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sbort; the condition, however, having im-1 with Beef, Lamb, Veal and Pork, at nothing proved, particularly ibe Esser and Kentish beyond Friday's prices. samples, aud a demand existing for York

The Beasts appeared to consist of about shire account as well as on the part of our equal numbers of Devons, short-horns, Scots, owo millers, all the better descriptions were and Norfolk home-breds (principally) steers taken off hand at an advance of full Is. per and oxen, cbiefly, as will be seen beneath, quarter from last Monday, and for extra fine from Norfolk, with a few from Suffolk, Essex, parcels 25. more money was realized ; se- Cambridge mire, Lincoloshire, Leicestershire, condary qualities were also the turn dearer, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, and the and at the close of the market little was left westera districts; with about 100 Sussex upsold. The few samples offering of free beasts, as many Herefords, as many Welsh foreign Wbeat of good quality fully partici- ruuts, and about the same number of shortpated in the improvement.

horned Cows, with a few Staffords,&c, from In Bonded Corn we heard of no transactioos. the vicinage of London, and various other

Barley was ia limited supply; bright Malt- quarters. ing descriptions obtained sale at an advance Pull three-fifths of the Sheep were new of Is. per quarter on the prices of this day Leicesters, of the South Down and white week, although no improvement is to be noted faced crusses, in about the proportion of two on Friday's terms; secondary and inferior of the former to four of the latter; about oneparcels were in limited request at former fifth South Downs; and the remaining fifth

about equal numbers of Kents, Kentish halfMalt continued to move slowly off hand.

breds, polled Norfolks, and old Leicesters and Oats met with a fair demand at the cur- Lincolns, with a few borned Norfolks, horded rency of last Monday.

and polled Scotch and Welsh sheep, horned Beans were steady at last week's improve. Dorsets, &c. ment.

Peas, without alteration, the government contract for 500 quarters pot being of sufficient importance to affect the trade in the

MARK-LANE.-Friday, March 22. article.

The arrivals this week are small. The Flour in steady demand at former quotations. prices are full as high as on Monday.. Wheat Rye

32s. to 34s. Barley

21s. to 23s. fine..

• 30s. to 345,
Peas, White
30s. to 32s.


36s. to 38s.

28s. to 293.

3 per cent. Pri. Sat. (Mon Tues,Wed,] Thar. Beans, Smalt...,

S. to -S.
Cons, Ann. 884 881 885 88 88

88 88 Tick

27s. to 29s. Oats, Scotch Potato

22s. to 24s, Feed

13s. to 18s. Flour, per sack

48s, to 50s,

Bacon, Middles, new, 38s. to 43s. per cwt.
Sides, new ... 40s. to 44s.

New Edition.
Pork, Iudia, new....

120s. Od. to s. Mess, new ... 70s. to -s. per barl. COBBETT'S Spelling-Book Butter, Belfast ....76s. to 80s. per cwt.

(Price 2s.)
Carlow .....72s, to 82s.
Cork ...... 74s. to 78s.

Containing, besides all the usual matter of
Limerick ..745, to 76s.

such a book, a clear and concise
Waterford..66s. to 72s.
....60s, to 67s.

Cheese, Cheshire....52s, to 72s.
Gloucester, Double..50s. to 60s.

This I have written by way of
Gloucester, Single... 48s, to 50s.
.......50s, to 53s.

A Stepping-Stone to my own
Gouda 48s. to 52s.

Grammar; Hams, Irish......... ..43s. to 54s.

such a thing having been frequently sug.

gested to me by Teachers as necessary. SMITHFIELD.March 18. In this day's market, which was, through- 1. ENGLISH GRAMMAR.Of this out, moderately well supplied, trade was, with work sixty thousand copies have now been each kind of meat, very dull. With Mutton published. This is a duodecimo volume, and at a depression of from 2d. to 4d. per stone; the price is 38, bound in boards,



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2. AB ITALIAN GRAMMAR, by 19. ROMAN HISTORY, French and Mr. JAMES PauL COBBETT.-Being a Plain Evglish, intended, not only as a History for aud Compendious Introduetion to the Study Young People to read, hut as a Book of Exerof Italian. Price 6s.

cises to accompany my French Grammar.

Two Volumes. *Price 13s. iz boards. 3. TULL'S HORSE-HOEING HUSBANDRY; or, a Treatise on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation. With an la- 13. MR. JAMES PAUL COBBETT'S troduction, by Wm, Cobbert. 8vo. Price 155. RIDE OF EIGHT HUNDRED MILES IN

FRANCE. Second Edition. Price 2s.6d. 4. THE EMIGRANT'S GUIDE. Just now Published, under this Title, a little 14. MARTENS'S LAW OF NAVolume, containing Ten Letters, addressed to

TIONS.This is the Book which was the English Tax-payers. A new edition, with a Postscript, containing an account of the Prices foundation of all the knowledge that I have of Houses and Land, recently obtained from Price is 17s., and the manner of its execution is

ever possessed relative to public law. The America by Mr. Cobbette Price 2s 6de in bds. I think, such as to make it fit for the Library

of any Gentleman. 5. The ENGLISH GARDENER; or, a Treatise on the situation, soil, enclosing and 15. PAPER AGAINST GOLD; or, laying out, of Kitchen Gardens; on the make the History and Mystery of the National Debt, ing and managing of Hot-beds and Green- the Bauk of England, the Funds, and all the houses ; and on the propagation and cultiva. Trickery of Paper Money. The Price of this tion of all sorts of Kitchen Garden Plants, and book, very nicely printed, is 58. of Fruit Trees, whether of the Garden or the Orchard. And also, on the formation of Shrubberies and Flower Gardens. Price 6s.

16. SERMONS. There are twelve of 6. THE WOODLANDS; or, a Trea- these, in one volume, on the following subtise on the preparing of the ground for plant- jects: 1. Hypocrisy and Cruelty; 2. Drunkening; on the planting, on the cultivating, on

ness; 3. Bribery; 4. Oppression ; 5. Unjust the pruning, and on the cutting dowa, ot Fo; 18. The Gamester ; 9. Public Robbery; 10. The

Judges; 6. The Sluggard; 7. The Murderer; rest Trees and Underwoods. Price. 145. bound Unnatural Mother ; 11. The Sin of Forbidding in boards.

Marriage; 12. On the Duties of Parsons, and 7. YEAR'S RESIDENCE IN AME- 3s. 6d. bound in boards.

ou the løstitution and Object of Tithes. Price RICA.-The Price of this book, in good print A Thirteenth Sermon, entitled “GOOD and on fine paper, is 58.

FRIDAY; or, The Murder of Jesus Christ

by the Jews." Price 6d. 8. FRENCH GRAMMAR; or, Plain Instruetions for the Learning of French. Price, bound in boards, 5s.

17. LETTERS FROM FRANCE: containing Observations made in that Country

during a Residence of Two Months in the 9. COTTAGE ECONOMY.-I wrote South, and Three Months at Paris. By John this Work professedly for the use of the la- M. COBBETT. Price 4s. in boards. bouring and middling classes of the English dation. I made myself acquainted with the best and simplest modes of making beer and bread, and these I made it as plain as, I believe,

18. A TREATISE ON ČOBBETT'S words could make it. Also of the keeping of CORN ; containiog, Jpstructions for PropaCows, Pigs, Bees, and Poultry, matters which gating and Cultivating the Plant, and for I understood as well as any body could, and Harvesting and Preserving the Crop; and also in all their details. It includes my writings an account of the several uses to wbich the also on the Straw Plait. A Duodécimo Vo- Produce is applied. Price 25. 6d. lume. Price 2s. 6d.

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19. PROTESTANT “REFORMAedition. Price 8d.

TION”in England and Ireland, showing how that event has impoverished and degraded the

main body of the people in those countries. 11. THE LAW OF TURNPIKES. Two volumes, bound in boards. The Price of By William Cobbett, Jun., Student of Lin the first volume is 4s. 6d. The Price of the coln's Inn, Price 3s. 6d, boards.

second volume 3s. 6d,





preceded by a Map, showing, in the same
mauner, the local situation of the Cities,

Boroughs, and Market Towas.

Are added ; first, a Statistical Table of all the

Counties, and then three Tables, showing FRANCE AND SWITZERLAND; the new Divisions and Distributions enacted

by the Reform-Law of 4th June, 1832.
The route being

Price Two Shillings.
Paris, , ,


Monthly Rome, Naples, and Mount Vesuvius;

Literature, Arts, &c. &c. published 1. March AND By Rome, Terni, Perugia, Arezzo, Florence, The Coutents of the Number for this Month Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Venice, Verona,

are as follows:-). Fine Arts-No.I. of the Milan, over the Alps by Mount St. Ber- National Gallery of the Pictures by the Great nard, Geneva, and the Jura, back into Masters.-2. Reminiscences of a Tailor.-3. France;

The Apology of a Parisian Girl.-4. Divarica

tion of the New Testament, into Doctrine & The space of time being,

History.–5. Sonnet to Music.—6. Origio From October 1828, to September 1829.

the Marseillaise Hymn.-7. Political Etha

- Mustard or Honey.-8. Change in tue CONTAINING

Times.-9, Taxes op Knowledge.-10. LiteA description of the country, of the principal rary Puffing.-11. Parliamentary Privileges

cities and their most striking curiosities ; Freedom from Arrest.–12. Purtraits of the of the climate, soil, agriculture, horticul- Senate, No. II.-13. Song.–14. Song.-15. ture, and products; of the prices of provi- Scenes in the Sister Island, No. II.-16. Pasions and labour; and of the dresses and triotism-No. II.-17. Seneca's Ideas of Bookconditions of the people ;

Learning.–18. The Bank and its Charter.18. Monuments.-20. Ireland.-21. New Pub

lications. - 22. Events of the Month, Public An account of the laws and customs, civil Documents, &c.—23. Important from Charles

and religious, and of the morals and de- ton.-24. The Markets. meanour of the inbabitants, in the several Published at No. 11, Bolt-court, Fleet. States.

street; and by Effingham Wilson, Royal ExBy JAMES P. COBBETT.

change. To be bad of all Newsmen and Booksellers throughout the country.


Just published, price 12s.

ERNIA.-, bas OF ENGLAND AND WALES; for the reliet of this disease, which far surCONTAINING

passes every other invention yet offered to the The names, in Alphabetical Order, of all the public, and should be known to every indi

Counties, with their several Subdivisions, vidual afflicted with the above distressing cominto Hundreds, Lathes, Rapes, Wapen- plaint. This TRUSS possesses the peculiar takes, Wards, or Divisions; and an AC- advantage of giving the most effectual secucount of the Distribution of the Counties rity during the greatest exertion, and of into Circuits, Dioceses, and Parliamentary relaxation from exercise. Its pressure may

affording ease and safety in the periods of Divisions.

be increased or diminished in a moment, to ALSO,

any degree required, without the removal of The names (under that of each County re. the Truss, or its wearer even rising from his

spectively), in Alphabetical Order, of all seat-advantages dever before possessed by the Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Vil. any other Truss. Testimonials of its merits lages, Hamlets, and Tithings, with the from the highest surgical authorities may be Distance of each from Londou, or from the seen. pearest Market Town, and with the Popu. Manufactured and sold by S. T. and C. lation, and other interesting particulars i Adams, Oldbury, near Birmingham, and by relating to each ; besides which there are appointment by Mr. J. Read, luveator of the

Stomach Pump, &c. 35, Regent Circus, Picca

dilly, London. First, one of the whole country, showing the local situation of the Counties relatively to Printed by William Cobbett, Johnson'a-court: and each other; and, then, each County is also published by him, at II, Bolt court, Fleet street.


Vol.79.-No. 13.)


[Price Is. 22.


who live upon the taxes. You would
see some of them rolling about in
equipages worth a thousand pounds
each, while so many of you who toil so
many hours in the day walk about bare-
foot, and sleep upon beds of straw.

The first thing to do is to describe to
you as nearly as I can the manner in
which the House does its work. Op-
pression and misery naturally produce
petitions. In order to get this work
done, the House meets, three times in the

week, at 12 o'clock, breaks up at three; PEOPLE OF OLDHAM.

meets again at five, and then begins St. James's Park, Westminster,

with other business. In order that each 28. March, 1833.

member may have his turn in presente MY FRIENDS,

ing petitions, the names of the members You were frequently told by me and who have petitions are entered on 'a list. my most worthy colleague, that we Judge you how this matter stands, when : were strongly of the opinion, that we I tell you that I have now very nearly

should find but very few persons in this three score petitions in my hands, from
Parliament disposed to second our ef- all parts of England, from Wales, from

forts in causing a reduction of taxation Scotland, from Ireland ; about thirty-
to take place, and we told you, as you four of them against the military-law
yourselves indeed know, that no other bill for Ireland, and signed by about
efforts would be worthy of our atten- fifty-thousand men ; amongst these are
tion. It is our duty to keep you in- petitions from Great Yarmouth, in
formed, not only of what we do, but of Norfolk, from the city of Norwich,
the reasons that prevent us from doing, from Preston, and from Manchester, the
or from attempting to do, more than last signed by about sixteen thousand
that which we do, or attempt to do. men; by great numbers of the princi-
You have seen
one thing which we pal merchants

and manufacturers, have set about, namely, a complete ex- amongst whose names is that of Thomas posure of the laws and practices rela- Potter ; by seven clergymen ; and, aptive to the duties on stamps and on auc- parently, by a large part of the tradestions. This subject is to come before men of that enlightened and industrious the House again in a few days; and, it town. With this bundle of petitions, will then be seen how the House will quite as much as a stout boy can carry, treat this important matter ; and I will I have attended punctually at the House take care that you shall have a clear for about a fortnight without being able understanding of the whole matter. to present any one of them. I will give Other important matters will then be a list of all the petitions by-and-by, impre brought on by one or other of us ; and order that those who have sent them thus, in succession, you will be made may see that there is no negligence on fully acquainted with all the causes of my part. Mr. Fielden has a great many your poverty; of all the causes of your petitions also committed to his charge. receiving so small a pittance for your and he is just in the situation that I am. labour, and so small a reward for your That you may have some idea of a day's industry in trade, while, if you were to work in the House of Commons, I will come to London, you would find your here insert from the parliamentary eyes dazzled with the splendour of those papers, the day's work of yesterday.


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Wednesday, 27. March.

of Wesleyan Methodists of AH 1. Stretton upon Dansmore Church · Saints Poplar, and St. Anne, Lime

Bill: read third time, and passed. house; of Minister and Congrega2. Rugby and Hinckley Road Bill: tion of the Poplar Episcopal Cha

read second time, and committed. pel; of Sion Chapel, Whitechapel; 3. Storrington Road Bill; Petition of of Congregation of the Episcopal

Inhabitants of Storringten and Jews' Chapel, St. Matthew, Beth-
Rackham, against : referred to the nal Green of Minister, Church-
Committee on the Bill; Counsel wardens, Overseers, and Inhabit-

ants of Croscombe; of Inhabitants 4. Highbury Place Road Bill; Petition ; of Glastonbury; of Checkley and

of Trustees for' paving, lighting, Croxden ; of Cheadle; of Grand and repairing the Roads in the Jury at the Lent Assizes

for parish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, the County of Kent; of the against : to lie on the Table.

Inhabitants and Householders of 5. Sabbath ; Petitions for the better Tonbridge; of the Minister,

observance thereof; of Ministers Churchwardens, and Inhabitants of
of the Church of Scotland consti- Knockholt ; of Inhabitants of Mar-
tuting the Presbytery of Chanomy; gate ; and of Bristol : to lie on
of Heritors and Inhabitants of New the Table.
Cúmnock; of Inhabitants of Kirk- 6. House and Window Duties; Peti-
patrick, of Harthill; of Spratton; tions for the repeal thereof; of
of Burwardsley; of the Mayor, Churchwardens and Overseers of
Alderman, Burgesses, and lubabit- Christchurch, Surrey; of Vestry-
ants of Congleton ; of Inhabitants men and 'Inhabitant Householders
of Malpas; of Newcastle-under- of St. Paul, Shadwell; and, of In-
Lyme ; of Kincardine (Ross); of habitant Householders of St.
Minister and Male Inhabitants of George, Middlesex: to lie on the
the district connected with the Table.
Government Church of Kinloch 7. Metropolitan Police Act; Petition of
Luichart; of Heritors, Kirk Ses- the Churchwardens and Overseers
sion, Heads of Families, and others, of the parish of Christchurch, Sur-
in Unuy; of Magistrates, Heritors, rey, for exempting that parish from
Parochial Authorities, and com- the operation thereof; to lie on
munity at large, of Fortrose and the table.
Rosemarket; of Inhabitants of S. Disturbances (Ireland) Bill; Peti-
Kiltearn; of Minister, Elders, and tions against; of Inhabitants of Ca-
Members of the Parliamentary trine; of Kilwinning; of West
Church at Croick; of Inhabitants Kilbride; of Palmerstown, Lucan;

of Middlewich; of Magistrates, and Clondalkin; of Wakefield DSL Clergy, and Inhabitants of Ber.

of Rye; of Cumnock; of Freemondsey; of Wesleyan Methodists, holders and Inhabitants of Killar

Southwark Chapel, Long - lane, ney; of Inhabitants of Moypalty; 3. Borough; of Inhabitants of Greas. of Derrypatrick; of Mauchline; sving

boropgh; of Rawmarsh; of Tad, of a Society calling itself the Beith i saster; of Giggleswick; of Rother

Agricultural Political Union; of ham; of Clergy, Churchwarden, Inhabitants of Killskeen and Bal. Constable, and Overseers of the Jinlough ; of Johnstown; and, of Poor of Gomersall? of Ministers Freeholders and Leaseholders of and Congregation of the Church Seapatrick : to lie on the Table. of the Holy Trinity, Chelsea ; of 9. Church and State; Petition of Inha. Mayer, Magistrates, Clergy, and bitants of Cumnock, praying for Inhabitants of Chesterfield; of In

entire separation between habitants of Bakewell; of Whit- Church and State, leaving the sup: tington; of Bushey (Hertford) port of the

Church to the volun.



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