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generally made for three, not over four months—the securities are of a business form--a few joint and several. Stock in this bank is said to be worth three per cent. above par. Each of the banks in Bath have in the Suffolk a permanent deposit of 2,000 dollars; the remainder of sums due from other banks, is deposited in the Globe Bank, Boston, at four per cent. on the lowest balance, due from it each month.

In Belfast, is one bank only, (the Charter of the Waldo Bank being resigned, and its affairs nearly closed.)

Belfast Bank, chartered April 1, 1836,-has Directors, James White, President, Joseph Williamson, Paul R. Hazeltine, James P. White, Salathiel Nickerson, Freeman C. Raymond, and Thomas Marshall, all of Belfast—and Albert Bingham, Cashier.

Capital Stock, 50,000 Real Estate,

7,494 75 Bills in circulation, 48,444 Discounted paper, 56,663 92 Deposites,

4,392 30 Loan to the State, Dividends unpaid, 660 and State CertifProfits on hand, 190 08!


12,417 89 Due from Suffolk

bank and Agents, 17,412 51 Other Debts due to the bank,

1,927 78 Bills of other banks, 1,623 Specie,

6,156 53


$ 103,686 381

$103,686 38 Directors liabilities 10.375 dollars. Last year's dividends seven per cent. Amount of taxes paid to the State 1,524 dollars 66 cents. Number of Stockholders 80. Of the discounted paper it is said not more than 1,000 dollars are doubtful. The “Agents" are J. Hathaway & Co. merchants, Boston,-owners of 20 shares of stock,-reputed to be a firm of solid wealth, and of character for business too high and well established to be doubted. In BLOOMFIELD is the Skowhegan Bank only, which was incorporated March 4, 1833, with a capital of 50,000 dollars, and in 1836 increased to $75,000,-and which has Directors, William Allen, Jr., President, of Norridgewock, Judah M'Lellan, Edmund Pearson, Abner Coburn, Brooks Dascomb, all of Bloomfield, Joseph Patten and John G. Neil, both of Skowhegan,--and Samuel Philbrick, Cashier.

Capital Stock, 75,000 Real Estate,

817 Bills in circulation, 37,018 Discounted paper, 109,255 93 Deposites,

12,403 74 Due from Suffolk Dividends unpaid, 28


13,350 48 Profits on hand, 3,430 38 Bills of other banks, 1,431 37


3,025 34


$127,880 12

$127,880 12 Liabilities of one Director 5,800 dollars; of all, 9,975 dollars. Four liable for nothing. Amount of taxes paid to the State 3,604 dollars 17 cents. To all paper, discounted, a bylaw requires three names; no loan to any one shall exceed 3,000 dollars, nor paper taken for more than 60 days of the whole securities, being 219 in all, about 20,000 dollars in amount bear date prior to January 1839,-one half of it against the estate of the former President-perhaps 1,500 dollars doubtful.

In Brewer is the Agricultural Bank, only, chartered April 1, 1836,-which has Directors, Stillman Wilson, Presideni, John D. Wilson, David B. Doane, Timothy George, Joha Wentworth,—the last of Orrington, and the other four of Brewer.—Cornelius Bedlow, Jr. Cashier.

TRIAL BALANCE. Dr. Capital Stock, 50,000 Discounted paper, 57,737 52 Bills in circulation, 12,898 Loan to the State, 2,200 Deposites,

774 29 Due from other banks, 155 25 Profits on hand, 73 35 Bills of other banks, 1,678 00


1,974 87


$63,745 64

$63,745 64 Liabilities of Directors 9,497 dollars. The only dividend ever declared, was in April 1837, of three and one-half per cent. Amount of taxes paid to the State 1,500 dollars. Number of Stockholders, 20. Of the discounted paper there are in all 72 demands, 13 of which are of 1,000 dollars or upwards; and to secure some of them, there are mortgages, attachments and pledges of Stock. The smaller demands are prime. The Directors are efficient men; but find it hard collecting the larger notes. This bank among others resolved to redeem only at its own counter, and resisted till it had runs from the Suffolk in amount prior to June 26, 1837, 33,000 dollars in specie; it was then compelled to submit and make a permanent deposit there of 5,000 dollars.

In BRUNSWICK are two banks; (1) the Brunswick, (2) the Union; with the aggregate capital of 125,000 dollars.

(1.) The Brunswick Bank, chartered April 1, 1836,-has Directors, Richard T. Dunlap, President, John C. Humpbries, Alfred J. Stone, William H. Morse, George F. Richardson, all of Brunswick,-Phinehas Barnes, Cashier.


Cr. Capital Stock, $75,000

Real Estate,

1,000 Bills in circulation, 26,544 Discounted paper, 90,417 86 Deposites,

7,814 51 Loan to the State, 6,800 Dividends unpaid, 369 Due from other Profits on haud,

3,614 23

10,928 93 Bills of other banks, 1,216 Specie,

2,978 95

$113,341 74

$113,341 74 Liabilities of two Directors 18,274 dollars; of all, 25,788 dollars. Last year's dividend five per cent. Amount paid to the State in taxes 2,308 dollars 79 cents. Number of Stockholders 53. Generally the discounted paper is in good order. Of the sum due from other banks there are 3,000 dollars in the Suffolk, 1,421 dollars in Kilby Bank, and 6,507 dollars 93 cents in the Globe Bank, Boston, which transacts the business of the Brunswick Bank.

(2.) The Union Bank, chartered Feb. 15, 1825, was renewed and continued April 1, 1831. Its Directors are, David Dunlap, President, Isaac Lincoln, Abner B. Thompson, all of Brunswick, and William Frost and Samuel Perkins of Topsham,—Joseph McKeen, Cashier,


Capital Stock, 50,000 Real Estate,

2,000 Bills in circulation, 29,671 Discounted paper, 72,402 38 Deposites,

18,154 86 Loan to the State, 6,120 Dividends unpaid,


Due from other Due to other banks, 267 37 banks,

17,348 19 Profits on hand, 4,573 Stock in Andros

coggin Bank, 840 Bills of other banks, 2,331 83 Specie,

2,323 83

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$103,366 23

$103,366 23 Liabilities of Directors, not known-Cashier being absent. Last year's dividend five per cent. Amount of taxes paid to the State under the old and new charter 7,250 dollars. Number of Stockholders 48. Of the sum “due from other banks,” 10,100 dollars 56 cents were owing from Commonwealth Bank, Boston, when it badly suspended; the residue in the Suffolk and the Globe Banks. The Act of Feb. 8, 1834, authorizing the increase of Capital $25,000, was not adopted.

In Calais are three banks, (1) the Calais, (2) St. Croix, and (3) Washington County-with an aggregate Capital of 200,000 dollars. Neither of these have suspended specie payments.

(1.) Calais Bank, chartered April 1, 1831,-has Directors, George Downes, President, Samuel Kelley, Luther C. White, Francis Swan, and Lewis Wilson, all of Calais --Joseph A, Lee, Cashier.


TRIAL BALANCE. Dr. Capital Stock, 100,000 Real Estate, 4,000 Bills in circulation, 24,645 Discounted paper 136,190 63 Deposites, 7,291 04 Stocks,

1,451 91 Dividend unpaid, 105 00 Due from other Due the Globe Bank


1,319 55 not due,


Bills of other banks, 2,632 Profits on hand, 3,784 01 Specie,

1,930 96

$147,825 05

$147,825 05 Liabilities of Directors, 29,456 dollars. The original Stock of 50,000 dollars increased under Act of March 1835, to 100,000 dollars. Amount of taxes paid to the State 6,193 dollars. Last year's dividend six per cent. Stockholders 51. More than half of the notes in the bank are past due-36,000 dollars secured by mortgage-8,598 entered under a “ Suspense Account," being in a train of collection. Specie is received from the Provincial Banks, and the West Indies, and often remitted to Boston. This bank has dealt largely in Foreign Bills of Exchange,--those of 60 days are often worth eight per cent. premium; they are endorsed by men of ability on the States' side of the line; the face paid, and as much more as they will bring, after deducting exchange and expense.

(2.) St. Croix Bank, chartered April 1, 1836,-has Directors, Jeremiah Curtis, President, Dwight B. Barnard, George F. Wadsworth, Noah Smith, all of. Calais, -James S. Pike, Cashier.

TRIAL BALANCE. Capital Stock, 50,000 Real Estate,

6,006 38 Bills in circulation, 15,124 Discounted paper, 59,563 98 Deposites,

8,513 34 Due from other b’ks, 3,906 69 Dividends unpaid, 344 92 Stock,

80 Due to other banks, 95 14 Interest on notes Profits on hand, 551 82

past due,

1,340 98 Bills of other banks, 3,206 Specie,

525 19



$74,629 22

$74,629 22

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