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ON the Charges and Investigation, tures from Erfurth; Irish Catholic

relative to the conduct of the Com. Insurgents; Battle of Corunna, 97.
mander in Chief, 203.

Owenson's Woman; or, Ida of Athens, Stewart's Resurrection, 306.

Superstition of Charms and Fortune-
PARKES'S Chemical Catechism, 76. telling, 221.
Phillips' Contemporary Voyages, Vol. TERGIVERSATIONS of the Criti.
II. 192.

cal Review, 84.
Poyer's History of Barbadoes, 113. Thanks of the Common Hall and the
Practical Norfolk Farmer, 187.

Middlesex Meeting, to Mr. WarProfessional Characteristics, &c. 83. die-Traders in patriotism, &c. Public Education, 500.

QUID Nunc ? Selections from Cow. Theologus, on Methodists, and Uni-

taran, Deists, 444.
REEVE'S Flowers at Court, 191. The Family Picture; or, Domestic
Review of the Charges against the Education, 61.
Duke of York, 308.

The Dissenter's True Friend, Letter
Roman Catholic Question, 435.

IV. 216
Royou's Roman History, 449. The Lady's Toilette, 308.
SELLON'S Abridgement of the Holy The Conspiracy; a Drama, 331.
Scriptures, 307.

The 3th and Otk Vols of the Edlin-
Semple’s Spanish Post Guide, 83. burgh Review on Edgeworth, Opie,
Skurray's Bidecombe Hill, and other Trimmer, Lancaster, &c. 414.
Poems, 55.

Tighe's Plants, a Poem, 49. . Southey's Remains of H. Kirk White, Tran actions of the Horticultural 352,

Society, 294, 357.
State of North and South America; Transactions of the Society of Nancy,

Court of Inquiry ; Cintra Conven 479.
tion; Appointment of Officers and VASSEUR'S French Students' Vade
Sale of Commissions; on the Over. Mecum, 410.

per, 307.

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