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Stigmatic, marked with deformity, Terms, the phraseology of courts.

Twicken-bottle, a wickered bottle.
Tested, attested, brought to the test.
Stilly, gladly, lowly.

Twigging, wickered.
Testerned, gratified with a tester, or Tything, & district.
Stinted, stopped.

sixpence. Stint, to stop: Tetchy, touchy, peevish.

U Stith, an anvil.

Tether, a string by which any animal Umber, & dusky-coloured earth. Stithied, forged at the furnace.

is fastened. Stithy, a smith's shop.

Umbered, discoloured.
Tharborough, a constable.

Unaccustomed, unseemly.
Stoccata, a stab.
Theorick, theory.

Unaneled, without extreme unction.
Stock, a stocking.

Thewes, muscular strength.
Stomach, pride.

Unavoided, unavoidable.
Thick, pleached, thickly interwoven.
Stone-bow, a cross bow.
Thill, the shafts of a cart.

Unbarbed, beardless, unshaven.

Unbated, not blunted. Stoup, a flaggon.

Thin Helm, thin covering of hair.
Stover, a thatch.

Unbitted, unbridled.
Thought, melancholy.

Unbolt, to explain.
Strain, descent, lineage.
Thrasonical, boasting.

Unbolted, coarse.
Strain, difficulty, doubt.
Thread, to pass.

Unbonnetted, without dignities.
Strait, narrow, avaricious.

Three-man-beetle, an implement for Unbookish, unlearned. Strange, shy.

driving piles. Stratagem, great, or dreadful event,

Unbreathed, unpractised.
Three-pile, rich velvet.
Strawy, straying.

Uncape, to dig oat, a term in foxhunting
Thrist, prosperity, economy.
Striker, a borrower.

Uncharged, unattacked.

Thrum, extremity of a weaver's warp. Unclew, to unwind.
Stuck or Stock, a term in fencing. Thrummed, made of coarse woollen." Uncoined, unrefined, unadorned.
Stuff, baggage, substance or essence. Tib, a strumpet.
Stuffed, sufficiency, ample abilities.

Unconfirmed, unpractised in worldly
Tickle, ticklish.

craft. Subscription, obedience.

Tickle-brain, a strong drink. Uncurrent, irregular. Success, succession.

Tilly-vally, pooh!
Sudden, violent.

Undercraft, to wear beneath the crest.
Tilth, tillage.

Under-skinker, a tapster.
Sufficiency, abilities.

Timeless, untimely.
Suggest, to tempt.

Understand, stand under.
Tinct, tincture.
Suggestion, temptation.

Undertaker, the defender of another's
Tire, head-dress.

quarrel. Suited, dressed.

Tire, to fasten.
Sumpter, a horse that carries necessa- Tire, to be idly employed on.

Underwrite, to subscribe, to obey. ries on a journey.

Uneath, scarcely.
Tired, adorned.

Unexpressive, inexpressible.
Superfluous, over-clothed.

Tiré-valiant, a head-dress.

Unfair, to deprive of beauty. Supposed, counterfeit.

Tirra-lirra, the song of the lark.
Sur-reined, over ridden.

Ungenitured, without genitals.
Toged, habited.

Unhaired, youthful.
Suspire, to breathe.

Tokened, spotted.
Surcease, an end.

Unhappy, unlucky, mischievous.
Tolling, taking toll.

Unhoused, free from domestic cares.
Suspect, suspicion.
Topless, supreme.

Unhouselled, without having the sacra-
Swart, dark brown.
Topple, to tumble.

Swashing, bullying.
Touches, features.

Union, a species of pearl,
Swath, grass cut at one stroke.
Toward, in readiness.

Unkind, unnatural.
Sway, weight.
Toys, whims, rumours.

Unlived, lifeless.
Sweeting, an apple.
Toze, to unravel.

Unlustrous, without lustre.
Sweltered, weltered.
Trade, established custom,

Unmanned, a term in falconry.
Swift, ready.

Tradition, traditional usages. Unmastered, licentious. Swinge-bucklers, riotous fellows. Trail, scent left by game.

Unowed, unowned. Swounded, swooned.

Traitress, a term of endearment. Unpregnant, not quickened.
Swoop, the descent of'a bird of prey. Trammel, to catch.

Unproper, common.
Tranect, a ferry or sluice.

Unqualitied, unmanned.
Translate, to transform.

Unquestionable,averse to conversation
Table, the palm of the hand.
Trash, to check.

Unready, undrest,
Table, a picture.
Traverse, to march.

Unrespective, inconsiderate.
Tables, tablets, memorandum books. Traversed, across.

Unrest, disquiet.
Tambourine, a small drum.
Tray.trip, a game at draughts.

Unrough, beardless.
Tag, the rabble.
Treachers, traitors.

Unsisting, unresisting, unfeeling.
Take, to strike with disease, to blast. Trenched, carved.

Unsmirched, undefiled.
Take-in, to conquer.
Trick, peculiarity of feature.

Unsquared, unadapted.
Take-up, to contradict.
Trick, to dress out.

Unstanched, incontinent.
Talent, talon.
Tricking, dress.

Untempering, not softening.
Tall, courageous.
Tricksy, adroit.

Untented, not probed, virulent.
Tallow-keech, tub of tallow.

Trigon, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, in Untraded, not in cominon use. Tame, ineffectual.

the Zodiac.

Untrimmed, undrest.
Tame-snake, a poltroon.
Trip, to defeat.

Unvalued, invaluable.
Tarre, to excite, provoke.
Triple, one of three.

Upspring, a dance.
Tartar, Tartarus.

Triumphs, revels.
Task, to keep busied with scruples. Trojan, cant term for thief,

Tassel Gentle, or Tercel Gentle, a spe- Trol-my-dames, the game of nine holes. Vail, to bow, to sink, to condescend to
cies of hawk.
Troll, to sing trippingly.

Tasked, taxed.
Trossers, trowsers.

Vailing, lowering. Taurus, sides and heart in medical as- Trot, a term of contempt.

Vain, vanity. trology. Trow, to imagine.

Vain, lying. Tawdry, necklaces worn by country Trundle-tail, a dog.

Valance, fringed with a beard.
Trusted, thrusted.

Vanity, illusion.
Tawney Coat, the dress of an apparitor. Try conclusions, try experiments. Vantage, opportunity, advantage.
Taxation, censure, satire.

Tub-fast, the sweating process in the Vantbrace, armour for the arm.
Tear a cat, to bluster.

venereal disease.

Varlet, a servant. Teen, grief, trouble.

Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a flourish Vast, waste, dreary, Temper, to mould.

on a trumpet.

Vaunt, the avant, the fore-part.
Temperance, temperature.
Tend, attend.
Tup, a ram.

Vaward, the fore-part.
Tup, to cover an ewe.

Velure, velvet.
Tender, to regard with affection. Turre, to whisper.

Venetian, admittance.
Tent, to take up residence, to search. Turlygood, or Turlupin, a gipsy.
Tercel, the male hawk.

Vent, rumour.
Twangling jack, a scurvy musician. Ventiges, holes of a fute.

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