Abbildungen der Seite
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Hallidon, doom at judgment-day. Indite, to convict.

Handsaw, hernshaw, (a hawk.) Induction, preface, prelude
Hangers, that which suspends the sword Indurance, delay.

Labras, lips.
Harlotry, vulgar, tilthy.
Informal, deranged.

Laced mutton, a prostitute.
Hitch, to engrave.
Infinite, extent or power.

Lackeying, moving like a lecker
Haunt, company.
Ingaged, unengaged.

Lag, the rabble.
Hay, a fencing term.
Ingratt, rooted.

Lakin, ladykin, or little lady.
Hent, heated.
Inbabitable, not habitable.

Lances, lance-men.
Hebenon, henbane.

Lands, landing-places.
luherit, to poss83.
Hefted, heaved, agitated.
Inhibit, to forbid, decline.

Land-rakers, wanderers on foot.
Hell, a dungeon in a prison.
In his eye, in his presence.

Large, licentious.
Helmed, steered through.
Inhooped, inclosed.

Lass-lorn, forsaken by his mistress,
Hence, henceforward.
Ink-born mate, a book-mate.

Latch, to lay hold of.
Henchman, a page of honour. Inkle, worsted tape.

Latched or Letched, licked over
Hent, to seize.
Initiate, young.

Lated, benighted.
Herb of grace, rue.
Inland, civilized.

Latten, thin as a lath.
Hermits, beadsneu.
Innocent, a fool.

Launch, lance.
Hest, command.
In place, present.

Laund, lawn.
Hight, called.
Insane, that which makes insane.

Laundering, wetting.
Hilding, a poltroon.
Insanie, insanity.

Lavoltas, a kind of dances.
Hiren, a harlot.
Muscouce, to fortily.

Lay, a wager.
His, often used for its.
Insulped, engraven.

Leaguer, a camp.
Hoar, hoary, mouldy.
Inseparate, inseparable.

Leasing, fulsehood.
Hob-nob, as it may happen.

Leather-coats, apples.
Instances, motives.
Hoist, hoisted.
Insuit, solicitation.

Leavened, matureu.
Hold, to esteetn.
Integrity, consistency.

Leech, a physician.
Hold-taking, bear-handling.

Intend, to pretend.

Leer, feature, complexion.
Holla! a terın of the manege.
Intending, regarding.

Leet, petty court of justice.
Holy, faithful.
Intendment, intention.

Leg, obeisance.
Hoodman-blind, blindinan's buff.
Intention, eager desire. ,

Legerity, nimbleness
Horologe, clock.
Intentively, attentively.

Leges, alleges.
Hot-house, a bagnio.

Interessed, interested.

Leiger, resident
Hox, to ham-string.
Intergatories, interrogatories.

Leman, a lover or mistress.
Huggermugger, secretly.

Leno, á pander.

In that, because
Hull, to float without guidance.

Lenten, spare.
Intrenchant, which cannot be cut.
Humming, o'erwhelming.
intrinse, intricate.

Let, to hinder.
Humorous, humid.
Inwardness, intimacy.

Lethe, death.
Hungry, unprolific.

L'Envoy, end of a poem.
Iron, clad in arınour.
Hunt-counter, worthless dog. Irregulous, licentious.

Lewd, idle.
Hunts-up, a hunting tune.
Issues, consequences.

Libbard, or Lubbar, a leopard.
Hurly, noise.
Iteration, repelition.

Liberal, licentiqus in speech.
Hurtle, to dash against.
Itination, recitation.

Liberty, libertinism.
Hurtling, boisterous merriment.

License, licentiousness. Husbandry, thristiness.


Liefest, dearest. Huswife, a jilt.

Jack-a-Lent, a puppet thrown at in Lieger, an ambassador. Hyen, hyæna.


Lifter,' a thief.
Jack-guardant, a jack in office.

Light o'love, a dance tune.
Jack sauce, a saucy fellow.

Lightly, commonly.
Icebrook, temper.
Jaded, worthless.

Like, to compare.
Idle, barren.

Jar, the noise made by the pendulum Liking, condition of body. Ifecks, in faith.

of a clock.

Likelihood, similitude.

Likeness, speciousness,
Ignomy, ignominy.

Jaunce, jaunt.
Ill-inhabited, ill-lodged.
Jaunciny, jaunting.

Limbeck, a vessel used in distilling.
Illustrious, without lustre.
Jay, a wanton

Limbo, a place supposed near hell.
Images, children, representatives. Jesses, straps of leather fastened Lime, bird-lime ; to cement.
Imbare, to expose.

round hawks' legs.

Limited, appointed.
Immanity, barbarity.
Jest, to play a part in a mask.

Limits, estimates.
Immediacy, close connexion.
Jet, to strut

Lined, delineated.
Imp, progeny
Jig, a ludicrous dialogue in verse.

Linstock, the staff to which the match
Impair, unsuitable, unequal.
Jonrnal, daily.

is fixed when ordnance is fired.
Impartini, partial.
Jovial, belonging to Jove

List, limit.
Impawned, wagered.
Jump, to suit, just.

Lither, flexible.
Imperious, imperial.
Justicer, a judge.

Little, miniature.
Impetticos, to impetticoat, or impocket Jut, to encroach.

Livelihood, appearance of life.
Importance, importunity.
Jutly, to project.

Livery, a law-phrase
Important, importunate.
Juvenal, a youth.

Living, estate property.
Impose, injunction.

Living, speaking, manifest. Impositions, commands.


Loach, a small prolific fish.
Impossible, incredible.
Kam, awry.

Lob, a dullard, a looby.
Imp out, to supply the deficiency. Keech, a lump of tallow.

Lockram, a kind of linen.
Impress, a device or motto.
Keel, to cool

Lode-star, the polar star.
Incapable, unintelligent.
Keisar, Cæsar.

Looffe, to laugh.
Incarnadine, to dye red.

Kernes, light-armed soldiers Loggats, a game.
Incensed, incited.
Key-cold, cold as iron.

Long purples, a flower.
Inclip, to embrace.

Kicksy-wicksy, term of endearment Longing, belonging. Include, to conclude.

for a wife,

Longly, longingly,
Inclusive, enclosed.
Kindly, natural.

Loofed, brought close to the wind
Incompt, subject to account.
Kinged, ruled.

Loon, a base fellow.
Incony or Kony, delicate, pretty. Kirtle, a woman's garment.

Looped, full of apertures,
Incorrect, ill-regulated.
Knap, to break short.

Lop, the branches.
Indent, to sign an indenture. Knave, servant.

Lordling, a little lord.
Index, something preparatory.

Lot, s prize.
Knots, figures planted in box.
Indifferent, impartial.
Know, to acknowledge.

Lottery, allotment.
Indigest, shapeless.
Know of, to consider.

Lore in idleness, a flower

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Lover, sometimes for mistress. Miser, a miserable being.
Lowt, a clown.

Nill, shall not.
Lowled, treated with contempt.
Misery, avarice.

Nine men's morris, a game.
Misprised, mistaken.
Lozel, a worthless fellow,

Noble, a coin.
Misprising, despising.
Lubbar, a leopard.

Nobless, nobleness.
Missives, messengers.
Lullaby, cradle.

Noble-touch, unalloyed metal.
Mistempered, angry.
Lunes, lunacy.

Noddy, fool, a game at cards.
Mistful, ready to weep.
Lurch, to win, to purloin.

Noise, music.
Misthink, to think ill.
Lure, a decoy for a hawk.

Nonce, on purpose.
Mistress, the jack in bowling.
Lush, rank, luscious.

Non com, nonplus.
Mo, more.
Lust, inclination, will.

Nook-shotter, that which shoots into
Mobled, veiled, muffled.
Lustic, lusty, cheerful.

Model, mould.
Lusty, saucy.

Northern man, a clown.
Modern, new-fangled.
Luxurious, lascivious.

Note, notice.
Modesty, moderation.
Luxury, lust.

Nott-pated, round-headed.
Module, model.

Nourish, to nurse.
Lym, or Lyme, a bloodhound. Moe, to make mouths.

Nousle, to fondle as a nurse.
Moiety, a portion.

Novum, a game at dice.

Moist star, the moon.
Mace, & sceptre.

Nowl, a head.
Mollification, softening.
Mad, wild, inconstant.

Nut-hook, a thief.
Mome, a blockhead.
Magot-pie, a magpie.

Momentany, momentary.
Magnifico, a Venetian potentate.

0. Monster, to make monstrous. Odd-even, the interval between twelve Magnificent, boastful.

Month's mind, a popish anniversary. at night and one in the morning.
Mailed, wrapt in armour.
Mood, anger, manner.

Od's-pitikins, God me pity.
Make, to bar, to shul.
Moody, melancholy.

Oeliads, glances of the eye.
Makeless, mateless, widowed. Moonish, variable.
Male, a bag.

O's, circles, pockmarks.
Mops and Moes, ludicrous anticks. Obligations, bonds.
Malkin, a trull.

Moral, secret meaning.
Mallecho, mischief.

Obsequious, funereal.
Morisco, Moorish.

Observation, celebration.
Maltworins, tipplers,
Morris-pike, Moorish pike.

Obstacle, obstinale.
Mammering, staminering.

Mort of the deer, a tune on the death Occurrents, incidents. Mammets, puppets.

of the deer.

Occupation, mechanics.
Mainmock, to tear.
Mortal, murderous, fatal.

O'er-raught, over-reached.
Man, to tame a hawk; the devil. Mortal, abounding.

O'ercrow, overcome.
Djandragora, a soporific plant. Mortal.staring, killing by a look. O'erlooked, fascinated,
Mandrake, a rool:
Mortified, ascetic.

Of, through.
Mankind, a wizard.
Most, greatest.

Offering, the assailant.
Manacle, a handcuff.
Mot, a motto.

Office, service.
Manner, in the fact.

Mother, the hysteric passion. Offices, culinary apartments.
Man-queller, a man-killer.
Motion, divinatory agitation.

Of all loves, by all means.
Marches, confines.
Motion, desires.

Old, frequent.
Marchpane, a sweetmeat.
Motion, a puppet.

Old age, ages past.
Margent, margin.
Motions, indignation.

Once, sometime.
Martial hand, a careless scrawl. Motive, a mover.

Oneyers, bankers.
Maruemas, the latter spring. Mouldwarp, the mole.

Opal, a precious stone.
Mated, contounded.
Mouse, to tear to pieces.

Operant, active.
Material, full of matter.
Mouse, a term of endearment.

Opinion, obstinacy, conceit.
Maugre, in spite of, notwithstanding. Mouse-hunt, a weasel.

Opposite, adverse. Maund, a basket.

Moy, a piece of money; also, a mea. Opposition, combat. Meacock, a distard.

sure of corn.

Or e'er, before.
Mealed, mingled.
Much, strange, wonderful.

Orhs, fairy circles.
Mean, the middle; the lenor in music. Muck-water, drain of a dunghill. Orchard, a garden.
Means, interesi.

Muffler, & wrapper for the lower part Onlinance, rank, Measure, the reach; a solemn dance; of the face.

Order, measures.
Muleters, muleteers.

Orgulous, haughty.
Meazels, lepers.
Mulled, softened.

Osprey, an eagle.
Medal, portrait.
Multiplied, multitudinous.

Ostent, ostentation, appearance.
Meddle, to mingle.
Multiplying, mult plieu.

Ostentation, appearance.
Niedicine, A she-physician.

Multitudinous, full of multitudes. Overblow, to drive away.
Meet, a match.
Mure, a wall.

Overscutched, whipped at a cart's.
Meiney, domestics.
Murky, dark.

tail. Memories, memorials. Must, a scramble

Overture, opening, discovery. Memory, memorial.

Ounce, a tiger-cut. Mends, the meang.


Ouph, fairy.
Mephistophilus, a familiar spirit.
Napkin, handkerchief.

Ousel-cock, the cock blackbird,
Mercatante, a merchant.
Napless, threadbure.

Out, full, complete.
Merchant, a low tellow.
Native, naturally

Outvied, defeated, a term at the game
Mere, entire, absolute.
Nature, natural parent.

of gleek. Mered question, the sole question. Naughty, untit.

Outward, not in the secret.
Dierely, entirely.
Nav-word, a hy-word.

Owe, to possess, to own.
Merit, a reward.
Neb, the mouth.

Oxlip, the great cowolip.
Mermaid, R syren.
Neelds, needles.

Metaphysical, supernatural.

Neglection, neglect.
Mete-yard, ineasuring yard.
Neif, the fist.

Pack, to bargain with.
Mewed, confined
Nephew, any lineal descendant.

Pack, an accomplice.
Micher, a truant.
Nether-stocks, stockings.

Packing, plotting, fraud.
Miching Mallecho, a secret mischief.
Newness, innovation.

Paddock, a toad.
Mince, to walk affectedly.
Newt, the eft.

Pagan, a dissolute person.
Minding, reminding.
Next, nearust.

Pageant, a dumb shew.
Minnow, a very small fish.
Nice, trifting.

Paid, punished.
Minsteolsy, office of minstrel.

Nick, to set the mark of folly on; rec. Palabras, words.

koning. Minute-jack, Jack-o'-lantern.

Pale, dominions.

Pale, to encircle with a crown. Miscreate, illegitimate, spurious.

Night-rule, frolic of the night. Misdoubt, to suspect.

Nighted, made dark as night. Pall, to wrap, to invest.

[blocks in formation]

Rever Reso Reso Resp Resp Resis Reta Reto Rese Rerc Rero Rib, Riba R1, Ritt.



Palled, vapid.

| Pix, the box that contains the host. Pursuivants, heralds,
Palmers, pilgrims.
Place, a mansion.

Pussel, a low wench.
Palmy, victorious.
Placket, a petticoat

Put to know, forced to acknowledge.'
Paly, pale.

Plague, punish.

Patter-out, one who lends money on
Palter, to juggle, to cheat.
Plainly, openly.

Pang, to afflict.
Plaited, complicated.

Putting-on, incitement Paper, to commit to writing. Plantage, plantain.

Puttock, a hawk. Parcel part, to reckon up.

Planched, made of planks.
Parcel-bawd, half-bawd.

Plant, the foot.
Parcel-gilt, partially gilt.
Plates, silver money.

Quail, to sink, to faint, to be vanquished
Parish-top, a large top, formerly kept Platforms, schemes.

Quaint, fantastical, also graceful.
in every village, to be whipped for Pluusive, gracious, applauded. Quaintly, skilfully.
Pluriny, plethory.

Quaint-mazes, a game.
Parle, parley.
Pleached, folded.

Quaked, terrified.
Parlous, perilous, shrewd.
Plot, portion.

Quality, confederates; condition.
Part, to depart.
Point, negative.

Quarrel, a quarreller.
Parted, endowed, shared.

Point, hooks used to fasten up breeches. Quarry, the game after it is killed.
Particular, private.
Point-de-vice, exactly.

Quarld'ecu, the fourth of a French
Partizan, a pike.
Points, tags to laces.

Parts, party.
Poize, weight.

Quat, a scab.
Pash, lo strike; a head.
Polack, a Polander.

Queasy, squeamish.
Pashed, crushed.
Polled, bared.

Quell, to murder.
Pass, to decide, assure, convey. Pomander, a perfume ball.

Quench, to grow cool.
Pass on, to decide.
Pomewater, an apple.

Quern, a hand-mill.
Passed, eminent.
Poor-john, salted fish.

Quest, pursuit.
Passing, surpassing
Popinjay, a parrot.

Question, conversation.
Passion, suffering.

Popularity, intercourse with the vulgar Questrist, one who seeks another.
Passionate, grieving.
Porpentine, porcupine.

Quests, reports.
Passioning, being in a passion. Port, deportment.

Quiddits, subtleties.
Passy Measure, a dance.
Port, a gate.

Quietus, discharge.
Paritor, an apparitor, or officer of the Portable, bearable.

Quillets, law chicane.
bishop's court.
Portance, behaviour.

Quintain, a post set up for various ex
Pastry, the pastry room.
Possess, to inform.

Patch, a fool.
Potch, to push.

Quips, scoff's. Patched, in a fool's coat.

Potents, potentates.

Quire, to play in concert.
Path, to walk.
Poulter, poulterer.

Quiver, nimble, active.
Pathetical, promise-breaker. Pouncel-box, a perfume-box: Quote, to observe.
Patient, to soothe.

Power, an army. Patine, a dish used with the chalice in Practise, stratagems.

R. administering the Eucharist. Prank, to adorn.

R, dog's letter.
Paucas, few.
Precept, a justice's warrant.

Rabato, a neck ornament.
Pavin, a dance.
Precisian, a puritan.

Race, original disposition, also flavour
Pay, to beat.
Preeches, flogged.

Rack, wreck.
Peat, pet, darling.
Prefer, to offer.

Rack, to exaggerate.
Pedascule, a pedant.
Pregnant, ready.

Rack, to harass by exactions.
Peer-out, to peep out.
Prenominate, fore-named.

Rack, the fleeting away of the clouds.
Peevish, foolish.
Prest, ready.

Racking, in rapid motion.
Peize, to weigh, keep in suspense. Pretend, to intend.

Rag, an opprobrious epithet
Penthesilia, Amazon.
Prevent, to anticipate.

Ragged, rugged.
Pelting, paltry.

Pricket, a buck of the second year. Rake, to cover.
Pennons, small flags.
Prig, to pilfer.

Ram, rain.
Perdu, one of the forlorn hope. Prime, sprightliness of youth. Rampallion, a strumpet.
Perdurable, lasting.
Primer, of more consequence.

Rank, rate or pace.
Perdy, (Par Dieu) a French oath. Primero, a game at cards

Rank, rapidly grown. Perfect, certain; well informed. Princox, a coxcomb.

Rapt, enraptured. Perfections, liver, brain, and heart. Probal, probable.

Rapture, a fit. Periapts, charms worn about the neck. Prodigious, portentous.

Rarely, curiously.
Perjure, a perjurer.

Proface, much good may it do you. Rascal, lean deer.
Person, parson.
Profane, grossly talkative.

Rash remonstrance, premature disco-
Perspectives, spy-glasses.
Progress, a royal journey of state.

Pervert, to avert.
Prognostication, almanack.

Raught, reached.
Pestilence, poison.
Project, to shape.

Ravin, to devour eagerly.
Pew-fellow, a companion.
Prolixious, coy, delaying.

Ravined, glutted with prey.,
Pheere, companion.
Proof, puberty.

Rawly, suddenly
Pheeze, to teaze, to currycomb. Prompture, suggestion.'

Rayed, betrayed.
Phisonomy, physiognomy.
Prone, humble, also prompt.

Razed, slashed.
Phill-horse, shaft-horse.

Propagate, to advance, to improve. Raze, a hale.
Pick, to pitch.
Proper, handsome.

Rear-mouse, a bat.
Pick-axes, fingers,
Proper-false, deceitful.

Reason, discourse.
Picked, foppish.
Propertied, possessed.

Rebeck, a musical instrument,
Pickers, the hands.

Properties, incidental necessaries to a Recheat, a horn, a tune to call the dogs Picking, insignificant.


back. Pickt-hatch, a place noted for brothels. Property, due performance.

Receipt, receptacle. Pick-thank, a parasite.

Propose, to imagine, to converse. Receiving, ready apprehension.
Piece,a contemptuous term fora woman Proposing, conversing.

Receate, a hunting term,
Pied ninny, a fool.
Provand, provender.

Reck, to care for.
Pieled, shaven.
Provost, sheriff or gaoler.

Reckless, careless.
Pight, pitched, fixed.
Prune, io plume.

Record, to sing.
Pilcher, the scabbard.
Pugging, thievish.

Recorders, a kind of flute.
Piled, deprived of hair.
Puke, a sort of russet colour.

Recure, to recover.
Purchase, stolen goods.

Red-lattice phrases, alehouse talk.
Pin, a term in archery.
Pin and web, disorder of the eye.

Purchased, unjustly acquired. Red-plague, the St. Antony's fire.
Purl, to curl.

Reechy, discoloured with smoke.
Purlieu, border.

Reels, wheels.


[blocks in formation]

Pilled, pillaged.

Pinfold, a pound.

Refel, to conrute.

Scale, to disperse.
Reser, to reserve to.

Sizes, allowances of pictuals.'
Scaled, overreached.
Regard, look.

Skain's-mates, kin’s-mates.
Scaling, weighing.

Skill, reason.
Regiment, government.
Scall, scab.

Skills not, is of no importance.
Regreet, exchange of salutation. Scamble, to scramble.

Skinker, a tapster.
Reguerdon, recompense.
Scan, to examine nicely.

Skirr, to scour.
Rheumatic, capricious.

Scantling, proportion.
Relume, to relight.

Slave, to treat with indignity.
Scarfed, decorated with flags. Sleave, the knotty part of silk
Remorse, pity.
Scath, destruction.

Sledded, carried on a sledge.
Remotion, removal.

Scathful, mischievous.
Removes, journies.

Sleided, untwisted.
Sconce, the hend.

Slights, tricks.
Render, to describe.
Sconce, a fortification.

Slip, counterfeit coin.
Renege, to renounce.
Scotch, to bruise.

Slips, a contrivance in leather, to start
Reports, reporters.
Scrimers, fencers.

two dogs at the same time. Reproof, confutation. Scrip, a writing, a list.

Sliver, to slice.
Repugn, to resist.
Scroyles, scurvy fellows.

Slops, loose breeches.
Reputing, boasting.
Scrubbed, stunted.

Slough, the skin which the serpent an-
Reserve, to preserve.
Sculls, shoals of fish.

nually throws off. Resolve, to be assurecha Scutched, whipped.

Slower, more serious. Resolve, to dissolve.

Seal, to strengthen, or complete. Slubber, to do carelessly, to obscure.
Respective, respectful.
Seam, lard.

Sluggabed, sluggurd.
Respectively, respectfully.
Seamels, a bird.

Smirched, soiled.
Resty, mouldy

Sear, to stigmatize, to close. Sneap, rebuke.
Retailed, handed down.

Season, to temper, to infix, to impress. Sneaping, nipping.
Retort, to refer back.
Seat, throne.

Sneck-up, go hang yourself.
Reverb, to reverberate
Sect, a cutting in gardening.

Snipe, a poltroon.
Revolt of mein, change of complexion. Seel, to close up.

Snuff, anger.
Revolts, rebels.
Seeling, blinding.

Snuffs, dislikes.
Rib, to enclose.
Seeming, seemly.

Soil, spot, turpitude, reproach.
Ribald, a lewd fellow
Seen, versed, practised.

Solicit, courtship.
Rid, to destroy.

Seld, seldom

Solicit, to excite.
Rift, split.
Semblably, resemblingly.

Soliciting, information.
Riggish, wanton.
Seniory, seniority.

Solidares, a coin.
Rigol, a circle.

Sennet, a flourish on cornets. Sometimes, formerly.
Rim, money.
Sense, sensual desires.

Sooth, truth.
Ringed, encircled.
Septentrion, the north.

Sooth, sweetness.
Rivage, the bank or shore.
Sequestration, separation.

Sorel, a deer during his third year.
Rivality, equal rank.
Sere, or sear, dry.

Sorry, sorrowful.
Rivals, partners.
Serpigo, a letter.

Sort, to happen, to agree.
Rive, to burst, to fire
Serve, to fulfil.

Sort, the lot.
Romage, rummage, bustle.
Setebos, a demon.

Sort and suit, figure and rank.
Ronyon, a drab.
Set of wit, a term at tennis.

Sot, a fool.
Rood, the cross.
Sessa, be quiet.

Soud, sweet.
Rook, to squat.
Several, separated.

Soul-fearing, soul-appalling.
Ropery, roguery.

Several, or severell, a field set apart for Sound, 10 publish. Rope-tricks, abusiveness.

corn and grass.

Soused gurnet, a gudgeon.
Round, a diadein.

Sewer, the placer of the dishes. Sowl, to pull by the ears.
Round, rough.
Shame, modesty.

Sowle, to drag down.
Rounded, whispered.

Shard-borne, borne on scaly wings. Sowter, the name of a hound.
Roundel, a country dance.
Shards, beetle's wings.

Spanielled, dogged.
Rounding, whispering
Shards, broken pots or tiles.

Specialty, particular rights.
Roundure, a circle.
Shark up, to pick up.

Speculation, sight.
Rouse, carousal.
Shaven Hercules, Samson.

Speculative, seeing
Roynish, mangy.
Sheen, shining, gay.

Sped, the fate decided.
Royal, a coin.

Sheer, transparent

Speed, event.
Ruddock, red-breast.
Shent, to scold, rebuke.

Sperr, to shut up, desend by bars. Ruff, the folding of the tops of boots Sherris, she y.

Spill, to destroy.
Ruffle, to be noisy.
Shive, a slice

Spotted, wicked,
Ruffling, rustling.
Shog, to go off.

Sprag, apt to learn, alert.
Rump-led, fed with offals.
Shotten, projected.

Sprighted, haunted.
Ruth, pity.

Shotten-herring, a herring that has Sprights, spirits.

Springhalt, a disease of horses.
Shoulder-clapper, a bailiff.

Sprightly, ghostly.
Sacarson, the name of a bear. Shoughs, shocks, a species of dog. Spurs, the greater roots of trees.
Sacred, accursed.
Shove-groat, a game.

Square, to quarrel.
Sacrificial, worshipping.

Shovel-boards, shillings used at the Squarer, a quarreller. Sacring-bell, the bell announcing the game of shovel board.

Squash, an immature peascod. approach of the host. Shrewd, shrewish.

Squiney, to look asquint. Sad ostent, grave appearance. Shrift, auricular confession.

Squire, a rule or square.
Sagg, or Swagg, to sink down. Shrive, to call to confession.

Stage, to place conspicuously.
Sallet, a helmet.
Side, purpose.

Stale, a decoy for birds.
Salt, tears.
Side-sleeves, long sleeves.

Stannyel, a hawk, or stallion.
Saltiers, satyrs.
Siege, a stool.

Star, a scar.
Samingo, St. Domingo.
Sieve, a common voider.

Stark, stiff.
Sandied, sandy colour.
Sightless, unsightly.

Starred, destined.
Sans, without.

Sights, the perforated parts of a helmet. Statists, statesmen.
Saucy, lascivious.
Silly, simple truth.

Statua, statue.
Savage, sylvan.
Sinew, sirength.

Statue, a portrait.
Savageness, wildness.
Single, weak.

Stay, a hinderer, a supporter.
Saw, tenor of a discourse.

Sink-a-pace, cinque pace, a dance. Sternage, the hinder part. Say, silk.

Sir, the title of a parson.

Sticking-place, the stop in a machine Say, a sample. Sister, to imitate or re-echo

Sticklers, arbitrators, judges, partisans,

Scaffoldage, the gallery of a theatre. Sith, since.
Scald, beggarly
Sithence, thence.

Stigmatical, stigmatised.


Stigmatic, marked with deformity, Terms, the phraseology of courts.

Twicken-bottle, a wickered botue.
Tested, attested, brought to the test.
Stilly, gladly, lowly.

Twigging, wickered.
Testerved, gratified with a tester, or Tything, a district.
Stinted, stopped.

sixpence. Stint, to stop

Tetchy, touchy, peevish.
Stith, an anvil.

Tether, a string by which any animal Umber, a dusky-coloured eartb.
Stithied, forged at the furnace.

is fastened. Suthy, a smith's shop.

Umbered, discoloured.
Tharborough, a constable.
Stoccata, a slab.

Unaccustomed, unseemly.
Theorick, theory.
Stock, a stocking.

Unaneled, without extreme unction.
Thewes, muscular strength.
Stomach, pride.

Unavoided, unavoidable.
Thick, pleached, thickly interwoven. Unbarbed, beardless, unshaven.
Stone-bow, a cross bow,
Thill, the shafts of a cart.

Unbated, not blunted.
Stoup, a flaggon.

Thin Helm, thin covering of hair. Unbitted, unbridled.
Stover, a thatch.
Thought, melancholy.

Unbolt, to explain.
Strain, descent, lineage.
Thrasonical, boasting.

Unholted, coarse.
Strain, difficulty, doubt.

Thread, to pass.
Strait, narrow, avaricious.

Unbonnetted, without dignities.
Three-man-beetle, an implement for Unbookish, unlearned.
Strange, shy.

driving piles. Stratagem, great, or dreadful event.

Unbreathed, unpractised.
Three-pile, rich velvet.

Uncape, to dig out, a term in foxhunting
Strawy, straying.

Thrift, prosperity, economy. Uncharged, unattacked.
Striker, a borrower.

Thrum, extremity of a weaver's warp. Unclew, to unwind.
Stuck or Stock, a term in fencing. Thrummed, made of coarse woollen. Uncoined, unrefined, unadorned.
Stuft, baggage, substance or essence. Tib, a strümpet.
Stuffed, sufficiency, ample abilities.

Unconfirmed, unpractised in worldly
Tickle, ticklish.

craft. Subscription, obedience.

Tickle-brain, a strong drink. Uncurrent, irregular.
Success, succession.
Tilly-vally, pooh!

Undercraft, to wear beneath the crest.
Sudden, violent.
Tilth, tillage.

Under-skinker, a tapster.
Sufficiency, abilities.
Timeless, untimely.

Understand, stand under.
Suggest, to tempt.
Tinct, tincture.

Undertaker, the defender of another's
Suggestion, temptation.
Tire, head-dress.

quarrel. Suited, dressed.

Tire, to fasten.
Sumpter, a horse that carries necessa- Tire, to be idly employed on.

Underwrite, to subscribe, to obey.

Uneath, scarcely. ries on a journey.

Tired, adorned.
Superfluous, over-clothed.

Unexpressive, inexpressible.
Tiré-valiant, a head-dress.

Unfair, to deprive of beauty.
Supposed, counterfeit.
Tirra-lirra, the song of the lark.

Ungenitured, without genitals.
Sur-reined, over ridden.
Toged, habited.

Unhaired, youthful.
Suspire, to breathe.
Tokened, spotted.

Unhappy, unlucky, mischievous.
Surcease, an end.
Tolling, taking toll.

Unhoused, free from domestic cares.
Suspect, suspicion.
Topless, supreme.

Unhouselled, without having the sacra-
Swart, dark brown.
Topple, to tumble.

Swushing, bullying.
Touches, features.

Union, a species of pearl, Swath, grass cut at one stroke.

Toward, in readiness.

Unkind, unnatural.
Sway, weight.
Toys, whims, rumours.

Unlived, lifeless.
Sweeling, an apple.
Toze, to unravel.

Unlustrous, without lustre.
Sweltered, weliered.
Trade, established custom.

Unmanned, a term in falconry.
Swist, ready.

Tradition, traditional usages. Unmastered, licentious. Swinge-bucklers, riotous fellows. Trail, scent lett by game.

Unowed, unowned. Swounded, swooned.

Traitress, a term of endearment. Unpregnant, not quickened.
Swoop, the descent of a bird of prey. Trammel, to catch.

Unproper, common.
Tranect, a ferry or sluice.

Unqualitied, unmanned.
Translate, to transform.

Unquestionable,averse to conversation
Table, the palm of the hand.
Trash, to check.

Unready, undrest.
Table, a picture.
Traverse, to march.

Unrespective, inconsiderate.
Tables, tablets, memorandum books. Traversed, across.

Unrest, disquiet.
Tambourine, a small drum.

Tray.trip, a game at draughts. Unrough, beardless.
Tag, the rabble.
Treachers, traitors.

Unsisting, upresisting, unfeeling,
Take, to strike with disease, to blast. Trenched, carved.

Unsmirched, undefiled.
Take-in, to conquer.
Trick, peculiarity of feature.

Unsquared, unadapted.
Take-up, to contradict.
Trick, to dress out.

Unstanched, incontinent.
Talent, talon.
Tricking, dress.

Untempering, not softening.
Tall, courageous.
Tricksy, adroit.

Untented, not probed, virulent.
Tallow-keech, tub of tallow.

Trigon, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, in Untraded, not in common use. Tame, ineffectual.

the Zodiac.

Untrimmed, undrest.
Tame-snake, a poltroon.
Trip, to defeat.

Unvalued, invaluable.
Tarre, to excite, provoke.
Triple, one of three.

Upspring, a dance.
Tartar, Tartarus.

Triumphs, revels.
Task, to keep busied with scruples. Trojan, cant term for thief.

Tassel Gentle, or Tercel Genule, a spe- Trol-my.dames, the game of nine holes. Vail, to bow, to sink, to condescend to
cies of hawk.
Troll, to sing trippingly.

Tasked, taxed.
Trossers, trowsers.

Vailing, lowering. Taurus, sides and heart in medical as- Trot, a term of contempt.

Vain, vanity. trology. Trow, to imagine.

Vain, lying Tawdry, necklaces worn by country Trundle-tail, a dog.

Valance, fringed with a beard.
Trusted, thrusted.

Vanity, illusion.
Tawney Coat, the dress of an apparitor. Try conclusions, try experiments. Vantage, opportunity, advantage.
Taxation, censure, satire.

Tub-fast, the sweating process in the Vantbrace, armour for the arm.
Tear a cat, to bluster.

venereal disease.

Varlet, a servant.
Teen, gries, trouble.

Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a flourish Vast, waste, dreary.
Temper, to mould,
Temperance, temperature.

on a trumpet.

Vaunt, the avant, the fore-part.
Tend, attend.
Tup, a ram.

Vaward, the fore-part.
Tender, to regard with affection.
Tup, to cover an ewe.

Velure, velvet.
Tent, to take up residence, to search. Turly good, or Turlupin, a gipsy.
Turre, to whisper.

Venetian, admittance.
Tercel, the male hawk.

Vent, rumour.
\Twangling jack, a scurvy musician. lVentiges, holes of a fute.

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