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[blocks in formation]

Tassel Gentle, or Tercel Gentle, a spe- Trol-my-dames, the game of nine holes. Vail, to bow, to sink, to condescend to

Tame, ineffectual.

the Zodiac.

Tame-snake, a poltroon.

Trip, to defeat.

Tarre, to excite, provoke.

Triple, one of three.

Tartar, Tartarus.

Triumphs, revels.

Task, to keep busied with scruples.

Trojan, cant term for thief.

cies of hawk.

Troll, to sing trippingly.

Tasked, taxed.

Trossers, trowsers.

[blocks in formation]

Taurus, sides and heart in medical as-Trot, a term of contempt.

Tawdry, necklaces worn by country Trundle-tail, a dog.

Tawney Coat, the dress of an apparitor.

Taxation, censure, satire.

Tear a cat, to bluster.

Teen, grief, trouble.

Temper, to mould.

Temperance, temperature.

Tend, attend.

Tender, to regard with affection.
Tent, to take up residence, to search.
Tercel, the male hawk.

Trusted, thrusted.

Try conclusions, try experiments. Tub-fast, the sweating process in the venereal disease.

Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a flourish

on a trumpet.

Tup, a ram.
Tup, to cover an ewe.
Turre, to whisper.

Turlygood, or Turlupin, a gipsy.
Twangling jack, a scurvy musician.

[blocks in formation]
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My salud days.
When Seraszam ti judymond-

In King and Chepat.

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