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Monuments. Mountebanks.


An Act to oblige the feveral Towns on the Post-Roads, to

erect Monuments, Mewing the Distances from the several County Towns on said Roads. BE E is Enaxed by the Governor, Council and Representatives, in General Court

fembled and by the Authority of the fame, That it shall be the Ducy of the Select-men..! Sele&t-men in the leveral Towns, on the several Poft-Roads in this Stace, at the coreet

mile: stones Expence of such Town, to erect and keep up Mile Stones, at least two Feet high,

on the roads. near the side of the common travelling Road, marked with the Distances from the Coanty Town of the County where such Town lies, according to che Meniuration made by public Order.

Be it further erazted, That if the Select-men in such Towns, shall negled Penalty for to ereat such Śtones, marked as aforesaid, and to keep up the fame for the Space erecting. ofone Month after Notice given to them for that parpole, ihall pay and forfeit : the Sum of Forty Shillings,

one. Half to himn or them who Mall prosecute the same to Effect, the other Half to the Treasury of the Towns where such Selectmen belong

And be it further Ennited, That if any Person or Persons, Ihall presume to pull down, break or deface any such Monument or Monuments, or any other Penalty on Monuments for the Direction of Travellers, orected by the Order or Approbati- such as pull 24 on of the Select-men, shall

incur a Penalty of Forty Sbillings ; to be recovered down ar deby the Select-men of such Town where the Ofence is committed, for the Use of faid Town, by Bill, Plaine, or Information, before any Court proper to try the fame.




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An Ad for suppressing of Mountebanks.
WHERE AS the Pra&tice of Mountebanks, in dealing out and adminiftering Physic!

and Medicine, of unknown Cemposition, indiscriminately to any. Perlons, whom Ibey can by fair Words'induce to purchase and receive them without duly consulting, or Opportunity of duly consulting and confidering the Naturs and Symptoms of ib: Dt/order for which, and the Conftitution and Circumstances of ibe Parient or Receiver, to'rbom they adminifter, bas a Tendency to injure and diftroy the Heaith, Conftitution and Lives of thoje who receive ana uje.jurb Medicines.

And whereas the Practice of Mountebanks, in publicly advertiang and giving Notice of their skill and Abiltyvo cure Dijcajès, and the creating public Stages and Places from whence to declaim to, and barangue the people on sise Warsue and Efficacy of their Medicines ; or to exhibit by themjelves or tbeir. Dependants, any Plays,

Ivicks, Juglings or unprofitable Foats of uncommon Dexte ity and Agility of Body, tends to draw together great Numbers of People to tbe Corruption of plans ners, Promotion of Idlenes, and the Detrimeni of good Order and Religion, as well as to tempo and ensnare ibem to purchaje juch unwbolesome and oftentimes dangerBl: E ir oberefore enacted by the Governor, Council and Representatives, in Gene

ral Court afsembled, and by the Authority of the lame, That no Mounto. No mountebank, or Person whatsoever under bim, thall exhibit, or cause to be exbibited' ou bank, Me. any public Siage or Place whatsoever, within this state, any Games, 'Tricks, publicly to Plays, Jugling, or Feats of uncommon Dexterity and Agility of Body, tending

tricks, to no good and useful Purposes, but tending to collect together Numbers of Spectators, and gratify yain or useless Curiosity, Nor ihall any Mountebank, or person whatsoever under him, at or' on any

or Place, offer, vend, or otherwise dispose of, or invite any Persons Nor offer to collected, to purchase or receive any Phyfic, Drugs or Medicine recommend- phyfic tor ed to be efficacious and useful in various Disorders.

ous Drugs.


such Stage


Murder. Navigation.

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Be it further enacted by the Authority aforejaid, That if any Perfon or Persons fall be guilty of any Breach of this Act, on Conviction thereof before any Court proper to try the fame, every Perion so offending shall forfeit and pay the Sum of Twenty Pounds, for each and every fuch Offence, for the Use of him who shall sue for, and profecute the same to Effect,

and so toties quoties. Be it furi her enacted by the Authority aforejaid, That it thall be the Duty of all informing Officers, to make Presentment of all Breaches of this Ac; in which Cale the line shall belong to the Treasury of the County wherein such Conviction is had.

And it further provided, That if any Servant, or any Minor or Apprentice under Age, fhail be guilty of breaking any Paragraph of this Ad, on Convic." tion thereof, his or their Fine or Penalty Mall be paid by the Parent, Malter or Guardian, under whole Direction the same Itall be committed or doge ; and that Execution shall be awarded accordingly.


An Act for the Punishment of Murder.


E it in aeted by the Governor, Council and Reprekur arives, in General Court Murder to be assembled, and by the Aur hority of the jame, That if any Périon shall compunished with mit any wilful Murder, upon Malicé, Hatred, or Cruelty"; not in a Man's just death.

and necefiary Defence ; nor by Cafuaity against his Will.: Or thail llay or kill another through Guile, either by Poisoning, or other such atrocious Practices, he shall be put to Death.

And whereas many lewd Women that have been delivered of Bastard Children, to avoid their Shame, and to escape Punishment, do secretly bury or con. ceal the Death of their Children; and atter, if the Child be found Dead, the Mother thereof is apt to alledge that the said Child was born Dead; whereas it fometimes falleth out (although hardly to be proved, -that the laid Child or Children were murdered by the said Women, their lewd Mothers; or by their

Affent or Procurement. Murder of a

Beir further enacted by the Autberity aforesaid, That if any Woman be delibastard child

vered of any Iffoe of her Body, Male or Female, which if it were born alive to be punish. would by Law be a Baftard ; and that he endeavours privately, either by ed with death drowning, or secret burying thereof; or any other Way, either by herself, or by

the procurement of others, so to conceal the Death thereof, that it may not Mode of evi, come to Light whether it was born alive or not s but be concealed : In every dence pointed such Cafe; the Mother so oftending, thall be accounted guilty of Murder ; and out.

fall fuffer Death therefors as in Case of Murder : Except such Mather can make Proof by one Witness, (at least) that such Child was born Dead.


An Act for the Regulation of Navigation, WHEREAS this State, as a free, fovereign and independent State, has an

equal Right with all other sovereign Powers, to the free and undisturbed Navigation of the High Seas, and to participate equally with them in all the Immunities, Privileges, Benefits and Advantages accruing thereby; and refulting therefrom, and to exercise a concurrent Jurisdiction thereon ; and to make such Laws, and exercile such Powers, consistent with the Laws of Nature and Nations, as shall tend to regulate, protect and defend the Subjects and Citizens of this state in the free Enjoyment thereof.

Wherefore, Eit enabled by the Governor, Council and Representatives, 17 General Court ajembies, and by the Aushority of abe lane, That the Governor of this.


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State for the time being, shall be the Super-Intendant of Marine ; and all "All commiffiCommiflions, Letters of Marque and Reprisal, Passports, Letters of Safe-Con

the marine deet, Flags of Trace, Registers, and all other Papers and Documents whatsoe- department, ver, relative to the Marine Department, that may iffue out under the Authori. to be tigned ty, and agreeable to the Laws of this state, thall be in his Name, in the Stile of by the go. Governor, and Super- Intendant of Marine for the State of Conneflicut. And vernor, &c. all fudges of Admiralty in 'in's State, shall be commissioned by the Governor, Judge of adbeing het nominated and appointed by the General Assembly; and all Navalppalielina Officers shall be nominated, appointed and commiflioned by the Governor &c. for the Time being, in Tuch Dittricts and at such Ports as thall from time to Time be ordered and directed by Act of Affcmbly.

Proviso. Provided nevertheles, That said Naval Officers, or any, or either of them, may at any Titte be removed from their Offices by the General Affembly ai their Will and Pieafure. And the Governor may likewise nominate, appoint and commiffionate one or more Notary Publics in this Sraté, as the commercial, Interests thereof may render it necessary or convenient.

Ports named

wirere naval. And be it further inated by the Authority 'afore/aid, That there shall be

offices are to kept at each of the Ports of Nerv-London, New-Haven, Middletown, and Nor- be kept. wale respectively, one Naval-Officer, who shall be nominated and deputed to faid Office as aforesaid; and each Officer lo appointed, before he enters upon ** laid Bufiness, shall become bound with sufficient Sureties in a Recognizance of one thousand Pounds to the Treasurer of this State for the faithful Discharge of the Duties of faid Office ; to enter and clear out Vessels and their Cargoes, and to do and act therein in such Way and Manner, and according to fuch Rules and Orders as to such, their respective Offices, do or Mall appertain ; and for the faithful and punctual payment of all such Sum or Sums of Money into the Public Treasury, that he may receive for any Duty or Impoft laid, or which hall be laid by Act of this State. !!

Provided nevertheless, that if any Naval-Officer shail fail in punctual paying up all the Duties by him collected, or shall be guilty of any Misfeazance or proviso. Neg igence in Ofice, upon Complaint and Proof thereof, made to his Excel lency the Governor, it shall be the Duty of the Governor, (ex officio) immedi» 1 ately to dismiss faid Officer froin his Office, and to appoint another in bis Room and Stead. ki

And be it further Enácted by the Authority aforesaid, That the Naval-Offini cers thall have and receive the feveral Fees and Allowances as set and affixed in the Table of Fees : And it shall be the Duty of said Naval-Officers respecu. cively, to affix op in their Offices in some public Place, where it may be seen and read, a true Copy of the Table of Fees. And if any Officer atoresaid fhall to be fixed up presume to ask, demand, or receive any more Fees for any Services by them in the office. officially done, than is by Law allowed, such Officer fo tranfgreiking, upon Complaint and Proof made thereof to his Excellency the Governor, he thall be removed from faid Office, and another put in his Room and Stead.

And be it further enacted by the Autbority aforesaid, That all Vessels of the Burrhen of fifteen Tons and upwards, shall each take out a Register, wherein Vessels to Thall be defcribed the Name of the Veffel, her Defcriprion, Tonage, the Place

register. where buile, and the Time when, Master's Name, with the Names of the Owders, which Owners malt be Inbabitants of the United States, and no Foreigner to be directly or indirectly concerned therein : The Form of which Regifter shall be as follows, viz.


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take out a

Port of


maketh Oath, That the

called the

whereof is at presen:

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Mafter, being a square fter ned Veffel of the Burthen of Tons or therea. Form. bouts, was

at present Owner chereof; and that no Foreigner directly or indirectly hath any Share, or Part or lateret therein,

Port or
The Oath aforelaid was administred at the Naval-Office for the Port of

the Day of Anno Domini, One thousand feven hundred and eighty , and in the Year of our Independence;

By me
The foregoing recorded in
The Naval-Office aforesaid. }

And every Vefsel under the Dimenfions aforesaid, instead of a Register, fhall 15 tons, may and may take out a Permit from the Cuttom-House, figned by the Naval-Offtake permit. cer of the Port ia whose District said Vellel belongs, which shall be fufficient for

the Purpose of enabling the Master or Owner thereof to clear our Coatt

wise. To make troe And all Vesels in this State shall make true Entries, and take out proper entry, and

Clearances at the respective Ports of Entry, and Clearance proper for that Partake out clearance,

pose, and observe and obey all such Cuftoms, Rules, Laws and Regulations as &c.

have or thall be made relative thereto. And whatever Veslel thall neglect of

refuse to take out and furnish themselves with the proper Papers aforesaid ; upon Liable to

Seizure and Information made to the Court proper to try the same, shall be liacondemna.

ble to Condemnation; one Half to the Prosecutor who thall prosecute the tion for nego lect. fame to effect, and the other Half to the Use of the public Treasury of this:


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An Act for incorparating a part of the Town of New-Haven.

E it enalted by the Governor, Council and Reprefentatives, in Gerer al Court Description asembled, and by the Ausberity of the jame, That all Freemen of this State, of the persons Inhabitants of faid New Haven, dwelling and inhabiting within the following that are in. Bounds, viz. Beginning at the North-East Corner of the Long-Bridge (so called) corporated.

in said New Haven, and running on the North-Side of faid Bridge and the Highway, fo as to cake in said Bridge and Highway to the North-Eaft Corner

of the Neck-Bridge, then a-cross the same on the North-Side of the same to the Bounds of North-Wet Corner of said Bridge ; chen in a direct Line Westward to the the city. Bridge a-cross the Weft-River, commonly called Thompson's Bridge, to the

North-Eaft Corner of said Bridge ; thence down the said Weft-River, on the Eaft-Bank thereof, to the Mouth of faid River ; and from thence a straight Line to the extreme Point of the Land commonly called Five-Mile Point, og the Eaft-Side of New Haven. Harbour at High Water Mark or faid Point ; thence Northward on the Shore, on the Linc ot High Water Mark, pa to the Point, where the Waters of the Little River and the greater Waters, being Part of the Eaft-River, fall into each other ; thence across the Mouth of said Little-River to the Eaft-Shore of the East-River ; then up said Eaft-River on the Line of High-Water Mark to the fire mentioned Point at the North-Eał Corner of the Long-Bridge ; be, and the same are hereby Ordained, Conftitoted, and Declared to be from Time to Time, and forever hereafter, one Body Corporate and Politic, in fact, and in Name, by the Name of The MAYOR,

ALDERMEN, COMMos CousCIL, AND FREEMEN OP the City of Name of the New-HAVEN ; and that by that Name, they, and their Succeffors forever,

fhall and may have perpetual Succeflion; and shall be Persons in Law, capable

of Suing and being Sued, Pleading and being Impleaded in all Suits of what suing, &c. Nature lover ; and also to purchase, bold, and convey any Etatc, real or pets :

New-Haven City.


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fonal, and may have a common Seal, and may change and alter the fame at Who are

freemen of Pleasure ; and shall be Freemen of faid City.

the city. And wbereas there are many Perfors living within laid Limits. wbo by Law are qualified to be Freemen of this state, that have not taken the Oath provided by Law to be taken by Freemen.

Be it enalted, That all sach Persons, living within faid Limits, who shall, Persons live before the second Monday of February next, procure the major part of the ing within Select-men of the said Town of New-Haven, th certify that they are qualified to the city, probe admitted and made free of this state, and Mall after procuring fuch Certifi- curing a cer: cate, take before some Afliftant of this State, or Justice of the Peace within and to be freemen for the County of New-Haver, the Oaths provided by Law for Freemen, shall of the state to all the purposes in this Act mentioned, be considered as Freemen of this and city. State, and Freemen of the said City of New-Haven. And for the better Government of said City:

Annual meetBe it further Enacted, That there thall be a Meeting of faid City holden an- ing to be in nually in June, at such Time and Place as by the Bye-Laws of said City shall June, for the

purpose of be directed, for the Purpose of chusing all the annual Officers of said City ; and

chuling annuthe annual Officers of said City chofen at such Meeting, shall continue in Office al Officers. until the Expiration of the Month of June then next, unless others shall be Continuance

in office. fooner chosen and qualified in their Stead.

And the said City in legal Meeting assembled, shall choose a Mayor, who To chuse a fhall hold bis Office during the Pleasure of the General Assembly; and at their mayor, to annual Meeting íhall chase four Aldermen, and a Common Council of not more continue in than Twenty, and two Sheriffs out of the Freemen of faid City; all which offi. office during, cers, and all other Officers of said City, eligible by the Freemen thereof, (the

To chufe Sour Inspectors of Produce excepted) shall be chosen by Ballot ; and on each Ballot aldermen,&c. which is given in, shall be written the Name of the Person for whom the fame Mode of chuis given ; and such Ballot shall be rolled up, and in the Presence of the Mayor fing to be by and Aldermen of said City, or such of them as are present at such Meeting, put,

ballot, &c. by the Person given the same, into a Box, which said City shall provide for that Purpose ; which Box shall be a close Box, with a Hole of a convenient Size in the Lid thereof through which to put in the Ballot. And when the Freemea The box by present at any City Meeting, shall have had reasonable Time to give in their whom open. Ballot, either of the Sheriff's of faid City, or in the Absence of both the Sheriffs,

ed. the junior Alderman present, in the Presence of the Mayor and Aldermen, or the mayor sach of them as are present at such Meeting, shall open the said Box ; and the and aldermeni, Mayor and Aldermen, or such of them as are present, shall open, fort, and count to fort and the Ballots ; and the Person who shall have the majority of the Ballots given count the in, halt by the Sheriffs, or in their Absence, by the junior Alderman present, Who to des be declared to be elected : And no Ballots thall be received after the Box fall clare the

choice. And said City in legal Meeting assembled, shall have power to levy Taxes on the city to the Polls and Étate within the Limits of said City, for such Purposes as said have power city hall think

proper ; and to chuse a Collector or Collectors, to collea fuch to levy taxes, Tax, who shall, having received a warrant for that Purpose, figned by the To chule a Mayor, or by one of the Aldermèn of said City, have the Same Power as Col- collector, jeltors of the Town Taxes by Law have ; and shall be accountable to the May- whom figned. or and Alderman of faid City, in the fame Manner as Colleĉtors of Town Tax- Collectors acesate by law accountable to the Select-men. And in Case any Collector shall countable and nor perform the Truf committed to him, but shall fail of collecting fuch Rate to whom. according to the Terms of the Warrant committed to him, on Complaint thereof made by the Aldermen of said City to the Mayor thereof, he shall iffue complaint a Warrant under his Hand, directed to either of the Sheriffs of faid City, to

being made, defrain the Sums or Rates neglected by such Collector to be colle&ed, or paid, itsue his war

&c. ou:of the Efate of the Colle&or.

rant, &c.

have been opened.

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