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free sale, without, however, experiencing any western districts ; the remaining fourth about improvemeot in value ; bright parcels were equal numbers of Herefords, Irish beasis, fully 31s.

aud Town's-eud Cows, with about 100 Sussex Malt was firm, but the currency unaltered. beasts, a few Staffords, &c.

The show of Oats was nol large, yet the There were fully as many short. burns and article moved - slowly ott band; holders ea- Devons as Scots and homebreds fruin Nure deavoured to regain the 6d. decline of last folk, and nearly, or quise, as many Scots aud Friday, which purchasers, huwever, would l homebreds as short- horus, from the Noribera pot accede to.

aud Midland districts. Hence it would seem Beans and Peas were dull, and the business that these districts bave changed, to sume extrausactiug in either article limited at the reut, their systems of grazing. currency of last week,

Full three-fifths of the sheep appeared to he Flour without alteration. Irish fives ob- of the South Down and different white-faced tained 42s. to 43s., but inserior descriptions crosses, in the proportion of about que of the were difficult to quit.

former to ihree of the latter : about oue. fifibi

South Dowus, and the remaining fifth about Wheat

54s. to 60s.

equal numbers of Keuis, Keutisha half-breds, Rye ....

325. to 34s.

aud pulled Norfolks, with a few peus of Barley

21s. to 23s.

borved Norfolks, aod Wiltshire sheep (the fine..

30s. to 32s.

latter a great variety), horued aud pulled Peas, White

30;. to 34s.

Scotch and Welsh sheep, hurued Dorsets, &c. Boilers

36s. tu 40s. Grey

30s. to 34s. Beans, Small

-5. to -S. Tick

28s. to 30s.

MARK-LANE.-Friday, March 8. Oats, Scotch Potato

22s, to 24s. Feed

13s. to 18s. The arrivals this week are moderate. The Flour, per sack

48s. to 50s. prices remain the same as on Monday, with

but little business duing.
Bacon, Middles, new, 39s. to 40s. per cwt.
Sides, new... 41s. to 46s.

Pork, ludia, new.... 125s. Od. to s.
Mess, new

.715. to 72s. 6d. per barl. 3 per Cent. Fri. Sat. Mon., Tues. Wed. Thar. Butter, Belfast 80s. to 82s. per cwt.

Cons. Aun.

878 873) 878 878 88 | 881
Carlow .....76s, to 863.

...75s. to 78s.
Limerick . 755. to 76s.
Waterford..60s, to 76s.
....68s, to 785.

Cheese, Cheshire....54s. to 74s.
Gloucester, Double..50s. to 62s.

New Edition,
Gloucester, Single. ..48s, to 52s.
.40s. to 48s.

COBBETT'S Spelling-Book
Gouda 40s. to 18s.
Hains, Irish.. 50s. to 603.

(Price 2s.) Containing, besides all the usual matter of

such a buuk, a clear and concise SMITHFIELD.-March 4.

INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH GRAMMAR. This day's supply of beasts was for the time of the year, moderately good; the supply of

This I have written by way of Sheep (including a few pens of grass, or A Stepping-Stone to my own rather hay and turuip fed Lambs) but limited. Trade was, with each kind of meat, very dull,

Grammar; with Beef and large Veal at barely, prime such a thing having been frequently sugo small Veal at fully Friday's quotations; with gested to me by Teachers as necessary. Mutton and Pork al a depression of full 2d. per stone.

Lamb will be quoted beneath for 1. ENGLISH GRAMMAR.-Of this the first time of the season.

work sixty thousand copies have now been Full three-fourths of the beasts were about published. This is a duodecimo volume, and equal numbers of short-horos and Devons the price is 3s. bound in boards. (chiefly) steers and oxen; Scots, Norfolk homebreds, and Welsh runts, principally from

2. An ITALIAN GRAMMAR, by Norfolk, with a few from Essex, Suffolk and Mr. James PAUL COBBETT.--Being a Plain Cambridgesbire, Lincoloshire, Leicestershire, aud Compendious Introduction to the Study Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, and our of Italian. Price 6s.

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3. TULL'S HORSE-HOEING 14. MARTENS'S LAW OF NAHUSBANDRY; or, a Treatise on the Prin- TIONS.—This is the Book which was the ciples of Tillage and Vegetation. With an lo- foundation of all the knowledge that I lave troduction, by Wn. Colbert. 8vo. Price 155. ever possessed relative to public law. The

Price is 17s., and the manner of its execution is 4. THE EMIGRANT'S GUIDE. I think, such as to make it fit for the Library Just now published, uuder this Title, a little of any Gentleman. Volume, coutaining Ten Letters, addressed to Enyish Tax.payers. A new edition, with a

15. PAPER AGAINST GOLD; or, Postscript, containing an account of the Prices the History and Mystery of the National Debt, of Houses and Land, recently obtained from the Bank of England, the Funds, and all the America by Mr. Cobbette Price 25. 6d. in bds. Trickery of Paper Money. The Price of this

book, very nicely printed, is 5s. 5. The ENGLISH GARDENER; or, a Treatise on the situation, soil, enclosing and 16. SERMONS.—There are twelve of laying out, of Kitchen Gardens ; on the mak- these, in one volume, on the following sub. ing and managing of Hot-beds and Green. jects : 1. Hypocrisy and Cruelty ; 2. Drunkenhouses ; and on the propagation and cultiva ness; 3. Bribery ; 4. Oppression ; 5. Unjust tion of all sorts of Kitchen Garden Plants, and Judges; 6. The Sluggard ; 7. The Murderer; of Fruit Trees, whether of the Garden or the 8. The Gamester ; 9. Public Robbery; 10. The Orchard. And also, on the formation of Uunatural Mother ; 11. The Sin of Forbidding Shrubberies and Flower Gardens. Price 6s. Marriage ; 12. On the Duties of Parsons, and

ou the lustitution and Object of Tithes. Price 6. THE WOODLANDS; or, a Trea- 3s. 6d. bound in boards. tise on the preparing of the ground for plant- A Thirteenth Sermon, entitled “GOOD ing; on the planting, on the cultivating, on FRIDAY; or, The Murder of Jesus Christ the pruning, and on the cutting down, of Fo. by the Jews.” Price 6d. rest Trees and Uuderwoods. Price 14s. bound in boards.


containing Observations made in that Country 7. YEAR'S RESIDENCE IN AME- during a Residence of Two Months in the RICA.—The Price of this book, in good print South, and Three Months at Paris. By JOHN and on fine paper, is 5s.

M. COBBETT. Price 4s. in boards. 8. FRENCH GRAMMAR; or, Plain Instructions for the Learning of French. Price

JOURNAL bound in boards, 5s.


AND ALSO IN PART OF this work professedly for the use of the la- FRANCE, AND SWITZERLAND; bouring and middling classes of the English pation. I made myself acquainted with the

The route being best and simplest modes ot making beer and From Paris, through Lyons, to Marseilles, bread, and these I made it as plain as, I believe, and, thence, to Nice, Genoa, Pisa, Florence, words could make it. Also of the keeping of Rome, Naples, aud Mount Vesuvius ; Cows, Pigs, Bees, and Poultry, matters which I understood as well as any body could, and By Rome, Terni, Perugia, Arezzo, Florence, in all their details. It includes my writings Bologna, Ferrara, Padna, Venice, Verona,

he Straw Plait. A Luodeciino Vo- Milan, over the Alps by Mount St. Berlume, Price 2s. 6id.

nard, Geneva, and the Jura, back into

France ; 10. POOR MAN'S FRIEND. A new

The space of time being, edition. Price 8d.

Prom October 1828, to September 1829. 11. THE LAW OF TURNPIKES.

CONTAINING By William Cobhett, Jun., Student of Lin: A description of the country, of the principal colu's loo, Price 3s, hd. boards.

cities and their most striking curiosities ;

of the climate, soil, agriculture, horticul. 12. ROMAN HISTORY, French and ture, and products; of the prices of provi. English, iutended, not ouly as a History for

sions and labour; and of the dresses and Young People to read, but as a Book of Exer

conditions of the people ; cises to accompany my French Grammar. Two Volumes. 'Price 13s. in boards.

An account of the laws aud customs, civil

and religious, and of the morals and de13. MR. JAMES PAUL COBBETT'S meanour of the inhabitants, in the several RIDE OF EIGHT HUNDRED MILES IN

States. FRANCE. Second Edition. Price 2s. 6d.


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also on


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Just published, price 12s.

just been completed by Messrs. ADAMS, GEOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY for the relies of this disease, which far sup. OF ENGLAND AND WALES; passes every other invemion yet offered to th:

public, and should be known to every indi

vidual'afflicted with the above distressing comThe names, in Alphahetical Order, of all the plaint. This TRUSS possesses the peculiar Counties, with their several Subdivisions, I advantage of giving the most effectual secuinto Hundreds, Lathes, Rapes, Wapen-rity during the greatest exertion, and of takes, Wards, or Divisions; and an AC- affording ease and safety in the periods of count of the Distribution of the Counties relaxation from exercise. Its pressure may into Circuits, Dioceses, and Parliamentary be increased or diminished in a moment, to Divisions.

any degree required, without the removal of ALSO,

the Truss, or its wearer even rising fr his The names (under that of each County re. seat-advantages never before possessed by

spectively), in Alphabetical Order, of all any other Truss. Testimonials of its merits the Cities, Borougtis, Market Towns, Vil- from the bighest surgical authorities may be lages, Hamlets, and Titbings, with the seen. Distance of each from Londou, or from the

Mavufactured and sold by S. T. ad C. nearest Market Town, and with the Popu- Adams, Oldbury, near Birmingham, od by lation, and other interesting particulars appointment by Mr. J. Read, Inventor of the relating to each; besides which there are

Stomach Pump, &c. 35, Regent Circus, Picca

dilly, London. MAPS;

A GENTACEMA Ned about hoitaars, oferecer local situation of the Counties relatively to

with Building, Roadeach other; and, then, each County is also inaking, and the managemeut of Land, and preceded by a Map, showing, in the same Property geverally, is desirous of a SITUAmanner, the local situation of the Cities, TION as Agent, Steward, or Overlooker, in Boroughs, and Market Towas.

either of the above departments, and can give

unexceptionable references. FOUR TABLES

Apply to W.W., Register Office, Bolt Court,

post paid. Are added ; first, a Statistical Table of all the

Counties, and then three Tables, showing the new Divisions and Distributions enacted

CHEAP CLOTHING!! by the Reform-Law of 4th June, 1832.

SWAIN AND CO., Tailors, &c.,

93, Fleet-STREET,

(Near the new opening to St. Bride's Church,) Ches TOPBETT'S MAGAZINE, a Monthly

Review of Politics, History, Science, EG to present to the notice of the Public Literature, Arts, &c. &c. published 1. March. the List of Prices which they charge The Contents of the Number for this Month for Gentlemen's Clothing. are as follows:-). Fine Arts-No. 1. Of the National Gallery of the Pictures by the Great Masters.-2. Reminiscences of a Tailor.-3. A Suit of Superfine Clothes

4 14 6 The Apology of a Parisian Girl.-4. Divarication of the New Testament, into Doctrine and

Ditto, Black or Blue....

5 5 0 History.—5. Sonnet to Music.-6. Origin of Plain Silk Waistcoats

Ditto, Best Saxony

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published by him, at Il, Bolt court, Fleet street.



Vol.79.- No. 11.]


[Price Is. 24.


of PEEL'S-BILL-Peel and his associates. There was still left a deal of room for talking; a monstrous latitude for occupying the time of the House in talking about these petitions. I therefore proposed that which I thought common

dictated; namely, to have all the petitions presented to the House, the Speaker being in the chair ; to have them read at full length, either

by the member presenting them, or STATE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS. by the clerk at the table, whose voice

is quite sufficient for the purpose. To Bolt-court, 12. March, 1833. have no speaking upon them at all, but, In this crisis of the country's affairs, to let the people be heard for themthe best thing that one can do, is, to selves upon their own words; then, to give an account of what has been done, have all the petitions printed at full and is doing, in the Parliament ; for, it length; so that the people might know is there, and there only, that great good that their petitions had been read, in or great mischief can be done. My the first place, and then put upon record readers have been before informed of by the House, the expense of printing the rules and regulations adopted with being a mere trifle; and be it what it regard to the receiving and disposing might, an expense falling upon the of petitions on public subjects. The people, and one which they would not petitions have come to me so numerous, grudge for their own sakes. Several that it was necessary to adopt some gentlemen, amongst whom were two new regulation with regard to the re- or three of the young lords, Mr. PALMER, ceiving and the recording of them. The Member for Berkshire, and others, were nieasure which has been adopted, con- of my opinion. They thought, as I sists, first, of holding a session from thought, that it would save a great deal twelve o'clock to one (on days when of time, and give perfect satisfaction to there is no election-ballot) on every day the petitioners, which were two ends in the week except Saturday and Wed- very desirable to be answered. This nesday, for the purpose of receiving was not acceded to by the King's serpetitions. It was proposed, in order to vants, and was not brought to be a quesprevent a monstrous waste of time, that tion on which for the House to divide e; the petitions should not warrant any so that the regulation above-mentioned making of speeches upon them more still remains ; that is to say, each petithan once on the part of any one mem- tion is to be submitted to the comber; that they should, when received, mittee aforementioned, who are to debe referred to a select committee, con termine upon the printing or not printsisting of Sir ROBERT Peel, Sir Robert ing of it, and every member present Inglis, Sir EDWARD KNATCHBULL, and may, if he pleases, make one speech that prime Member, Colonel Davies, upon the presenting of every petition. and seven others, to determine what I am satisfied that a large part of the parts of any petition should be printed, petitions never can be presented at all if and what parts not. This appeared to this regulation continues, and if my prome to be a sad jumble; and, particu- position be not adopted. However, larly, I objected, and do still object, to such is the regulation at present in the placing of these petitions, with re- force; and there is another very imgard to the printing, at the absolute will portant rule introduced which my read



ers who are disposed to send petitions, and heavy taxation ; of the want of freeought to attend to; that is to say, the dom at elections; of the possession of rule which directs in what order mem- the property granted to the aristocracy bers are to come forward with their pe- at the time of the Reformation ; of the titions ; for instance, until now, the injustice of the corn-laws ; of the injuscustom has been, that those persons tice and cruelty of Sturges Bourne's who had petitions to present, or other Bills, by which the petitions allege, that affairs to bring forward de novo, or ori- the rich throw the parish laxation upon ginally, should go down and be present the industrious classes : of the overin the House at ten o'clock, put their working of poor children in the factonames down on little slips of paper, see ries ; of the abuses and the existence of these put into a glass, see them taken the established church in Ireland ; of the out by the clerk, and see their names abuses in the administering of the laws; written down upon a list in the order in of the existence of so many bishops in which they come out of the glass; then, England; of the injustice of prosecuting when the Speaker came, he took the list, men for publishing truth, and calling it and called upon the members whose a libel ; on the persecution of men for names were on it, in the order in which their religious opinions ; on the extraore he found them. Instead of pursuing dinary

adopted towards that course still, the rule now is, that all Richard Carlile ; on these, and on the members shall, whenever they many other subjects, I have been like, put their names upon a list, with honoured by having very able and out any ballotting, to be called on by the very reasonable petitions committed Speaker, from the first to the last as they to my charge; but, as the petitioners stand upon the list. In consequence of will perceive, I have been precluded this new regulation, of which I was not up to this time, by the rules adopted apprized for some time, I stood number by the House from presenting 128. So that I could present no peti- them; and I trust that the petitioners tions for a great many days, though I will give me full credit for feeling as had a great load in my hands. Then, it much anxiety upon the subject as they was agreed, that for Friday last, and possibly can feel themselves. Monday last, no petitions should be aware of the vast importance of not presented but those which related to the chipping away the great right of petibill which substitutes courts-martial in- tion. I am aware that if this great stead of judges and juries in Ireland. right be undermined, or in any manner Several of the members who stood be- done away with, general convulsion fore me on the list, had none of these to must be the consequence.

If men be present; so that the turn reached me on heard patiently, and have their words Friday, but it reached me after the clock put upon record, they will repay had struck three ; so that I had to begin that patience with patience of their with my thirty petitions (of which I will own; they will wait ; they will enterspeak more particularly by-and-by), and tain hope ;- but, if that be taken away, therefore I had the whole of the three they will see that there is no redress hours before me, if I had chosen to oc- except in a resort to such means as I cupy the whole time.

trust there will not come, after all, any My readers will perceive, and I beg necessity for resorting to. those who have sent petitions to me

On Monday, the eleventh, I went upon other subjects, to observe it well, loaded to the House with my thirty pethat I have been thus absolutely ex-titions, which were as follows: cluded from the possibility of discharg- No. 1. “ From the undersigned meming my duty towards them so soon as I “bers of the working classes of could have wished. I have petitions in “ Godalming and Guildford, praygreat numbers, relating to great griev- "ing relief from taxation, particuances of various descriptions; to alleged larly in the articles of malt, bops, misconduct of magistrates ; of partial " and soap. And also praying the

I am

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