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SECTION XVIII. All Mariners being shipt upon a Voyage, and in Pay, shall duly attend the Mariners not Service of the Master's Ship or Vessel for the Voyage, and not absent them- to he absent selves by Day or Night, without Leave from the Mafter, upon forfeiting for without every Offence the Sum of Five Sbillings.

S E C Τ Ι Ο Ν XIX. No Officers or Mariners shall be disorderly or unruly to occasion Disturbance in the Ship or other Vessel he is shipped upon, to hinder or damnify the Voyage; Officers or

mariners dirto be proved by the Master or other Mariners, or both, upon Penalty of paying

orderly, how the Damage, if able ; and in case of Inability to pay, to suffer corporal Punith

punished. ment, as the nature of the Offence may require : And in case the Mafter thal! conceal the Offences of such, and refuse to give Evidence therein, they fhall be amerced or imprisoned, as the Judges shall see meet.

S EĆ TI () N. XX.
If any Thail undertake the Charge of Pilot, Boatswain, Ganner, or any other Ignorance
Office in Ship or other Vessel, and not be able to discharge the Duty of the how punishi.
Place ; such hall lose their Wages in Part or in Whole ; and be further punish-
ed for their Presumption, as the Judges shall see meet.

All Mariners shall keep trve Watch at Sea or in Harbour, as the Master

Watch to be hall appoint, upon pain of forfeiting One Shilling for every Default, to be defaulked out of their Wages.

kept. S E C Τ Ι Ο Ν XXII. Any Mariner that hath entered upon a Voyage, and thall depart, and leave the Voyage, thall forteit all his Wages ; one half to the Poor, the other half to Mariners dethe Master and Owners, and be further punished by Imprisonment, or otherwise setting the as the Case may be circumftanced.; to be judged by the Magiftrate or Magif- Voyage. trates which are complained to, except such Seaman thall thew just cause for his fo leaving the Voyage, and shall procure an order therefor from Authority.

If any Mariner shall have received any considerable Part of his Wages, and

Run away hall run away from the Ship or Vefsel he belongs to, and decline the Service mariners. of the Master in the Prosecution of the Voyage; he shall be pursued as a disobedient run-away Servant, and proceeded with as such an one.

SECTION XXIV. If any Mariner shall entertain any Person or Persons, on board the Ship of Mariners ens Vessel he fails in, without the Mafters leave ; or if Masters or Mariners shall do tertaining it at unseasonable times ; he or they shall forfeit Twenty Shillings, one half to thers with the Poor, the other half to the Owners.

S E C Τ Ι Ο Ν XXV. No Seaman or Seamen, or Officer, shall commit any Outrage upon the Mafter of any Ship or Vefsel : but those fo offending shall be severely punished by Outrage on Fine, or corporal punishment, as the fact shall appear to be circumstanced to the master. the Judges that shall hear it, and as they shall judge meet. If any Officers or Mariners shall combine againft the Master, whereby the Voyage shall be diverted, or hindred, or that damage thereby shall accrue to the Ship and Goods : they shall be punished with loss of Wages, or otherwise as Mutineers, as the Case may require. S E C Τ Ι Ο Ν XXVI.

Ships in diIn Case any Ship or Vefsel be in distress at Sea, by Tempest or other Acci- stress not to dent, the Mariners íhall do their utmoft Endeavour to assist the Matter in saving be left. Ship and Goods ; and not desert him without apparent Hazard that by staying they may lose their Lives.

Mariners du S E C Τ Ι Ο Ν XXVII.

ty to do their And in Case of suffering Shipwreck, the Mariners are without dispute,

utmost in

Thipwrecks upon theis getting on Shore, to do their utmost Endeavour to save the to save goods

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Ship or Veffel, Tackle and Apparel ; as also the Merchants Goods as much as may be ; out of which they hall have a meet Compensation for their Hazard and Pains : And upon Conviction of Negligence therein, shall be punished according to the Demerit of the Offence.

An Act relating to Masters, and Servents or Apprentices. Single perfons not to E it enacted by tbe Governor, Council and Representatives, in General Court keep house,

assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That no Man that is neither &c. unless,

married, nor hath any Children, nor Servant, nor is a public Officer, fhall keep House of himself, without the Consent of the Town where he lives, under Pe

nalty of Twenty fillings per week. Persons under

That no Person under the Government of a Parent, Guardian or Master shall parents, &c,

be capable to make any Contract or Bargain, which in the Law fhall be acincapable to counted valid, unless the said Person be authorized or allowed fo to Contract or • contract, &c. Bargain, by his or her Parent, Guardian or Master ; in which Case fuch Pa

rent, Guardian or Master shall be bound thereby.

That no Servant Man or Maid, shall either give, buy, sell or exchange any Servants nor Commodity whatsoever, without Licence from their Master, during the Time to trade with of their Services under Pain of Fine or corporal Punishment, as the Offence our licence. Shall deserve, by the Judgment of the Court.

And whereas fome ftubborn, refractory and discontented Servants and Apprentices, do fometimes withdraw themselves from their Masters Service:

Be it eberefore further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That whatsoever Apprentices Servants or Apprentices of fifteen Years of Age, or upwards, shall unjustly Of to serve treble fend in that Kind, by withdrawing or absconding from their Master's Service, time for ab- before their Covenants or term of Service are expired, they Mall serve their sconding, &c. Masters the treble Term, or threefold the Time of their Absence in fuch Man

And when any Servant, Servants or Apprentices shall run from their Mafters, Run away it shall be lawful for the next Affitant, or Justice of the Peace, or Conftable, servants to be and two of the chief Inhabitants in such Town where no Afilant or Justice is, pursued.

to press Men and Boats, (if Occasion be) at the Master's Request and Charge, to pursue fuch Servants and Apprentices, by Sea or Land, and to bring them back by Force.

That if any Servant or Apprentice shall Alee from the Tyranny or Cruelty of Servants pro. his or her Master, to the House of any Inhabitant of the fame Town whereto tected and re: lieved from

he or she belongs, fuch Servant or Apprentice shall be there protected and fufthe cruelty of tained till due Order be taken for his or her Relief. their Masters. Provided, Due Notice thereof be forthwith given to his or her Mafter, and

to the next Alhistant or Juftice of the Peace : Which Authority thall caule faid Provifo Malter and Servant, or Apprentice, to come before him, and Malt reconcile

them if he can ; but if not, may according to his Discretion; bind over the said

Mafter to the next County Court ; and also bind over said Servant or ApprenIf default in tice to faid Court, or give Orders for his or her safe Custody in the mean Time, the master,

and for his or her Appearance before said Cour: : Which Court on bearing the Matter may upon Default found in the Master, discharge fuch Servant or Apprentice from his or her Indenture and Service.

And if default be found in the Servant or Apprentice, may infia fuch proIf in the fer- per Punishment opon him or her, as the said Court in their Difcretion thall

think fit.


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to be made to

An Act directing how to proceed when it shall be necessary to

build a Meeting-House for divine Worship. BE i maded by the Governor; Courcil and Representatives, in General Court

allembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That when any religious So- When a meeciety, allowed to be luch by this Affembly; or established and approved by the ting house is Laws of this State, (those only tolerated by the Laws of this serie, and dif- to b: buit, senting from us, excepted) fall by their Vote (wherein two third Parts of the application Inhabitants, qualified by Law to vote, and present in the Meeting of such So

the county ciety) declare it to be necessary to build a Meeting-House ; every such Society court. fhall apply to the County Court in the County where such Socieiy, or the greater Part thereof is situate, to appoint and affix the Place whereon their MeetingHouse fhall be erected and built.

And the County Courts in the respective Counties, are hereby authorized and impowered to hear all concerned, and take proper Measures for affixing such Place ; and to appoint, order and affix the Place whereon their Meeting. To afix the House hall be erected and built: Which be done, concluded and ascertained place. by the Judgment of the County Court, in the County where such Society, or the major part thereof is situate ; the Committee of such Society hall forthwith give due Norice to the Inbabitants thereof to meet at some suitable Time and Place, to authorize and appoint some meet Perions to be a Committee for fecting up, building and finishing an House proper and suitable for such Use, on the Place appointed, as aforesaid.

At which Meeting the said Society shall proceed to grant and levy a Tax on To tax. the Inhabitants of luch Society, to be collected and paid to the Society Treasurer, to enable said Society to go forward with the said Building.

And the Clerk of the Society shall keep the Account of their Difbursements : And every such Clerk Mall certify the County Court which gave such Order, Clerk of the the Doings of the Society at their next Sessions after fixing the Place, as a- certity their foresaid ; as also the Progress of the Committee in building such House, to each doings to the County Court in the County at their fated Sessions, cilt the House be finished, county court. And for every neglect of his Duty therein, shall incur the Penalty of Two Pounds to the County Treasury in such County : To be recovered of such Clerk Penalty for before the County Court in the County where the Society is situate ; by Adi. neglect. on, Bill, Plaint or otherwise as the Law will allow. Beit

further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if the County Court in such Coanty do find by the Clerk's Certificate, that the Inhabitants of such Asemhly to Society do not proceed to set up and finish a Meeting-House at the Place ap- tax in cale, pointed, as aforesaid, and certify the same to this Assembly; this Assembly will &c. alless and levy upon such Society, from time to Time, such Suin and Sums of Money as may be needful, to set up and finish such Meeting-House : Which shall be by Order of this Assembly accordingly improved.

And every such Sum of Money shall be by the Treasurer of the State added to the public Tax of the Society, and gathered as a part of the public Tax, by the Constable who gathets the State Rate, and paid into the public Treasury, to be re-imbursed for the Use aforesaid : Who Mall by Order of this Assembly, Borrede

How reimdeliver the fame to such Person or Persons as by Assembly fall be appointed.

And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That it shall not be Jawful for any of the Societies aforesaid, or for any part of such Society to build

Not to build, or set up any Meeting House for religious Worship, without procuring the &c. except, County Court in the County where such Society is situate, first to ascertain the &c. Place for it, as in this A& is limited and provided. And whosoever fall transgress this Order, Ahall incur the Penalty of

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On penalty of Forty Pounds, to the Treasery of such County ; To be recovered before the 401.

County Court in the County where the Trangreffion is committed.

And the Proceedings id settling and affixing such Meeting-House Place shall Charge to be be at the Charge of the Society where such House is needed : And such County born by the Court shall be allowed the Fees for their Judgment thereon, as in the Trial of society.

other Causes.
An Act for preserving due Order in Town-Meetings, Socie-

ty-Meetings, and in the Meetings of other Communities ;

and for preventing Tumults therein. WHEREAS the Peace and good Order of lowes, Societies and other Communi

ties do very much depend on their peaceably and orderly carrying on and maPreamble. naging their Afairs in ibeir Meetings, and their regularly proceeding therein.

Therefore, it enated by the Governor, Council ana Representatives in General Court or Proprietors Meeting, or the Meeting of any other Community is lawfully assembled, if any Person or Persons whatsoever, shall in such Meeting or Afsembly, by tumultuous Noise, Quarrelling, or by any unlawful Ac, difturb fach Meeting, or hinder the Members thereof from proceeding in an orderly and

peaceable Manner to the choice of their Moderator, or after the choice of such Penalty for Moderator, shall vilify or abuse him, or interrapt him in the discharge of his disturbing a. Traft; or after he hath commanded Silence in such Meeting, shall speak in the ny meeting, Meeting to the difturbance of the Business of the Meeting, without the Mode

rator's Leave firf had and obtained, (unless it be to ask reafonable Liberty to speak) fueh Perfon or Persons so offending in any of the Particulars above-mentioned, contrary to the Intent of this Act, shall for every such Offence forfeit and pay a fine of Five Shillings to the Treasurer of the Town where the Of

fence is committed. Triable by

All Offences against this Ad to be heard and determined by any one Aflifan affiltant or tant or Justice of che Peace; unless the Offence be aggravated by some notorijustice.

ous breach of Peace; in which Case the Offenders Mall be bound over by fuch Aflitant or justice, to the next County Court, to answer for such Offence :

Which Court may impose such Fine as the aggravations of the Offence, in their Adjourn

Judgmeni deserves ; not exceeding Ten Pounds.

And that no such Meeting shall be adjourned, but by the major Part of the ments to be by major

Members prelent. part. An Act for forming, regulating, and conducting the military

Force of this State.
WHEREAS the Defence and Security of all free States depends (under God) upu
on the Exertions of a well regulated and disciplined Militia.

B by Court

allembled and by the Authority of the fame, That all male Persons, from fixe

teen Years of Age to Forty-five, shall constitute the Military Force of this Who obliged State, except Members of the Council, of the House of Representatives, to bear arms, and of the Congress of the United States for the Time being, the State and who ex Treasurer, and Secretary, Justices of the Peace, field, Commiffioned, empt. and staff Officers, honourably ditcharged, Ministers of the Gospel, the Pre

fident, Tutors and Students of College, Physicians and Surgeons, Selectmen, constant School-Masters, one Miller to each Grift-mill, being approv. ed by the Select-Men, and having a Certificate thereof, confant Mariners

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who make it their constant Business to go to Sea, Sheriffs and Constables, conftant Ferrymen, Persons disabled through Lameness or other bodily Infirmity, during the Continuance of such Disability, producing a Certificate thereof from two able Physicians, to the Acceptance of his or their commiflioned OScers, non-commissioned Officers and Privates who have inlifted or shall hereafter inlift into the Connetticut Line of the Army of the United States, for the Term of the present War, and have faithfully served for said Term, or obtained an honourable Discharge, and Indians, Negroes and Molattoes.

Provided neverthelets, That such military Officers, and all Housholders and others not fifty-five Years of Age, shall give their Attendance on Days appointed

Provilo. for viewing of Arms, as hereafter directed ; and such Officers shall be subject to do their Proportion of military Duty, when called by a superior Officer, in the Office they have respectively fuftained.

And wbereas fundry Perlons have beretofore obtained Discharges from military Duty, on Account of temporary Disorders and Infirmities of Body, which in many Injilances are removed, and others bave obtained such Discharges from an Abuje of ibe Provisions of the Law heretofore in force for that Purpose.

Therefore, Be it maced by the Autbority aforesaid, That no able-bodied and effective When dir. Man, in the Judgment of the commissioned Officers of the Company, within the charges shall Limits of which he may belong, lhall, on Account of such Dicharges, be ex. not avail to empted from military Dury, but shall be enrolled in their respetive Companies, exempt from

. agrecable to the Provisions of this Ag, and be liable to do Duty in such Companies as others by Law are, such Discharges notwithstanding,

Companies Be it further enacted, That the military Companies shall continue and re- to remain the main as they now are, in respect to the Lines of Division and Boundaries and fame, &c. Order of Dignification.

Divided into And that the several military Companies aforesaid, shall be divided into Re

regts. & brin giments, Brigades and Divisions, in Manner following, viz.

gades, &c. Those in the Towns of Hartford, Windjor, Saffield, and that Part of the Town of Farmington lying in the Parish of Wintonbury, hall constitute the firft Re- 1. Regt. giment.

Those in the Towns of New Haven, Milford, Derby and Woodbridge, fhall 2d. Regt. constitute the second Regiment.

Those in the Towns of New-London and Lyme, shall confitute the third Re- 3d. Regt. giment.

Those in the Towns of Fairfield, Stratford and Reading, shall constitute the 4th Regt. fourth Regiment. Those in the Towns of Windbam, Mansfield, Coventry and Ashford, shall

sth Regt. conftitute the fifth Regiment. Those in the Towns of Wethersfield and Glaffexbury, shall constitute the Gixth

6th Regt. Regiment.

Those in the Towos of Say-Brook, Killingworth and Haddam, fhall constitute the seventh Regiment.

7th Regt. Those in the Towns of Stoningron, Preston and Groton, all conftitute the eighth Regiment,

8th Regt. Those in the Towns of Norwalk, Stamford and Greenwich, fhall constitute the ninth Regiment.

gth Regt. Those in the Towns of Wallingford, Cheshire and Durham, shall constitute the tenth Regiment.

Toth Regt. Those in the Towns of Pomfret, Killingly and Woodstock (except the South Company in said Killingly) Thall conftitute the eleventh Regiment.

IIth Regte Thole in the Towns of Lebanon, Hebron, and the Company in the Society of Marlborough in Colchester, shall conftitute the twelfth Regimen.

12th Regte

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