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OF ENGLAND AND WALES; TIONS.-This is the Book which 'was the

CONTAINING foundation of all the knowledge that I liave The names, in Alphabetical Order, of all the ever possessed relative to public law. The Counties, with their several Subdivisions, Price is 17s., and the manner of its execution is into Hundreds, Lathes, Rapes, WapenI think, such as to make it fit for the Library takes, Wards, or Divisions; and an Acof any Gentleman.

count of the Distribution of the Counties 16. PAPER AGAINST GOLD; or,

into Circuits, Dioceses, and Parliame ary

Divisions. the History and Mystery of the National Debt, the Bauk of England, the Funds, and all the

ALSO, Trickery of Paper Money. The Price of this The names (under that of each County rebook, very nicely printed, is 5s.

spectively), in Alphabetical Order, of all 17. LETTERS FROM FRANCE:

the Cities, Boroughs, Market Towns, Vil.

lages, Hamlets, and Tithings, with the containing Observations made in that Country Distance of each from London, or from the during a Residence Two Months in the

nearest Market Town, and with the Popu. South, and Three Months at Paris. By JOHN lation, and other interesting particulars M. COBBETT. Price 4s. in boards.

relating to each; besides which there are 18. A TREATISE ON COBBETT'S CORN; containing Justructions for Propa

MAPS; gating and Cultivating the Plant, and for First, one of the whole country, showing the Harvesting and Preserviog the Crop; and also local situation of the Counties relatively to an account of the several uses to wbich the each other; and, then, each County is also Produce is applied. Price 2s. 6d.

preceded by a Map, showing, in the same

manner, the local situation of the Cities, 19. PROTESTANT “REFORMA

Boroughs, and Market Towas. TION” in England and Ireland, showing how that event has impoverished and degraded the

FOUR TABLES main body of the people in those countries. Are added; first, a Statistical Table of all the Two volumes, bound in boards. The Price of Counties, and then three Tables, showing the first volume is 4s. 6d. The Price of the the new Divisions and Distributions enacted second volume 3s. 6d.

by the Reform-Law of 4th June, 1832. JOURNAL

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CALITIES.--78 Comic Wood EngravThe route being

ings, which have appeared from time to time From Paris, through Lyons, to Marseilles, during the past 18 months in that popular and, theoce, to Nice, Genoa, Pisa, Florence, Sporting Weekly Newspaper, Bell's Life in Rome, Naples, and Mount Vesuvius; London. Just published, Part II., price 3d.,

78 Comic Prints, illustrated by prose or poetry, By Rome, Terni, Perugia, Arezzo, Florence, taken from Bell's Life in London, comprising Bologua, Ferrara, Padna, Venice, Verona, 36 portraits after the manner of Lavater, and Milao, over the Alps by Mount St. Ber- 42 miscellaneous political quizzical humorous. nard, Geneva, and the Jura, back into These 78 prints sost, engraving alone, 400 France ;

guineas, and can now be had on one folio The space of time being,

newspaper sheet for 3d.-Published by G. From October 1828, to September 1829. Goodger, 169, Strand, London, and sold by

all Booksellers, Stationers, and NewspaperA description of the country, of the principal dealers ; of whom may be had, also price

cities and their most striking curiosities; three-pence, a new edition of Part the First of of the climate, soil, agriculture, horticul. the Gallery of 130 Comicalities, of which ture, and products; of the prices of provi- 128,000 have been sold. The Trade supplied sions and labour; and of the dresses and at 2s. for 12, and copies of Part I. and Part II. conditions of the people ;

will be taken back at the office of Bill's Life

in London, 169 Strand, at the cost price, any An account of the laws and customs, civil time before the 24th December, 1833.Pla

and religious, and of the morals and de- cards for shop windows,
meanour of the inhabitants, in the several

Printed by William Cobbett, Johnson's-court: and By JAMES P, COBBETT.

published by him, at Il, Bolt court, Fleet street.




Vol.79.–No. 3.)


[Price ls. 22.



libel, which, I have every reason to be

lieve, was first invented by those PRIGS. My reasons for which belief, I shall state another time. The prosecu... tions that have been begun, will bring the whole out into print before they be

Baines in the North, and the Times newspaper in the South, which newspaper is owned principally by Anna Brodie of EASTBOURNE in Sussex,


at LEWISHAM in Kent, and which two

women have, for a long time, been liTO THE PEOPLE OF OLDHAM.

belling me in the most outrageous Bolt-court, 17. January, 1833.

This Times newspaper in the My Constituents,

South; BAINES of Leeds, in his I should not make this the first ar- Leeds Mercury, in the North of ticle in this Register, were it merely on England ; and the Scotsman (the my own account; for, though the libels names of whose proprietors I shall

very on me are truly infernal, no private soon officially know): these three giganman's character can be put in competi- tic libellers; or, rather sets of libellers, tion, in point of importance, with the thus dividing the kingdom geographigreat matters, of which this Register cally amongst thein, have exhibited me, has to treat. But, this character of as well by their own means as those of mine is now, really and truly, public their subaltern libellers, as an uncerti property, and more especially it is your ficated bankrupt;" and, by necessary property; and, you are bound to care consequence, an insolvent debtor, unabout it as much as I myself am. I, qualified to sit in Parliament; and, by therefore, address myself to you, now, fair inference, a fraudulent debtor also; as being persons rather more deeply because, to have remained uncertificoncerned in the matter than the people cated for more than twelve years, would of the kingdom in general. If what have been strong presumption of frauduthese base libellers say were true, to lent conduct having been discovered by what shame would your having chosen the creditors. Now, then, when you me expose you! Therefore, it being see that my certificate was actually gafalse, it behoves you to do everything zetted in a hundred and twelve days in your power to assist in punishing the from the issuing of the commission, offenders. All that you can do at pre- what will be your indignation against sent, however, is, to take all occasions the wretches who have put this infaof fixing 'a mark of your reprobation mous charge into the mouth of every upon them.

And, if occasion serves, to creature in the King's dominions! I prosecute them, the grounds and the have delinquent newspapers containing manner of doing which I shall point this infamous charge from Ipswich in out after I have related to you the Suffolk and CANTERBURY in Kent, to nature of the libel, and an account of ExetER, PLYMOUTH, and SAREWSBURY, the proceedings as far as I have hi- in the West and North-West. I have therto gone. You will perceive that I them from BRIGHTON, which is on the begin with a letter to a friend at Man-edge of the sea to the South, to EDINCHESTER, which I sent to him, in order BURGH, which is in the middle of Scotthat he might look out to see whether land. So that here is the whole kingthe papers of the Prius contained the dom spread over with this atrocious ca


lumny against the man of your choice! | Very curious, my friends, that the bless. And, not only this kingdom ; but all ings and the cursings should be moving over Europe, all over America : as far about by the side of one another! Very as my name is known, and my writings curious, that you should be receiving have attracted attention ; and that is these addresses of thanks for electing everywhere in this world where men me, while a vast majority of this atrocan read English ; so far has this infa. cious press have combined together for mous calumny gone. West Indies, my destruction. I cannot publish these East Indies, South America, everywhere addresses myself; it would be proclaimhave the aforesaid two women, BAINES ing praise of myself over and over again, of LEEDS, and the Scotsmar, stretched too often. In a few days I will forward forth this calumny.

them all to Mr. HALLIWELL, who will You will find, by-and-by, that there make proper use of them. I am very must have been concert in this case. sure, you will be justly proud at reYou will fiud others at the bottom of ceiving them. Your virtuous and sensithe whole thing, and setting even the ble conduct has filled the whole country Prigs in motion! And, why this con- with admiration; and there is not a cert ? Why all this ado about a man's good man in the kingdom who does not being an uncertificated bankrupt? If feel gratitude towards you. I fully parthat had been the case, why this ado ticipate with you in your feelings upon about it? People of Oldham, I say, with this occasion ; and if there be any drawthe virtuous poet,

back on my pleasure, it arises from the

fear which I must naturally entertain, « Yes, I am proud : I must be proud to see “ Man, not afraid of God, afraid of me.”

that I shall fall short of power to fulfil

to their utmost your hopes and expectaAye, and you must be proud, too, to tions. However, be you well assured see that you have chosen the man that you shall never have to blush for whose very name makes villany trein- any abandonment of principle, for any ble, though shrouded up in its dark and want of exertion, or any want of devoiron-bound abodes. Satan, when ham- tion or readiness to make sacrifices of mering at the gates of hell, in order to ease and of interest to duty, on the part get forth to render mankind miserable, of had not feelings more deadly, and felt Your faithful friend not anguish more poignantly damnable, and most obedient servant, than are the feelings and the anguish of

WM. COBBETT. those who are now assailing me. In me they know there is truth, and the The following, which is the copy of power and the will to speak it. They a letter to a friend at MANCHESTER, feel instinctively that corruption and I with a nota bene at the bottom of it, cannot co-exist. They are striving for has already been published in the True their existence; and they are desperate Sun London evening newspaper. I beg accordingly. They would destroy you, you to read it with attention ; it will man, woman, and child, if they could : show you how the case stands thus far. they would think no more of shedding You will hear of the further proceedyour blood, than of sending out water ings in due time and in a proper manner, from a pump. However, be you of good cheer: they shall neither injure

Bolt-court, Jan. 13., 1833. you, nor, in the end, shall they injure Dear Sir,-An article has appeared me.

in the Times newspaper of Saturday, Since my last Register I have re-15. January, stating, that I cannot take ceived an ADDRESS to you from New- my seat in Parliament, seeing that I am CASTLE-UPON-TYNE, and one from the " an uncertificated bankrupt." I have little town of Brading, in the Isle of directed my attorney to proceed against Wight ; so that you have them now the Times newspaper people. The pubfrom the Isle of Wight to ABERDEEN. lication is under the form of an extract from the Leeds Intelligencer.". I have 'Mr. Timothy Brown and Mr. Samuel written to Leeds on the subject, in order Tipper, and of my beloved and kindest that (ifthis be correct) proceedings may of friends, the late Mr. George Rogers, be adopted there ; and I beg you to of Southampton, who were almost the have the goodness to inform me whether only creditors to any amount; that the same paragraph, or one containing these gentlemen carried on the whole the same, or a similar, assertion, have thing in their own manner; that the appeared in any Manchester, or in any Commissioners at Guildhall showed a Lancashire, paper. If that have been great deal of just feeling upon the subthe case, I request you to send me the ject, putting not a single question to me, name of the paper; and also the date of and keeping meonly a few minutes, merethat number of the paper in which the ly to comply with the forms of the law

; article appeared ; and also a copy of that my certificate was given me almost the exact words of the paragraph ; in immediately, and without my asking order that I may give instructions to for it; and that (a thing which I ought my attorney accordingly.

to have mentioned long ago, but For thirty long years I have despised which I never did), when I went to the calumnies of the press. There is get my certificate signed by the Lord hardly an offence, moral or legal, of Chancellor, his secretary (in an outer which the conductors of that press have room) told me " that I was too late ; not falsely accused me, and some of and that I must wait till the next term those calumnies have appeared under or next seal, or something. Wherethe actual signature of peers, and of upon I wrote my name upon a bit of clergymen of the church of England. It paper, and begged him to have the was, however, my own character only goodness to take that in to the Lord which was concerned ; and, as I knew Chancellor, and tell him that I was that every soul who had any personal there with my certificate to be signed. knowledge of me, and that all my read- He told me that it was of no use ; ers, would treat these calumniés as for that it was a thing that was never wicked falsehoods, I scorned a resort done. At last, however, he took the to any means of protection, other than bit of paper and carried it in ; and he that given me by my conduct and cha- came out again directly, smiling, and racter themselves.

said, “ My Lord says he will do it." He But now the case is altered; now I then took it in, and brought it out belong to the people of Oldham ; now again with (in nice little neat letters) I have their honour and their interest the word “ Eldon,” written at the committed to my charge; it is as their bottom of it! This took place on the representative that I am now calumni. 28. of November, 1890; and the comated, and I must take care that the mission issued on the 15. of July, in the wicked efforts made use of to prevent same year : so that I had my certificate, me from discharging my sacred duty actually signed by the Lord Chancellor, towards them with effect be not suffered in one hundred and thirty-six days after to pass with impunity. It is their mem- the issuing of the commission; and, as ber of Parliament who is now calumni- the certificate was gazetted on the 4. ated ; and it is in their name, as well as November, it was but one hundred and in my own, that I now demand justice twelve days from the issuing of the on the calumniators.

commission. My friends, the creditors, With regard to the facts, they are as who had done all the rest themselves, follows. It is notorious, that I was not only sent their attorney with the driven to America with my family, and certificate, but with a nice little tin-case stripped of my all (which was a great to put it in, in which case it has been deal), by the dungeon-bill and the gag- from that day to this. ging-bill of 1817; and I now inform I am, very sincerely yours, you, that the bankruptcy took place at

WM. COBBETT. the suggestion of my generous friends, To Mr. Manchester.

N. B. I beg that some friend of jus- ja farm in the country; and here am I tice, and enemy of oppression, at Aber- represented as an insolvent. Think, I deen, at Edinburgh, at Glasgow, Dublin, pray you all, of the monstrous wrong Cork, Belfast, Carlisle, Newcastle, Leeds, thus done me; and lend me all the aid Nottingham, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, you can in obtaining justice on every Birmingham, Coventry, Worcester, one of these wrong-doers, in every part Gloucester, Bristol, Bath, Reading, of the kingdom. Winchester, Salisbury (particularly these I have importations of goods, of some two places), Brighton, Maidstone, Bury sort, from America, very frequently. St. Edmunds, and Norwich, and any My correspondent there, purchases the other city or town in England or Scot- goods with the proceeds of bills, drawn land or Ireland. I beg that some friend on me, which he sells to some one who or another, not only in the towns and has money to remit to England; and cities here mentioned, but in any other these bills have generally been sold to place; I request such friend to write a correspondent of Mr. James Booth, of to me, tell me the name of the paper, Huddersfield, in Yorkshire, who sends and the date of the particular paper, in the bills to me for payment. Now, can which this article may appear, or any I continue to carry on this trade? Will assertion to the same or similaramount, any one buy a bill, drawn on me, while in any shape whatsoever. My friends this public assertion of my insolvency is will please to bear in mind what I have believed? And how is it to be othersaid above to my friend at Manchester; wise than believed, while it is thus pubthat these steps are called for by my lished ? It is a wrong, greater than most sacred duty to maintain the honour ever was attempted to be done to any and the rights of the virtuous and pub- one by the means of the press, within lic-spirited people who have made me the recollection of the oldest man living. their representative ; and when this And my friends may be assured, that shall reach the eye of the people of not one of the wrong-doers shall escape. OLDHAM, I trust that they will receive it as an earnest of my inflexible deter: mination to maintain that honour and those rights. Observe, that it will be



necessary, every case, for me to have the paper in EARL OF RADNOR. which the article is, or the paragraph cut out of it, and sent to me by post, at On the Resistance of the State of South Bolt-court, Fleet-street. If this cannot

Carolina to the Custom-house Laws be got, then send the name of the paper

of the Government of the United and the date, and also the exact words

States. copied out of the paper. The words Bolt-court, Fleet-street, Jan. 11, 1833. must be all of them, and the exact words. My LORD,-I have this moment read

I trust that my friends will be vigi- the proclamation of the President of lant and active in this case : they have the United States, relative to the affair long been calumniated through me: stated at the head of this letter, which there has been no more justice for any is an affair of the greatest importance to of us than if we had been so many out the United States themselves, and of laws and excommunicated persons : it not (much less importance to our own is time, now, that we put forward our country. I happen to have been placed claims to be treated like other people, and in circumstances which have given me to convince this monstrous combination a greater portion of knowledge with of the press, that I, and you (my sensible regard to the causes of the resistance of and faithful friends), through me, are no the Carolinians, and that have also longer to be slandered with impunity. I enabled me more accurately to foresee am carrying on great business as a book- and to estimate the consequences thereseller ; I rent two houses in town, and of, than it has fallen to the lot of the

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