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[blocks in formation]

Laced mutton, a prostitute.
Lackeying, moving like a lackey
Lag, the rabble.

Lakin, ladykin, or little lady.
Lances, lance-men.
Lands, landing-places.

Land-rakers, wanderers on foot.
Large, licentious.

Lass-lorn, forsaken by his mistress.
Latch, to lay hold of.

Latched or Letched, licked over
Lated, benighted.

Latten, thin as a lath.
Launch, lance.

Laund, lawn.

Laundering, wetting.

Lavoltas, a kind of dances.

Lay, a wager.

Leaguer, a camp.

Leasing, falsehood.

Leather-coats, apples.
Leavened, matured.
Leech, a physician.
Leer, feature, complexion.
Leet, petty court of justice.
Leg, obeisance.

Legerity, nimbleness
Leges, alleges.
Leiger, resident

Leman, a lover or mistress.

Leno, a pander.

Lenten, spare.

Let, to hinder.

Lethe, death.

L'Envoy, end of a poem.
Lewd, idle.

Libbard, or Lubbar, a leopard.

Liberal, licentious in speech.
Liberty, libertinism.

License, licentiousness.
Liefest, dearest.

in Lieger, an ambassador.
Lifter, a thief.

Light o'love, a dance tune.
Lightly, commonly.
Like, to compare.
Liking, condition of body.
Likelihood, similitude.
Likeness, speciousness.

Limbeck, a vessel used in distilling.
Limbo, a place supposed near hell.
Lime, bird-lime; to cement.
Limited, appointed.
Limits, estimates,
Lined, delineated.

Linstock, the staff to which the match is fixed when ordnance is fired. List, limit.

Lover, sometimes for mistress.
Lowt, a clown.

Lowted, treated with contempt.
Lozel, a worthless fellow.
Lubbar, a leopard.
Lullaby, cradle.
Lunes, lunacy.

Lurch, to win, to purloin.
Lure, a decoy for a hawk.
Lush, rank, luscious.
Lust, inclination, will.
Lustic, lusty, cheerful.
Lusty, saucy.

Luxurious, lascivious.
Luxury, lust.

Lym, or Lyme, a bloodhound.

Mace, a sceptre.


Mad, wild, inconstant.
Magot-pie, a magpie.

Magnifico, a Venetian potentate.

Magnificent, boastful.

Mailed, wrapt in armour.
Make, to bar, to shut.

Makeless, mateless, widowed.
Male, a bag.

Malkin, a trull.

Mallecho, mischief.

Maltworms, tipplers.

Mammering, stammering.

Mammets, puppets.

Mammock, to tear.

Man, to tame a hawk; the devil.

Mandragora, a soporific plant.
Mandrake, a root.

Mankind, a wizard.

Manacle, a handcuff.

[blocks in formation]

Miser, a miserable being.
Misery, avarice.
Misprised, mistaken.
Misprising, despising.
Missives, messengers.
Mistempered, angry.
Mistful, ready to weep.
Misthink, to think ill.

Mistress, the jack in bowling.
Mo, more.

Mobled, veiled, muffled.
Model, mould.
Modern, new-fangled.
Modesty, moderation.
Module, model.
Moe, to make mouths.
Moiety, a portion.
Moist star, the moon.
Mollification, softening.
Mome, a blockhead.
Momentany, momentary.
Monster, to make monstrous.

Month's mind, a popish anniversary.
Mood, anger, manner.
Moody, melancholy.
Moonish, variable.

Mops and Moes, ludicrous anticks.
Moral, secret meaning.

Morisco, Moorish.

Morris-pike, Moorish pike.

[blocks in formation]

Odd-even, the interval between twelve
at night and one in the morning.
Od's-pitikins, God me pity.
Oeliads, glances of the eye.
O's, circles, pockmarks.
Obligations, bonds.
Obsequious, funereal.
Observation, celebration.
Obstacle, obstinate.

Mort of the deer, a tune on the death Occurrents, incidents.

of the deer.

[blocks in formation]

Occupation, mechanics.
O'er-raught, over-reached.
O'ercrow, overcome.

O'erlooked, fascinated.
Of, through.

Offering, the assailant.
Office, service.

Offices, culinary apartments.
Of all loves, by all means.
Old, frequent.

Old age, ages past.

Once, sometime.

Oneyers, bankers.

Opal, a precious stone.

Operant, active.

Opinion, obstinacy, conceit.
Opposite, adverse.

Moy, a piece of money; also, a mea- Opposition, combat.

sure of corn.

Much, strange, wonderful.
Muck-water, drain of a dunghill.

Muffler, a wrapper for the lower part
of the face.

Muleters, muleteers.
Mulled, softened.

Multiplied, multitudinous.

Multiplying, multiplied.

Multitudinous, full of multitudes.

Mure, a wall.

Murky, dark.
Must, a scramble


Napkin, handkerchief.
Napless, threadbare.
Native, naturally
Nature, natural parent.
Naughty, unfit.
Nay-word, a hy-word.
Neb, the mouth.

Neelds, needles.
Neglection, neglect.
Neif, the fist.

Nephew, any lineal descendant.

Nether-stocks, stockings.

Newness, innovation.

Newt, the eft.

Next, nearest.

Nice, trifling.

Or e'er, before.
Orbs, fairy circles.
Orchard, a garden.
Ordinance, rank.
Order, measures.
Orgulous, haughty.

Osprey, an eagle.

Ostent, ostentation, appearance.

Ostentation, appearance.

Overblow, to drive away.

Overscutched, whipped at a cart's.


[blocks in formation]

Nick, to set the mark of folly on; rec- Palabras, words.


Night-rule, frolic of the night.

Nighted, made dark as night.

Pale, dominions.

Pale, to encircle with a crown.

Pall, to wrap, to invest,


[blocks in formation]

Refel, to confute.

Refer, to reserve to.
Regard, look.

Regiment, government.

Regreet, exchange of salutation.

Reguerdon, recompense.
Rheumatic, capricious.
Relume, to relight.

Remorse, pity.
Remotion, removal.
Removes, journies.
Render, to describe.
Renege, to renounce.
Reports, reporters.
Reproof, confutation.
Repugn, to resist.
Reputing, boasting.
Reserve, to preserve.
Resolve, to be assured,
Resolve, to dissolve.
Respective, respectful.
Respectively, respectfully.
Resty, mouldy

Retailed, handed down.

Retort, to refer back.

Reverb, to reverberate

Scale, to disperse.
Scaled, overreached.

Scaling, weighing.
Scall, scab.

Scamble, to scramble.
Scan, to examine nicely.
Scantling, proportion.

Scarfed, decorated with flags.
Scath, destruction.
Scathful, mischievous.
Sconce, the head.

Sconce, a fortification.
Scotch, to bruise.
Scrimers, fencers.
Scrip, a writing, a list.
Scroyles, scurvy fellows.
Scrubbed, stunted.
Sculls, shoals of fish.
Scutched, whipped.

Seal, to strengthen, or complete.
Seam, lard.

Seamels, a bird.

Sear, to stigmatize, to close.

Season, to temper, to infix, to impress.
Seat, throne.

Sect, a cutting in gardening.

Revolt of mein, change of complexion. Seel, to close up.

Ribald, a lewd fellow

Revolts, rebels.

Rib, to enclose.

Rid, to destroy.

Rift, split.

Riggish, wanton.

Rigol, a circle.
Rim, money.
Ringed, encircled.

Rivage, the bank or shore.
Rivality, equal rank.
Rivals, partners.

Rive, to burst, to fire

Romage, rummage, bustle.

Ronyon, a drab.

Rood, the cross.

Rook, to squat.

Ropery, roguery.

Rope-tricks, abusiveness.

Round, a diadem.

Round, rough.

Rounded, whispered.

Roundel, a country dance.

Rounding, whispering
Roundure, a circle.

Rouse, carousal.

[blocks in formation]

Seeling, blinding.

Seeming, seemly.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Several, or severell, a field set apart for Sound, to publish.

corn and grass.

Sewer, the placer of the dishes.

Shame, modesty.

Shard-borne, borne on scaly wings.

Shards, beetle's wings.

Shards, broken pots or tiles.

Shark up, to pick up.

Shaven Hercules, Samson.

Sheen, shining, gay.

Sheer, transparent

Shent, to scold, rebuke.

Sherris, sherry.

Shive, a slice.

Shog, to go off.

Shotten, projected.


Soused gurnet, a gudgeon.
Sowl, to pull by the ears.
Sowle, to drag down.

Sowter, the name of a hound.
Spanielled, dogged.

Specialty, particular rights.

Speculation, sight.

Speculative, seeing.

Sped, the fate decided.

Speed, event.

Sperr, to shut up, defend by bars,

Spill, to destroy.

Spotted, wicked.

Sprag, apt to learn, alert.

Sprighted, haunted.

Shotten-herring, a herring that has Sprights, spirits.

Shoulder-clapper, a bailiff.

Sprightly, ghostly.

Springhalt, a disease of horses.

Spurs, the greater roots of trees.

Square, to quarrel.

[blocks in formation]

Squarer, a quarreller.

Shoughs, shocks, a species of dog. Shove-groat, a game.

game of shovel board.

Shrewd, shrewish.
Shrift, auricular confession.
Shrive, to call to confession.
Side, purpose.

Side-sleeves, long sleeves.
Siege, a stool.

Squash, an immature peascod.

Squiney, to look asquint.

Squire, a rule or square.

Stage, to place conspicuously.

Stale, a decoy for birds.

Stannyel, a hawk, or stallion. Star, a scar.

Stark, stiff.

Starred, destined.

Sights, the perforated parts of a helmet. Statists, statesmen.

Sieve, a common voider.

Sandied, sandy colour.

Sightless, unsightly.

Sans, without.

Saucy, lascivious.

Silly, simple truth.

Savage, sylvan.

Sinew, strength.

Savageness, wildness.

Single, weak.

Saw, tenor of a discourse.

Say, silk.

Say, a sample.

Scaffoldage, the gallery of a theatre.

Scald, beggarly.

Sink-a-pace, cinque pace, a dance.

Sir, the title of a parson.

Sister, to imitate or re-echo

Sith, since.

Sithence, thence.

Statua, statue.

Statue, a portrait.

Stay, a hinderer, a supporter.

Sternage, the hinder part.

Sticking-place, the stop in a machine Sticklers, arbitrators, judges, partisans,

umpires. Stigmatical, stigmatised.


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