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people, and to ease them of their bur- | A BILL, INTITULED, AN ACT FOR THE dens. It is as easy to send a short pe- MORE EFFECTUAL SUPPRESSION OF tition as it is to send a letter; and LOCAL DISTURBANCES AND DANI do beseech my readers to remember GEROUS ASSOCIATIONS IN IRELAND. that it would be unjust to compel me to Whereas, there is now prevalent in certain pay taxes for the receiving of letters on parts of Ireland, a dangerous conspiracy the business of the people.

agaiost the rights of property and the admi

nistration of the laws, which has been maui. With regard to the business before fested, as well by open and daring outrages the House, the bill for red-coat juris- against the persons and property of bis Maprudence engrosses every one's attention jesty's peaceable subjects, as by tumultuous at present, and will continue to do so for movements of large bodies of evil-disposed a week or two to come; but, while that lence created such general alarm and intimi.

persons, who have by their numbers and vioaffair is going on, the petitioning dation as materially to impede the due course Parliament is by no means to be over- of public justice, and to frustrate the ordinary looked; and again I recommend to my

modes of criminal prosecution : readers to consider what I have said blies, inconsistent with the public peace and

And whereas divers meetings and assem. about the evening papers ; for observe, safety, and with the exercise of regular go, though Sir Robert Peel, Sir Robert In- veroment, have for some time past beeu beld glis, Sir Edward Knatchbull, Sir Rich. In Ireland: And whereas, the laws now in Vyvyan and Co., may not order peti- have been found inadequate to the prompt and

force in that part of the United Kingdom, tions to be printed, we may have them effectual suppression of the said mischiefs

, printed in the evening papers on the and the interposition of Parliament is necesvery day on which they are presented. sary for the purpose of checking the further

of the same : Now, pray, mark this : and it shall progress


Be it therefore enacted, by the King's most hard, if in all England, Ireland, and Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice Scotland, we do not get some good and consent of the Lords spiritual and tempo. and sensible and able petitions; and ral, and Commons, in this present Parliament some good speeches made upon them assembled, and by the authority of the same,

ful for the Lordtoo : some good plain sense in good Lieutenant or other chief governor or gover. plaiu words.

pors of Ireland, at any time after the passing WM. COBBETT. of this act, and from time to time during the

continuance thereof, as occasion may require, by his or their order, to prohibit or suppress The meeting of any association, assembly, or body of persons in Ireland, which he or they

shall deem to be dangerous to the public peace I insert below the red-coat juris- of safety, or inconsistent with the due admiprudence bill, just as it came from

the Distration of the law, and by the same or any

other order also to prohibit every or any ad. Lords; and I beseech my readers to journed, renewed, or otherwise continued peruse every word of it with attention. meeting of the same, or of any part thereof

, I insert also some extracts from the under any name, pretext, shift or device whatMonthly Magazine of my sons, which soever; and that every meeting of any asso


ciation, assembly, or body of persons, the I have never noticed before; not meeting whereof shall be so because it was uninteresting to me, suppressed as aforesaid, and every postponed; but because I have not had time adjourned, renewed or otherwise continued to look at it until now. If written

meeting thereof, under any pame, pretext,

shist or device whatsoever, shall be and be by anybody else, I should speak of deemed an unlawful assembly; and every it with admiration; and there is no person present at the same shall be deemed reason why I should not do it in their guilty of a misdemeanour, and every such case, as well as in the case of others. offence committed within any district proThe first article which I have extracted, cognizable by any court appointed as herein

claimed in pursuance of this act, shall be is, I think, the very best piece of criti- after mentioned, and if not committed within cism I ever read in my life, accompa. any such district, shall be tried and punished nied with sentiments the most just, and according to the course of the common law. expressed in language as correct and justices of the peace shall and may presa

Aud be it enacted, that any two or more unaffected as language can be.

ceed, with such assistance as shall be pecese

may be la

prohibited or

is to say ;

sary, to any house, room, or place whatever, be in such a state of disturbadce and insuwhere any such justices shall have good reason bordination as to require the application of the to believe, from information on vaih, that any provision of this act, and such county, association, assembly, or meeting of persons, county of a city, or county of a town, or any whereof the meeting shall have been so pro- portion thereof respectively, shall be deemed bibited, is held, and shall and may, in case and taken to be a proclaimed district within they shall be refused admission, euter therein the meaning of this act. by force; and one of the said justices, or some And be it enacted, that every such procla. other person by his order, shall then and mation shall warn the iuhabitants of every there read or repeat aloud to the persons so such county, county of a city, county of a assembled, a command or notice to disperse, town, or part thereof, as shall be so proin the words or to the effect following; that claimed, to abstain froin all seditious and

other unlawful assemblies, processions, cun“ Our Sovereign Lord the King chargeth and federacies, meetings, and associations, and to

commandeth all persons being assembled, be aud remain within their respective habita-
immediately to disperse and peaceably tó tivns at all hours between sun-set and sun-
deparı, upon the pains contained in the ise, from and after such day as shall be named
act made in the third year of the reigo of therein for that purpose.
King William the Fourth, for the more

And be it enacted, that every county, county effectual suppression of local Disturbances of a city, county of a town, or part thereof and dangerous Associations in Ireland : " respectively, so proclaimed, shall be consider

ed to all intents and purposes as a proclaimed And in case any of the persons so met or district within this act, from the day on which assembled together shall not disperse and such proclamation shall be published within depart within the space of one quarter of an such proclaimed district, hy affixing a copy hour from the time of such notice or command thereof on some public place within the same being given, it shall be lawful for the same or district. any two of the same justices of the peace And be it enacted, that when any such prothen present to cause the person or persons soclamation shall bave been issued, all justices, refusiog or neglecting to disperse or depart, constables, peace officers, and others to whom to be apprehended and brought before them, the execution of the process of law may proor in case such persou or persons cannot then perly belong, and also all commissioned officers be apprehended, such person or persons may commauding his Majesty's forces in Ireland, be afterwards apprehended by a warrant for or any part thereof, and such other persons as that purpose to be granted by any two justices such Lord-Lieutenant or other chief goof the peace within whose jurisdiction such vernor or governors of Ireland shall think fit unlawful association, assembly, or ineeting to authorise in that behalf, shall and each of shall have been held, and such offender or them is hereby required and enjoined to take offenders shall be thereu on proceeded against the most vigorous and effectual measures for in a summary way for such offence before any suppressing insurrectionary and other diss two justices of the peace, who are hereby au- turbances and outrages in any part of Ireland thorised to convict such offender, either on the which may be specified in such proclamation view of one of the said convictioy justices, or respectively, and to search for, arrest, and deon the confession of such offender, or on the tain for trial under the act, every person who oath of one or more credible witness or wit- shall be charged with any offence which by nesses, and thereupon to commit the person so the provisions of this act may be cogoizable couvicted to any one of his Majesty's common hy or before any court hereinafter empowered jails or prisons in Ireland for the terın of three and authorised to try such offence. calendar moliths, and for a second or any And be it enacted, that the production of subsequent offence for the term of oue whole the Dublin Gazette, containing the publicayear.

tion of any proclamation or order under this And be it enacted, that where any person act, shall in all proceedings, civil and crishall be prosecuted by indictment for any such minal, be received and deemed conclusive misdemeanour as aforesaid, such person shall evidence of the issuing and of the contents of plead to such indictment furthwith, so that the proclamation or order so published. ihe trial thereof may not be delayed or post- And be it enacted, that po meeting of any poned to any subsequent term or session of assembly, association, or body of persons shall the court in wbich such trial is to take place. be held in any district proclaimed under this

And be it enacted, that it shall and may be act, for the purpose or under the pretence of lawful for the Lord-Lieutenant or other chief petitioning Parliament, or discussing or deligovernor or governors of Ireland, with the ad- berating on or respecting the subject of any vice of his Majesty's I'rivy Council in Ireland, alleged public grievance, or any matter in at any time after the passing of this act, and church or state, unless a written notice, specifrom time to time during the continuauce fying the purpose of the intended meeting of thereof, as occasiou may require, to issue his such association, assembly, or body of peror their proclamation declaring any county, sons, and stating the day, bour, and place at county of a city, or county of a town in Ire which the same shall be proposed to be land, or any portion thereof respectively, to holdeu, shall have been given ten days at least previous to the day stated in such notice, allowed to examine and cross-examine witto the chief-secretary of the Lord-Lieutenant uesses as in courts of law: or other chief governor or governors of Ire- And be it enacted, that the Lord-Lieutenant laod, or, in case of his absence, to his under or other chief governor or governors of Iresecretary, and the consent in writing of such land shall nomiuate and appoint one of his Lord-Lieutenant or other chief governor or Majesty's sergeants at law, or counsel learned governors for holding such meeting, signified in the law, to act at every such court-martial; by such chief or under secretary, shall be ob- and such sergeant or King's counsel shall be tained; aud every meeting of any associatino, and be deemed to be a judge advocate at and assembly, or body of persons which shall be for the purposes of such court-martial, and bolden for such purposes, and under such pre- shall have all the powers and authorities, and texts, or any of them, in any district proclaim- perform all the duties and functions, which ed under this act, without such previous do- any judge advocate may or ought, in case of tice and cousent as aforesaid, shall be deemed any court-martial, to possess, execute and to be an unlawful assembly ; and every per- discharge. son present at the same shall upon convic- And be it enacted, that the persons so contion, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanour. stituted and appointed members of such courtsand shall be liable to be tried, convicted, and martial shall, instead of any oath or waths now punished by and before any court acting under usually taken by members of courts-martial, the authority of this act.

take the oath following: that is to say ; And for the speedy and effectual trial and punishment of the several offences mentioned

“ I, A. B. do swear, that I will well and truly or referred to in this act; be it enacted, that

try and determine the matter before me acit shall and may be lawful for the Lord. Lieu

cording to the evidence ; tbat I will faithtenant or other chief governor or governors of

fully and justly exercise all powers and Ireland, and any person by him or them July

authorities conferred upon me by an act authorised, from time to time, by warrant or

passed in the third year of the reign of King warrants for that purpose under his or their

William the Fourth, intituled (here set forth signature or signatures, to commission any

the title of this act]; that I will not divulgo officer or officers of his Majesty's regular

the sentence of the court until it shall be forces, not being under the degree of a field

approved by the Lord-Lieutenant or other officer, to convece, assemble and hold general

chief governor or governors of Ireland, or courts-martial within any district or districts by some person duly authorised by bim or proclaimed according to the provisions of this

them; and that I will not upon any account act, for the trial of such persons charged with

at any time whatsoever disclose or discover offences within such district as any of such

the vote or opinion of any particular memcourts-martial shall be directed by any war

ber of the court-martial, upless required to rapt or order of the Lord-Lieutenaut or other

give evidence thereof as a witness by a court chief governor or governors of Ireland, or

of justice or a court-martial in due course

of law." other persons duly authorised by him or them,

And so soon as the said oath shall have been Avd be it further enacted, that such court- administered to the respective menibers of the martial so constituted and appointed shall said court hy the person by this act authorised consist of any number of officers of his Ma- to act as judge advocate, and which oath the jesty's regular forces, not less than five nor said person so authorised is hereby empowered exceeding nine, and shall have all powers and to administer, then the president of the said authorities incident to any courts-martial, and court is hereby authorised and required to ad. also every power, right, jurisdiction and minister to the person so appointed to act as anthority by law appertaining to any court of judge advocale as aforesaid an oath in the oyer and terminer, gaol delivery or sessions following words ; that is to say ; of the peace, as far as such power, right, juris

" I diction and authority may be applicable to

do swear, that I will faithfully the proceedings of such courts-martial, which

and justly exercise all puwers and authori

ties conferred upou me hy an act passed ia proceedings shall be conducted according to

the third year of the reigo of King William the manner of proceeding used by courts-martial holden under the provisions of the act for

the Fourth, intituled (here set forth the

title of this act] ; and that I will not, upon punishing mutiny and desertion, unless in so far as otherwise directed by this act : provided

any account, at any time whatsoever, always, that no officer shall be appointed to

disclose or discover the vote or opiserve on any such court-martial to be con

nion of any particular member of the courtyened under this act, who shall not have at

martial, unless required to give evidence tained the age of twenty-one years, and who

thereof as a witness by a court of justice or shall not have served for two years as a con

a court- martial, in a due course of law. missionrd officer in his Majesty's army ; aud

Se help me GOD." provided also, that no officer below the rank And be it further enacted, that the Lordof a field officer sh dl be the president of such Lieutenant or other chief governor or govern, court-martial : provided also, that, on trials ors of Ireland, or other person duly authorised before such courts-martial, counsel shall be by him or them, is and are hereby empowered

to try.

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the peace.

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any offence

to order that every person charged with any the fiftieth year of the same reign, intituled, of the offences hereinafter mentioned or re- “An Act for the more effectually preventing ferred to may be, and such persons shall be the administering and taking of unlawful summarily tried by and before such court- oa:bs in Ireland, and for the protection of mamartial ; and the sentence of such court-mar- gistrates and witnesses in criminal cases," or tial, when duly confirmed by the Lord-Lieu- contrary to the provisions of a certain other tenant or other chief governor or governors of act passed in the first and second years of the Ireland, or by any officer by him or them i reign of his present Majesty, intituled, " An autborised to convene such court-martial, and Act to amend au Act passed in the Parliament tu confirm the senteuces of such court-martial, of Ireland in the fifteenth and sixteenth years shall be carried into execution, and shall have of the reign of his Majesty King George the the like effect as if the trial of such offences Third, intituled, • An Act to prevent and puhad been had before and the sentences had nish tumultuous risings of persons within this beeu passed by any court of oyer and ter- Kingdom, and for other purposes therein menminer or general gaol delivery, or sessions of tioned,' or contrary to the provisions of the

said act of the fifteenth and sixteenth years of And-be it enacted, that it shall and may he King George the Third therein referred to, or lawful for every such court-martial from time contrary to the provisions of a ceriain other to time to issue such orders as to such court act passed in the second and third years of the shall seem fit for bringing before them any reign of bis present Majesty, intiiuled, “ AR person charged, by order of the Lord-Lieu- Act to restrain for five years, in certain cases, tenant or other chief governor or governors of party processions in Ireland,” or contrary to Irelaud, or by some person duly authorised by the provisions of any act or acts to conhim or them for that purpose, with any of tinue the said acts or any of them, and also fence by this act made cognizable by such every person charged with court, or for executing and carrying into effect contrary to the provisions of this act, shall any sentence, so confirmed as aforesaid, of and may be tried by and before a courtany such court respectively, which orders all martial to be appointed as aforesaid ; and whesheriffs, justices of the peace, jailers, consta - ther the offence so charged, having been combles, officers and ministers of justice, and mitted subsequent to the passing of this act, other persons to whom the same shall be di- shall or shall not have heen committed before rected, and to whom the execution thereof the issuing of any proclamation under this sball rightfully and properly appertain, shall act: provided always, that in case the Lordand are hereby required to execute, enforce, Lieutenant should direct that any person and obey

charged with any offence contrary to any of * And be it enacted, that it shall be lawful for the acts aforesaid, which by law now is or may any such court-martial, or any member there be punishable with death, shall be tried before of, to summon any person whatsoever to ap- any court-martial appointed under this act, pear before such court to give evidence touch such court, in case of conviction, shall, iostead ing any offence, matter or thing cognizable of the punishment of death, sentence such by such court, or touching any person charged convict to transportation for life, or for any or accused before the same ; and if the person period not less than seven years ; and proso summoned shall refuse to attend in obe-vided also that such courts shall in no case imdience to such summons, it shall be lawful for pose the penalty of whipping on any person such court, or any member thereof, to issue a convicted of any offence under the provisions warrant to apprehend and bring before such of this act. court the party so refusing; and in case of the And be it enacted, that any magistrate, refusal of any party to be examined or to give peace-officer or other person for that purpose evidence touching any matter to which he or authorised by the Lord-Lieutenant or other she shall be iuterrogated by such curt, then chief governor or governors of Ireland, shall it shall be lawful for such court to commit the and may cause to be apprehended and com. person so refusing to custody for any period mitted any person who, within any such proIlot exceeding three months, or until such claimed district as aforesaid, shall be in the person shall submit to be examined and an- fields, streets, highways, or elsewhere out of swer touching the matters before the said his or her dwelliug or place of abode, at any court.

time from one hour after sun-set until sunAnd be it enacted, that any person liable to rise; and such person shall and may he tried be prosecuted for any offence committed with before any court-martial held under this act; in any district proclaimed as aforesaid, con- and such court-martial shall inquire into the trary to the provisions of an act passed in the said charge, and uoless the person accused Parliament of Ireland in the twenty-seventh shall make it appear, to the satisfaction of such year of the reign of King George the Third, court, that he or she was out of his or her iptituled, “An Act to prevent tumultuous house upon his or her lawful occasious, such risings and assemblies, and for the more person shall be deemed guilty of a misde. effectual punishmeot of persons guilty of out- meanour,and such court-martialsball and may rage, riot, and illegal combination, and of ad- proceed to try such offender accordingly. ministering and taking unlawful oaths,” or And be it further enacted, that it shall and 'contrary to the provisions of an act passed in may be lawful for any justice of the peace

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within any county, county of a city, county martial, if it shall so think fit, to order the of a town, or other district proclaimed under said person making such discovery to be this act, and for any person thereto authorised discharged. by the warrant of any such justice of the And be it enacted, That every person who peace, if the person so authorised he accom- shall injure either the person, or the propanied by a commissioned officer of his Ma- perty, real or personal, of any person who has jesty's army, or a chief constable of police, at appeared or shall appear as a juror, witness, any time from one hour after sun-set uutil prosecutor or otherwise, for the purpose of sun-rise, to demand admission, and in case any prosecution, or any civil action or proadmission shall be refused, or not obtained ceeding, for or by reason of any thing done within a reasonable time after it shall bave thereupon by such person, or who shall by been first demanded, to enter by force into menaces, or otherwise howsoever, deter or inany house or other building in any such pro- timidate, or endeavour to deter or intimidate claimed county, county of a city, or county of any person from appearing or acting in any a town, or other district, from which he shall such prosecution or civil action or proceeding, suspect the inhabitants or any of thein to be as a jurvr, witness, p:r.secutor, or otherwise, then absent, and to search therein, so as to for the purposes of such prosecution, action, discover whether the inhabitants originates, or or proceeding, or from discharging his or her

any of them, be absent between the said hours, duiy in that behalf, shall upon conviction be or whether any arms, ammunition, or offensive seemed guilty of a mi-demeanour, and shall weapon be concealed therein ; and any ma- be sentenced to be transported for any term gistrate or peace-officer may cause to be ap. not less than seveu nor more than fourteen prehended and committed any person or per years ; and every such offence, if committed sous who shall have been absent from their withiu any such proclaimed district as afore. houses at the time of such search, and such said, shall be cognizable by a court-martial person or persons shall be deemed guilty of a appointed under the authority of this act. misdemeanour, and shall be convicted and pu- Provided a ways, that in all cases in which nished accordingly, unless such person or by any law now iu force any such offence persons can make it appear to the saiisfaction would amount to felony, and the party cupof the said court, that he, she, or they, was or victed thereof would he subject to be punished were absent on his, her or their lawful and with death, any such offence shall still be proper occasions.

deemeil a felony, and the person convicted And be it enacted, that if any such justice thereof by any competent court other than a of the peace, or other person authorised by court-martial under the provisions of this act, the warrant of such justice, sball in any such shall be subject to be punished with death, proclaimed district find any arms or ammu- any thing herein to the contrary notwithnition, or any pike, pike-head, spear, dirk, or standing. any other offensive weapon, after the person And be it further enacted, that from or persons inhabiting the said house, or the and after the passing of this act, vo person person or persons who shall have the same 3 shall make, aid or assist in making, or be in his or her possession, shall have been called present for the purpose of aiding or assisting upon to deliver up the same, every such person in the making of any beacon, bonfire, light, shall be deemed guilty of a nisleineanour, and tire, flash, blaze, or any signal by smoke or by convicted and punished accordingly by a any rocket, firework, flag, firing of any gun or court-martial under this act, unless such per- other firearms, or by blowing of horns, or by son shall make it appear to the satisfaction of ringing of any church, chupcl or other bell, or the court that such arms, ammunition or by any other contrivance or device, for the offensive weapons as af;resaid, were in his, her purpose rif giving any notice, signal, or intimaor their house, power or possession, without tiou to any person or persons engaged in any his, her, or their knowledge, privity, or illegal combination, or in any association or

assembly, against the provisions of this act; And be it enacted, that if any person shall and that no person sbali make or give, or assist publish or cause to be published, or shall sell, in the making or giving, or be present for the hawk, dispose of, or circulate any seditious purpose of assisting in the making or giving handbill, paper, or pamphlet in any such pro- of any such .signal, or of any other signal, claimed district, such person shall be deemed notice or call, to or upon any person, or perguilty of a misdemeanour, and shall by and sons whatsoever to assemble togeiher, or to under the sentence of such court-martial as act in concert together, for any purpose not aforesaid, so confirmed as aforesaid, he cm-warranted by law, or which is prohibited hy mitted to the jail of the county, county of a this act, or to asseinble in arms or in unusual city, or county of a town, for a time not ex- punhers, and at unusual times and places to ceeding twelve calendar months : provided the endangering of the public peace; and always, that if such person shall discover, to if any person, contrary to the true intent the satisfaction of such court-martial, the and meaning of this act, shall make person or persons from whom he or she re- or cause to be made, or aid or assist in ceived, or by whom he or she was employed to the making, or he present for the purpose of publish, sell, hawk, dispose of, or circlate assisting at the making of any such 'signal, such paper, it shall be lawful for such court- notice or call to or upou any such person or


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