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The Months of July, August, SEPTEMBER,


By Mr. A. BOYAR.

LONDON: - Printed for JOHN BAKER, and

T. WARNER at the Black-Boy in Pater Noster
Roir, 1716.

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N Thursday the 7th of
July, Mr. Walpole, from
the Committee of Secrecy, Vol. X.
acquainted the House,
(That the Committee

had, in Obedience to the Commands of the House, prepared

Articles of Impeachment for High Treason ! and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors,

Q2 • against

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against Rob. E.of Oxford, and E. Mortimer; and that the Committee had commanded

him, at the same time, to acquaint the · House, that they should, in a short < Time, have further Articles to lay be

fore the House against the said Earl; and that the Committee had directed him to • report the Articles (already prepared)

to the House :' And he read them in his Articles of Im. Place, and afterwards deliver'd the same in peacbment a

at the Table, where they were, once read. gainst tbe E.of Oxford, laid

After this it was moved by a Tory Membefore the ber, that the further Confideration of the Commons. faid Articles be adjourn'd to that Day SeJuly 7. vennight ; but it was carry'd without di

viding, and order'd, That the said Report be read a second time the next Day. ACcordingly, on the 8th of July, the First Ten of the Articles of Impeachment against Robert, Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer, were read a 2d time ; and upon the Question severally put thereupon (with

Amendments to some of them) there was Debate about a long Debate from Two till Eight in the bem.

Evening, when they were agreed to, by a July 8.

Majority of 280 Voices, against 125. Then a Motion being made and the Question put, That the further Consideration of the said Report be adjourn'd till, the Dext Morning, the same was carry'd in the Negative, by 247 Votes against, 139, Hereupon the Eleventh Article was read a second time, and amended by the House; and, after Candles had been brought in, there arose a great Debate, upon the Ques stion, Whether the said Article was. High Treason? Sir Robert Raymond, formerly


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Sollicitor-General, William Bromley, Esq; Sir William Wyndham, the Auditors Harley and Foley, Mr. Ward, and Mr. Hungerford (who had already spoke in tavour of the Earl of Oxford) maintain'd the Negative: And were strongly supported by Sir Fofoph Fekyll, one of the Committee of Secrecy. The Latter Said, among other things, · That it was ever his Principle to

do Justice to every Body, from the Highest to the Lowest, being persuaded, That it was the Duty of an honest Man pever to act by a Spirit of Party. That

he hoped he might pretend to have some • Knowledge of the Laws of the King

dom; and as, in the Committee of Secrecy, he had taken the Liberty to differ from his colleagues, he would not scru. ple to declare now to the whole House,

that, in his Judgment, the Charge in · Question did not amount to High Treason. Most of the other Members of the Com. mittee of Secrecy were offended at this Speech, which both revealed and censured their Proceedings : And thereupon Mr. Walpole answer'd, with some Warmth, That there were both in and out of the

Committee of Secrecy several Persons, who I did not, in the least, yield to the Mem

ber that spoke last, in point of Honesty; (and who, without derogating from his • Merit, were superior to him in the

Knowledge of the Laws; but who, at o the same time, were satisfied that the

Charge specified in the Eleventh Article amounted to Treason.' Mr. Walpole was back'd by General Stanhope, the Lord


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