Sketches and characters of the most eminent and most singular persons now living, by several hands [really by P. Thicknesse].

J. Wheble, 1770 - 143 Seiten

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Seite 47 - The man who fights, and runs away, May live to fight another day," Said Butler in his deathless lay.
Seite 17 - We had an audience of this great man but twice, and we found him both times, drying his huckaback dirty hand towel at the fire, in order to enable it to serve another month, without the aid of a Uanchisseuse.
Seite 99 - Forgiveness to the injured does belong, But he ne'er pardons who has done the wrong.
Seite 44 - Colony of ours in America ; that it would have deterred every reader, never to go there ! except he had been bred an Anchor Smith, or born under •the torrid zone.
Seite 130 - Admiral Byng, AT his execution ! who walked out of the cabin upon the quarter deck, with his hat under his arm, bowing to the right and left as he palled through the officers, &c.
Seite 115 - E profcfs to admire the works of this very extraordinary genius, as much, as any man living; and that we laid down our knife and fork and...
Seite 131 - HEN he declined accepting any pecuniary recompence from the parents of the many young gentlemen, bred up under his care, for upwards of twenty years, which is what none of his predeceflors did; but it is hoped, an example, his fucceflbrs will follow".
Seite 74 - Hiftorian of this, or perhaps of any age: It is to be lamented, that he could not admire his rival...
Seite 9 - Venifon to day, and fpoken to her, in the fame manner, as the fame obfervation would have been made, to any young lady of rank, who happen'd by mere accident (as was our...
Seite 73 - Me looks upon mankind- witK very different eyes from the multitude ; and' therefore his Ideas, from- being uncommon, have by fools, and knave.;, been- deemed alifurd. Swift fays,, when a great genius appears" in the world,-you may know him by this mark: " That all the dunces and blockheads' are inu confederacy'again/i him.

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