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versions would afford more aid to the critic, if their texts were corrected by the readings of the best manuscript copies. Fragments only have been published of the Sahidic and Syriac of Jerusalem. Many Greek manuscripts, of no little value, have been but partially and negligently collated; and the Florence library alone is said to contain no less than a thousand, which have never been examined. But this is probably of far less importance than it might, at first view, appear. By means of the manuscripts which have been already collated, together with the versions and quotations of the fathers, the several classes of authorities have become so established, as to leave to the exertions of future critics but little prospect of a change.

From the survey we have now taken of the vast and valuable accessions, which have been made to the stock of critical materials, by the labors of Mill, Wetstein, and Griesbach; the advantages possessed by the modern critic for the emendation of the sacred text, it is obvious, must surpass, in an almost inestimable degree, the humble pretensions of the editors of the Received Text.

They copied, as we have seen, almost solely from the third edition of Stephens; a few variations of no authority being taken from Beza. Stephens closely followed the fifth edition of Erasmus; a very few places only, together with Apocalypse, being excepted, where he preferred the Complutensian edition. And Erasmus, who alone appears to have had any pretensions as a critical editor, being destitute of all aids for determining the genuine reading, prepared his text, as well as he could, from a very few modern manuscripts, by means of inaccurate editions of a few of the fathers, an interpolated vulgate, and his own conjecture.

But the labors of Mill, Wetstein, and Griesbach, in the collation of hundreds of manuscripts that have since been discovered, some of which have claims to as high an antiquity as the fifth century; together with the eastern versions, made in the earliest ages of christianity; and the quotations from the New Testament in the writings of the fathers, have furnished a collection of various readings, amounting probably to more than one hundred thousand, by means of which an editor of the Greek Testament is enabled, at the present day, to give to the world a text, alike freed from the errors, which have arisen from the unavoidable mistakes of transcription, or intentional corruptions.

Quarterly List of New Publications.

Questions on Natural Philosophy, for the use of the Scholars of the Salem Street Academy, in Boston, and other Schools, adapted to Conversations on Natural Philosophy.' 12mo, pp. 28. Boston. The Renegade, translated from the French of M. Le Vecompte D'Arlincourt. 2 vols. in 1, 12mo.

Sketch of Old England, by a New England man. 2 vols.


Clio, by James G. Percival. No. 2.

The Savage Beauty, a Novel. By a Wild American.
Lyrics. By W. B. Tappan.

The Idle Man. No. 1, vol. ii. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 156. Cambridge. An account of the late intended Insurrection among a portion of the Blacks of the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Published by the authority of the corporation of Charleston. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 50. Boston.

Discourses, delivered in the College of New Jersey; addressed chiefly to candidates for the first degree in the arts; with notes and illustrations, including a historical sketch of the College from its origin to the accession of President Witherspoon. By Ashbel Green, D.D. LL.D. President of the College. i vol. 8vo. pp. 419. Philadelphia.

Journal of a Cruise made to the Pacific Ocean. By captain David Porter, in the United States' frigate Essex, in the years 1812, 1813, and 1814. Second edition, with engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. New York.

Tables to facilitate the necessary calculations in Nautical Astronomy; together with problems and examples to illustrate the use of them. By David Stansbury.

Notices of East Florida, with an account of the Seminole Nation of Indians, by a recent traveller in the province. New York. A Sketch of the Botany of South Carolina and Georgia vol. 2d, No. 2. By Stephen Elliott. New York.

The Merchant's and Shipmaster's Assistant; containing information useful to the American Merchants, Owners, and Masters of Ships. Compiled, revised, and corrected by Joseph Blunt, Counsellor at Law.

The New England Farmer; or, Georgical Dictionary. taining a compendious account of the Ways and Methods in which the Important Art of Husbandry, in all its various branches, is, or may be practiced to the greatest advantage in this country. By Samuel Deane, D. D. Vice President of Bowdoin College, and Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Third edition, corrected, improved, greatly enlarged, and adapted to the present state of the science of Agriculture.

The Principles and Acts of the Revolution. By H. Niles, Esq. Miscellanies, selected from the public Journals.

An Oration, delivered at Bloomfield, (N. J.) July 4th 1822. By James Gibb, Jr.

Decimal Tables of Interest, reduced to the denary scale of notation. By John Joseph Reckers.

The Museum of Foreign Literature and Science. No. 1. Conducted by R. Walsh, Jr. Philadelphia.

Franklin's Letters to his Kinsfolks; written during the years 1818, 19, and 20, from Edinburgh, London, and the Highlands of Scotland and Ireland. 2 vols.

A Flora of North America, illustrated by coloured Figures drawn from nature. By Wm. P. C. Barton. No. 24.

A comparative view of the Sensorial and Nervous Systems in Man and Animals. By John C. Warren, M. D. Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in the University at Cambridge. 8vo. pp. 159. Boston.

A Treatise on Indigestion, and its consequences, called nervous and billous complaints, with observations on the organic diseases in which they sometimes terminate. By W. P. W. Philip, M. D. F. R. S.; second edition, with additions. 8vo.

An Oration delivered at Newburyport, July 4, 1822, by Robert Cross.

Oration pronounced at the request of the Washington Light Infantry Company at Newburyport. By Caleb Cushing.

Oration delivered on the 4th July, in Boston, by J. C. Gray. The Prize Book No. III of the Latin Crammar School. Boston. Statement of Facts, by George McLellan Philadelphia.

Address delivered before the University in Cambridge, at the interment of Professor Frisbie, by Andrews Norton, Dexter Professor of Sacred Literature.

Address delivered at the request of the Mount Moriah Lodge at Palmyra, by O. L. Holley, Esq.

Oration on the permanency of Republican Institutions, delivered at Lyons, by O. L. Holley, Esq.

An address to the Rhode Island Society for the encouragement of Domestic Industry. By the Hon. Tristam Burges.

Dissertation on Musical Taste, or general principles of taste applied to the art of Music. By Thomas Hastings. Albany. An Oration delivered at Norwich July 4. By Charles Perkins, Esq.

The Siege of Constantinople, a Poem. By Sumner Lincoln Fairfield. Charleston.

Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures, in three parts. By the Rev. George Paxton, with notes, by the Rev. Ira Chase, Professor of Biblical Literature and Languages, in the Columbian College, near the city of Washington. 2 vols. 8. vo.

A Treatise on the Law of Injunctions. By the Hon. Robert Hauley Eden, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law, with notes and references to American decisions. New York.

A Treatise on the Law of Idiocy and Lunacy. By A. Highmore. First American, from the last London edition. To which is subjoined an appendix, comprising a selection of American cases. New York.

A Digest of Cases adjudged in the Circuit Court of the United States for the third Circuit, and in the Courts of Pennsylvania, as contained in the Reports and Public Journals, with a large number of manuscript cases; together with the Rules of Practice in the Circuit Court of the U. S. and of several Courts of Pennsylvania. To which are added, the Rules of Practice for the Courts of Equity of the U. S., established by the Supreme Court of the U. S. on the 21st March, 1822. By Thomas J. Wharton. The U. S. Law Journal and Civilian's Magazine. Edited by several members of the bar. No. 1. W. A. Colman. New York.

The Laws of the State of New York, passed at the forty-fifth session of the Legislature, begun and held at the city of Albany, the 1st day of January 1822.

Report of the Trial of Eunice Holt against Robert Grant.

Reports of Cases adjudged in the Court of Common Pleas of the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania. By P. A. Browne. 2 vols. 8vo.

A Treatise on the Law of Actions on Penal Statutes in general. By Isaac Espinasse, of Gray's Inn, Barrister at Law. First American, from the last London edition.

Greek Grammar, translated from the German of P. Buttmann, by Edward Everett.


Napoleon in Exile. By Dr. B. O'Meara. Philadelphia. H. C. Carey & I. Lea.

Graham Hamilton Logan, a Tale. Philadelphia. H. C. Carey

& I. Lea.

[blocks in formation]

Account of Major Long's Expedition to the Rocky Mountains. 2 vols. Maps and Plates. Carey and Lea.

Manners and Customs of the Romans. Carey & Lea.

Switzerland; or, a Journal of a Tour and Residence in that country, in the years 1817, 1818, and 1819; followed by an Historical Sketch on the manners and customs of Ancient and Modern Helvetia, in which the events of our own time are fully detailed; together with the causes to which they may be referred. By L. Simond, Author of Journal of a Tour and residence in Great Britain, during the years 1810 and 1811. In two volumes. A third volume of Remains of Henry Kirk White.' Songs of Zion. By James Montgomery.

A new and complete edition of The Laws of Massachusetts.Publishing under the patronage of the Commonwealth.

Proceedings of the General Court Martial convened for the Trial of Commodore James Barron, Captain Gordon, Mr Hook and Captain Hall, of the U. S. ship Chesapeake, in the month of January 1818. Published by order of the Navy Department.


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