Mineral Physiology and Physiography

S. E. Cassino, 1886 - 710 Seiten

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Seite 6 - With us ther was a DOCTOUR OF PHISYK, In al this world ne was ther noon him lyk To speke of phisik and of surgerye; For he was grounded in astronomye.
Seite 19 - The colloidal is, in fact, a dynamical state of matter, the crystalloidal being the statical condition. The colloid possesses Energia. It may be looked upon as the probable primary source of the force appearing in the phenomena of vitality. To the gradual manner in which colloidal changes take place (for they always demand time as an element) may the characteristic protraction of chemico-organic changes also be referred.
Seite 59 - Perhaps the whole frame of nature may be nothing but various contextures of some certain ethereal spirits or vapours, condensed as it were by precipitation...
Seite 16 - I think the facts leave no doubt that the very mightiest among the chemical forces are of electric origin. The atoms cling to their electric charges, and opposite electric s<w charges cling to each other; but I do not suppose that other molecular forces are excluded, -working directly from atom to atom.
Seite 6 - Ful redy hadde he his apothecaries To send him dragges, and his lettuaries, For eche of hem made other for to winne : Hir frendship n'as not newe to beginne. Wel knew he the old Esculapius, And Dioscorides, and eke Rufus ; Old Hippocras, Hali, and Gallien ; Serapion, Rasis, and Avicen; Averrois, Damascene, and Constantin ; Bernard, and Gatisden, and Gilbertin.
Seite 3 - First, the knowledge of things, as they are in their own proper beings, their constitution, properties, and operations; whereby I mean not only matter and body, but spirits also, which have their proper natures, constitutions, and operations, as well as bodies.
Seite 608 - River proper. -It would be quite superfluous for me to add one word in support of the opinion of the most able stratigraphical geologist of the American continent" Paleontology and stratigraphy here came into conflict, and it was not till in 1860, when Mr.
Seite 59 - ... condensed as it were by precipitation, much after the manner that vapours are condensed into water, or exhalations into grosser substances, though not so easily condensible ; and after condensation wrought into various forms, at first by the immediate hand of the Creator, and ever since by the power of nature...
Seite 28 - The natural philosophy of the inorganic kingdom, or mineral physiology, is concerned, in the first place, with what is generally called dynamics or physics, including the phenomena of ordinary motion, sound, temperature, radiant energy, electricity and magnetism. Dynamics, in the abstract, regards matter in general, without relation to species; chemis'm generates therefrom...
Seite 58 - But it is not to be -supposed that this medium is one uniform matter, but composed partly of the main phlegmatic body of ether, partly of other various ethereal spirits, much after the manner that air is compounded of the phlegmatic body of air intermixed with various vapours and exhalations.

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