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56. Stock-White Wall-flower. DOWN, W. jun., Purtsea, woollen-draper. 57. .... Scarlet, ten-week.

EARCE, W., Biriningham, victualler.

FOSTER, J., Leeds, printer. 58. Mignionette.

GREATOREX, T., Albany-street, Regent's59. Sweet-william.

park, bay-salesman. 60. Sweet Pea.

HANNUM, C., Chippenham, Wilts, carpenter. 61. Venus's Looking-glass.

HARDCASTLE, R., West Smithfield, plumber.

HARDIMAN, J. and W., St. Dunstan's-hill, 62. Virginia Stock.

Lower Thames-street, slip-agents. 63. Wall-flower.

JONES, W. R., Shad Thames, lighterman.

LEARY, D., Parliament-street, surgeon. FIELD SEEDS.

MAY, T., Chesterfield, grocer. Swedish Turnip Seed.-Any quan- NEEP, W.E. J., Norwich, silversmith,

MOXON, J. jun., Southampton, chemist. tity under 10lbs. 9d. a pound ; and any NOEL, L. J.J., Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn, quantity above 10lbs. and under 50lbs. scrivener. 8d. a pound; any quantity above 50lbs. SMITH, G., Stoke-mills, East Stoke, Dorset9d. a pound; above 100lbs. 7d. A

shire, miller. parcel of seed may be sent to any part

STOKES, B., Droitwich, chandler. of the kingdom ; I will find proper

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATION. bags, will send it to any coach or van or wagon, and have it booked at my MEEK, W., Stockbridge, Edinburgh, builder. expense ; but the money must be paid at my shop before the seed be sent away ;

Tuesday, Feb. 12, 1833. in consideration of which I have made due allowance in the price. If the

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. quantity be small, any friend can call PEARCE, H., Bishopsgate Within, tavernand get it for a friend in the country;

keeper. if the quantity be large, it

REYNOLDS, R., Manchester, cabinet-maker. be sent may

SANDYS, T., Bell-court, Brook’s-market, by me.

bookseller. MANGEL WURZEL SEED.-Any quan

BANKRUPTS, tity under 10lbs., 8d. a pound; any quantity above 10lbs, and under 50lbs., BOWDITCH, W., Exeter, grocer. 7d. a pound; any quantity above 50lbs., BUSBY,C.A.,Brighthelmston, Sussex, builder.

BRUNT, T. I., Whittington, Derbys., tanner. 6d. a pound; any quantity above ETCHES, W., Doncaster, auctioneer. 100lbs., 6d. a pound. The selling at GILBERT, T., Birmingham, the same place as above; the payment HILLS, S., Hammersmith, schoolmistress. in the same manner.

HOOPER, W., Farmington, Gloucestershire,

farmer. TREE SEED.

INNES, J., St. Mildred's-court, merchant. Locust Seed.-68. a pound.

JACOMBS, J., Coventry, and W. Jacombs,

Nuneaton, riband-manufacturers.
JOYCE, H., Milford-lane and Essex-street,

Strand, oilman.
MATTERSON, E., Leeds, chemist.

NELSON, T., Stibbington, Huntingdonshire,


RATHER, W., Grantham, Lincolns., scrivener,
FRIDAY, FEB. 8, 1833.

ROWE, W. M., Stamford, grocer.

SIM, J., Whitehaven, currier.

WILSON, J., Ernest-street, Regent's-park, WITT, G., Chenies-street, Bedford-square, victualler. cheesemonger.


LAMB, R., Edinburgh, merchant.
BROWN, C.,Tottenham-ct.-rd., china-dealer.
CROKER, E., Lombard-street, tobacconist.

LONDON MARKETS. BARNARD, A., Norwich, money-scrivener. MARK-Lane, CORN-EXCHANGE, Feb. 11.--COHEN, J.W., Lower Ormond-quay, Dublin, The supplies of wheat from the home counties

and Bury-street, St. Mary Axe, London, have been to-day much more moderate than wholesale jeweller.

of late, yet several parcels having been left on

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hand at the close of Friday's market, the stone ; with beef, mutton, coarse and inferior stands exhibited a tolerably fair show of sam- veal and pork at Friday's quotatioos. ples. The quality of the wheat fresh up was The beasts appeared to consist of about generally rough. The best runs obtained equal numbers of short-horns and Devonshire quite as much money as this day se'nuighi, (priocipally) steers and oxen, with some cows but all secondary and ill-conditioned sorts and heifers ; Irish beasts, and Welch runts, hung heavily on hand, and must be noted for the most part from Lincolnshire, Leicesterfully Is.cheaper than last Monday. Old wheat shire, Northamptonshire, aud the western was in very limited request at its former cur- districts ; and Scots and Norfolk home-breds, rency. Tu bonded corn pothing doing. chiefly from Norfolk; with, perhaps, 100

The fresh arrivals of barley were inconsi. Herefords, from the midland districts; about derable; bright malting qualities, which are as inany Sussex beasts, principally steers and extremely scarce, were worth fully 32s. to 345.; oxen, and about the same number of Town's. but black stained sorts were difiicult to dispose end cows, with a few Staffords, &c., from of at 24s. to 27.s., and distilling and grinding various quarters. descriptions at 21s. to 23s., being fully Is. A full moiety of the sheep were new Leilower than on Monday, and very dull sale at cesters, of the South Down and different whitethe decline.

faced crosses, in the proportion of about two The malt trade continues extremely heavy. of the former to four of the latter ; the re

We had a large parcel of oats offering, the mainder about equal numbers of Kents and accuinulation of the previous week, added to Kentish half-breds, polled, with some horned, some fresh arrivals this morning; the article Norfolks, and old Leicesters, with a few horned experienced a slow and languid sale: the best and pulled Scotch and Welch sheep, horned qualities are 6d., and inferior and stale parcels Somersets, Dorsets, &c. 1s., lower than last Monday.

Beasts, 2,266 ; sheep, 16,120 ; calves, 102; Beans very dull sale, but not cheaper. pigs, 120.

Peas, both boiling, grey, and maple, were ls, to 2s. lower, with a limited sale. Flour in fair demand at former rates.

MARK-LANE.-Friday, Feb. 15. Wheat

54s. to 603,

The arrivals this week are moderate. The Rye.

32s, to 34s.

market dull, at the prices of Monday. Barley

21s. to 23s. fine.

30s. to 32s.
Peas, White
303. to 34s.


36s. to 40s,


Cent. Fri. Sat. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. 1

30s, to 34s.

Cons. Ann.
Beans, Small

-S. to S.

28s. to 30s, Oats, Scotch Potato

22s. to 24s. Feed

13s. to 18s. Flour, per sack


Review of Politics, History, Science, PROVISIONS.

Literature, Arts, &c.&c. published I. February

The Contents of the Number for this Month Bacon, Middles, new, --S. to.-s. per cwt. are as follow :-). Will it be Suffered to Sides, new...-s. to -S.

Work ?--2. Portraits of the Senate.-3. La Pork, India, pew.... 126s. Od. to s. Huitaine, with Translation.-4. The “Swipish

Mess, new ... 755. Od, to -s. per barl. Multitude."--5. The Masque of Anarchy, a Butter, Belfast

..84s. to -S. per cwt. Poem.-6. Review : “Journal of a NaturalCarlow .....80s, to 88s.

ist.”—7. Population and Employment.-B. Cork 80s, to 82s.

Patriotism ; or, our Love for and Duty to our Limerick ..-. to -S.

Country.-9. Lectures on Music, with ConWaterford..76s. to 80s.

certed illustrations.-10. The Leading NewsDublin ....74s. to 76s.

paper Press.-11. 'The Flight of Israel; a Cheese, Cheshire....50s. to 70s.

Pragment.–12. On the Present State of the
Gloucester, Double..50s. to 62s.

Country, with regard to the Debt and the
Gloucester, Single. .. 46s. to 50s. Taxes.-13. Banim's Novels. - 14. The Dutch
48s, to 50s.

War.--15. Scenes in the Sister Island.-16.
Gouda 48s. to 50s.

The Irish Monthly Magazine.-17. Going to Hams, Irish... 50s. to 60s.

Sea.-18. Irelaud. - 19. Nr.O'Connell's Letter.

-20. Sonnet.-21. " Annual Parliaments, SMITHFIELD.-Feb. 11.

Universal Suffrage, and Vote by Ballot."

22. What Properties a Parliament Man should This day's supply of each kind of fat stock have. was limited; but trade, owing to advanced prices being stifly demanded, was, with

each street; and by Effingham Wilson, Royal Ex.

Published at No. 11, Bolt-court, Fleet. kind of meat, exceedingly dull; with prime change. To be had of Newsmen and Booksmall veal at an advance of about 2d. per sellers throughout the country,



this work professedly for the use of the laNew Edition.

bouring and middling classes of the English

pation. I made myself acquainted with the COBBETT'S Spelling-Book

best and simplest modes of making beer and (Price 2s.)

bread, and these I made it as plain as, I believe,

woriis could make it. Also of the keeping of Containing, besides all the usual matter of Cows, Pigs, Bees, and Poultry, matters which buch a book, a clear and concise

I understood as well as any body could, and

in all their details. It includes my writings INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH GRAMMAR.

also on the Straw Plait. A Duodecimo Vo

lume. Price 2s. 6id. This I have written by way of

10. POOR MAN'S FRIEND. A new A Stepping-Stone to my own edition. Price 8d. Grammar;

11. THE LAW OF TURNPIKES. such a thing having been frequently sug. coln's Inn. Price 3s. 6d. boards.

By William Cobbett, Jun., Student of Lingested to me by Teachers as necessary.

12. ROMAN HISTORY, French and 1. ENGLISH GRAMMAR.-Of this English, intended, not only as a History for work sixty thousand copies have now been Young People to read, but as a Book of Exerpublished. This is a duodecimo volume, and cises to accompany my French Grammar. the price is 3s. bound in boards.

Two Volumes. Price 13s. in boards.

13. MR. JAMES PAUL COBBETT'S 2. An ITALIAN GRAMMAR, by RIDE OF EIGHT HUNDRED MILES IN Mr. James PAUL COBBETT.-Being a Plain FRANCE. Second Edition. Price 2s. 6d. and Compendious Introduction to the Study of Italian. Price 6s.


TIONS. This is the Book which was the 3. TULL'S HORSE-HOEING HUSBANDRY; or, a Treatise on the Prin- ever possessed relative to public law. The

foundation of all the knowledge that I have ciples of Tillage and Vegetation. With an In- Price is 17s., and the manner of its execution is troduction, by Wm. Cobbett. 8vo. Price 155. I think, such as to make it fit for the Library 4. THE EMIGRANT'S GUIDE.

of any Gentleman. Just now Published, under this Title, a little

15. SERMONS.There are twelve of Volume, containing Ten Letters, addressed to these, in one volume, on the following subEnglish Tax-payers. A new edition, with a jects: 1. Hypocrisy and Cruelty; 2. DrunkenPostscript, containing an account of the Prices ness; 3. Bribery; 4. Oppression ; 5. Unjust of Houses and Land, recently obtained from Judges ; 6. The Sluggard; 7. The Murderer; America by Mr. Cobbett. Price 25, 6d. in bds. 8. The Gamester ; 9. Public Robbery; 10. Thé

Uunatural Mother ; 11. The Sin of Forbidding 5. The ENGLISH GARDENER; or, Marriage ; 12. On the Duties of Parsons, and a Treatise on the situation, soil, enclosing and ou the Institution and Object of Tithes. Price laying out, of Kitchen Gardens; on the mak- 3s. 6d. bound in boards. ing and managing of Hot-beds and Green- A Thirteenth Sermon, entitled “GOOD houses ; and on the propagation and cultiva- FRIDAY; or, The Murder of Jesus Christ tion of all sorts of Kitchen Garden Plants, and by the Jews.” Price 6d. of Fruit Trees, whether of the Garden or the Orchard. And also, on the formation of the History and Mystery of the National Debt,

16. PAPER AGAINST GOLD; or, Shrubberies and Flower Gardens. Price 6s.

the Bauk of England, the Funds, and all the 6. THE WOODLANDS; or, a Trea- Trickery of Paper Money. The Price of this ise on the preparing of the ground for plant- book, very nicely printed, is 5s. ing; on the planting, on the cultivating, on 17. LETTERS FROM FRANCE: the pruning, and on the cutting down, of Fo: containing Observations made in that Country rest Trees and Underwoods. Price 14s. bound during a Residence of Two Months in the

South, and Three Months at Paris. By JOHN 7. YEAR'S RESIDENCE IN AME

M. COBBETT. Price 4s. in boards. RICA.—The Price of this book, in good print

18. A TREATISE ON COBBETT'S CORN ; containing Instructions for Propa

gating and Cultivating the Plant, and for 8. FRENCH GRAMMAR; or, Plain Harvesting and Preserving the Crop ; and also Instructions for the Learning of French. Price an account of the several uses to which the

Produce is applied. Price 28. 6d.

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in boards.

and on fine paper, is 58.

bound in boards, 58.

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19. PROTESTANT “REFORMA-EIGHT YEARS IN THE UNITED STATES. TION” in England and Ireland, showing how Jol vol., with a Map, price 10s. 6d., that event has impoverished and degraded the TORTH AMERICA; a Moral and Po. main body of the people in those countries.

litical Sketch. By ACHILLE MURAT, Two volumes, bound iu boards. The Price of Son of the late King of Naples. With a Note the first volume is 4s. 6d. The Price of the

ou Negro Slavery, by Junius Redivivus. second volume 3s. 6d.

“ We recommend the work as well worthy To be had at No. 11, Bolt-court, Fleet-street. of a place on the shelves of those who wish to

understand the real character of the Ameri

cans."'-- Foreign Quarterly Review. TITHES AND CHURCH REFORM.


STATE OF SOCIETY IN ENGLAND. Just published, price Eightpence, the Niuth This day, in a pocket volume, price ls. 6d. Edition,

sewed, a new edition, with additions. LEGAL ARGUMENT, showing that

TITHES are the PROPERTY of the PRODUCING MAN'S COMPANION : an PUBLIC and of the POOR. By William Essay on the present state of Society, Moral

, EAGLE, Esq., Barrister at Law.

Political, and Physical, in England. By Effingham Wilson, 88, Royal Exchange,

JUNIUS REDIVIVUS. and all booksellers.

A work of greater caudour and greater A few complete sets of the CHURCH RE- vigour of thought than the Rights of lo. FORMER'S MAGAZINE, may also be had of dustry;'-Morning Advertiser. the publisher, E. Wilson.

" The author is a warm-hearted and wellThe possession of the above works is essential intentioned man, animated by strong sympato all members of Parliament and others, who thies, not common to the writers of books."are desirous of making themselves masters of

Examiner. the real merit of the tithe question, previously

Londou : Published by Effingham Wilson, to its discussiou in the preseut session.

88, Royal Exchange, of whom may be had,

FERRALL'S RAMBLE of Six Thousand YONSOLATION for GOUTY SUBJECTS 8vo., price iOs. 6d.

Miles tbrough the United States of America, PILLS continue to afford the most astonishing that we have seen for a long time."Weekly

“ This is the best work on the United States proofs of their efficacy in all Gouty and Rheumatic affections, pains in the head or face,

Dispatch. Lumbago, &c. They never fail to give imme. diate relief from the most violent paroxysms

CHEAP CLOTHING!! of Rheumatic Gout or Rheumatism, and one SWAIN AND CO., Tailors, &c., box, price 2s. 9d., will convioce the hitherto

93, Fleet-Street, unhappy patient of returning ease and comfort. The proprietor, anxious to alleviate the suffer- (Near the new opening to St. Bride's Church,)

EG to present to the of the benefits of this discovery, assuring the timid that in no case can its use be attended

for Gentlemen's Clothing. with the least inconvenience. The following

is one of a series of letters received corrobora-
tive of the excellence of those Pills :

A Suit of Superfine Clothes
Ditto, Black or Blue...

5 5 0 “SIR,-It is with very great pleasure Ditto, Best Saxony

5 15 6 inform you, that for the last two years I have Plain Silk Waistcoats

16 0 been enabled to keep myself entirely free Figured ditto ditto

18 0 from Rheumatic Gout, by the use of BLAIR'S Valencia ditto

12 0 PILLS, although for ten years previously I Barogan Shooting Jackets

18 0 was confined, on an average, three months A Plain Suit of Livery out of every twelve. I am sure, if these lines Ladies' HABITS AND Pelisses, and Chilare of any service, you are very welcome to Dren's Dresses, equally cheap; in the mai publish them. so I am, Sir,

nufacture of which they are not surpassed at your obedient Servant,

the West-end of the Town. " ROBERT STYLES.”

I recommend Messrs. Swain and Co. “ Brixtop-road, Dec. 31, 1832." Sold, wholesale, retail, and for exportation, whomlohave long employed with great

as very good and punctual tradesmen, by Thomas Prout, No. 229, Strand, London, seven doors from, and by most

satisfaction. medicine-veoders in town or country. Copntry venders can obtain them through their Lon- Printed by William Cobbett, Johnson's-court : and

published by him, at 11, Bolt court, Fleet street.

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don agents.




[Price Is. 22.

servants, against every proposition for the taking off of taxes, many of them will be ready to ask : “ But, why should not “ the independent country gentlemen "be for the taking off of taxes; they bear their share of the taxes; they must “ feel their pressure, in proportion to “ their means, as well as the middle and "working classes; and, therefore, they

must be honest, at any rate, in their

" opposition to the taking off of taxes." POLITICAL PROCEEDINGS

In answer to this, which is very natural, AND PROSPECTS.

let my readers peruse the following re

solutions, moved by me in the House Bolt-court, 20. February, 1833. of Commons on Monday, the 18. in. The country has been surprised; stant. I beg my readers to go through it has been stunned by the commence this most interesting detail of facts, ment of the proceedings of the re- with great attention. They will then formed Parliament. According to all see,

* how the independent country that the world has seen of our an- gentlemen have borne their share of cestors ; according to the excellent in. " the taxes, and how disinterested they herent character of the people,that which must be in voting against the taking we now behold is that which a reflecting

66 off of taxes." man would have expected to see; “ Resolved, - That, by the act of pamely, taking time to think; feeling Parliament, passed on the 11. of strong resentment; but taking time to “ July, 1815, being chapter 184 of the think on what they ought to do. They “ fifty-fifth of George the Third, imclearly see, by the divisions which have “posing certain duties on stamps, taken place, and by other things which" amounting annually, in the 'aggrethey have beheld, that the two con. gate, to upwards of seven millions a.. tending political factions have united ; year, the utmost care has been taken they see not the smallest intention of “ to exempt the nobility and great taking off even the sinallest of the taxes." landed proprietors from bearing any They see a determination to uphold the “ but a very small share of the burden; present system in all its parts ; and they “ and further, to make the tax heavier see the terrible means which are to be " and heavier, in proportion to the made use of for the upholding of this smallness of the amount of property system.

on which it is levied ; so that each Nothing can be more useful to my " tax goes on, pressing heavier and readers than for ine, in this state of “heavier, from the very rich down to affairs, to lay before them the grounds the very poor, as will clearly appear of my opinion as to the prospect which "' by a reference to the letter of the is now before us; and, in order that I " said act. may do this the more effectually, and “ That, by this act, various duties on: in the manner most likely to be at legacies, and on property coming by tended with advantage, I must give

“ intestate succession, are imposed apthem some short account of the prin- “plicable to different degrees of rela.. cipal transactions in the House of Com- ' tionship between the legatees and the mons. Though they were told by me successors and the deceased, beginning long ago, that the two political factions“ at one per cent., and going on to ten would join in support of the King's "per cent. ; but that, from these duties


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