Maryland: The History of a Palatinate

Houghton, Mifflin, 1884 - 292 Seiten

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Seite 240 - Resolved, That the first adventurers and settlers of this his Majesty's colony and dominion brought with them and transmitted to their posterity, and all other his Majesty's subjects since inhabiting in this his Majesty's said colony, all the privileges, franchises, and immunities that have at any time been held, enjoyed, and possessed by the people of Great Britain; 2.
Seite 290 - Virginia. A History of the People. By JOHN ESTEN COOKE, author of " The Virginia Comedians," "Life of Stonewall Jackson," "Life of General Robert E. Lee," etc. Oregon. The Struggle for Possession. By WILLIAM BARROWS, DD Maryland. By WILLIAM HAND BROWNE, Associate of Johns Hopkins University. Kentucky. By NATHANIEL SOUTHGATE SHALER, SD, Professor of Palaeontology, Harvard University, recently Director of the Kentucky State Survey. Michigan. By Hon. TM COOLEY, LL. D. Kansas. By LEVERETT W. SPRING,...
Seite 266 - Congress chose the latter; and for the express purpose of securing and defending the united colonies, and preserving them in safety against all attempts to carry the above mentioned acts into execution by force of arms, resolved that the said colonies be immediately put into a state of defence...
Seite 267 - ... maintenance of good order and the public peace, to support the civil power in the due execution of the laws, so far as may be consistent with the present plan of opposition ; and to defend with our utmost power all persons from every species of outrage to themselves or their property...
Seite 291 - ... either in method or interest. If all the volumes of the series ["American Commonwealths"] come up to the level of this one — in interest, in broad tolerance of spirit, and in a thorough comprehension of what is best worth telling — a very great service will have been done to the reading public. True historic insight appears through all these pages, and an earnest desire to do all parties and religions perfect justice. The story of the settlement of Virginia is told in full. . . . It is made...

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