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Ánd be it further Enaded, that the commanding Officers of Companies fhall appoint the Days

of Exercise, and the Company shall have shree Days Warning, which warning shall be given by the Orderly-Serjeanı or Clerk, or any Serjeant or Corporal of the Company, or in any other way agreed on by faid Companies ; and every Soldier lo warned as aforesaid, shall give his Altendance at Time and Place appointed, compleat in his Arms, and dressed in Days of exer.' a soldier-like Mander : That every commanding Officer of Companies thall cielo e apo

pointed. draw forth his Company four Days in a Year, in order to instruct chem in the use of Arms and discipline of War ; and the Days appointed shall be in the Months of March, April, May, September,, October and November, annoally: That on the first Monday of May and O&ober, annually, such commanding Of. ficer shall cause the Arms, Ammunition and Accoutrements of all under hi Arms, i C. to Command to be reviewed ; Howfholders and others by Law obliged to keep

be reviewed. arms, to be considered for this purpose, 'to be under the command of the Officers of the Infantry Companies, within the Limits of which they dwell ; and if any of the Perfons aforesaid shall not appear on either of said Days, being du- . ly warned, he shall pay a Fine of Six Shillingt, for Non-appearance, and for Penalty for each deficiency of Arms, Ammunition and Accoutrements, on the Days appoint- non appoar. ed for the viewing of Arms, the fame Penalty as heretofore provided for ne. ance or glect of furnishing fuch Articles, unless such person thall appear before the re. deņciency. viewing Officer, within twelve Days after such day of Review or Exercise, and make a satisfactory Exense for his non.appearance on said Day, and also thew his Arms and Ammunition to such reviewing Officer, and avouch them to be his own, and that they have not, by any person whatever, been carried for 10 be reviewed upon or after faid Day.

And if any Serjeant of the Foot, or Corporal of the Troop, thall be delin. Penalty of quent in Arms, Ammunition and Accoutrements, or small neglect to appear foot or cor. and attend the Duty of his Place, he shall for each day's Neglect, pay a Fine of porals of Nine Sbillings, and for deficiency of Arms and Ammunition, the fame as in troop. Case of a Private : That cach Drummer, Trumpeter and Fifer shall, upon

his accepting the Office to which he is chosen, provide himself with a good Drum,

Drummers, Trumpet or Fife, as the Nature of his Office fall require, and constantly, at vide druins, tend Service when required, under Penalty of Eight Shillings Fine, for each day's &c. Neglect, and also the value of the Article in which he may be deficient as Penalty fot aforesaid ; the diftress therefor, as also for the Fines and Penalties incurred by not attending Serjeants, Corporals and Privates, for Non-attendance, Deficiency or otherwise, to be granted by the commanding Officer of the Company. And if such commanding Officer shall neglect to call forth his Company as by this Act is di- Penalty on rected, or Mall neglect to issue his Warrant of Distress for each Non-appearance officers for and Deficiency, against delinquent non-commiffioned Officers and Privates, he negleti, &c. fhall forteit and pay as a Fine, for every day's Nogled in viewing Arms Ten Pourds, and for every day's Exercise, short of four Days in the Year, Five Pounds, and for neglecting coiffue his Warrant of Distress as aforelaid, the Value due from each Delinquent in his Company. Which Fines and Forfeiwres fa!l be recovered of súcb. delinquent Officer by Warrant of Distress, to be illued by the commanding Officer of the Regiment to which such delinquent Oficer belongs, in ten Bays after such Neglea thall be known, and directed to the Adjutant, of the Regiment, and returnable in four Weeks ; and fuch Adjutant, in case of refusal to execute fuch Warrant, shall be cashiered or reduced so che Ranks.

And if any Lieutenant, Cornet, Enfign, or Quarter-Master of any Company, shall neglect or refuse to appear on any mufter Day, Day of Exertise, or viewing Penalty on of Arms, by the Captain of such Company appointed, and attend the Duty of lieurs. cor: bis Poft, bie shall pay for each Day's Negleat, the Sum of forty Shillings; the negle& in Difress therefor to be iftued, dựiected and returned, as against commanding attendance.

&c. to pro

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Officers of Companies aforesaid, unless a satisfactory Excusefhall be made to the commanding Officer of the Regiment, within twelve Days after such Day of Exercise or Review.

And the commanding Officer of each Regiment shall call forth and muster Regimental

together the several Companies of his Regiment, once in two Years, for regi. exercise.

mental Exercise and Review, apless his Regiment may be fo large that he may judge it best to call but one half of the Companies at one Time and the rea

mairing Part at another Time within the Year ; which Mufter the several come Penalty. manding Officers thall attend with their Companies, under Penalty often Poundt,

to be distrained by Warrant from the commanding Officer, in Manner aforesaid. Perfons en

And every person enrolled in any Company as aforesaid, hall attend all rolled, to-do Duty in fid Company, untit orderly dismissed or removed out of the Limits of duty.

said Company, or otherwise suffer the Penalties herein provided.

And the two chief Officers of any Company shall order the correcting and Disorders

punithing of Disorders and Contempt, on Days of Exercise, the Punishment how punished. not being greater than riding the Wooden-borse for a Time, not exceeding one

Hour, or a Fine of forty Shillings, to be recovered in the fame Way and Man. ner as for Non-appearance and

Deficiency; and the commanding Officer of a Reyiment thall be vefted with like Powers, on the Days appointed for a regi.

mental Exercise and Review. Duty of ser

That Serjeants of Fort and Corporals of Horse, who have heretofore or fall j ant of foot, hereafter be regularly difmified or discharged from any Company of Foot, or or corporals

Troop of Horle, by removing or otherwise, ihall be liable to do military Dary have been in the Company in the Limits of which they dwell, in the same Manner as. discharged. Hoofholdets bv Law are obliged to do.

and be it further Enacted. That if any Person in this State shall, at any Time after the rising of this Assembly, inlift into any Company of Cavalry, which exceeds thirty Men, Officers included, at the Time of such Inliftmeat, or having already inlifted into any Company ot Cavalry, fhall not, within three

Months from the Time aforesaid, furnish and equip himself agreeable to the Perlons en

provisions of this AG, or that all hereafter inlilt into such Company, and shall lilled in the

not within three Months after fuch bis Inliftment, in like Manner furnila himcavalry,

self, fuch Person fo inlifted, in either of the Cases aforesaid, fhall, by the commanding Officer of such Company, be discharged and dismissed from the same; and the faid commanding Officer shall thereupon forthwith certify the Name of the Person fo discharged, with the Circumstances of the Cafe, to che commanding Officer of the Company of Infantry, within the Limits of which the Person fo. discharged belongs, whose Duty it shall be to enrol and require fuch Person to attend and do Duty in his Company. And if any commanding Officer of any Company of Infantry or Cavalry fall neglect his Duty, as herein required, he Mall pay a Fine of Five Pounds Money for each Offence, to be recovered by Warrant from the commanding Officer of the Regiment to which he belongs,

. And that the several Companies of Troop, and the respective Artillery of

Matross Companics established in this State, are hereby impowered, (twoTroop may

thirds of faid Company agreeing) to pass Votes relative to their Cloathing, pa's votes re. directing the Colour thereof, regulating and enforcing the fame, and to impose gulating

Fines not exceeding Six Shillings per Day, on such as neglect or refuse to comtheir cioath


with such Votes : Which Fines shall be levied, collected and applied as . ing, &c.

Other Fines and Penalties in said Companies by Law are.

Be it further Enaded, That all Warrants granted out againt any Perfon or Perions, ior any Fine or Fines incurred by virtue of this Ad, or any Breach

thereof, shall be levied on the Goods or Chattels of the relpective Delinquents, Warrants

if opwards of twenty-one Years of Age ; and for want of such Goods or that how i'erved,

tels, again the Body of such Delinquents, and against the Goods and Chattels of the Parents, Guardians and Mafters of fuch Delinquents as have not ar

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rived to the Age of twenty-one Years ; and for want of such Goods and Chat. Warrants tels, against the Body of such Parents, M-sters or Guardians, and them commit how served. to and hold in Goal, until fuch Fine or Fines hall be paid and satisfied, as in cases of Execution for Debt ; which Fines shall be for the use of the Companies to which such Delinquents respectively belong, (except fuch Fines as are orher. wise disposed of in this Aa) that is to say, for procuring and maintaining Trumpecs, Colours, Banners and Halberds, and for paying Drommers, Trum- Fines how peers and Fifers, or other Charges of faid Company by direction of the com, disposed of. millioned Officers of such Company ; and the Perlon's respectively serving such Warrants, agreeable to the Provisions of this Aa, shall make Return to the Perfon granting the same, therein directed, and stand accountable to him for the Monies they shall fo collect.

Be it furtber Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the commanding Of. ficers of the several Companies of Horse or Foot be, and they are impowered Alarm ports. and directed from Time to Time, to appoint an Alarm-Post, at fueh Place or Places as they shall think proper ; to which, upon Notice of an Alarm, it ihall be the Duty of Officers and Soldiers under their respective Commands to repair without Delay, complearly equipped and accoutred, as in this Act is dieedted, ebere to attend such further Orders as they may receive from their commando ing Officers aforesaid.

And to the Intent' ibat Speedy Noticí may be given, upon fuch interefting and important Occafions :

Be it further Enaeed, That the commanding Officers of the several Compac Dividecom nies, hall divide their said Companies into as many Classes, in case of Horiez panies into as there are Corporals, and in cale of Foot, as there are Serjeants in such Com- claffes... panies, in such Manner as to them shall seem meet ; which Serjeants and Corporals, upon orders received from their commanding Officers, upon occasion of Alarms as aforesaid, shall forthwith warn and notify each Officer and Soldier in the Class to them respectively assigned, to repair, equipt as aforesaid; to the Poft appointed, upon Penalty of Ten Pounds Money; and it any commifiioned Officer, being so notified, thall neglect or refuse to appear and attend the Duty of bis Place, he thall, unless prevented by Sickness or other Disability, be calhiered and reduced to the Ranks ; and it shall be the Duty of the Commanding Officers of Companies where such Neglect thall happen, as soon as may be, to make Information thereof to the General Assembly accordingly. And if aay Non-commillioned Officer or Private ihall, upon fuch Notice, refuse to appear Penalty for in Manner aforesaid, unless prevented as aforesaid, such non-commilioned Of, not appearing ficer fall forfeit and pay a Fine of Twelve Pounds, and such Private a Fine, og

at the alata

post. Tex Pounds,; which leveral-Penalties Ihall be for the use of the Town where fach Delinquents belong, to be recovered in Mapner hereafter provided; and fuch Companies to collected hhall proceed regularly, under the Command of their proper Officers, tp such Place and Places as Exigencies may require, Burleant touch Orders as they may receive from their commanding Oficer.') : Be it furt ber enaited by the Authority aforejaid, That whenfoever, porsuant to Orders from the General Assembly, or the Captain-General and Commander in Chief, any able-bodied and effe&ive Man, shall in any Manner be duly des tached, impressed or drafted into the Service of this - State, or the United Penalty son States, for the purposes of Defence against the common Enemy, If any such fach as are Person so detached, Mall neglect or refuse seasonably to muster, join co, or prol drafted and ceed with the Troop he is appointed to serve with (being duly noticed thereof) neglect to and under the Command of fach Officers as may be ordered, he shall forfeit

. and pay to the Treasury of the Town to which he belongs, a fine or Penalty of Five Pownas; unless such Person so detached thall, antecedent to such marching Orders, have procured an able-bodied and effective Man to perform his tour of Service to the acceptance of the detaching Officer, or have thewn Rea

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fon why he ought to be excused, to the commanding Officer of the Regiment to which he belongs, which by himn shall be judged fufficient, and shall thereupon be excused accordingly, in which Cafe the decaching Oficer fall forthwith detach anotner Person to serve in his room and Atead.

And whereas it is just, tbat the Services neceffary for the common Defence, should be born and performed by thele Persons liable to the fame, in an equal Proportion 1

Beit further enated by the Autbority aforelaid, That whenever any part of

the military Force of this State are called for, for the purpose and Service a Dury of adju- foresaid, from every part of this state, the Adjutant-General Mall make oat tante general, the Details or Proportion of the Officers and Men fo called for, from the Brigade, drafts are or. Returns, then lat received from the leveral Brigades ; and Orders shall iffue deride al from the Captain-General to the Brigadiers-General accordingly, delignating

fuch one or more of them as he may think proper; and the Brigadiers-General

thail thereupon isfue their Orders to the commanding Officers of Regiments in Details.

their respective Brigades upon the Details ; and the commanding Officers of Regiments thall thereupon iffue their Orders to the commanding Officers of Companies upon the Details that shall in like Mannot be made by their respec. tive Adjutants, defignating such commissioned Officers as may be neceffary to organize the several Companies; and the commanding Officers of Companies tha!! thereupon detach the Number to him aligned, defignating fucknon-com

missioned as may be required; and the faid Adjutant-General, Brigade-Major, Roasters to

Adjutants and Orderly-Serjeants thall from Time to l'ime keep Roafters se. {pectively, containing an exact Account of the number of Officers and Men, the Names of those defignated, as ascertained to the Brigadęs, Regiments and Companies, the length of the Tour, and whatever elke may be necessary to answer the End deligned, and the Orderly-Serjeants fhaļl further keep an exact

Account of the Names of Individuals from Time to Time detached. Tours of duty

And the tours of Duty shall be performed in regular Rotation, due regard beto be in rota ing had to such cours of Duty as exceed the term of (wo months, fo as to equatión

lize, as pear, as may be, the proportion of Duty to be performed by each Indi

be kept.


Non-commi. And beit further inated by-the Authority aforelaid, That whenever, upon fioned officer åny Alarm or Detachment, any non-com visioned Officer or Private, being or private rea noticed of such Alarm, or duly detached, as in this Law is directed, as the Case ter pt march, may be, shall refuse to appear, or to muster and march, according to orders re

ceived ; or if any Person required by this A&t to give notice of an Alarm Thall, or

in contempt of orders received for that purpose, neglect or refuse to do the same,

it fall be the duty of the commanding Officer of the Company to which the to give notice

Perfon so negle&ing or refusing belongs, forthwith to make out an Information, at an alarm, directed to an Afiftant and Justice of the Peace, or two Justices of the Peace of

the town where such delinquent belongs, and lodge the fame with either of them , which Authority are hereby authorised and directed thereupon to make out a Citation, directed to any Sheriff or Conftable proper to serve the fame, fummon

ing such Delinquent, and if a Minor, his parent, Guardian or Master, torthwith how to be

to appear, if they fee Caufe, before faid Authority, to fhew Reason, if any, they proceeded

have, why Judgment should not be entered against him or them, for the recovery of such Fine, with Costs; and the Officer shall proceed according to the Di. rections in raid Citation, to serve the same by reading or caqfing it to be read, in the hearing of fuch Delinquent, his parent, Guardian or Master, as the Cafe may require, or by leaving a true and attested Copy of such Complaint and Ciration, at his or their usual Place of Abode, and if thereupon he or they shall or hall not appear according to such Citation, said Authority Ihall. proceeds to take the Evidence in the Case, and if upon fach Evidence it fall appear to faid Authority, that the Charge contained in the Infoi madon is fully spel

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ported, and that the Delinquent, at the Time of receiving Orders, either to warn and norify the Persons to him affigned, to repair to the Pof appointed on an Alarm, to repair chither himself, or being dezached, to mufter' and march, as the Case may be, porsaant to this A&, was under no natural Disability, arifing from bodily Indisposition or otherwise, faid Authority shall enter up Judgment agring such Delinquent, for the recovery of the Fine to which he is liable, with Colts, out of the ERate of fuch Delinquent, or if a Minor, out of the El tate of his parent, Gardian or Master, and grant Execution accordingly.

And be it fur:ber E nafted, That if any general, field, or commillioned Of. ficer, being appointed and designated as in this Ad is directed, to take the Officers: re. "

fufing to take Command of such Corps as to them shall be alligned, in their respective Offices,

command, & shall without jult Cause, refule to comply with Orders given him for that Purpose, such Ofácer shall be cashiered ; and it shall be the Duty of the Officer that hall so defignate and appoint him, to make Information to the General Assembly accordingly.

And whereas fome Perfons, upon receiving Intelligence of a Detachment upon the Militia foon to take place, may abfcond or ferrete themselves, with defignto efcape fucb Detachment; by Means whereof the Public may be greatly injured:

Which to prevent; Be it further enaded by the Autbority a forefaid, That if any Person, liable by Law to Detachment into military Service, in uli abscond or lacrete himself, with persons ab. design to avoid such Detachment, and at a Time when he ought to be called


from drafts. oppo for a tour of Duty in the Judgmen: of the commission Oińcers of the Com paay to which he belongs, pursuant to the Provisions of this Act, it shall be the Duty of the coin manding Officer of faid Company to lodge an Information, as before directed ; and thereupon the said Authority Mall issue their Warrant to

how proceedia

ed with. apprebend such Person fo informed against, as soon as may be, at the same T'ime, if such Person be a Minor, no:ifying his Parent; Guardian or Master, to be present and attend the Trial (if he fee Cause) and it upon the Trial, the Delin. quent shall not be able to prove to the Satisfaction of the Court, that he did not abfcond, secrete or absent himself with Defign to escape fuch Detachment, the Coort shall proceed to enter up Judgment against him for the Recovery of the fame Sum from him, os his parent, Guardian or Master, if a minor, and grant Execution thereon, in the same Manner as if such person had been detached according to the most usual, legal and regular Practice.........

Be it further Enaged, That all Fines and Penalties from Time to Time Fines how collected by Warrants jfsued by commanding Oficers of Regiments, against any disposed of. commiffioned Officers of Companies in their respective Regiments, as in this Ad is directed, shall be paid into the Treasury

of the Town where the persons of whom collected belong, for the Use of foch Town ; and all Fines and Penal. cies'io like Manner collected by Warrants issued by any General Officer, agreeable to the Provisions of this Aa, thall be to the Use of the public Treasury of this State!

Be it furiber Enaded, That the commanding Offcers of the several Infantry Persons liable Companies in this State, eliablished by this Ač, lall forthwith enrol in their co do duty, to respective Companies, all such Persons, whether of the former alarm Lill be forthwith

enrolled, Companies, or others who are by Virtue of this Ad, liable to milicary Duty.

Beit furiber Exalted, That all Persons holding and fuftaining any military Persons holdOffices and Commissions, by Virtue of any AQ heretofore made, within the re- ing any mili spettive Brigades, Regiments, Troops or Companies, heretofore, and by this tary office and Aą formed and etablished, except Colonel and Lieutenant-Colonel of the commission Cavalry, Ahall continue to hold and exercise the fame, with all the to continue, Powers and Authoritiel vested in such Officers respectively, by Virtue of this

&c. except &c

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