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Derby, Dec. 4.-Wheat 50s. to BUTTER. This article is still advance 563.-Beans 40s. to 423.-Oats 22s. ing, and is scarce: high price, howto 258.--Barley 32s. to 38s. per ever, will make it hold out, unless we

have another such a winter as the last. quarter.

-On board : Carlow 30s. to 945,-BelChesterfield, Dec. 4.--Wheat 38s. fast 885. to 90s.—Dublin 848. to 86s. to 545.-Oats 18s. to 20s.

Barley low 88s. 10 928.–Dublin 84s.—Water

Waterford 82s. to 845.-Landed : Car30s. to 32s.—Beans 40s. to 44s. per ford 82s. to 848.—Cork 80s. to 825.quarter.

Limerick 80s. Lynn, Dec. 4.–We had a very CHEESE.-Every kind of old Cheese dull market on Tuesday. Wheat is scarce ; consequently the new is conof the best quality supported our sumed earlier than usual. Prices are last week's prices; but all other advancing.--Fine old Cheshire 80s. 10 sorts were 1s. to 2s. per quarter 86s.; Good ditto 66s. to 745.—Fine old Jower. Barley may also be noted Chedder 90s.—New Cheshire 56s. to at a decline of 1s. to 2s. per quarter. 658. - Double Gloucester 588. to 64s.; White and Grey Peas continue Single ditto 50s. to 60s. the same.

Oats very few at market. Beans are Is. per quarter dearer. Flour continues without Price of Bread.—The price of alteration.-New Wheat 36s, to 43s. the 4lb. Loaf is stated at from 7d. -Barley 22s. to 275.-Oats 18s, toto 9d. 21s.-Grey Peas 28s. to 30s.—Beans 35s. to 37s. per quarter.-Fine Flour 42s. per sack of 280 lbs.

Smithfield, Monday, Dec. 8. Boston, Dec. 3.-We had a small

Per Stone of 8 pounds (alive). supply of Wheat to-day: prices, Old 50s, to 52s. New 45s. to 50s.


..3 4-to 4 4 -Oats (a good supply) 16s. to 21s.

Mutton. ..3 E8

4 4 -Old Beans 36s. to 38s. New! Veal.

..4 4 5 6 ditto 258. to 288.-Rye 26s. per

4 0 5 4 quarter.

1 | Calves 240 | Pigs ..... 290

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City, 10 December 1823. Bacon.-The demand for Bacon is very inconsiderable, owing, probably, to the excellent quality of the pork, of which a great deal is now sent to this market from the port of Belfast. Only a few years ago it was impossible to make any one believe that Irish pork could be manufactured so as to equal the Scotch or Yorkshire : it has, however, been brought to such perfection as almost to supersede the use of both in this market; and the trade is in the hands of men of great spirit and enter. prise.—Bacon, on board, 44s. to 45s.; l anded, 50s. to 525,-Pork, landed, 50s. to 52s,

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VOL. 48.-No.12.] LONDON, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1923. [Price 63.

Published every Saturday Morning, at Seven o'Clock.


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South America. Some character in SUAKESPEARE exclaims, “ How

poor a thing may do a noble YE OM EN

" office !” But, it is not less

true, and the occurrence is much, OF HEREFORDSHIRE.

more frequent, that the most deOn the question relating to South spicable amongst mankind, the

America, with a look back at most wretched of human beings, the conduct of Parson Smythies,

in point of intellect, may, from a

combination of unfortunate cir. Lawyer Davies, and others, at : the last County Meeting.

cumstances, be able to do most tremendous mischief. You are

not, therefore, to suppose it imKensington, 16th Dec. 1823. possible that Smythies and DAGENTLEMEN,

vies and the rest of the mean You will ask, perhaps, what crew of that day, unable to do the condụct of such fellows as any thing with regard to this great Smythies and Davies can have question of South America ; youto do with the question relating are not to conclude thus, merely to SOUTH AMERICA. But, as I because the men are 80 showed, some time back, that the temptible. conduct of Daddy COKE . and I shall lay before you the state SUFFIELD had had, in all like-of the matter, with regard to this, lihood, something to do in causing now important, part of the world. Cadiz to fall into the hands of the I shall show you the difficulties in French; so I shall, I think, show which this nation is placed with you, that the conduct of Parson regard to South America. I shall, SMYTHIES and LAWYER Davies then, look back at some of the may have something to do in the causes of those difficulties; and present great question relating to then I shall, I think, bring you to


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Printed and Published by J. M. COBBETT, No. 183, Fleet-street.

perceive that mischief, and mis-read in all the American newschief of great magnitude, too, papers, that his father was keepcan be effected by creatures ing a buteher's shop in Kensinglike SMYTHES and Davies ton; this scoundrel press, which and COKE and SUFFIELD; has, within the last fifteen months, especially when these are prompt- brought thousands of families to ed, aided and supported by a beggary, by the lies which it has ndisy, a bullying, a base and published, respecting the affairs lying press, like that of London, of Spain; this scoundrel press which, about this time twelve- began last year about this time, month, was busily engaged in en- that attack upon me, and upon deavours to destroy me, and every my proposition for reducing the other man,

who would have made interest of the Debt, which attack the nation able to keep the French has done more harm, I again say out of Spain, and which has now, it, than the whole of the press of of late, (and again, also, for its the world has ever done good from base and selfish purposes), been its first invention to the present engaged in propagating a mass of hour. However, I shall have to lies, exaggerations, and abomina- speak of the monstrous thing tions, that have, at last, actually again, by-and-by: let us, if you impeded the course of justice, and, please, first proceed with the in all probability, has screened, other part of my subject. for a while, at least, men charged You have observed, perhaps, with the most horrid of crimes. that, it is agreed, on all hands,

This atrocious press has done that the independence of the more mischief to this kingdom, Spanish Colonies of South Amewithin the last few years, than the rica is a thing which this country press has ever done good in all ought anxiously to desire. You the parts of the world put toge- have observed, that this is a point ther. This scoundrel press, which insisted upon by all the news. told the English people, that I papers, even by the sanguinary (while absent in America), had New Times, the Editor of which been tried and punished for libel.(STODART) was Walter's associate ling that Government also ; this in the Old Times, when that scoundrel press, which, about two bloody-minded newspaper conyears ago, caused my own son, tained a justification of the horriwho was then at New York, to ble .wretches .who murdered the Protestants at Nismes. Even this those Jews will lose the money STODART is for the independence that they have lent to the vagaof South America ; because it bonds, as they have already lost would, he thinks, be conducive to that which they lent to the jacothe prosperity of our manufac-bins : I beg pardon of the jacobins; tures. The COURIER is even I mean the “ patriots” of Old clamorous for this independence; Spain. in which he is joined by that

Now, I also wish for the indewhich is certainly by far the most pendence of Spanish America. I important of all the daily publi-must stop here to explain once cations ; namely, the Morning for all, that, I use the word South Chronicle. They all agree, that America, because it saves time. it will be most calamitous if South But Mexico, which contains three American independence be not fifths of the population of the established.

whole of the Colonies of Spain in This press is, in this case, right America, which, in fact, is equal upon wrong grounds: its wishes are in population and equal in riches, right enough ; but its reasons for to Old Spain itself; this Colony; the wishes are good for very little. this great and rich country, is, It is always grubbing its dirty indeed, in North America, notnose about after manufactures and withstanding, we always speak of mines and loans. Some of the im- it as being in South America. pudent vagabonds, calling them. Therefore, in speaking of South selves patriots, in the Spanish American independence, I must, Colonies, have already been mort- of course, be understood as ingaging the land and the labour cluding Mexico. In the Register of their country, to the vile Jews of November 22, vol. 48, page and Jobbers of London. The Jews 468, and four lines from the botand Jobbers own the far greater tom of the page,

from mere error, part of this execrable press. The the word Africa was inserted, inpress, therefore, is for South Amestead of Asia, the context would rican independence, as it is called; show what was meant; but the because, if the Colonies be re-error is so material that I think, stored to Spain ; or, rather, if it right to mention it. they be taken out of the hands of

I also wish for the independence the unprincipled vagabonds, who of South America. It would be are mortgaging them to our Jews, impossible for me to wish for the

same thing that this infamous press | sinking of this country will be a wishes for, unless I wished for it, hundred times more rapid than for a different reason. Very dif- that of her rise. This is my firm ferent is the reason in this case. conviction; and if I were a MiSo far from wishing for South nister, this should be the basis of American independence as the all my policy. means of fattening Jews and Now, within these last twenty Jobbers, I wish for it, as the means years, or thereabouts, we have, in of preventing this country from the first place, by commercial becoming a poor contemptible greediness; next by as villanous feeble thing; that verything a little war as ever was carried on which it is the interest of Jews in this world; by eighteen months and Jobbers to make it.

of as disgraceful war - as ever We ought never to look at stained the annals of a country, South America, without keeping, we have caused the United States at the same time, North America to become really a great mariconstantly in our eye. Things are time power. This dear daughter in a very different state with re- of ours, as the hero of the inkgard to America, all taken to stand would call her; this libertygether, from that in which they loving daughter, who places upon were only ten years ago. This her coins the eagle of her wild country must become a little and woods, and the picture of the contemptible power, unless it can mountain nymph, sweet Liberty; openly, boldly, and as matter of this dear liberty-loving daughter course, always speak of itself as of ours, has thrown herself, neck the mistress of the seas. There and heels (I mean nothing immust be no mock modesty about modest), into the congenial arms it; no pretended love of peace of the Russian Czar! There, then, with all the world; no sham libe- are they two ready at any mo-* rality; and, in short, nothing that ment, to stretch every point for shall lead our Government to the purpose of lessening the power speak of the great ocean but as of of England. The wise COURIER the dominion of England. No ne- observed the other night, in recessity to thrust this impudently and marking upon the Russian Minisboldly forward upon all occasions; ter's speech to the King of Spain, but this must be maintained, and that it was curious to observe, openly maintained, too; or, the Russia, who, till of late, was

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