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Seite 337 - It shall be the privilege of any nurseryman or dealer to ship under the certificate issued to him, nursery stock grown for him elsewhere, or purchased by him from other states or countries ; provided, that all such stock be received under a certificate satisfactory to the state entomologist] that it had been inspected where grown and found to be ^apparently free from dangerously injurious insects or such as {were liable to become so ; and no such stock shall be sold within the state or shipped until...
Seite 337 - ... members, officers or inspectors, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and subject to a fine of one hundred dollars for each such refusal or neglect. The...
Seite 335 - An act to prevent the introduction into and the spread of injurious insects in New Jersey, to provide a method for compelling their destruction, to create the office of State Entomologist, to authorize inspection of nurseries and to provide for certificates of inspection.
Seite 48 - The- provisions of this act shall extend to towiibhips, towns, boroughs, villages or any municipality or municipalities, all proceedings conforming, as near as possible, to the provisions of this act, and the governing bodies of any township, town, borough, village or municipality shall have the same power and perform the same duties as are conferred and devolve upon the board of chosen freeholders under the provisions of thi.:, act.
Seite 340 - ... of the court imposing the same. 15. All proceedings to enforce the provisions of this act shall be brought in the name of and prosecuted by the state board of agriculture through the committee of appeal appointed by the executive committee of the board, as prescribed in section twelve of this act, and in any court of competent jurisdiction in the county in which the offense complained of shall have been committed ; action by said committee shall...
Seite 340 - That every district court in any city, and every justice of the peace in any county, and any 'recorder in any city, is hereby empowered, on oath or affirmation made according to law that any person or persons has or have violated any provision of this act, to issue process at the suit of the commissioner hereafter named as plaintiff, for the use of the State of New Jersey...
Seite 340 - The said conviction shall be signed by the judge of the district court, justice of the peace, police justice or recorder before whom the conviction is had.
Seite 337 - It shall, however, be the privilege of a nurseryman holding a valid certificate covering nursery stock grown by him to ship under said certificate nursery stock grown for him elsewhere or purchased by him from other states or countries, provided that all such nursery stock is received under an official certificate acceptable to the Department of Agriculture stating that it has been inspected where grown and found to be apparently free from insect pests and diseases.
Seite 336 - employee" as used in this act, shall be held to include any person who has engaged to work or render any service for an employer under a contract of service or apprenticeship, whether by way of manual labor, clerical work or otherwise, and whether the contract is expressed or implied, oral or in writing, except that minors not legally permitted to work under the laws...
Seite 338 - Such notice and order may be served personally or by depositing the same in the postoffice properly stamped, addressed to the owner or occupant of the land or premises upon which such nuisance exists, and the direction for treatment may consist of a printed circular, bulletin or report of the Inspector of Apiaries, or an extract from same.

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