Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Band 93


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Seite 63 - In his presence, and by his express directions, and shall be attested and subscribed in the presence of the testator by three or more competent witnesses.
Seite 176 - They cannot be subjected to legal proceedings, at law or in equity, without their consent ; and whoever institutes such proceedings must bring his case within the authority of some act of Congress.
Seite 61 - There shall be at least two attesting witnesses, each of whom shall sign his name as a witness, at the end of the will, at the request of the testator.
Seite 54 - ... shall be signed at the foot or end thereof by the testator, or by some other person in his presence and by his direction; and such signature shall be made or acknowledged by the testator in the presence of two or more witnesses present at the same time, and such witnesses shall attest and shall subscribe the will in the presence of the testator, but no form of attestation shall be necessary.
Seite 258 - ... together with the principal felon, or after the conviction of the principal felon, or may be indicted and convicted of a substantive felony whether the principal felon shall or shall not have been previously convicted, or shall or shall not be amenable to justice, and may thereupon be punished in the same manner as any accessory before the fact to the same felony, if convicted as an accessory, may be punished.
Seite 281 - States; and the people of each State shall have free ingress and regress to and from any other State, and shall enjoy therein all the privileges of trade and commerce subject to the same duties, impositions, and restrictions as the inhabitants thereof respectively...
Seite 52 - ... by the burning, tearing, or otherwise destroying the same by the testator, or by some person in his presence and by his direction, with the intention of revoking the same.
Seite 373 - ... the defense of it, he is no longer regarded as a stranger, because he has the right to appear and defend the action, and has the same means and advantages of controverting the claim as if he was the real and nominal party upon the record.
Seite 366 - Infancy and Age," vol. 5, p. 134): "It Is laid down as a general rule that infancy is a personal privilege, of which no one can take advantage but the infant himself, and that therefore, though the contract of the infant be voidable, yet that it shall bind the person of full age.
Seite 334 - Undoubtedly the main business of a corporation is to be confined to that class of operations which properly appertain to the general purposes for which its charter was granted. But it may also enter into...

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