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T R A C T S,


Interesting and Entertaining Subjects:

But chiefly such as relate to the

History and Constitution of these Kingdoms.
Selected from an infinite Number in Print and Manuscript, in the ROYAL,
COTTON, Sion, and other Public, as well as Private Libraries;

Particularly that of the



The Bent and Genius of the Age is best known in a free Country, by the Pamphlets and

that come daily out, as the sense of Parties, and sometimes the Voice of the

Preface to KENNET's Regifter,
Judex qui aliquid statuit, unâ parte auditâ tantum & inauditâ alterâ, licet æquum
ftatuerit, haud


Ld. Cook & Just. Inft.


Printed by A. M'CULLOH,
For F. COGAN, at the Middle-Temple-Gate, in Fleet-Street.


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WO SPEECHES made by January 4, 1641 ; with Mr. Speaker's
John Pymm, Esq; the one after the Reply unto the said Demand: also the

Articles of the Charge against the Occasion of his Majesty's coming to Earl of Strafford were read, 25th of Guild- Hall on Wednesday, with the Novemb. 1640, (quoted, but omitted by Conference between his Majesty and Ruth worth) the other after the Articles the Lord Mayor, concerning these preof the Charge against Sir George Rad sent Tumults in the City, with his Macliffe, were read, the 31st of December, jesty's Speech in Guild Hall to the 1740.

Page 1 Court of Aldermen and Common CounThe Specch of Thomas Wentworth, late cil of the City of London ; whereunto

Earl of Strafford, and Deputy of Ire is added, an Order or Protestation of land, in the Tower, to the Lords, before the Grand Committees of both Houses he went to Execution.


of Parliament in Guild-Hall, concernA Letter sent to a Great Lady, and late ing the Protection of the Members of

Jy discovered by a strange Accident, the House of Commons, attached of May 4, 1641.

9 High Treason, and others. (Many The Petition of the Earl of Strafford's extraordinary Incidents are related here, unto the Lords Spiritual and Temporal omitted by Rushworth.)

15 in this present Parliament alleinbled, A judicious Speech made by the Right before he died

II Hon. Lord Kimbolton, in the Parliament The humble Petition of Thomas Earl of Jan. 3, 1641, concerning the Articles Strafford, his Majesty's Lord Lieutenant of High Treason against his Lordship, General of Ireland.

ibid. Sir Arthur Haflerig, Mr. Pymm, Mr. Sir John Evelin's Report from the Com Stroud, Mr. Hollis, and Mr. Hampden,

mittee appointed to consider of the by his Majesty ; declaring, 1. The printing of the Lord Digby's Speech Cause of their Accusation. 2. The Auconcerning the Bill of Attainder of the thors that procured it. 3. The Effect Earl of Strafford; whereunto is added, likely to follow upon the same. 19 the Order for the burning the said Mafter Stroud's Speech in Parliament, on Speech. Written by the printed Copy, Tuesday the 31 of January, in Reply 1641.

to the Articles of High Treason against Certain Observations, collected out of a himself, the Lord Kimbolton, Master

Treatise called, The Difference between Pymm, Sir Arthur Haferig, Mafter Christian Subje 'ion and Unchristian Re Hampden, and Master Hollis, exhibited bellion. Compiled by that judicious and by his Majesty, wherein he cleareth learned Divine Thomas Bilfon, then · himself concerning the fame, 1642. 20 Warden of Winchester, fince Bishop Sir Arthur Haflerig's Speech in Parliament, there ; necessary in these Times to be whereby he cleareth himself of the Arperused, 1641.


ticles of High Treason exhibited against The King's Demand of the House of himself, the Lord Kimbolton, Mr. John

Commons concerning those Members Pynim, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Stroud, and who were accused of High Treason, Mr. Hillis, by his Majesty, on Tuesday


I 2

A 2


the 4th of January, 1642. (Not in Thames: Together with the Petition

of the four Inns of Court.

A discreet and learned Speech spoken in Mr. Pgom's Speech and Protestation in

the Parliament, on Wedne day the 4th Parliament, on Friday the 14th of
of January, 1641, by Mr. Hampden, January 1641,. cuncerning his Inno-
Burgess for Buckingham, concerning the cency, touching the Articles of High
Accufation of High Treason preterred Treason exhibited against himself, and
by his Majesty, against himself, the the other Gentlemen accused upon the
Lord Kimbolton, Sir Arthur Haflerig, fame, with his humble Motion to the
Mr. Pymm, Mr. Stroud, and Mr. Hollis, House, to move the Lords to joyn with
( worthy Members of the House of him in petitioning his Majesty that he
Commons) therein worthily declaring may know his Accusers, against whom
the Difference betwixt a Good Sub-

he may have Liberty to vindicate his
ject and a Bad; and referring his Reputation.


own Trial to the Judgment of that Sir Philip Stapleton's worthy Speech in the

honourable Assembly.

26 House of Commons in Parliament, Jan.

A Speech made in Parliament by Mr. 15, 1641, concerning the Accusation

Glyn, on the 5th of Jannary 1641, con of the Lord Digby, and Colonel Luns-

cerning the Breaches of the Privileges ford, of High Treason.


thereof, by breaking open the Chambers, Mr. Glyn's Speech in Parliament upon the

Trunks, and Studies of the six wor Reading the Accusation of the House

thy Members of Parliament, upon their of Commons against Mr. Herbert, the

Accufation of High Treason by his Kings Attorney, for Advising and


29 drawing the Accusation of High Trea-

Mr. Grimston's Speech at the Committee son againt the fix worthy Members of

sitting in Guild-Hall, on Thursday the the House of Commons, February 18,

6th of January 1641, concerning the 1641.


Breaches of the Privileges of Parliament, Mr. Grimston's Argument concerning Bi-

by breaking open the Chambers, Stu-

shops : With Mr. Selden's Answer.

dies, and Trunks of the Lord' Kimbol Also several Orders newly made in Par-

ton, and the rest of the Members of

liament concerning Church Govern-

the House of Commons, accused by his ment.


Majesty of High Treason. Whereupon The Petition of the Lords and Commons

the same Day there was a Declaration in Parliament, delivered to his Majesty

agreed upon and published, for the Pre the 16th of July, with his Majesty's

servation of their Privileges, and Pro Answer thereunto, with the Votes,

tection of their Members from the like 1642.


Violence for the Time to come. 31 A Speech delivered in the House of Com-

Master Maynard's Speech at the Com mons, July 7, 1641; being resolved

mittee at Guild-Hall in London, on into a Committee (so near as it could

Thursday January 6, 1641, concerning be collected together) in the Palatine

the Breaches of Privileges of Parlia Cause. By Sir Simonds D’Ewes. 57

ment, 1641.

34 Two Speeches, spoken by Sir Simonds

The Two Petitions of the County of D'Ewes, the first touching the Anti-

Buckingham, as presented to both the quity of Cambridge, lately published by

Houses, by Knights, Esquires, Cap John Thomas, with many ignorant and

tains and Gentlemen, with a very great

foolish Mistakes, which are here recti-

Number of Freeholders, being the true fied: The other concerning Privilege

Copy as it was presented to the Houses of Parliament in Causes Civil and Cri.

of Parliament, January 11, 1641. As minal.


also the humble Petition of the Ma- Certain Confiderations upon the Duties

riners and Scamen, Inhabitants in and both of Prince and People, by Sir John

about the Ports of London and the River Spelman, 1642.



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