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subserve the great purposes for which it was intended.

The principal deviation was in Raymond and Otisfield. It had been formerly proposed to enter the valley of Crooked river in Raymond, and follow it up to Songo pond; but as the river was found to be more sinuous and difficult of access than had been anticipated, it was considered expedient to take a more direct course, which extended east and parallel to the river valley, and the meadow road leading to Otisfield, and enters the former in the northern part of Otisfield, about fifteen miles beyond the point which had been originally suggested. Several experimental lines were also run, that were from ten and a half to one and a half miles in length, which left the main line at various points and again intersected it, and which will be particularly described in their proper order.

Two termini were selected in Portland, from whence to commence the survey.

The first is on the harbor side of the City, at Walker's wharf, which is situated at the southeastern end of State street, that being the most eligible site for ware-houses where heavy articles of merchandize could be best deposited, which were destined to be shipped to other ports, and landed from vessels for transportation into the interior.

The second is at the northwestern end of Preble street, being the most convenient position for a pas

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senger depot, as it is very easy of access, and the land well adapted for Engine and Car houses, and the various other edifices which will be required for such an establishment, can be there obtained in sufficient quantity.

That portion of the State which is traversed by the Rail Road line, is remarkably characterized by the numerous ponds, streams and hills by which its topography is diversified. Of the former, Sebago pond is much the largest, being in fact of sufficient magnitude to be designated as a lake; it is the source of Presumpscot river, and supplies most of the water for the Cumberland and Oxford Canal; connected with it by a considerable outlet, is Panther pond in Raymond. In Otisfield are Pleasant and Parker ponds, which discharge their waters into Crooked river; and in Albany is Songo pond, which is its source. The other ponds of any considerable extent, are Moose and Saturday, whose outlets fall into the Little Androscoggin river. Crooked river has many falls and rapids, and after a meandering course in a southeasterly direction, of nearly fifty miles, debouches into Sebago pond. The Presumpscot river has a very devious channel, with abrupt banks and numerous falls and rapids, which afford excellent hydraulic powers for mills and manufactories, many of which have already been established; passing in an easterly direction through Standish, Gorham, Westbrook, Windham

and Falmouth, it falls into Casco bay. Androscoggin river is one of the largest in the State, and having as its capacious fountains, lakes Umbagog and Mooseetocmguntick, first sweeps westward through a portion of New Hampshire, then, taking an easterly direction, traverses the counties of Oxford, Cumberland, Kennebec and Lincoln, and unites with the Kennebec river in Merrymeeting bay.

The only mountains near the line of the survey in Maine, is the Rattlesnake range, which extends through Raymond in an easterly direction.

The first line commences at Walker's wharf, 2% feet above high water mark, and passing near the shore of Fore river, crosses the Cumberland and Oxford canal twice within the distance of one mile. And it will be advisable to move the bed of the canal at these points, south of the road, which can be done at an inconsiderable expense; thence it extends west of Bramhall's hill and south of Libby's tavern in Westbrook, to a point near Graves's tannery; distance 2 miles 3440 feet from Portland, and 54% feet above high water mark.

The second line commences at A, on sheet No. 1, at the western end of Preble street, and crossing the southern part of Buck cove, and passes east of James Deering's house, and intersects the first line at Graves's tannery, distant 1 mile 4220 feet from Portland; making a difference in favor of this line,

of 4500 feet. The line then continues west of Larrabee's hill, and crosses the Presumpscot river about half a mile east of the village of Saccarappa, and will require a bridge 140 feet in length. The distance to this river is 6 miles 200 feet, and the elevation above high water mark 33% feet. There was a line run commencing at a point 3 miles 4960 feet from Portland, which passes east of Larrabee's hill and crosses the Presumpscot river east of the first line, and which it intersects 920 feet beyond the river. This line, which is delineated on sheet No. 1, V V, increases the distances 336 feet. The main line then passes up a valley, east of McLellan's house in Westbrook, and crossing the road to Horsebeef falls, and proceeding west of Anderson's house in Windham, reaches a point near the northwest end of Canada hill, distant 10 miles, 3000 feet from Portland, and 1923 feet above high water mark; thence east of Greenough's tavern in Windham, to Pleasant river, which will require a bridge 40 feet in length; the distance is 15 miles 2100 feet, and the elevation above high water mark, 175 feet; thence it passes on the southern side of Windham plains, south of Boody's tavern, to turtle pond in Windham, crossing the southwestern side of it, distant 19 miles 2080 feet, above tide 300% feet; thence to a point, distant 21 miles 3920 feet, from whence two lines were run, one crossing Panther stream and passing east of Sawyer's tavern and west of Pan

ther pond; the other, T T, on sheet No. 2, crosses Panther stream, passes west of Sawyer's tavern, and intersects the first line at a point near Panther pond, distance 23 miles 3360 feet from Portland, and 2890 feet above high water mark. The length of the second line was 1 mile 4,549 feet, being 171 feet shorter than the first; thence passing east of the meadow road leading to Otisfield and west of Rattlesnake mountain, the line continues to Parker pond, distance 29 miles, 1480 feet, and elevation 426; thence crossing a cove at the east end of Parker pond, which is 1300 feet wide, and passing along the eastern shore of the pond, west of Mayberry hill, east of Pleasant pond and the Meetinghouse hill in Otisfield to Saturday pond, distance 37 miles, 3,840 feet, and the elevation 522 feet; thence near the eastern shore of Saturday pond, and crossing its northeast end, and the southeastern end of Moose pond, to the northern shore, the distance is 38 miles, 4760 feet, and the elevation 512% feet; thence keeping on the northern slope of Rocky hill, and east of Mud pond, it enters the valley of Crooked river, which it then crosses at a point, where it is 75 feet wide, and 43 miles 4160 feet from Portland, and has an elevation of 391% feet, thence it passes up the valley of the river, on its western side, to the eddy of Pierce's mill pond, distant 45 miles 4600 feet from Portland, with an elevation of 435% feet; thence crossing the southern end of the mill pond it



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