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the London DAILY papers for the taken place or retaihied, by conIlth instant. 1o 57105, 048305 sent of the parties

a four shillings 66 TURNPIKE EXACTIONS.— At a

on each conviction for the SollMeetiny of several Owners of one-citor, who had had a great deal of horse carts," of the Kensington, trouble, and thenien," "aboveChelsea,i Fulham and Hammor-named, were paid by me, smith District, held at the Grapes shillings on each conviction. The Tavern, Kensington, on Thursday, seven pounds, which came to me, the 6th day of Novenaber, I shall give to the wife and chil

Mr Cotterell in the Chair ;dren of pobr Joseph SWANN; or, it was Resolved, That a Subscrip- part to them and part to him. tion be entered into for the pur- The winter, now coming, is the chase of a Piece of Plate, to be FIFTH winter that this poor disinterested exertions inexposing, he was sent by the Magistrates of defeating, and putting a stop to

putting 4 stop to Cheshire! For they had him in other districts, from exacting a gaol about three months before they bigher Toll than the Law directs to

sentenced him to be in gaol for be paid.

four years and a half longer! " Subscriptions will be received A wife and four small children by the Chairman, High-: treet, and were left to be paupers or to Mri Haines, Grapes Tavern, Kensingtın; Mr. W. Pater, Mr. Wm. starve. (Good God! And this is Simmonds, Swan, and Mr. James

humans England, is it!). I have Saunders, Hammersmith; Mrs. once before assisted this poor South, Compasses, Fulham ; Mr. woman a little. And, as I give Edwards, Somerset Arms, Little these seven pounds, may 1 not Chelsea; Dickson and Anderson, hope, o that there will be someCovent Garden; and sley,

Mr. Wam-body found to make the seven
Arms shepherd twice teden 2. shall

go, or get Bush, }" till MONDAY, the 21th' i

some one to go, to see SWANN and stant, when a Meeting of the Sub-hi scribers will be held at

his family, on, or before, the last

Seven in the Evening, day of this month. Vhis man Gretain the amount of Subscrip- of, or, the very name of EnglishGrapes Tavern, Kensington, to as- and his family wrist be taken care

, tions, and to determine on the man ought to be held in detesPiece of Plate to be parchased.” tation, I

-o live an account

The Register The Jews had to pay thirty-any sums that si

on this

to seven complaints ; James Palmer seven Pwanted : put, about.

I Grove two, John Wilson * one, In the nieanwhile, Mrs. SWANN two Thomas Cox two, Wliliam the winter that many of

is just at hand, cotta onep John Kill one, Thomas (at No. 183, Fleet Street, postagens King one I wdvised these men paid), to let me know precisely to

she is to be faund, that 1. ords I employed the shlititor

, and he the gentleman that goes, max.moenie pensesji When the decisioh had i dose

, will 219

be with her, on the 29th or

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30th of this month will, towards for not wishing to be either the one the seven pounds which I wish to or the other, He had all his life get, receive any sum, even so low made it his boast and glory that he as a shilling. A liule book will belonged to the working part of be kept at No. 183, Fleet Street, affected to be what he was not-

the people. (Cheers.] He never for the purpose of entering names he never turned his back upon that and sums.

When I get the seven class out of which he came. [Appounds, I shall stop. That will plause.] He was of opinion that suffice for this winter; and that, one Resolution at least of the SoI trust, I shall soon have. At any ciety at New York was a wise one rate, I know what is my duty, and namely, that none but mechanics I will do it. My Solicitor, under bers of it. It became those who

should be allowed to become memstanding what use 'I meant to

were not mechanics to subscribe apply the seven penalties to, de- according to their ability, but they clined receiving any thing on ac- had nothing, and ought to have count of them ; so that, in fact, nothing, to do with the managehe has been good enough to sub- ment of the Institution. [Applause.] scribe 11. 8s. on this occasion. And here he agreed with Mr.

Brougham, who stated be thought the thing should be managed by, the mechanics themselves. If they

allowed other management to inMECHANIC'S INSTITUTION. terfere, men would soon be found

who would put the mechanics on

one side, and make use of them The Report of the proceedings meant to impute blame no where,

only as - tools. [Applause.] He at the Crown and Anchor, public least of all to Mr. Brougham, who house, in the Strand, on Tuesday agreed fully with him upon this the 11th inst. has been published point. He recollected the estain all the

The fol-blishment of a literary institution, lowing is what pers.

the report in the a kind of literary fand, at the head Morning Chronicle has contained, of which were Mr. D. Williams, with

regard to the little part that I a dissenting minister, and Mr. T. took in the business.

437Morrice. This fund was intended

for the relief of decayed authors, “MR. COBBETT having been who had written in support of truth called for,canie forward amidst loud and justice, or their wives and applause. Order having been re- families — well, what happened? stored, he observed that it was not the society flourished, it increased originally his intention to trouble --but it soon got into other handsthem with a single word. He con- the consequence of which was, that curred with those who thought it for years not a farthing had been the duty of every man to contri- paid out of it, except to those who bute as much as in his power to had written in support of corrupthe support of the Institution ;

tion and slavery.” 1 with that five pound how he had given his the Chairman, re- mark of my regard for and my

I gave my five pounds as a questing him to inform tlie meeting attachment to the working classes that he was not actuated by any wish to become a founder or mem- of the community, and also as ber of the Institution, and he would, a mark of my approbation of any in a few words, tell them his reason thing which seemed to assert that

these classes were equal, in point sheep at Smithfield. Scotch Fees, of intellect, to those who have had loosoters i arejil sometimes, varey the 'insolence to call them the cleeder men; but, if you suffer “ Lower Orders.” But, I was not yourselves to be put into their without my fears, nor am I now crucibles, you will make but: æ without my fears, that this insti- poor figure when you come out. tution

may be turned to purposes, An“ Institution” to get the “* Com extremely injurious to the me- bination Law”. repealed would, "I chanics themselves. I cannot but fancy, be the most advantageous know what sort of people are that you could, at this time, estalikely to get amongst them. Iblish. The “expansion of the know that there are Rump Com-mind” is very well; but, really,' mittees, and I heard the name of the thing which presses most, at "John Cam HoBHOUSE Esquire,” this time, is, the getting of some who gave ten pounds to the ine-thing to expand the body a little chanics, while his father is re- more: a little more bread, bacon, ceiving twelve hundred pounds a and beer ; and, when these are se year as a Commissioner about the cured, a little" expansion of the Nabob of Arcot's debts, and who mind" may


has received out of the public
money about five and twenty thou-
sand pounds since I can remember;
and that, too, in part, out of the

AMERICAN sweat of these very mechanics. " When father and son take dif

APPLE TREES." ferent sides, lands and tene6 ments commit no treason.” Thus BURDETT is thanked at the late I shall publish a list of the dinner of “ Patriots” for his hos- sorts, with the priccs, in the next tilily to military outrage; while Register. In the meanwhile, some his son, in a high court regiment of the apples, and especially an of whiskerandoes, is pushing 'on apple, which grew on a graft that fast in time of peace towards the came from America last spring, rank of Generat! So much for may be seen at Fleet-street.-I Rump Committees and "free and cannot state more particnlars at

'independent Electors of West- present, for want of room. The 56 minster.”

grafts that were first put on, in Mechanics, I must heartily wish my garden, were put on in May, you well; but, I also most heartily 1821 ; that is, thirty months ago; wish you not to be humbugged, and, I have now, apples of five which you most certainly will be, sorts from them; and, the finest if you suffer any body but REAL collection of apples that I ever MECHANICS to have any thing sato in England. Two of my to do in managing the concern. Fall - pippins, weighing nine You will mean well; hut, many a ounces each, have been Sent, to ounning scoundrel will get place the HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY'S or pension as the price of you, Rooms, in Regent-street, where, whom he will sell just as uncon- as I understand, they may be cernedly as a-grazier sells his seen after Tuesday nextz bu my

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to lavinif - Vantaa YEAR'S RESIDENCE IN AMERICA, in the Journal part, there are

un mani uli) o bu these words the October 7.-The .1*50 MARKETS.: 101 1,5 11: " wind is knocking down the fall- **D2191yllast 13:00 " pippins for us. One picked up

By the 1017 has “ to-day, weighed 124 ounces, "avoirdupois. The average weight Average Prices of CORN through"is nine ounces, or, perhaps, ten out ENGLAND, for the week end" ounces.". Now, I have five

ing 1st November fall-pippins this year from a

1A 1 graft put on in 1821. The weight

Per Quarter. of three of them is nine ounces Wheat,

.50 0 each: the weight of one of


.28 the other two, nine ounces and a


4 half; and the weight of the fifth,

.21 eight ounces. - Besides these, there is one, which grew on the


......32 6 graft brought from America this


34. year, cut off the tree in December, and put on here on the 27th of April. This apple weighs

Corn Exchange, Mark Lane. rather more than seven ounces. Every one knows how bad this

Quantities and Prices of British year has been for the riperring of Corn, &c. sold and delivered in apples; and yet my apples (and this Market, during the week ended not against a wall), appear to be Saturday, 1st November. perfectly well ripened. - Mind, it is only thirty 'months since I put

Qrs. first graft

. My wood shews Wheat.. 8,200 for 21,399 14 9. Average, 52 2 for beautiful bloom. I have thrée Barley.. 3,486.... 5,220 5 1...... Newtown Pippins. They are not Vats....8,197....10,043 13 11...... full size. They weigh, however, Rye...... 91 144 16 10.........31 10 seven ounces each, and the whole Beans ... 1,169.... 2,151 16 0..........36 9 of the wood that they grew on,


1,263.... 2,292 14 3it... 12:36 3 mean the whole from the place where the grafting took place,

Quarters of English Grain, &c. does not, I am sure,

and did not

arrived Coastwise, from Nov. 3 with the leaves on, weigh half an to Nov. 8, inclusive. ounce. All these facts show, that

Wheat. . 4,952 Pease.

1,354 there is, in these American grafts, Barley..


03 a great aptness to produce bear- Malt.....1,896 Linsecd. ing wood. The leaves hang on Oats..:: 5,523 Rape ..00: 175 late upon my trees - The last Rye...

Brank. week in this month will be time Beans... 1,205 Mustard... 146

***** enough to take them up.

Various Seeds, 285 ; and Hemp,

15 yrs.- lour 6,687 sacks. From Ireland.-Oats 345 qrs. Foreign.-Wheat 500 qrs.

on my

.29 11 .24 6


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Friday, Nov. 7.-The arrivals of COUNTRY CORN MARKETS.

1. TIUM, TV441291 all kinds of Grain are only mo- By the QUARTER, excepting where otherapi derate for this season of the year. wise bamed ; ifrom Wednesday to Saturt: Wheat fully supports the prices of day bašt, inclusivel muud ai finem to last Monday. Barley for our Malt- The Scotch Markets are the Returns of the

Week before. sters: use finds , sale freely, and


s.'à. grinding, samples: also maintain Uxbridge, per load.... lol Os. 162 10s. last quotations.

101. Us. 12161406?" • Beans and Peas Aylesbury... ditto...

Newbury ..... are without alteration. Good Oats Reading

40 58 0 meet a ready sale at the same rates Henley

38 0 1.630 Banbury

*** 44 0 34° 0 as last quoted, but other kinds go Devizes

36 04 650 off slowly.


40, 0764, 0 Sherborne

0.0 0.0 Monday, Nov. 10.-The arrivals Dorchester, per load... 101. Os. 151. 10s.

Exeter, per bushel 76 8 3 of all sorts of Corn last week were Lewes ::


121. 0s. 171.08. only moderate, and the quantities Guildford, per load.

Winchester, dittat;6...

0 0 fresh up this morning are again Basingstoke,

46 0

load 91. Os. 141. 10s. middling from Essex, Kent, and Chelmsford,


44 0

48 0 Suffolk, with but few vessels with


440 63 'O Oats from the North. There was a Lynn

36 0 520

Horncastle brisk demand for the best parcels


46.0 Stamford,


52 0 of Wheat this morning, and super- Northampton ...!!! 430


0 0 fine descriptions obtained rather | Truro, 24 galls. to a busho 19 9

Swansea, per bushel.. higher prices than this day se'n- Nottingham .. 4740 night;" other qualities also sell Derby, 34 quarts to bush. 48


38:0 57. 0 more freely than of late, but not at Dalkeith, per boll.* 18 6 27 0 better prices.

Haddington, ditto*.... 20 0 *** 320 * The Scotch

K boll is 3 per cent" more Barley for malting fully sup:

than 4 bushelst

17:19 vas aids Dirt mi ports the terms of last Monday,

Liverpool, Nov, 4. But littlex but other qualities go off heavily business has been done here in the Beans of dry quality obtain ls. Corn trade since Tuesday last, and per quarter advance ou last quo- and Oats scarcely met

during the week past Old Wheat

equal terms of this day sales cht, tations. Boiling Pease are un

and New Irish Oats and Wlieat altered. Grey Pease being scarce

were each sold below the prices of are tagain 1s.per quarter dearer. that day. The market of this day There was a 'free demand for good opened, from the numerous enii Oats, which sold on rather better quiries of both town and country terms than this day se'nnight, but few parcels of fine English and

dealers, with a lively aspect, and a other qualities remain as stated Irish Wheats were taken off at the last week. Flour is unaltered.

yoint prices of last Tuesday. In other

non articles of the trade there was so


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