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LITERATURE, For the YEAR 1786.


The HISTORY of KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING, and TASTE, in Great Britain, during the Reign of Hejjry the Seventh, from the Year 1485 to 1509.



Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, Pater-noster-Row.


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TH E farther we proceed in our undertaking, the less occasion there is either to enlarge on its nature, Or on the manner in which it is conducted. In both these respects we have had the satisfaction of receiving the approbation of the Public j and we trust, that a similar approbation will attend the present volume. Not to mention that it hath been prepared for the press with a care equal to what has formerly been displayed, we shall beg leave to observe, that one or two parts which, in the last year, were perhaps rather too excrescent, are now reduced to their due compass and proportion: at the fame time, it is hoped, that no department of the work will be found defective.

A season of general peace doth not exhibit such striking scenes as when the world is involved in the tumults and devastations of war. But it affords matters equally momentous, and which are more delightful to philosophic minds, and the friends of humanity. The Parliamentary History of Great Britain and Ireland, which comprehends such a variety of political, civil, and commercial concerns, must ever be a very important object: and Europe^ in its most tranquil state, will always be productive of events that give scope to speculation. It is devoutly to be wished, that the

A 2 nai nations of the earth could continue to be united in the bonds of peace; but such a happy situation of things is rather to be desired than expected. There is a ferment in the minds of men which seems to prognosticate fresh disturbances, and which perhaps may end in great revolutions. It is not our business to prophesy; but we cannot avoid expressing our apprehensions, that the commotions in Holland will not blow over so lightly as some politicians are ready to imagine.

The Literary Part of our work will explain tlie State of Knowledge, Science and Taste in the year 1786; and it is a pleasure to sind that, amidst a number of insignificant publications, there are so many which can be spoken of with applause. Those who depreciate the learning of the present times, are not acquainted with the subject. In the department of Domestic Literature, ,we have fresh obligations to the gentleman who hath voluntarily communicated to us the articles that relate to Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and Medicine.

On the whole, we present the Seventh Volume of the New Annual Register to our readers, with the agreeable hope, that they will derive from it both instruction and entertainment. Such a hope hath always animated our endeavours, and it will continue to invigorate our future exertions.


*T~'HE History of Knowledge, Learning, and Taste in Great Britain,

during the Reign of Henry the Seventh. Front the Year 74851 to the

Tear 1509. _— Page 1



Second Session of the Irijb Parliament. Meeting of Congress. Eleven Com-

mercial Propositions. Their Reception. Parliamentary Reform. Twenty

Propositions. 9 heir Discussion. Rejected with Indignation. Parliament

prorogued) » • 3


htfurretrims in the South of Ireland. Different Causes to which thy were

ascribed. Violences committedagainst the Clergy of both Religions, 41


Dijsentions of the United Provinces. Institution of the Volunteers. Rife of

a democraticalParty. Conduct of the Citizens of Utrecht. Stadt bolder

retires from the Hague. Treaties with the Emperor and France, 4$


Meeting of Parliament. Speech from theThrone. Address. Alteration of the

Mutiny Bill. Duke of Richmond's Fortifications reject'ed. Bill for regulat-

ing the Militia. Mr. Marjham's Election Bill. Lord Mahon's bill, 61

C H A P. V.

Bill for establijhing a*Sinking Fund. Civil List Bill. Wine Excise Bill.

Bill of Crown Lands. Mr. Wilberforce's Bill. F'sflieries. Complaint

of Lord Rodney, ———- —--—. 04.


Mr. Francis's India Bill. Bill of Mr. Dundai, relative to the Political

Government. Bill for amending the Judicature. Bill of East India

Relief. ■ '120


Impeachment of Mr. Hastings. Motion for Papers. Maratta Papers re-

fused. Debate on the Dchli Papers. Production of the Charges. Mr.

Hastings heard at the Bar of the House of Commons. Witnesses examined.

Prorogation. ——— ■ 14.4.



An Act for establishing Religious Freedom, paffid in the Assembly of Virginia,

in the Beginning of the Tear \i%d, —— —— (63)

his Majesty's Speech to hoth Houses of Parliament, on Tuesday, Jan. 74,
1786,' (64,

The Speech of the Right Hon. Charles Wolfran Cornwall, Speaker of the

House of Commons, on Friday, May 26, 1786, upon presenting to his

Majesty the Bill for vesting certain Sums in Commissioners, at the End cf

fvery Quarter of a Tear, to he by them applied to the Reduction of the

National Deb , wbicO n en received the Royal Assient, (65)

His Majrsifs Sp;ech to bo:'. Houses of Parliament, on Wednesday, July 11,

1786, —^ —— '(ibid.)

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