same Validity in Point of Evidence, in any court of Law in this State, as the Records of Towns are.

And beit inaded by the Antbority aforefaid, That the faid Mayor, Alder. ben, and common council be, and they are hereby empowered to lay out Rew Highways, Streets and public Walks, for the Use of said city, or, to alter

tern, lirita con.

tu be, &c.


be in.


, D

New-London City.


said court.

those already laid out in said City, and to exchange Highways for Highways, The mayor, or to sell Highw.sys for the purpose of purchasing other Highways, taking the ac, to lay same Measures in all Respects, as are directed by the Laws of this State to &c. or alter be cakın, in case of Highways laid out by the Selectmen for the Use of their those abready Towns, and ihe Party aggrieved by the laying out of such Streets or High- laid out, &c. Ways, may have the same Remedy by Application to the County Court, as is by Law provided in cases of Highways laid out by Select-men.

ind se ir enaated by sbe Authority aforesaid, That in case any Sheriff, Depu- City court ty-Sheriff or Constable, shall not ferve a Writ directed to, and received by him, may fine chais returnable to said City court, or shall neglect to make Return of said Meritis, &am Writ, or shall make falso or undue Return thereof, and a Suit Thall for such Default, be brought against him to the said city court by the Person or his Bx- Fines to be

paid to the ecutor or Administrator, in whose Favour faid Writ issued, and the Defendant

city treafe, be found in Default; the said court, over and above awarding juft Damages rer. to the Plaintiff, may, co said Suit, fet a suitable Fine upon the Defendant, according to the Nature of the case, and may issue Execution for such Fine ; which Fine shall be to the Treasurer of faid city, to and for the Use of said city.

And in all cases wherein the Defendant who is sued to the faid city court, If the defen lives within the Limits of faid city, the Writ-Mall be served upon bim at leas ant lives in fix Days before the Day of the fusing of the court to which the Wric is return. writ to be able ; but if the Defendant lives without the Limits of said city, the Writ fervd 6 days ha!! be served at least twelve Days before the firring of said court ; and all before cours. Writs returnable to said city court, shall be returned to the clerk of said &c. if wit

out 12 days. court on the Day of the atting of faid court, and before the firt opening of

And the Writs that are returnable before the Mayor or either of the Aldermen, fhall, if the plaintiff and Defendaat both live within the Limits of, or, Writs re if the Plaintiff lives without and the Detendant lives within the Limits of faid


before ch. city, or if the plaintiff be a Mariner or Seamen fuing for Wages due to him

mayor, & for Services in bis Occupation, and the Defendant lives within the limits of faid city, be served upon the Defendant at leaf three Days before the Gitting of the court to which it is returnable ; but if the Defendang lives without the limits of faid city, the Writ shall be served upon the Defendant at least fix Days before the fitting of the court to which it is returnable. And be it further exa&ed, That the Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, common

Mayor, &c. council and clerk of said city, shall be sworn to a faithful Discharge of their to be sworn. Dary; and the form of the Oath to be taken by the Mayor of said city, Igall be as follows, viz. YOU bring elected Mayor of tbe City of New-London, do fwear by rhe

Form of the Name of tbe Everliving God, that you will, witbout any partiality, indiffe oath. Tently admirifter Jupice, according to Law, without respect of Perjons, take 70 Bribe, give no Counjel in any Matter that shall come before you, nor deny Right

ants, but well and truly perform your Office of Mayor of said City, according to four best Still.

So help you GOD. And the form of the Oath to be taken by the Aldermen of faid city, shall Aldermen be the same mutatis mutandis as is prescribed by Law to be taken by Justices of to be sworn.

And the form of the Oath to be taken by the common council-men of said city, shall be as follows, viz. You being elected a Commor Council-man for the City of New-London, Form of an

for the Year enjuing, Dofwear by the Name of ihe Everliving God, that you oath. will faiibfully and uprightly discharge the Duties of that Office, so long as you

So help you GOD.

Sheriffs to And the form of the Oath to be taken by the Sheriffs of faid city, thall

take an oatha be che fanno prescribed by Law to be taken by the Sherifi wiwitalis mwandis.

the Peace.

thall bold i be jame.

[blocks in formation]


And the form of the Oath to be taken by the Clerk of faid city, shall be as follows, viz.

being chofer Clerk of the City of New-London, Do swear Clerk's oath

by the Name of the everliving GOD, that you will truly and faithfully at. tend and execute the place and Office of Clerk of laid City, according to your beff Skill, and make true Entries and Record's of all the Votes and Proceedings of faid City, and jucb orber Matters as by Law, or the Bye-Laws of faid City, are to be recorded in your Ofice; and that you will deliver true Copies of the Records is pour Hands, when they fall be required of you, taking only your lawful Fres.

So help you GOD. Which Oaths may be administered by any Attiltant of this State, or Justice By whom of the Peace within and for the County of New-London, or by the Mayor, or administrede either of the Aldermen of said City ; provided the Mayor. or Alderman ad

ministering such Oath hath been sworn according to this Aa.

And the Perion administering the Oath prescribed by this Aa, hall give :

Certificate thereof under his Hand, to the Officer to whom he adminiflers fach Certificate Oath, which Certificate shall be recorded in the Records of faid City, before to be given,

the Person to whom it is given thall be capable of executing the Office to which and recorded.

he is chosen.

And be it further Enafted, That there shall be a Court of Common Council of said City, of which the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of faid City shall be Members, who, or the major part of them, shall have power to

make Bye-Laws, relative to Markets and Commerce within the limits of said Power to City ; relative to Persons summoned to serve as Jurors at said City Court, and make bye

neglecting to attend or refuing to serve ; relative to the Streets and Highways laws.

of said City ; relative to Nosances in said City Limits ; relative to their Wharves, anchoring and mooring of Veffels ; relative to Trees planted for Share, Ornament, Convenience, or Vie, public or private, and to the Fruit of fuch Trees; relative to Trespasses committed in Gardens ; relative to Walks, and Buildings public or private ; to the sweeping of Chimnies, and preserving said City from Fire ; relative to Forms of Oath to be taken by the Treasurer of faid City, and Inspectors of Produce brought to faid City for Sale or Exportation ; relative to the Manner of warning Meetings of said City and the Court of Common Council, and the Time when and Place where they shall be holden ; relative to the Qualifications in Point of Property of the Mayor and Aldermen ; relative to the Bonds to be given by the Sheriffs of faid City for a faithful Discharge of their Duty ; relative to the Penalties to be incurred by those, who, being chosen to any City Office, (and not being excused by the

City) thall refuse to ferve ; relative to a City Watch ; relative to the burial of To infiat the Dead; relative to the public Lights and Lamps of said City ; relative to pecuniary restraining Geese and Swine from going at large within the Limits of faid City; penalties, and relative to the Mode of Taxation as to Taxes levied by faid City ; and to not exceed.

india Penalties for the Breach of such Bye-Laws: Provided however, that such ing iol.

Penalties fhall in no Case exceed the sum of Ten Pounds lawful Money; and said be to, &c. Penalties shall be to such Persons as the Bye-Laws of said City shall direct, and be Recovered

recoverable by the Persons to whom forfeited, by Action of Debt brought to by, &c.

the City Court of said City, in which Action no Appeal or Review shall be alNo appeal.

lowed : Provided however, that no Bye-Laws of said City Thall be made repug. nant to the Laws of this State,

And provided also, That all the Bye-Laws made by faid Court of Com

mon Council, shall be approved of by faid City in legal Meeting assembled, and Bye-Laws to after being so approved, Mall be publihed at leaft three weeks fucceflively in be published fome public News-Paper, in or near laid Ciry, before the same thall be of any


Penalties to



[blocks in formation]

And all the Bye Laws of said City, shall at any Time within fix Months af- Liable to be fer they are made, be liable to be repealed by any Superior Court, holder in repealed, by,

&c. is, &c. said County of New-London, if by such Superior Court, on a Hearing, adjudged to be unreasonable or unjutt.

And all Grants and Leases of any real Estate belonging to said City, fgned by the Mayor of said City, and sealed with the City Seal, and approved by faid Grants and Chty in legal Meeting assembled, Thall be good and effectual in Law,

leases signed to convey

by the mayor the Exare intended to be conveyed by such Grant or Lease; provided the fame &c. is recorded in the Records of the Town where the Land leased or granted lies.

And said City hall have power to appoint Inspectors of every Kind of Pro- Inspectors of duce of the United States, brought to said City for Sale or Exportation,

produce. And the Vote or Choice of the major part of the Freemen present at any lé. Vote of the gal Meeting of faid City, hall be considered in all Cases, as the Vote or majorpart of

the freemen, Choice of faid City.

valid. And whenever the Mayor of faid City, or any other Officers of faid City,

In case of eligible by the Freemen thereof shall resign, or be removed by Death, or other death, &c of wile, another Person shall be chosen in his Place by faid City; and (if an an- any officer, nual officer) Thall continue in Office till the Expiracion of the Month of &c. Junt next following, unless another hall be sooner chosen and sworn in his Stead.

Mayor, or &c. And the Mayor of faid City, or in his Absence, the senior Alderman present to be moderat any Meeting of faid City, or az any Court of Common Council, shall, ex ator of the Officio, be Moderator thereof. And the Meetings of faid City may, from City meeting, Time to Time, by a major Vote of the Freemen present, be adjourned. adjourned.

And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, that the first Meeting of faid City shall be holden at the Town School-House in faid New-London, the second Monday of March next, at nine of the Clock in the Forenoon, for the

First meeting choice of the Mayor, Aldermen, Common Council and Sheriffs of laid City, and to transa& fuch other Business as may be necessary; which Meeting may be from Time to Time adjourned. And a Copy of this Paragraph of this Act, certified under the Hand of the Secretary of this state, and publithed on the Sign-Poft in the Town of New-London, at lealt three Days before faid second Annal' offiMonday of March next, thall be a legal Warning of the Freemen of faid City to cers to contiattend faid first Meeting : And the annual Officers chosen at fajd Meeting, shall nue,&c. until

&c. continue in Office until the Expiration of nexs June, unless others are sooner chosen and qualified in their Stead.

And the said City shall, at such Meeting, first chase a Clerk of said City, who shall be immediately sworn, and shall forthwith make a Record of his first meeting being chosen and sworn, and

the Records thus made by him in fuch Cale, shall to chuse a be good and effectual ; any Thing in this Act to the contrary notwithstanding. And fuch Record may be made by the Clerks hereafter cholen, of their being chosen and sworn, and shall be good and effe Etual ; any Thing in this A& to the Contrary notwithstanding. And faid City shall chereupon proceed to chuse a then the Mayor, and the other Officers of said City eligible by the Freemen thereof, mayor, &c. And the Justices of the Peace within and for the County of New-London, living and inhabiting within the limits of laid City, and present at such first Meeting, hall have, as to the Election of the Mayor, Aldermea, Sheriffs, Common Power of jufCouncilmen and Clerk of faid City, the fame Powers, and proceed in the same tices living Manner as the Mayor, Aldermen and Sheriffs of said City, by this Act are to within the

limits, &c. have and proceed in at the future Elections of said City.

And the senior Julice of the Peace, within and for the County of New. London, living within the Limits of said City, present at said firt Meeting, First moderhall be Moderator thereof, until there shall be a Mayor or Alderman chosen and qualified according to this Act.

And Said City hall at their first Meeting appoint a Time and Place for


[blocks in formation]

holding the firt Court of Cominon Council ; which Court hall have power to First city adjourn from Time to Time. And the first City Court of said City shall be court to be holden on the firft Monday of April next, at the Town School - House in faid City. holden ist

And the said City Courts of said City may be bolden io said School-House from monday of April.

Time to Time, or in such other place in raid City as said City shall provide and judge proper.

And the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of faid City, shall on the

second Monday of March next, at three of the Clock in the Afternoon, hold a Mayor, &c. Meeting at the Town School - House, in said New-Londos ; and shall then and on she ad nonday of there, chooie Thirty fix Freemen of said City, to serve as Jurors, until after the March, to firt Monday of July next; and the Name of each person thus chosen, shall be chufe 36 ju- fairly written on a separate Piece of paper, and shall be put into the JuryaBox, sors.

by this Act to be provided by the Clerk of said City Court, and thall be drawi out, in the Manner herein before provided with respect to Jurors.

Always provided, That any thing in this Aa notwithstanding, the InhaProvilo. bitants living within the Limits of said City, shall to all Intents and purposes,

be, and remain a Part of the Town of New-London.

Provided neuert beless, That if this Act, or any of the Provisions chereia Provider contained, shall be found inconvenient, or in any Respect inadequate, the same,

on Representation of the City or otherwise, may be altered or revoked by the General Assembly.

Provided nevertheless, That the Judges of faid City Court may, and they Provifo are hereby authorized to hear, try, and hpally determine all Causes brought

before the Cicy Court, by a Jury of fix Freemen, or without a fury, where neither of the Parties desire to bave the cause decided by a Jury or by more than

fix Jurors, Pubtic ad.

And this Aa Mall, to all Intents and Purposes, be a public Act. (This Ad was passed by the General Affembly, at their Seffione holder a: New.

Haven, on the eighth Day of January, One thousand leven hundred and

eighty-four. ] An Act to prevent unseasonable Night-walking ; and for

punishing Disorders committed in the Night-season.

E it enacted by the Governor, Couricel and Representatives in General Court Penalty of 6s.

under the Government of Parents, Guardians or Matters ; or any Boarders or of nightwatkers.

Sojourners shall convene or meet cogether, or be entertaised in any House,
without the consent or approbation of their parents, Guardians, Masters of
Governors, after nine of the Clock at Night, any longer than to discharge the
Business they are sent about ; or thall meet together and associate themselves in
Company or Companies in Strees or elsewhere, after the Time aforelaid ; or

thall make any Rout, or commit any Disorder at any Time in the Night Heads of fa- season, each Person lo Ofending Mall forfeit Six Shillings for such Offence. milies, liable And the Head of the Family that entertains or tolerates such disorderly to the same Meeting in his or her House, shall forfeit the like Sum ; one Half of which penalties for Forfeitures shall be to the Complainer, the other Half to the Treasury of the entertaining,

Town where the Offence is commitced.

And whereas grear Disorders and Insolences are often committed in the Night, by diforderly Perlons, to the disquiet and hurt of the good People of this State :

For the preventing and punishing whereof; Disorders

Be it further enacted by ihe Authority aforesaid, That when and so often » coinmitted in the night

any Disorders and Damages are done in the Night-season, that upon ComReafun. plaiat speedily made thereof to any Court, Allifant, or justice of the Peach,

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