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ago, 24,

AKIERICĄ, observations ou the ex which prevailed there some years

istence of a French faction there,
97-remark on the conduct of, Bethgelert, North Wales, described,
apd on that which Great Britain 167-Etymology of the name ac-
ought to adopt respecting, 98. cording to tradition, ibid.
American Cranberries-facility with Bidcombe hill, a Poem, remarks on,

which they may be cultivated in and on the merits of its Author,

this country demonstrated, 358. 55-extract from, descriptive of
Antiquarian and Topographical Cabi Glastonberg Abbey, 56.

net-remark on the merits of, 404 Blacket Joseph, fayourable remarks
interesting extract from, ibid. on his Ode at the commencement
another, descriptive of the style of the year 1809, 79-extract of an

of the reign of Hepry VIII. 406. interesting stanza from it, ibid.
Appointments, observations on the Blank Verse, truth of Dr. Johnson's
sale of, in the East India Com opinion respecting, asșerted, 55.
pany's service, 436.

Boarding School, singular card issued
Army Board, remarks as to the from one a few miles from the

necessity of the establishment of metropolis, 72.
one instead of a Commander in Bolingbroke, Lord, remarks on the
Chief, 322.

ipfamous character of, 178-obser-
slustria, facts stated in support of the vations on his intrigues in France,

existence of a secret treaty between ibid.
her and Spain, in 1725, 179 Botany, remark on the favourable
imminent danger of her present moral effects resulting from the
situation, 487-exhortation to mi. study of, 294.
gisters on behalf of, 429.

Brecknocksbire, Etymology of, 296.
BAKEWELL, Mr. observations on chronological and biographical his-

his Treatise on Wool, 156-division tory of, 227— miraculous exploit
of his work, 157-extracts from it, performed by a lady there, 250
158, 159, 160, 161,-recommenda some account of its religion from
sory remarks, 162.

the earliest period of its history,
Barbadoes, see Payer.

Barrani, Mr. continuation of his Brecon Gaol, description of, 390.-

account of the public life of Lord keeper of, vinriicated from
Macartney, 24-conclusion thereof, imputation of cruelty to his prison-
138-favourable remarks thereun,

Bribes, singular term by which they
Bosguis Roads, observations on the are designated in India, 26.
late victory at, 438.

Britain, beautiful apostrophe to, 272.
Badards, the name of, reckoned ho- Buonaparte, admirable description of

norable ia former days, !o - singu his character, 272-grand motive
lax ingenuity of the Bishops re by which he is stimulated, 427.
specting, ibid.

Burniad, remark on a Poem so called,
Bayonet, remark on the past supe. 407.

riority of our troops over the Canada, and the other British American
French with the, 282.

provinces- their extensive resource
Bengal, instance of the moral honesty considered, 98~-duty of ministers

towards them pointed out, ibid.


ers, ibid.

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Carter, Sannuel, remark on the insult

offered to the army by the appoilit-

ment of, 326.
Cenau, Saint, description of her well

in Brecknockshire, and of the sin-
gular property attributed to its

waters, 388.
Chambers, Mr. favourable observa-

tions on his introduction to arith-

metic, 81.
Chatfield, Mr. remarks on his Histo.

rical Review of India, 337-his
+ introduction considered, ' 339-his

opinion of the practicability of the
project of an invasion of India by
Buonaparte, 340-joutes of such
an expedition traced, 341 - excel-
lent reflections of, recommending
to the attention of the East India
Directors, and all those interested
in the prosperity of our Indian pos-
sessions, 346—his patriotic motives
highly applauded, 351.
Charter-Schools, Irish, defence of, 505.
Chinese, interesting description of their

character, by Lord Macartney,
150--Remark on their extravagant
attachment to gaming, 151— singu-
lar warmth of affection among the
members of a family among them,
152--remark on their houses, ibid.
-their habits described, 153--their
women and their dress describet,
154--estimate of their population,
and military force, 155-singular
anecdote of one of their merchants,

Cintra, remarks on the absurdity of
the Court of Inquiry on the conven-
tion of, 101-necessity for further
proceerlings respecting, 102--pro-
bable decision of parliament upon,

Citizens, serions revolution on the

manners of, considered, 67.
Clarke, Mrs. remarks on the degree of

credit to which her evidence is
intitled, 214-on the refusal of the
Duke of York to pay her annuity,
and the natural inference there-
from, 322.
Classics, regulations proper

to be
observed in teaching them to boy's

at schools, 64.
Close-Fighting, observations on the

efficacy of, in opposing the regular

armies of France, 275.
Clutterbuck, Dr. observations on his

Inquiry into the Seat and Nature
of Fever, 49-object and division

; of the work, ibid.-his opinion as

to the existence of universal dis-
eases, 50—as to the primary seat,
nature, and occasional causes of
fever, ibid. 51-instances adduced
by him, 52 his conclusion as to
the real cause of fever considered,
54-further consideration of his
inquiry, 130—his remarks on the
propriety of blood-letting in cases
of fever, 131--theory of the Edi-
tor's with regard to the disease, in
answer to his, 134-remarks on his
recommendation of emetics in the
cure of fever, 135-his observations
on the efficacy of purging in that
complaiut, 137-on the effects of
sulorifics, 283 - the effects of epis.
pastics considered by him, 285–
remarks on the utility of the warm
bath, 286 -- the use of the peru-
vian bark considered, 287-on the
effects of opium in certain stages
of fever, 288--cold considered with
respect to its influence on that dis-
ease, 291-mercury strongly recom-
mended by the Doctor in cases of
fever, 291-the object of his in-
quiry demonstrated, 293-favour-
able observations on the merits of

the work, 294.
Cock-Lane Ghost, interesting particulars

of, 13-termination of that myste-
rious affair, 15--satisfaction ob-
tained by the person injured by the

imposition, 16.
COCKLE, Mrs. Remarks on her Ele-

giac Tribute to the memory of Sir
John Moore, 181-interesting ex-
tracts from the poem, 183, 184,
185, 186.
Corbet, Bishop of Oxford, remark

on his poetry, 190.-extracts from,

Correspondence between the British

and French, and Russian ministers

considered, 109.
Coxe, Mr. observations on his Me-
moirs of Lord Walpole, 111-
extracts from 172, 173, 174, 179.
materials from which the work is
composed, - 173-observations on
its merits, 177--remarks on bis
contrasted characters of the first
Lord Chatham and Lord Holland,
253-observations on his descrip-
tion of the character of Lord Wal-
pole, 261--remarks on the portraits
in the work, and on its general
merits, ibid.

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Critical Reviewers, remarks on the --to Mrs. Opie, 420mon Mr. Lan-

inconsistency and impudence of, caster's Creed, 424.
84-instances of the mischievous Education, present system of, prove
tendency of the prevailing lan to be radically vicious and defec-
guage of, on subjects relating to tive in every department, 66-
government, 85-their abuse of general observations on its perni-
tl.e present ministry, 87-of Mr. cious effects, 75-defended, 510.
Pitt and the administration which Eggleton Abbey, Yorkshire, riescribir
succeeded him, 88---of Mr. Fox ed, 164.
and Mr. Windham, 90-serious Elizeibeth, Empress of Russia, Descrip-
consequence to be apprehended tion of her character, 147.
from their conduct,92--their rooted English Bards and Scotch Reviewers.
enmity to the church and state, observations on the author of the
193-opinion entertained by them satire so calle:1, 301 extracts from,
of the character of Mr. Evanson, 302, 303, S04, 305 --- mnonitory hint
198-on the test laws, 200-their offered by him to Lord Strangfor:1,
abuse of the clergy considered, 309 302_lines on the champion of the
-stratagem by which their wicked Edinburgh Review, ibid.-- on Lord
purposes are answered, 811-their Holland, 30.3.--satire on the des

opinion on the holy scriptures, 314. praved dramatic taste of the pre-
Critical situation of the country at sent day, 304 - on the newspaper
present considered, 97.

scribblers, ibid.--appeal to Mr.
Grosses, interesting description of Gifford, 305 --- remark on the merits

those which were successively erect of the performance, 306,,
ed in Cheapside, 266.

Enthusiasm, able definition of, 7.
Cunningbam, Governor, instance of his Epsom, interesting account of a sur.

rapacity in the West Indies, 129. prising female-bone setter there,
DAHLIA, new species of flower so 16-description of some of the
called, described, 360.

cures performed by her, 17.
Dancing, the supposed importance of, Europe, general observations on the

in female erlucation considered, 70. political state of, 330,
Deacon, observations on his remarks FASHIONS, remark on

on conical and cylindrical wheels, variety of, 21-observations on the
&c. 419.

superior elegance of the present
Dede, Mr. observations on his work, female ones, ibid.

called, • the English Botanists? Female education, principal objections
Pocket companion,' 188.

to the present mode of, 69.
Dietetic Dispensary, 511.

Fever, first stage of, described, accord-
Dissenters, enquiry into their claims to ing to Dr. Fordyce, 289.

divine favour, comparatively with Fine Arts, observations on the impor-
those of the church, 216.,

tance of the cultivation of, in a
Dover-Castle, interesting description political view, 162--remark on
of, 165.

their infancy and progress in this
Drama, thoughts on the expediency country, 163.

of making the various incidents of Flax, thoughts on the great impor.
a late important parliamentary tance of a greater attention to the
inquiry the subject of one, 333– cultivation of, in this country,
humorous observations on the diffe with the proper mode thereof, 357.
rent characters concerned in the Fleury, Cardinal, remark on the

transaction, 33, 333, 334, 335, 336. close friendship subsisting between
Druids, remarks on their opinions, him and Mr. Walpole, 179.:

with respect to the divinity, and on Fortification, remarks on the subject.

their religion, 238.
Durham-House, some account of, and Fortune-telling, observations on,-221.
of its possessors, 263.

Fruit Trees, new method of training
EDINBURGH Reviewers, observa them, 359.

tions on their partiality and merci- GAM, description of the family of,
less severity, 414-remark on their
parțiality to Miss Edgeworth, 116 Gam, Sir David, treachery of, des

the great

oi 94.


scribed, 385-subsequent good con History, observatioss on the vast itte
duct of, at the battle of Agincourt, portance of a general knowledge

of, 113,
Gavel-kind, the universal tenire in Hodgkin, Mr. remark on his Treatise

Wales, in ancient times, 241 on the Formation of the Greek
thoughts on the derivation of the Characters, 413.
term, ibid.

Hope, Mr. remarks on his Essay on
Gilebrist, Dr. remark on his Strangers' the Causes, Prevention, and Cure

East-India Guide to the Hindoos of Consumption, 401- quotation
tanee,' 189mgeneral observations of his prefatory Observations on
on his talents, ibid.

Vaccigation, 402.
Geology, study of, 45.

Horsley, Rev. H. remarks on a sermoa
Gordon, remark on the alleged consis. preached by kim at Aberdeen, ox

tency of his evidence before the the constitution of a Bishop there,
House of Commons, 327.

39—able description by him of the
Grant, Mr. observations on the utility wickedness and infidélity of the
of his institutes of Latin Grammar,

present age, ibid.

Horticultural Society of London,
Grapes, method of hastening the review of the Transactions of, 294
ripening of, 363.

-remarks as to its object, 295-
Grenville, Lord, remark on his opi copients of described, 279_review

nion on the policy of sending troops of the second part of the work,
to Spain, 107.

357 - its contents divided into
HAMOND, Mr. remark on the excel-

papers, ibid-favourable remarks on
lence of some divine and moral pré the merits of the work, 364.
cepts by, 411-interesting extract Hume, motives which induced him to
from, 412.

publish his Essays, 4-believed to
Handel, sketch of his life, 18--singu have been a christian at heart, 5.

lar occasion on which he regained Hunter, Dr. remarks on his " Men
the favour of King George the

and Manners; or, concentrated
First, whom he had offended, 19-

Wisdom,” 83_-classification of the
period described, which excited his maxims contained therein, with ob.
transcendant power, ibid.-began servations on their respective me.
to compose bis oratorios, 20.

rits and tendency, ibid.
Hastatus, remarks on his arcanum of Hurd, vide Warburton.
gational defence, 268.

ICELAND, remarks on an English
Herbert, Mr. observations on his Lon.

Translation, from the Danish of
dinia depicta, 362-extracts from
the work, 263, remarks on its

some voyages and travels in Ice

land, 192
- merits, 268,

India, principal, temptation to illicit
Herdman, Dr, remarks on his Letter

practicesthere, 24-origin of the Eug-
to the president, &c. of the society

lish possessions there, 350_observă

for bestering the condition of the

tions on the practicability of à Gallow
Poor, 399_excellence of the plan of

Russian Invasion of, 340, 341; +342

improvement proposed by him,ibid. Infidelity, in Wedded 1.ife, interesting
Hill Wheat of india, curious fac& re observations on, 373,
specting, 298.

Inflammation, ratharks of the cure of,
Hindaostan, remark on the extent 132.
and importance of, 337-seasons

jones, Mr. observaatons on his His-
for, respecting their religious preju-

tory of 'Brecknockshire,
dices of the natives of, 388.

mark on his style and mander,
Hindoostaner, remark on the great uti-

226-division of the work, 248,
lity of, in various parts of the

229-moral positioë adtaficed By
East, 180,
Historic. Gallery of Portraits and

him and refuted, 237--interesting

account of the superstitions and
Paintings, observations on the

customs of the Welsh people, 244
merits of the book so called, 402-

of their funeral and wedding cere-
extract from, descriptive of the

monies, '246--second volume con-
character of John, Duke of Bra-

sidered, 385-emaj kable instanče
gauja, 403,

of superstition related by him, 389.

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Piley Church and village, Oxon, de Ireland,” 150-on his private Jour-
scribed, 404.

nal of his Einbassy to China, with
KENNETT, Mr. his case with rela his able description of the Chinese

tion to the Duke of York con. character, ibid.
sidered, 328.

Macdonald, Colonel, his reply to
LAHORE, city of, described, 340. the Critical reviewers,

Latin, great obstacle to the rapid ac " Treatise on Telegraphic Commu-

quisition of, pointed out, 189. nication,” 441.
Legislature, necessity for the preven Malcolm, Mr, conclusion of his ac.
tion of men of dubious integrity, count of London, during the 18th

from becoming members of, 25. century, 13-truth of his assertions
Letter to the Editor, 84.

respecting Saxon architecture
to do 94,

tioned, 21---the present state of
- to do. 110,

society vindicated from his degra-
to do. 199.

ding imputations, 22-general ob-
to do. 221.

servations on the merits of the
to do. 309.

work, ibid.
e to do, 331.

Marriages, singular advertisement re-
to do. 441.

specting, 16.
to the Critical Reviewers, ibid. M'Gregor, Dr. remarks on the merits

of his letter to the Commissioners
- to the Editor, 445.

of Military Inquiry, &c. 78.
Lever Darcy, remark on the merits Middiman, remarks on his pictur-

of his work, called," the Young esque views and antiquities of Great
Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor,” 192. Britain, 162–description of the
Livery of London, observations on work, 163---contents of the differ-

the conduct of, on a certain recent ent numbers, 164--remarks on the
occasion, 433.

merits of the work, 171.
Llewelyn ap Griffith, the last of the Milburne, Mr. remarks on his narra-
Welsh Princes, interesting account

tive of Sir John Moore's retreat,
of his death, 234—brutal insult to 392-instance of humanity in a
which his body was afterwards ex Spanish officer related by him, 399
posed, 236.

- facts, stated by him, illustrative
London, remark on the defective sys of the retreat of our t:oops, 394-

tem of Police in the city of, 434. Spanish character described by
MILNER, Dr.remarks on the conduct hini, 396--remarks on the work,

of, 439-On the probable object of 399.
his late visit to Billingsgate, 445-- Military system, remarks on the de-

remarks on his tour to Ireland, 445. fective state of, 106. 268,
Ministers, observations on the im-

force, observation on the
portant duties of, in the present necessity for increasing the, 107.
critical situation of the country,,99 Moore, Sir John, remark on his hasty
on their conduct respecting the retreat in Spain, 108-on his con-
overtures of a public character duct and death before, Corunna,
from America, foo.

109--further observations on his
Monke, conduct of, in Spain towards conduct in Spain, 181-further

the British troops applauded, 398. remarks thereon, 392-observa-
Macartney, Lord, remark on the tion on the conduct of his friends
disinterested and honorable conduct in the publication of a letter from
of, during his government in India, him, 438.
26-important benefit derived by Moseley, Dr, remarks on an expostulary
the state therefrom, 27--reniark letter to him, on his review of the
able saying of, 28—further obser report of the London College of
vations on his inflexible integrity, Physicians on Vaccination, 77.

his political conduct, 31 NATIONAL DEFENCE, excellent
on his literary acquirements, 33 directions for the preparation and
on his history of Russia in 1767, employment of the people for, 278.
198-his opinion of Peter the Nectarines, curious instances of their
Great, 147-remark on his, "short being produced naturally, on the
sketch of the Political History of same branch with peaches, 363.

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