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Non resistance, doctrine of, remark Peter the Great, · remarks on his

on the various purposes for which character, 147.
it has been preached and defended, Pike, observations on the efficacy of, .

in War, 276-great expedition
Norfolk, remarks on the superiority with which a vast


of the system of husbandry on with them, may be formed, ibid,
served in, 187-interesting account mode of exercise with, illustrated
of the different courses of farming by a diagram, 279-order of attack,
in, ibid.

to be observed by men so armed,
O‘MARA, Dr. case of considered, 280—general observations on the

vast utility of this weapon, 28l.
Oratorios. originally intended to be Pinkerton, Mr. his scurrilous abuse
acted as well as sung, 20.

of the Celtic people justly repro-
Orleans, Duke of, statement of the bated, 243.

origin and progress of the alliance Plants, remark on their ability to
between him and George the 1st of adopt their habits to a variety of
England, 174.

climates, 296.
Owenson, Miss, observations on the Poet Laureat, humourous comparison

dangerous tendency of the of his new year's Ode with that of
sentiments contained in her work, the newsman, 110—continued 223.
called woman, or Ida of Athens, Polyanthes tuberosa, curious descrip-
364-extravagant sum said to have tion of, 300.
been received by her for the work, Ponsonby, Mr. remark on his qualifi

366-instances of affected and un cations for a leader of the Opposi-
grammatical phrases in her style, tion, 107.
ibid--description of the piece 567 Pont-y-pair, North Wales describerly
-heroine of the story described, 168,
ibid-other interesting extracts Population, whạt portion of a, may

from the wo k, 368. 371. 374. be sustained as an army, 273.
PANTOLOGIA, observations on a Position, in ontrovertible one, which

new work so called, 377-_object of all the lawyers in the kingdom
the first number of the work, ibid are challenged to overturn, 319.
- defects of the work pointed out, Potatoe, observation on the int;o-
378-its merits pointed out, 379- duction of, into this country and
second part considered, 380--ex the continent of Europe, 297.
tract from, describing the life of

Poyer, Mr. Remarks on his history
D'Alembert, 381-singular instance of Barbadoes, 113–specimen re-
of putting in, 381-general remarks corried by him of the spirit by
on its merits, 382.

which the natives are actuated,
Parkes. Mr. remarks on his chemical

115– etymology of its name, 116
catechism, 76-extract of the last -the author's observations on the
8 articles of the work, on the sub blind policy of the Landholders
ject of the phænomena exhibited by there, and on the emigration of the
Potasium and Sodium, ibid-hints lower order, 117– policy recom-
sugges ed for the improvement of mended by him as proper to be
his vocabulary, :77.

adopted in the Island, 118-re.
Parliament, remarks on the judicial marks on that policy, 119–inca:
powers of the Lower House of,

pacity of the different legal officers
204 --on its inquisitorial faculty, there considered, itid -- instance of
ibid-on 'the great detect of its gross application of the public
want of authority to administer

money by the assembly of the
an oath, 205-serious objections Island, 120_author's remarks on
urged agaiust the exercise of its the criminal laws there. 121_01
judicial powers, 205, 206.-singular the character of the West India
inode o:

administerino justice negroes, ibid on the debased state
adopted by its members. 207.

of their minds, 122-interesting
Paul's C oss some account of, 267.

passage on the present state of the
Peak Cavern, Derbyshire; interesting Clergy in the Island, 123–che av.
docription of, 169.

thor's remarks on the present state

on his

of the fortifications, and on the described, 145-anecdote highl
military force, 124---on the state descriptive of their character, 147
of the Legislation, 125--on the --their religious tenets and doc-
barbarous and ruino:19 policy of trines described, 148-curions de.
selling slaves by auction, ibid -- scription of the ceremony of bap.
just animadversions on the factious tism among them, ibid. -observa-
parsimony of the Legislative As tion on their extreme superstition
sembly, 127-intere ting anecdotes and bigotry, 149.
relating to the dreadful hurricane, SALISBURY HOUSE, history of,
in 1780, 128-general, remarks on 264.

the merits of the work, 130. Saxon Edifice, enumeration of the
Present Age, singular and ridiculous supposed ones in this country, 22.
fashion of, 61.

Sciences, proper criterion by which
Professional characteristics, descrip they were to be estimated, 113.

tion of, 82-extract of a humour Sea Kale, remark on the culture of,
ous passage from, ibid.

Public Tea Gardens, s e Marriages. Sellon, Rev. Mr. remarks on his ex-
REEVE, Mrs. remark on the ex cellent abridgement of the scrip-

cellence of her Poem, called, " The tuires, 307.
Flowers at Couri," 191.

Skurray, Rev. F. remarks
Revolution, remark on its effects in Poem of Bidcombe Hill, 55-on

producing a martial people, 270. his Ode to the River Isis, 58-in.
Royal Veto for Popish Bishops, 5. teresting Verses of, called the Cri-
Roscoe, Mr. observations on the great minal, 59-remark on the dedica.

merits of a Letter to him on the tion of those Poems, 61.
subject of his late publication, en Snow-storm, interesting description
titled, “ Considerations

on the

of one, and of its effects on the
Causes, Objects, and Consequen, flocks in the Northern countries,
ces of the present War," 81.

Russia, remark on her absolute sub- Somerville, Mrs. strong recommen-

jection to the wili of France, 109 dation of her moral Tale, called
on the great population of, du Aurora and Maria, to parents and
ring the Embassy of Lord Macart others, 309.
ney, at the Court of St. Peters South Sea Seal, remark on the fine
burgh, 138—remark on the back. quality of the wool produced by,
ward state of, in Learning, Arts, 161.
and Sciences, ibid.- circumstance Spanish America, remark on the present
to which she owes her greatness situation of, 100—conduct which
and dominion, 145-numbers of ought to have been adopted by this
Bishoprics, Monks, and other Di country towards, ibisl.
vines described, 150.

Character, interesting obser-
Russians, excellent description of their vations on the, 142.

character, by Lord Macartney, 139 Stewart, Mr. remark on the merits of
-of the common people, ibid a Poem, called the Resurrection, 306.
remarks on their passive valour, Stone, Rev. Francis, impudent attack
and patience under suffering, 140 made by him on the fuudamental
of the burghers and traders, ibid. doct, ines of the Church of England,
- singularity in their character die 199--high opinion of him enter-
scribet, 141-degraded state of tained by the Critical Reviewers,
their Clergy considered, ibid - ibid.
rema ks on the igno ance of their St. Vincent, Earl of, remark on his
uobility and gentry, 142—on their late Speech in the House of Lords,
ridiculous partiality to

French 107.
manners, and its pernicious effects, Sullivan, Mr. description of the' in.
143--observations on their military trigue which led to the appoint.
character, and on the estimation in ment of him to be minister at he,
which it is held by foreigners, 144 Court of the Nabob of Arcot, 36
-on their remarkable filial piety, --pointed and just condemnation
ibid. character of their women of Lord Macartney excited by it,97.

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Sweden, remark on the deposition of WAPOLE, Lord, memoirs of, 171–
the King of, 430.

history of his political lite, 172,
TAYLOR, Miss, remark on the un 248~-interesting anecdote related

necessary severity of her cross exa by him, 250-able description of
mination at the Bar of the House of his character, 257.
Commons: 318 her evidence, and Warburton, Bishop, observations on
that of Dowler, proved to be ad his correspondence with Bishop
missible, 923

Hurd, l-respective characters of
Tre Council of Hogs; a descriptive those prélates described, 2-quota-
poem, renark on the merit of, 191,

tion of a passage on Pope's Imita-
Ti Pamäy Picture; or, Domestic tions of Horace, 3-observation of

di scation, a poetical Epistle, re Warburton, on the character of
Italls on, 61-The Author's object Hume, 4-singular anecdote related
considered, 62 - quotation from by him, 5--excellent reflections of,
tlie Poem, 63--the Author's refw on the subject of religion, 6m-just
tution of the opinion of Dr. Beattie, remarks of, on tragedy

and comedy,
on education, 68--his description 7.-remarks on different characters
of a female boarding-school, 69 described by him, ibid. - lètter
just observations of the Author on quoted containing a finé trait of
the pervicous effects of novel read.

filial piety, 9-dangerous instance
ing, among girls, and on the licen-

of error in an opinion of Warbura.
tiousness of female authors, 72 ton, ibid.-interesting remarks of,
on the indecency of the modern on ecclesiastical law, 10-his. enu.
female ress. 73-on the propriety meration of the various writers on
of ladies becoming managers of the civil wars, with remarks on
Sunday Schools, 75.

their respective merits

, 11-his
The Spanish Post Guide, as trans description of the character of Dr.

lated for Mr. Semple's Journey in Stukeley, and Antiquarian Litera.
Spain, 83-errors therein pointed ture, 12— favourable remarks on

tlie merits of this correspondence,
The Lady's Toilette, remarks on the 13.

immorality of a publication so Welsli, humorous and intętesting
called, 303.

detail of their laws, 240-custom
Thicknesse, Mrs. quotation from her of deriving certain family names
school for Fashion, 74.

from bodily, deformities, amongst,
Tighe, Mr. observations on his poemi considered, 384.

called the plants, 40-design and Wbigs, singular trait in their charac-
division of the work, ibid.-fine
apostrophe of, 42—stanzas highly White, H. R. observations of the
creditable to the Author's mind, femains of, and an account of his
- -43-poetical delineation of the pro life, by Mr. Southéy, 352-remark
gress of British Navigation, 44 on the great interest which the
other interesting extracts, 46, 47 work possesses, 353_description
concluding observations on the of his character, ibid.-obserya-
poem, 49.

tions on his letters, with extracts
Forcy, Marquis de, some actount of from some of thein, 354-his poe-

the life of, 175-important decla. try considered, 355mlines peculi-
ration of, 177.

arly awful and interesting, ibid.-
VACCINATION, wretched charac further extracts, 356-warm tecom.
ter of the enemies of, described, mendation of the work to the pertia

sal of. young students, ibid.
Paumale, Baron de, letter of, in an Worcester-House, described,

swer to the critical observations in Wooden-Houses, probable cause of their
* the Monthly Review, op his work being preferred to those of stone or
on Fortification, 94.

brick, 22.
Penereal Infettion, observations on the Wool, observations on the induence
•'existence, nature, and communica. of soil and climate on, 156-on the

tion of, in pregnant wonen, &c. great utility of greasing and cotting

it, 158---directious for the applica-

but, ibid.

ter, 256.


tion of the ointment, 159-cause
which contributes greatly towards

the fineness of, 161.
XARİCO, interesting account of, with

remarks on the story respecting,

York, Duke, remarks on the late En-

quiry into the conduct of, in the
House of Commons, 203-glaring
inconsistency in thic prosecution of
that enquity considered, 208-his
correction of abuses, and introduc.
tion of many good regulations in

army admitted, 213--gross and
puerile attempt of a morning
paper to vindicate his condact,
214-remarks on the decision of
the House of Commons, on his

case, 317-motive by which mini.
stets seem to have been actuated in
their opinions respecting, 320,-
propriety of his resiguration consi-
dered, 322extravagant assertion
of a certain lawyer, respecting,
324 others equally extravagant,
ibid, 325-preposterous and dan-
gerous ňotion entertained by some
of a supposed serious necessity,
which must have resulted if the
House of Cónimons had found him
guilty of corrupt practices, 329
further remarks on the enquiry re.
specting, 431-remarks ơn the con-
duct of some of the public meet-
ings witli relation to, ibid.



ers, 301.

ley, 77.

cepts, 411.

* For remarkable Passages, see the General Index.
ANDRE on Ceology, 454.

ENGLISH Bards and Scotch Review-
An expostulatory Letter to Dr. Mose-

FISGROVE'S Midas, 411.
Antiquarian Cabinet, Vol. IV. 404. Foote, on the Venereal Infection of
Arcanum of National Defence, 268. Children, 400.
Aurora and Maria, 309.

GILCHRIST'S Grammar of Hindoos-
BAKEWELL, on Wool, 156,

tanee, 189.
Barrow's Life of Lord Macartney, Gilchrist's, Bishop Corbet's Poems;
(continued) 24. 138.

Bishop Warburton's Letters to Bishop Goodacre’s Essay on Education, 411.
Hurd, 1.

Good's Pantalogia, parts I and II.377.
Blacket's Times, an Ode, 79

Grant's Institutes of Latin Grammar,
CANCELLIERI, on Bells, 463.

Candolle's Memoirs of the National HAMOND'S Divine and Moral Pre-

Institute, 469.
Chambers's Introduction to Arith Herbert's Londina Illustrata, 262.
metic, 81.

Herdman's Letter on Public Dispen-
Charge against the Duke of York, saries, 399.

Historic Gallery, Vol. III. 402.
Chatfield's Historical Review of Hin- Hodgkin's Calligraphia Græca, 413.
doostan, 337.

Hope, on Consumption, 401.
Charter-Schools, Irish, 502.

Horsley's Sermon on the Consecrating
Classical Selections in Verse, 307.

of the Right Rev. Dr. Gleig, 30.
Clutterbuck's Inquiry into the Nature Hunter's Men and Manners, 88.
of Fever, 49. 130. 283.

JACKSONS's Address to Time, 80.
Cockle's Elegiac Tribute to General Infidelity of the Critical Review, 309,
Moore, 181.

Jones's Brecknockshire, 225. 383.
Colonel Macdonald's Reply to the Irish Papist's Reverence for an Oath,
Critical Reviewers, 441.

according to the holy Bishop,
Copy of the Evidence taken before Milner, 439.

the House of Commons, on the KENNEY'S Burniad, 407.
Conduct of the Commander in LAMB'S Adventures of Ulysses, 80.
Chief, 309.

Laureat's Ode, and Newman's Verses,
Correspondence, &c. 112. 224. 336. 110. 223.

Letter to Mr. Roscoe, containing
Council of Hogs, 191.

Strictures on his “ Considerations,
Cox's Memoirs of Lord Walpole, 171. &c.” 81.

Lever's Key to Rigging and Seaman-
DEACON, on Carriage Wheels 'and ship, 192.
Roads, 413

Literary Intelligence, 224, 443.
Dede's English Botanists’ Companion, MALCOLM'S Anecdote of London

Fashions, during the 18th century,
Defence of Outposts, 412.

(concluded) 13.
De Stael Holstein's Corinna, or Italy, Marshal de Tessis Memoirs, (conclu.

ded) 459.
Detector's Third Letter on the Ter-

Middiman's Picturesque Views and
giversations of the Critical Review, Antiquities, 162.

Milburne's Retreat of the English
Dietetic Medical Dispensary, 511. Army in Spain, 392.
Dr. M'Gregor's Letter to the Com- Monthly Review, and Baron de Valin

missioners of Military Inquiry, 78. male, on Fortification, 94.
Dr. Milner's Tour in Ireland, and the

Irish Saints, 445.

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