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thing in it that we can object to. If ride; and when the rider gets off,
objection ever be, motive in the writer not“ a tie” of any kind is needed, with
is, at all events, never questioned by the this nag, who is so well broken in to
reader. There is no affectation to be his business as to be safely let loose till
seen in it, nor any half-hidden false- the next cavalier is astride.
hoods giving rise to suspicion.


Good or bad, you have nothing origiThis is the high-Tory paper. We are, nal here. Observe the sexflua flumina nevertheless, not without a liking for of the Times for one week through, look the Standard, because its readers find in in the waters of each murky stream, it what everybody likes, a great deal of take notice of the objects borne alung in cleverness. The editor has too much the morning's fiond, turgid yyith what sense to employ it as he does, and be, the elements of mischief have contriat the same time, sincere : it is appa

buted to it during the preceding night; rent, that his real convictions are, upon turn to the Globe of each evening folmost points of importance, pretty nearly lowing, and you will see that this is, at the very reverse of what he says.

The best, but a branch of the great overStandurd's writing is not, as some think, swollen river. But satius est fontes of a merely superficial order, and he is, petere quum sectari rivulus” is a good certainly, the most generally engaging, maxiın ; if you must watch any such the most straight to the mark, spright- dirty waters at all, you may as well conly, and humorous, of them all. In the fine your inspection altogether to those race be undertakes to run, he is, now of the one they first come from. The and then, necessarily driven to make Globe, then, is the same, only in a smal. desperate bolts from the course which ler way, as the Times.

The contents true logic marks out. We have often of its cup are derived from the dregs of laughed to see him when he is obliged the other one's urn ; its bowl-dish is to take notice of a sound argument with filled by a shake-up of his bucket. which he would fain have nothing to do. Pinched between the strict parallels of a syllogism, like a dog with a cleft stick,

From the LONDON GAZETTE, he does not, however, run off as common curs do in such cases, but ma

FRIDAY, FEB. 22, 1833. nages to claim some honour from the

INSOLVENT. disgrace by the sportive mode in which GARLAND, GEORGE, Petworth, Sussex, he deals with his difficulty. The innkeeper. Standard, moreover, is endowed with

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. one negative blessing, which, now-adays, is a great one. He never wears MYERS, MYER, Birmingham, factor. out your patience before he has disposed WRIGHT, JOHN, Liverpool, silk mercer. of the subject to which he draws your

BANKRUPTS. attention ; never has a dull article.

CLARK, W. A., Bishopsgate-street, wineTHE COURIER.


EVANS, J., Haverfordwest, baker. you

would know what ability and JAMES, T., otherwise ROLLAND, Walcot, what views are to be found in the Cou- Somersetshire, letter of horses and gigs. rier, you have but to consider what are MAY, G., Evesham, Worcestershire, bookthose of the existing government itself. NEWBOLD, W., Birmingham, leather-seller, If you are acquainted with the latter, you PIERCY, E., Titchborve-street, Gulden-sq., need not look into the Courier to see what that paper is. This is the hack, RICH, G., Curzon-street, May-fair, tailor. which each succeeding administration SANDERS,'s., Tutuess, Devonshire, coachbridles and saddles at its own conve- builder. nience, and with which each has “ a SIMSON, J.M., Frating, Essex, cattle-jobber,



WINGFIELD, E. J., Pontypool, Monmouth. Peas heavy sale; boilers at a decline of shire, tavern-keeper.

1s. aod Maple at ls. to 2s. per quarter.

In Flour Do alteration. The principal TUESDAY, Feb. 26, 1633.

country markets, by the advices received this

morning, appeared to bave assumed a firmer BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED.

tove, and although an immediate improve." LEADBEATER, J. and J. BARLOW, Man- ment was not anticipated, yet in many inchester, cabinet-makers.

stances the prevailing opinion seemed to be, WOOLBERT,J.H., Russell-square, jeweller. that the quotations have attained their mi



54s. to 60s. BENNETT, E., Merstham, Surrey, smith. Rye....

...................... 32s. to 34s BROWN, C., Brigys, Lincolnsbire, cheinist. Barley

21s. to 23s. CARDWELL, T., Manchester, merchant.


30s. to 32s, CLARKE, W., Worcestershire, builder. Peas, White

30s. to 34s, DEFFURN, T., Soho, corn-dealer.


36s. to 40s. GALGER, J., Beaminster, Dorsetshire, grocer.


30s. to 34s, GREAVES, H., Leicester, grocer.

Beans, Small

-S, to -8, GREENLEY, D. jun., Goswell-st, victualler.


28s. to 30s. GUNNING, W.B., Egham, Surrey, bricklayer.

Oats, Scotch Potato

22s. to 24s, HARRISON, J. S., Bath, picture-dealer.


13s. to 185. LOCKIER, D., Brighton, victualler.

Flour, per sack ............

48s, to 50s. MUCKLOW, J., Birmingham, stamper.

PROVISIONS. PINE, J., jun , Devonport, victualler. TINSLAY, G., Portman-square, victualler. Bacon, Middles, new, -5. to -S. per cwt. TOPHAM, R., Dock-bead, Bermondsey, li

Sides, new...-s. to —S. nen-draper.

Pork, India, pew....

125s. Od. to -5. WHITE, G. N., Albany-road, coal-merchant. Mess, new ...72s. 6d. to -s. per barl.

Butter, Belfast ...80s. to 82s. per cwt. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATION.


.....76s. to 86s.

Cork ......75s. to 78s.
STEPHEN, G., Dundee, ironmonger.

Limerick .. 755. to 76s.
Waterford..68s, to 76s.


....68s. to 78s.

Cheese, Cheshire....54s. to 74s. MARK-Lane, CORN-EXCHANGE, Feb. 25.

Gloucester, Double..50s. to 62s. The supplies of Wheat from Kent and Essex,

Gloucester, Single. .. 48s, to 525. and especially from Suffolk, were moderate,


40s. to 48s. although the stands were tolerably well filled,


40s. to 48s. owing to the samples that had come to hand Hams, Irish....

......50s. to 60s. duriog Friday and Saturday. The quality of many of the runs were damp and rough, particularly those from Essex. Fine descriptions continued scarce, and were in demand at

SMITHFIELD.-Feb. 25. fully Munday's currency. All secundary par. cels, and those out of condition, were difficult This day's supply of Beasts was, for that of to quit, though they might have been pur- a Lent Monday, moderately good; but the chased on lower terms, and at the termination supply of sheep, Calves, and Purkers was liof the market only a limited clearance had mited. Trade, owing to advanced prices being been effected. Old Wheats, both English and pretty generally and stiffly demauded, was, Foreign, met with inquiry, and were firm at libroughout, very dull. With Beef and Mutton former rates. In bouded Corn po business at an advance of 2d.; Veal at a depression of transacted.

from 4d. to 6d. per stone; with Pörk at FriThe show of barley, with the addition of day's quotations. last week's arrivals added to this morning's About two fifths of the Beasts appeared to supplies, was large. Fue bright qualities be Scots and Norfolk home-breds, chiefly from were in request at the top quotations, but Norfolk, with a few from Essex, Suffolk, and stained descriptions as well as distilling and Cambridgeshire; about one-fifth short-horus grinding lots, hung very heavily on hand, and Oxen and Steers, with a few short-borned were almost nominal in value.

Cows and Heifers, principally from LincolnMalt sustained no improvement either in shire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire; demand or price.

and the remaining fifth about equal numbers The receipts of Oats since Friday have been of Devons and Welsh runts, with, perhaps, large. The article experienced a slow, dull about 100 Herefords, mostly from the western sale, at rather worse prices than this day week. and midland districts : with about 100 Susses

Beans were in good supply, and extremely Beasts, as many Towu's.end Cows, a few dull, and full ls, cheaper than on Monday, Staffords, &c.


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A full moiety of the sbeep were new Lei- 5. The ENGLISH GARDENER; or, cesters, of the South Downs and white-faced a Treatise on the situation, soil, enclosing and crosses, in the proportion of about two of the laying out, of Kitchen Gardens; on the makformer to five of the latter; about an eighth ing and managing of Hot-beds and GreenSouth Downs, and the remaining three houses, and on the propagation and cultiva. eighths, about equal numbers of pulled Nortion of all sorts of Kitchen Garden Plants, and folks, Kents, Keotish half. breds, old Leices- of Fruit Trees, whether of the Garden or the ters, and old Lincolos; with a few pens of

Orchard. horned Norfolks, horned and polled Scotch Shrubberies and Flower Gardens. Price 6s.

And also, 'on the formation of and Welch sheep, horned Dorsets, &c.

Beasts, 2,522 ; sheep, 13,880; calves, 96; 6. THE WOODLANDS; or, a Treapigs, 110.

tise on the preparing of the ground for plant

ing; on the planting, on the cultivating, on MARK-LANE.-Friday, March 1. the pruning, and on the cutting down, of Fo

rest Trees and Uuderwoods. Price 14s. bound The arrivals this week are moderate. The in boards. prices remain the same as on Monday, with but little business doing.


RICA.—The Price of this book, in good print THE FUNDS.

and on fine paper, is 5s.

Thur. 3 per Cent.

Fri. Sat. Mon. Tues. Wed.| 8. FRENCH GRAMMAR; or, Plain Cons. Aun. 878 877 871 874) 871 874 Instructions for the Learning of French. Price

bound in boards, 5s.


this Work professedly for the use of the laCOBBETT-LIBRARY.

bouring and middling classes of the English

nation. I made myself acquainted with the New Edition.

best and simplest modes of making beer and

bread, and these I made it as plain as, I believe, COBBETT'S Spelling-Book words could make it. Also of the keeping of (Price 2s.)

Cows, Pigs, Bees, and Poultry, matters which

I understood as well as any body could, and Containing, besides all the usual matter of in all their details. It includes my writings such a book, a clear and concise

also on the Straw. Plait. A L'uodecimo Vo


10. POOR MAN'S FRIEND. A new This I have written by way of edition. Price 8d. A Stepping-Stone to my own


By William Cobbett, Juni, Student of Lin

colo's Inn. Price 3s. 6d. boards. such a thing having been frequently suggested to me by Teachers as necessary.

12. ROMAN HISTORY, French and

English, intended, not only as a History for 1. ENGLISH GRAMMAR.Of this Young People to read, but as a Book of Exerwork sixty thousand copies have now been cises to accompany my French Grammar. published. This is a duodecimo volume, and Two Volumes. Price 13s. in boards. the price is 3s. bound in boards.


FRANCE. Second Edition. Price 2s. 6d. and Compendious Introduction to the Study of Italian Price 6s.

14. MARTENS'S LAW OF NA3. TULL'S HORSE-HOEING TIONS.—This is the Book which was the HUSBANDRY; or, a Treatise on the Prin- foundation of all the knowledge that I liave ciples of Tillage and Vegetation. With an In- ever possessed relative to public law. The troduction, by Wm. COBBETT. 8vo. Price 15s. Price is 17s., and the manner of its execution is 4. THE EMIGRANT'S GUIDE,

I think, such as to make it fit for the Library

of any Gentleman. Just now Published, under this Title, a little Volume, containing Ten Letters, addressed to 15. PAPER AGAINST GOLD; or, English Tax-payers. A new edition, with a the History and Mystery of the National Debt, Postscript, containing an account of the Prices the Bank of England, the Funds, and all the of Houses and Land, recently obtained from Trickery of Paper Money. The Price of this America by Mr. Cobbett. Price 25. 6d. in bds. book, very nicely printed, is 5s.

16. SERMONS. There are twelve of IMPORTANT INVENTION. je: 1. Hypocrisy and Cruelty; 2. Drunken: J. Roblemele Gentlemen tehet veteri ness ; 3. Bribery ; 4. Oppression ; 5. Unjust wary Profession, and every person engaged in Judges ; 6. The Sluggard; 7. The Murderer ; the breeding and rearing of cattle, to the 8. The Gamester ; 9. Puhlic Robbery; 10. The inspection of the Instruments lately invented Uunatural Mother ; 11. The Sin of Forbidding for the relief of the Apinial Species, never beMarriage ; 12. Ou the Duties of Parsons, and fore offered to the public; viz. a hollow proou the Institutiou and Object of Tithes. Price bang, with stillet, being a safe and sure re3s. 6d. bound in boards.

medy for choked or hoven bullocks or sheep; A Thirteenth Sermon, entitled “GOOD

a flexible tube and stillet, by wbich a driok or FRIDAY; or, The Murder of Jesus Christ any quantity of Auid may be safely passed by the Jews." Price 6d.

into the stomach of the burse; a flexible ca. theter, which admits of being easily passed

into the bladder of a gelding without cutting, COM JOBBETT'S MAGAZINE, a Monthly and in cases of inflammation or retention of

Review of Politics, History, Science, urine, duids may be injected into the bladder, Literature, Arts, &c. &c. published 1. March. or withdrawn from it, with the greatest faciThe Coutents of the Number for this Month lity; also a flexible tube to administer clysters are as follows:-). Fine Arts-No. l. Of the in cases of gripes, obstruction of the bowels, National Gallery of the Pictures by the Great &c.; also for sporting dogs. All the above Masters.-2. Reminiscences of a Tailor.-3. operations may be performed with READ'S The Apology of a Parisian Girl.-4. Divarica- PATENT VETERINARY SYRINGE, which tion of the

New Testament, into Doctrine and has been tried by several eminent Veterinary History.--5. Sonnet to Music.-6. Origin of Practitioners, who pronounce it to be the best the Marseillaise Hymn.—7. Political Ethics instrument of the kind ever offered to the -Mustard or Honey.-8. Change in the Public. Times.-9. Taxes on Knowledge.-10. Lite. Manufactured and sold by John Read, larary Puffing.–11. Parliamentary Privileges strument Maker to his Majesty, 25, Regent Freedom from Arrest.-12. Purtraits of the Circus, Piccadilly, Senate, No. II.-13. Song.-14. Song.-15. Scenes in the Sister Island, No. II.-16. Pa. triotism-No. II.-17. Seneca's Ideas of BookLearding.-18. The Bank and its Charter.

CHEAP CLOTHING!! 18. Monuments.-20. Ireland.-21. New Publications.-22. Events of the Month, Public SWAIN AND CO., Tailors, &c., Documents, &c.—23. Important from Charles.

FLEET-STREET, ton.-24. The Markets.

Published at No. 11, Bolt-court, Fleet. (Near the new opening to St. Bride's Church,) street ; and by Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange. To be had of all Newsmen and Book- BE

EG to present to the notice of the Public sellers the

the List of Prices which they charge for Gentlemen's Clothing.



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A Suit of Superfine Clothes

4 14 6

5 5 BRANCER, for 1833, published on the Ditto, Best Saxony

5 15 6 Ist of November last, contained an Exposition Plain Silk Waistcoats

16 of the State of the Stamp Laws, detailing the

Figured' ditto ditto

18 0 inequalities in the Tables of Duties payable on Valencia ditto

12 0 various instruments. London : published by Dunn & Son, No. 9, A Plain Suit of Livery

1 80

Barogau Shooting Jackets Fleet Street, price 3s., half-bound, 3s. 6d.

N. B. The printed information may be ob- Ladies' HABITS AND Pelisses, and Chiltained, without the Diary, price 1s.

DREN's Dresses, equally cheap; in the manufacture of which they are not surpassed at the West-end of the Town.


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I recommend Messrs. Swain and Co. cations for Agencies for the sale of the as very good and punctual tradesmen, Packet Teas of this Establishment, continue whom I have long employed with great to be received from the towns and villages of satisfaction.

WM. COBBETT. the United Kingdom, by all varieties of trades, addressed to No.9, Great St. Heleu's, Bishopsgate Street, London. CHARLES HANCOCK, Secretary.

Printed by William Cobbett, Johnson's-court: and

published by him, at 11, Bolt court, Fleet street.


VOL. 79.–No. 10.)

LONDON, SATURDAY, March 9TH, 1633.

[Price Is. 2d.


it was clear to me that they would be joined, upon the very first division, by the Tories ; that henceforth these would become one consolidated faction ; that there would not be above from twenty to fifty men, to make a stand against this united body; but that, if the people did their duty; if they were vigiJant, really active, always ready to come to the support of that thirty, forty, or fifty men, those men would finally

prevail, and obtain justice for the people, READERS OF THE REGISTER. without convulsion and confusion.

What I foretold has happened thus Bolt-court, 3. March, 1833.

far. The two factions have united.; MY FRIENDS,

and all the other circumstances, calling The first thing necessary to be done for the exertions of the people have by me is, to continue and to complete, arisen, and are now staring that people as far as I can at present, the instruc- in the face. tions, or rather the advice which it is my I shall here say nothing about the redduty to tender to those who are disposed coat-tribunal bill, which is now before to listen to that advice. From the mo- the House of Commons, that being a subment that the Reform Bill was passed, ject to be discussed elsewhere; but I call until the very hour of my entering into the attention of my readers to a subject the House of Commons, I constantly which, eventually, they will find to be was endeavouring to implant in the of even greater importance than this ; minds of my readers the important namely, the subject of TAXATION. truth, that all my efforts, and all the This is the pivot on which every thing efforts of others who might be disposed will turn. Here it is that every memto co-operate with me, for the purpose ber will be brought to the test. And, of obtaining justice for the people; that due respect for that body to which I all these efforts, however well directed, myself now belong, as well as that jushow clearly soever founded in truth, tice which dictates to me not to take and having the safety and honour of advantage of my having this publication the country in their eye ; that all these at my command; these circumstances efforts would be of no avail, unless the bid nie express my hope, or, at least, enemies of justice saw that we had the my own anxious wish, that all the memmain body of the people clearly and hers of the House of Commons may unequivocally on our side. I call to come out of the trial, which that test witness the thousands who heard me will produce, with honour to themselves last fall, from Brading in the Isle of and satisfaction to their constituents ; Wight, to Dunfermline in the county of and, in order to enable them to come

I call these thousands to bear to a just decision upon the matter, no witness, that I told them that the Re-pains have been, and no pains will be, form Bill was, of itself, nothing worth ; spared by me. that the reform was now to be made ; This is so very important a matter, that the burdens were to be taken from that I will,,even here, give a little acthe backs of the people; that my opi. count of what has been done thus far, nion was, that the present Ministers were and of what I intend to do with regard determined not to take one ounce of "o it. My readers well know, that I these burdens from those backs; that have brought before the House, the


Fife ;

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