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[blocks in formation]

22d Regt.

26th Regt.

sgth Regt. Those in the Town of Woodbury, Washington, New-Milford and Kent, shall

conftituce the thirteenth Regiment. 14th Regt. Those in the Towns of Cornwall

, Sharon, Sallfoury, Canaan and Nerfolk, shall constitute the fourteenth Regiment. 15th Regt. Those in the Towns of Farming:on, (exclusive of that Part thereof lying in

the Parish of Wintonbury) and Southington, shall conftitute the fifteenth Regiment. 16th Regt.

Those in the Towns of Danbury, Ridgefield, Newtown and New-Fairfield,

fhall constitute the fixteenth Regiment. 17th Regt. Those in the Towns of Litchfield, Gofben, Torrington and Harwinton, shall

constitute the seventeenth Regiment. 18th Regt.

Those in the Town of Sumsbury, shall constitute the eighteenth Regiment.

Those in the Towns of Eaft-Windjor, Enfield, Bolion and Easi-Hartford, 19th Regt.

Thall constitute the nineteenth Regiment.

Those in the Town of Norwich, shall constitute the twentieth Regiment, 20th Regt.

Those in the Towns of Plainfield, Canterbury, Voluntown, and the South 21st Regt.

Company in Killingly, thall conftitute the twenty-firft Regiment.

Those in the Towns of Tolland, Somers, Stafford, Willington and Union, shall constitute the twenty-second Regiment.

Those in the Towns of Middletown and Chatham, shall conftitute the twenty, 23d Regt.

third Regiment.

Those in the Towns of East-Haddam and Colcbefter, (except the Company 24th Regt.

in Marlborough in said Colchester) shall constitute the twenty-fourth Regiment.

Those in the Towns of New-Hartford, Hartland, Wincbefter, Berkbemeford 25th Regt.

and Colebrook, shall constitute the twenty-fifth Regiment.

Those in the Towns of Waterbury and Watertown, shall constitute the twen, ty-fixth Regiment,

Those in the Towns of Guilford and Branford, Mall conftitate the twenty29th Regt. seventh Regiment.

And where, by the division of Companies into Regiments, which hath or Where com- hall be made, it shall so happen that a Company thall be divided, and put part pune are di into one Regiment and part into another, in such Case the mir.or Part of fuch

Company shall belong to the Regiment to which the major part belongs. Reciments And the several Regiments ihall be formed into Brigades, in Manner folfor sed into losing, viz. Bing des.

The first, fixth, nineteenth and twenty-second Regiments, lhall confitute the Bounds of the firt Brigade. ist brigade.

The second, seventh, tenth, twenty-third, twenty-fixth and twenty-seventh 2d Brigade. Regiments, shall conftitute the second - Brigade. 30 Bngad c.

The third, eighth, twentieth and twenty-fourth Regiments, shall conftitute

the third Brigade. 4th Brigade. The fourth, ninth, thirteenth and fixteenth Regiments, shall constitute the

fourth Brigade. sth Brigade. The fifth, eleventh, twelfth and twenty-firft Regiments, shall conftitute the

fifth Brigade. 6th Brigade.

The fourteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and twenty-fifth Regiments, shall confitute the fixth Brigade.

And be it further Enocled, That the Companies of Light-Dragoons which Light dra

have, by virtue of the Laws heretofore made, been formed out of the Regiments goons formid into regi

of Infantry, shall be formed into Regiments in Manner following, viz.

Those in the firit, second, fixth, seventh, tenth and twenty-third Regiments I. Regt.

of Infantry, shall constitute the first Regiment.

Those in the third, eighth, twelfth, twentieth, twenty-fourth and twenty2d. Regt.

seventh Regiments of infantry, shall conflitute the second Regiment.

Those in the fourth, ninch and fixteenth Regiments of Infantry, thall consti3d. Regt.

tute the third Regiment.



[blocks in formation]

Those in the hfuh, eleventh, oineteenth, twenty-first and twenty-second Regiments of Infantry, shall constitute the fourth Regiment.

4th Regt. Thofe in the thirteenth, tourteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and twenty-fifth Regiments of Infantry, Mall confticore the fifth Regiment.

5th Regt. Be it further enacted by tbe mubority aforesaid, That the Governor of this State for the l'ime being, shall be Captain-General and Commander in Chief,

Governor and the Lieutenant Governor for the time being, fhall be Lieutenant-General


neral, Litut. of and over all the military Force of this State ; and there shall be appointed Governor by the General Affembly, as may be necessary, one Brigadier-General to the Lieut. Gene. Command of each Brigade, and one Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant, and ral. one Major to each Regiment of Infantry, and one Major in each of said Regiments of Cavalry, to be commissioned by the Governor ; and in every Infantry Company where there are sixty-four Soldiers besides Officers, there shall be one Captain, one Lieutenant, and one Enfign, four Serjeants, four Corporals, one Drummer and one fifer; and where there are thirty-two Soldiers, there fhall be one Lieutenant and one Enfign, wo Serjeants, two Corporals, one officers how

Subordinate Drummer and one Fifer ; and where there are but twenty-four Soldieres, there appointed. Shall be one Lieutenant, cwo Serjeants, two Corporals and one Fifer; and in every Company of Cavalry of forty Soldiers (which Number no Company shall exceed) there shall be one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Cornet and one Quarter mafter, four Corporals, one Clerk and one Trumpeter, which Officers the respective Companies have Liberty to nominate, the individuals of faid-Companies being notified by their respective commanding Officers that he is about to lead them to the choice of such commissioned Officers; and in case of the Infantry, the Housholders, and others by Law obliged to keep Arms, at least three Days before such Choice ; and all commissioned Officers Mall be established by the General Assembly, and the non-commifioned Officers by Warrant from the commanding Officer of the Regiment to which they belong.

And be it further enated by the Authority aforesaid, That the Captain-Ge- When and peral or Commander in Chief, or in his Ablence, the Lieutenant General is upon what hereby authorised and impowered, as he may judge necessary, upon Occasion of occafion the Alarm, Invasion, or Notice of the Appearance of an Enemy, either by Sea or

whole or part

of the militia Land, to order the whole or any part of the military Force of this State to be of the Nate assembled in martial Array, and put in warlike Posture, and the fame lead, or- may be called der, or employ for the allisting of relieving any of the Inhabitants of this or forth. the neighbouring States attacked by an Enemy, or in Danger thereof; and generally to iffue out or publih, either through the Channel of the public Prints, or by the staff Departments, such Orders as he may judge expedient to carry Orders to be into Execution the Intents and Designs of this Act ; and all subordinate Offi- obeyed. cers are hereby required to yield entire Obedience thereto accordingly; and the Officers leverally commanding Brigades, Regiments and Companies, are hereby vefted with the same Powers and Authorities, within the Limits of their respective Commands ; provided that when they, or any of them, find it necessaty to order our che Force under their Command, they shall forthwith post away

Proviso. the Intelligence and the Occafion thereof, together with their Movements and Operations, to the Captain-General, or any other their superior Officer, as may be judged moft conducive to the public Safety; and the officer receiving luch lateliigence shall observe the same Line of Conduct, in order that it may, in the most expeditious Manner, arrive to the Captain-General.

Be it furtber Eratled, That the commanding Officers of Brigades, may, as Commandoften as they see Cause, require the Attendance of any, or all the field Officers ing Officers of under sheir respective Commands, at such Time and place as they shall appoint, brigades may to conter with them on the Subject of better ordering of military Affairs, and require

their promoting military Skill and Discipline in faid Brigades ; and the command attendance, ing Unicers of Regiments shall be vested with like Power, and for like Purpo--to confult, &c.

field officers

[blocks in formation]


ses to call together in like Manner, any or all the commissioned Officers of their ing officers of respective Regiments; and the Field Officers of Regiments are hereby also im. she like pow. powered and directed to dignify the several Companies in their respective Reer in respect giments, and also to divide faid Companies as they may, (with the Advice of to the officers the commissioned Officers of the Companies proposed to be divided from Time of their regi- to Time) judge expedient, agreeably to the Provisions of this A&. ments, &c.

And be it further Enacted, That if any commissioned Officer hall give up

his Committion, without Liberty from the Captain-General ;, and if any nonOfficer giv

commisioned Officer shall give up his Warrant, without Liberty from the coming up his commission

manding Oficer of the Regiment to which he belongs, every such commiffionwithout, &c. ed and non-commifloned Officer Mall be reduced to the Ranks,

And be it further Enažied, That there fuall be from Time to Time appoin

ted, as may be necessary, by Warrant from the Captain-General, one AdjuAdjutant

tant-General over the whole Militia of this State, and one Brigade-Major in Genes al &e. * each Brigade, in like Manner, by the respective Brigadiers-General ; and one to be ap

Adjutant in cach Regiment, in like Manner, by the commanding Officers of pointed. Regiments respectively, whose Duty it shall be carefully and diligently to col.

lect and truly make up all Returns in their several Limits, at the Time and ac, cording to the form or Forms that may be ordered, and generally to execute such legal Orders as may be enjoined on them by their superior Officers ; and the commanding Officers of Regiments shall also, in like Manner, appoint one

Pay-Master and one Quarter-Mafter, from the Line of their respective RegiPay-master,

ments, and also one Surgeon and Mate ; and from the lilts of Serjeants, Drumquarter-malter, &c. how mers and Fifers hall appoincone Serjeant-Major, one Quarter-Malter-Sesjeant, appointed. one Drum-Major and one Fife-Major ; and the commanding Officers of Com.

panies shall have liberty to appoint from the list of Serjeants, one Orderly-Serjeant ; which several Officers shall be liable to be displaced for Misdemeanor or neglect of Duty, by the Officers granting such Warrant, or their successors in

Office. Quarter

And be it further Enacted, That there shall be appointed from Time to master -gene. ral.

Time, as may be necessary, by the General Assembly, one Quarter.MafterD. Quarter- General, with Power of substituting a Deputy-Quarter-Mafter-General in each mafter-gene. Brigade ; and the said Quarter-Master-General, his Deputies, and the Regiral, &c. mental Quarter-Maiters shall, each and every of them, be sworn to the faith

ful discharge of the Duties of their office. And it shall be the Duty of the to be sworn.

Quarter-Mafter-General to provide, keep and maintain a Magazine of Powder,

Ball, and other warlike Stores and camp Equipage, to be ready for the use of Quartermatter-gene

this State as Occasion may require, according to the Directions of the General sal to provide Assembly; for the procuring of which Supplies, and for the defraying the nemagazines, cessary Charges of his department, he hall from Time to Time, by order of the &c.

General Assembly or Governor and Council, receive out of the public Treasury

of this state, such Sams of Money as they thall jadge expedient, and shall give and to re

Bonds to the State Treasurer, with sufficient Surety, faithfully to apply the ceive monies by order out fame, and render his Account, when required. And the said Deputy-Quartere of the State Master-General shall aid and atlift the Quarter-Master-General in the protreasury, &c. curing said Supplies; and are to attend such legal Orders respecting their De

partment, as they may from Time to Time receive from him or any General to be accoun- Officer, under whose Command they belong, rendering their regular Accounts table, &c.

of Monies received and expended, and making up and forwarding Returns, according to such Form or Forms as shall be ordered, to said Quarter-Master-General, who is hereby im powered to remove and displace any of his said Deputies, for

And it shall be the Duty of the Regimental Quarter-master to provide and keep a fufficient Quantity of Ammunition and warlike Stores for the Use of their respective Regiments, to be kept in fuch. Place or Places as fhali

[blocks in formation]


be ordered by the Field Officers, which shall not be less than one Pound of. good Powder, three Pounds of Ball, and fix Flints for each non-commisioned Officer and effective Soldier in their respective Regiments in Time of War, Dary of regiand in Time of Peace half the Quantity of each of faid Articles ; and also two mental quarTents, two Camp Kettles to every Company of lixty-four Privates, and in the ter-matter. fame Proportion for a greater or smaller Number. And each regimental Quarter-master thall make Return of the State and Quantity of the military Stores and camp Equipage in their respective Regiments, certified by the commanding Oficer, by the frit Day of May annually,

and oftner, if thereto required, to the Deputy Quarter-Master-General, in the Brigade to which they respectively belong, who, on receiving the same, is to form and make up a brigade Return of the same Kind, and transmit the same to the Quarter-Master-General, by the tenth Day of May anngally, and ofner if thereto required ; and said Quarter-Mastes-General Mall make a fimilar Return of the State of the militaTy Stores through the State, by the fifteenth Day of May, and oftner if thereto tequired, to the Captain-General,

And be it further Enacted, That every Orderly Serjeant or Clerk of the re- Orderly fer spective Companies of Infantry or Cavalry, shall talme the following Oath, viz. jeant or clerk You do swear ituly zo perform the Office of an orderly Serjeant, or Clerk, in the 19 he under utmeft of your Skill and Ability, in all Things appertaining 10 jaid Ofice, according to Law. So help you GOD. Whole Duty is thall be to call over the Roll Form. of the Company on Days of viewing of Arms and training Days, and to note the Defects of Individuals, by their Absence or otherwise, to execute all legal Warrants to him directed by his superior Officer, for the levying any Fine of their dury. Fines on Delinquents, with the neceffary Charges arising thereon, being, by Virtue of said Warrant, as fully impowered thereto as Constables in civil Cases, and to account for the same, as here after provided.

And be it further Enated, That every Orderly-Serjeant of the Infantry, and each Clerk of the Cavalry, shall take an exact Lift or Roll of all Officers be

longing to, or living within the Limits of the Company or Troop to which fuch To take line | Serjeant or Clerk belongs, twice in every Year at least, viz. on the first Monday of officers,

of April and September annually, and oftner if thereto required by the com- rcansmit the manding Officer of the Company to which he belongs ; therein setting down fame, &c. and diftinguicting the rank of the several Officers, and the ftate and condition of the Privates in said Company or Troop, according to fuch Form and Orders as may be given under his Hand and teft of Office, and the same transmit to the commanding Officer of the Company or Troop to which he belongs ; whole Duty it shall be to inspect, and if necessary, to rectify ; and having certified the same under his Hand and Office, shall cause the same to be transmitted to the Adjutant of Serjeant- Major of the Regiment to which he belongs, by the tenth Day of April and September annually ; which Adjatant having received the Retorns of each company or Troop in the Regiment, shall make up a similar Return of the fate of the whole Regiment of Infantry or Cavalry, as the Case may be, and attest the same ; and it being examined, approved and Returns how certified by the commanding Officer of the Regiment, shall, in the Case of the and when to Infantry, be transmitted to the Brigade-Major, and in case of the bemade, &c. Cavalry, to the Adjutant-General, by the twentieth Day of April and September annually'; and the Brigade. Major, from the Returns of the feveral Regiments of Infantry, shall make up a similar return of the Strength of the whole Brigade ; which being by him attested and examined, approved and certified by the Brigadier-General, fall be transmitted to the Adjutant. General by the tenth Day of May and October annually, and be by him formed, together with the Returns he may receive from the Regiments of Cavalry, into a general Return of the whole Military Force of this State ; which being by him attefted, shall be transmitted to the Captain-General, to be by him laid

[blocks in formation]

before the General Assembly, at such Times as he or they fall think proper : And every Captain neglecting to make a Return as aforesaid, or shall make a false Return to the commanding Officer of the Regiment, shall forfeit and pay a fine of Ten Pounds; and if any commanding Officer of any Regiment shall neglect co make a regimental Return as aforesaid, or shall make a faise Retura, he fhall for feit and pay a fine of Twenty Pounds; and if any commanding Offcer of a Brigade shall neglect or refuse to make a Return, a: hercin directed, he shall forfeit and pay a fine of forty Pounds ; che distress thereof to be granted by the commanding Officer of the Regiment or Brigade to which tucho delinquent Officer belongs, or by the Captain-General, directed to the Adjutant, Brigade-Major, or Adjutant-General, as the nature of the Cale Tail require, and returnable in four Weeks, unless such delinquent Officer shall make a satis: factory Excase to the Officers hereby directed to grant such Warrant, within twelve Days after such Neglect or Default shall happen,

And be it furtber Enacted, That all such as belong to the Infantry Compa

nies, and Houlholders under fifty-five Years of Age, shall, at all 'Times be Infantry, &c. furnished at their own Expence, with a well fixed Musket, the Barrel not less how furnish- than three Feet and an Half long, and a Bayonet fitted thereto, with a Sheath ed.

and Belt or Strap for the fame, with a Ram-rod, Worm, Priming-wire and Brush, one Cartouch-box carrying fixteen rounds of Cartridges, made with

good Musket Powder and Ball, fitting his Gun, fix good Flints, and each MiPenalty for litia Man one Canteen holding not less than three Pints, upon Penalty of forneglect. feiting and paying a Fine of Three Shillings for want of such Arms and Ammu

nition as is hereby required, and One Shilling for each Defect, and the like Sum or Sums for every four Weeks he shall remain un provided.

Provided nevertheless, That if any Soldier shall, in the Judgment of the SeJectmen of the Town to which he belongs, be enable to arm and accoutre bimfelf, agreeable to the directions of this A&, it shall be the Duty of such Select

men to certify the same to the commissioned Ofiicers of the Company to which Proviso. such Soldier belongs, in order that Execution may not issue agaimt him for de

ficiency in such Arms and Accoutrements ; and also at the Expence of such Town, to provide such Soldier with Arms, and the whole or any part of such Accoutrements, as may be necessary, within forty Days from the Time of granting such Certificate, under Penalty of the Value of such Arms and Accoutrements, to be recovered of any or all of said Selectmen, by Warrant from an Affiftant or Justice of the Peace, upon proper Information and Proof of such Neglect, by said commissioned Officers, which Warrant shall be directed to any Sheriff or Constable proper to serve the fame, returnable in fixcy Days, and the Fine payable into the Treasury of such Town.

And all Arms and Accoutrements thus provided, shall be the Property of fuch Town, and shall, by the commanding Officer of the Company, be depolta ed in such Place or Places as he shall think proper, to be ready for such Soldiers, as occasion shall require ; and such Officers shall stand accountable for such Arms and Accoutrements, and thall be liable to pay for the same, if loft through his Neglect or Default.

And be it furtber. Enalled, That every Light-Dragoon shall always be provided with a good serviceable Horse, not less than fourteen Hands high, to the

acceptance of the two chief commissioned Officers of the Company to which he Dragoons belongs, covered with a good Saddle, with Housing and other proper Furniture, how accou. bitt Bridle and Holkers, a Case of good Pitols, a Sword or Cutlass, not less tred. than four Feet in Length, and also a Cap made of Jirk-Leather, or other Cover

for the Head sufficient to withstand the Force of a Broad-sword, a Flak or Cara touch-box, one Pound of good Powder, three Pounds of lzable Bullets, cwelve Flipts, a good pair of Boots and Spurs, on Penalty of Three Pounds for want af such Horse, and the Value of each other Article in which he shall be deficient.

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