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“ Grandson of Branno,” I said; “not Oscar alone shall meet the foe. I rush forward, through ocean, to the woody dwelling of heroes. Let us contend, my son, like eagles, from one rock; when they lift their broad wings, against the stream of winds." We raised our sails in Carmona. From three ships, they marked my shield on the wave, as I looked on nightly Tonthena, red traveller between the clouds. Four days came the breeze abroad. Lumon came forward in mist. In winds were its hundred groves. Sunbeams marked, at times, its brown side. White, leapt the foamy streams, from all its echoing rocks.

A green field, in the bosom of hills, winds silent with its own blue stream. Here, midst the waving of oaks, were the dwellings of kings of old. But silence, for many dark-brown years, had settled in grassy Rath-col; for the race of heroes had failed, along the pleasant vale. Duth

comes forth, red traveller of the sky.) Dryden's Georg. i. 489.

For if he rise, unwilling to the race,
Clouds on bis brow, and spots upon his face-
If dusky spots are varied on his brow,

And streak’d with red, a troubled colour shew.


carmor was here, with his people, dark rider of the wave.

Ton-thena had hid her head in the sky. He bound his white-bosomed sails. His course is on the hills of Rath-col, to the seats of

We came. I sent the bard, with songs, to call the foe to fight. Duth-carmor heard him, with joy. The king's soul was a beam of fire; a beam of fire, marked with smoke, rushing, varied, through the bosom of night. The deeds of Duth-carmor were dark, though his arm was strong

Night came, with the gathering of clouds. By the beam of the oak we sat down. At a distance stood Cathlin of Clutha. I saw the changeful soul of the stranger. As shadows fly aver the field of grass; so various is Cathlin's cheek. It was fair, within locks, that rose on Rath-col's wind. I did not rush, amidst his soul, with my words. I bade the song to rise.

. “Oscar of Lego,” I said, “ be thine the secret hill to-night. Strike the shield, like Morven's kings. With day, thou shalt lead in war. From my rock I shall see thee, Oscar, a dreadful form ascending in fight, like the appearance of ghosts, amidst the storms they raise. Why should mine

eyes return to the dim times of old, ere yet the song had bursted forth, like the sudden rising of winds ? But the years, that are past, are marked with mighty deeds. As the nightly rider of waves looks up to Tonthena of beams ; so let us turn our eyes to Trenmor, the father of kings.

Wide, in Caracha's echoing field, Carmal had poured his tribes. They were a dark ridge of waves. The grey-haired bards were like moving foam on their face. They kindled the strife around, with their red-rolling eyes. Nor alone were the dwellers of rocks; a son of Loda was there; a voice, in his own dark land, to call the ghosts from high. On his hill, he had dwelt, in Lochlin, in the midst of a leafless grove. Five stones lifted, near, their heads. Loud roared his

6 As the nightly rider of waves looks up to Tonthena of beams; so let us turn our eyes to Trenmor, the father of kings.] “As, in his daily prayers, the Musulman of Fez or Delhi still turns his face towards the temple of Mecca, the historian's eye shall be always fixed on the city of Constantinople.” GIBBON's Hist. ix. 5. Svo.

Has Gibbon, in the course of his extensive reading, borrowed for once a comparison from Ossian? Or are the passages both derived, as I suspect they are, from some common original, which I cannot at present recollect or discover ?

rushing stream. He often raised his voice to the winds, when meteors marked their nightly wings; when the dark-robed moon was rolled behind her hill. Nor unheard of ghosts was he! They came with the sound of eagle wings. They turned battle, in fields, before the kings of men.

But, Trenmor, they turned not from battle. He drew forward the troubled war; in its dark skirt was Trathal, like a rising light. It was dark; and Loda's son poured forth his signs, on night. The feeble were not before thee, son of other lands! Then rose the strife of kings about the hill of night; but it was soft as two summer gales, shaking their light wings, on a lake?. Trenmor yielded to his son ; for the fame of the king had been heard. Trathal came forth before his fame, and the foes failed, in echoing Caracha. The years that are past, my son, are marked with mighty deeds.”

In clouds rose the eastern light. The foe came forth in arms. The strife is mixed on

7 Soft as two summer gales, shaking their light wings on a lake. Par. Regained, ii. 363.

And winds
Of gentlest gale, Arabian odours fanned
From their soft wings.

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Rath-col, like the roar of streams. Behold the contending of kings! They meet before the oak. In gleams of steel the dark forms are lost; such is the meeting of meteors, in a vale by night: red light is scattered round, and men foresee the storm! Duth-carmor is low in blood! The son of Ossian overcame! Not harmless in battle was he, Malvina, hand of harps !

Nor, in the field, were the steps of Cathlin. The stranger stood' by a secret stream, where the foam of Rath-col skirted the mossy stones. Above, bends the branchy birch, and strews its leaves, on wind. The inverted spear of Cathlin touched, at times, the stream & Oscar brought Duth-carmor's mail: his helmet with its eaglewing. He placed them before the stranger, and his words were heard. “The foes of thy father have failed. They are laid in the field of ghosts. Renown returns to Morven, like a rising wind.

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* The inverted spear of Cathlin touched, at times, the stream.] Night Thoughts, iv.

With that inverted spear,
A spear deep-dipt in blood, which pierced his side,

And open'd there a font for all mankind.
See Temora, iji. 4. viii. 4.

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