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I went to work to endeavour to to hold on the top rail of what effect this.

they call a worm-fence. These In the latter end of August, in are generally made of little limbs the year just spoken of, I was at of trees, about eight feet long, and Plandome, the farm and resi- about the bigness of a hope-pole. dence of Mr.Judge MITCHELL, in I saw many of these at JUDGĖ Long Island. He was building a MITCHELL's on that day, which new house on the spot where had he assured me had been standing stood the house of his grandfather. as stakes for upwards of thirty. There had been a little sort of years. I hinted to the men of lawn before the door, enclosed by Kent that I would teach them how a pale fence. The fence had all to make everlasting hop-poles ; been pulled up, and there it lay, and this is a duty that I particuposts and rails and pales. I asked larly owe to my native town of the Judge how long the posts had Farnham, so famous for hops. been in the ground.

He said On the 25th of Oct. of the same tight and twenty years. Each year, 1819, I was in company post had been a little tree, just with Doctor Peter TOWNSEND, chopped down, sawed off to the at Mr. Judge LAWRENCE's at proper length and squared, and Bayside, in the Township of each containing about half a foot Flushing, Long Island. I was of timber. They were all as sound talking to them about this Locustas they had been the first day that tree project; and here I cannot they were cut down; and even refrain from making an observathe little sharp edges left by the tion which I have more than once axe-chops, at the part where the made in my Year's Residence; square part met with the un- namely, that, say what they will squared part: even the little axe- of the selfishness of Jonathan, I chops were sound. The Ame say that he is the most truly libericans use what they call stakes, ral of all mankind. At home he

never grudges his neighbour his was in any other part. It had good fortune ; he is always made stood in a gutter, observe, for happy by his neighbour's success all these number of years. The and prosperity: and, as to foreign water thrown to wash out the hogs nations, he is always anxious that had run down the gutter, and had they should possess all the pro- soaked down about the post. The ducts, all the inventions, all the numerous sweepings and shovelimprovements that he himself en-ings of the gutter to take away the joys. In conformity with this blood and the mud, had worn most amiable disposition, my ex- away the post a little, as they cellent friends at Bayside, en- would have worn away iron; but tered into my views, about intro- still it was as sound as on the day ducing the Locust into England. when it was felled. The Judge showed me a post, JUDGE MITCHELL was so kind which he said, must be nearly a as to give me a memorandum, hundred years old as a post. This signed by himself, relative to his post had been cut down, when a post ; and JUDGE LAWRENCE, little tree, and it had served in the not being so old, as his brother capacity of, what they call, a hog- Henry, we sent for the latter, and gallows post. I examined it very he signed a memorandum, relative minutely, and I found it perfectly to the hog-gallows posta

I dare sound, even to the very tips of it. say that every reader, who deIt was a post with a fork at the lights in rural concerns, and who top of it. The points of the duly considers the vast importfork had been chopped off in a ance of this matter, will lament çareless manner; and there were that he, also, could not see these these points perfectly sound. But, 'posts. If he happen to be in Lonthe main question was, how was don, HE MAY SEE THEM the post where it met the ground? NOW ; for they are to be seen It was just as sound there as it by any body at the Office vf the Register in Fleet Street. The inches.-I have known this post Manchester Magistrates brought during forty-four years. When I

standing as a hog-gallows post out horse and foot to prevent me first knew it, it was a very old post, from passing through their town. that it was a wonderfully old post

I remember hearing my father say, The Bolton Magistrates put John then. I should suppose it to have Hayes in prison, for ten weeks, been a post upwards of fourscore


HENRY LAWRENCE. for announcing that I had arrived at Liverpool in good health. I have before mentioned, that But my

Locust posts came safely Doctor TowNSEND was with us to London, and I came soon after at Bayside. The Doctor was acthem with the following memoran- quainted with a Mr. SMITH, of dums in my pocket.

Smith's Town in Long Island, and ' Plandome, 23 August, 1819. he had heard that there was a I have this day given to William locust post at Smith's Town, which Cobbett a locust post 6 feet long, and squaring 3 inches by 31, which could be proved, by unquestionis perfectly sound in all its parts, able testimony, to have stood, withand which has stood in the ground, as part of a fence, in front of my out injury, for upwards of a hunhouse, from the year 1791 until dred years. I begged of the Docs about five weeks ago, when the fence was taken up.

tor to get me proof of this, and to SINGLETON MITCHELL, send it to me to England. This

he did, very punctually, as will Bayside, Flushing, 25 Oct. 1819. My brother, EFFINGHAM LAW- appear from the following docu-RENCE, has this day taken up out

ments. of the ground, and given to W1lLIAM COBBETT, a hog-gallows post; To Dr. Peter Townsend. that is, a post having a fork at the

Smith's Town, Long Island, top, for the purpose of lodging a pole on, and on which pole hogs Dear Sir,-Yesterday morning I are, when killed, hanged up by the received the letter which you menheels. This post is of Locust tioned having written me of the Wood; it was a single tree, and 22d, on the subject of the posts, to the whole of the lower part of that which I had certified on the eventree; it is, from extreme point to ing of that day at the Judge's. I extreme point, eight feet eight observe by an extract of Mr. Cobo inches long; from the tip of one bett's letter, quoted by you, that fork to that of the other, from out- he is desirous of further informaside to outside, it is seventeen and tion, and mentions something of a half inches; there is a knot, the obtaining the post. This memento middle of which is 144 inches from of antiquity, though not intrinthe end of the butt; there is ano- sically worth six cents, I would ther knot eleven inches from the hardly part with for its weight in

middle of the fork; the circumfe- silver; such information as I rence of the post, at the mid-dis- can give you, is cheerfully at his tance from the ends, is eighteen service. There are many Locust:

25 Feb. 1820.

posts in my post and rail crossdecay even of the bark, and the fences, put in by a former pro- wood when stripping the bark off prietor of the farm, who has been had the appearance of being just dead about twenty-six years ; pro- felled. Many instances might be bably some of them have been given of the durability and usefulstanding fifty years or upwards, ness of this very valuable timber. most of which are at this day in a So sensible are we in this quarter perfectly sound state above and of its great worth, that every farbelow the surface of the ground.-mer of common prudence is taking Since residing on this farm (about the utmost pains to cultivate it, three years since), I have taken when and wherever he can.--Should down an old barn which had been you make any further communicarepaired by putting in new sills and tions to Mr. Čobbett, I beg you will other parts of its foundation, under, tender to him my best wishes for as nearly as I can ascertain, about the health and happiness of himself forty-one or two years ago. One and his family. With sentiments of these sills was of Locust, about of much friendship and esteem, eigbt inches square, which by the

I am, inattention of the proprietor had Your obedient and been buried many years under the

Most humble Servant, dirt and filth which invariably col

RICHARD SMITH. lect about such buildings; the foundation timbers had all disap

CERTIFICATE. peared, and some of the posts There is a Locust post standing rotted and entirely decayed two on the road side about sixty yards or three feet above the base, when from Smith's Town River,and about

I took possession here eleven years one mile from Long Island Sound, ago. In removing the dirt to ma- into which that river empties, in nure my garden, about two feet the Township of Smith's Town, Sufbelow the surface, I came to the folk Country, Long Island, and Locust sill. While the other tim- opposite to my door. This post bers had all mouldered down, and is a quater section of a locust trunk some of them so far incorporated which must have been originally with the dirt as scarcely to be about eight inches in diameter. I distinguished or known from it, have been informed by my Uncle, the Locust was in so perfect and Joshua Smith, father of the present uninjured a state that I had a pair Judge Smith, that this post was of axletrees made from off it for a placed there by his father, Daniel wagon, which are now doing good ser-Smith, grandson of the patentee of vice.--I recollect my father's cutting Smith's Town, in the year 1709. The a quantity of large locust timber soil in which the post stands is a for market, some of the limbs of black loam, and about sixteen feet which were converted into posts to above the surface of the river. It put up a board fence near the is about two feet in the ground. house. This fence I assisted in On examining it about a year since, making, one side was flatted to re- below the surface of the ground, ceive the board, and the posts set it was found perfectly and thointo the ground with the natural roughly sound in every respect. bark on for about twenty-eight in- Above the ground there is no apches. Fourteen years afterwards, pearance of decay or rot, and no and after my father's decease, in disfiguration whatever except what making a new disposition of the has been caused by friction, or by ground, I was present when my its long exposure the weather. brother Ebenezer took up these And all the effect of these causes posts. There was very little visible has been merely to roughen a little its surface. This post is sound, after having stood more along side of a stone horse-block, and was intended and is now used than twenty years. It is all spine. as a support to ascend the block. It is just as hard when as big Within a half yard of this post round as your wrist, as when it is there is also a flat red cedar post of about four inches thickness, as big round as your body. Here and which belonged to a post, are hop-poles, then! Here is stuff which njust have been about twelve inches in diameter. This post, to make hurdle gates for sheep which was set at the same time with the Locust post, is not quite folding! Here is stuff for clothes as sound below the surface as that. posts and all sorts of uses. A LQAbove ground it is also more de- cust hop-pole, when once pointed, cayed, and shows indications of having yielded more to the in- would serve, and that, too, withfluence of the weather than the out any more pointing, for half a Locust post in the same part. The top particularly is crumbling. century, At Fleet-street there is RICHARD Smith.

one of the stakes, which I menTo Mr. COBBETT.

tioned above, and which I brought SIR, -At the request of my friend, from the farm of Judge MITCHELL. Doctor Peter S. Townsend, I have Whoever looks at this stake will given the above Certificate with great pleasure, and hope it may see that it was a mere branch, anda answer the purposes you have in view from it, as I stand pledged to

crooked and poor branch too, cut vouch for its accuracy.

off from a tree; yet it lasted as a With much respect,

stake for thirty years, and is now
I am Sir,
Your most obedient and as hard and as solid as it was on
Most humble Servant,

the day that it was cut off the tree.

any one suppose, that the The fact, then, of the durability, names that I have made use of of this wood is here put beyond here, are not real names. Amongst dispute. If it lasts sound as a the wretched calumniators of the post out of doors for more than a day, there


be some to prehundred

may be fairly tend to believe this ; but no one said to last for ever. If it will will believe it. I wish, however, make axletrees for a wagon, after to leave no doubt with regard to a having lain as a barn sill in the wet matter, which, as the reader will and dirt for forty years, it may be clearly see, I have long had my fairly said that it will yield to heart set upon. I will therefore nothing but fire. This tree, has no state, that Mr. Singleton Mitchsap. It is all of the same quality, ell is a brother of the really coand Judge LAWRENCE shewed me lebrated Doctor MITCHELL, of some with the bark on perfectly | New York, who has written so ably

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years, it

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