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"It is the most attractive, most consistent, most practicable, and at the same time most scholarly series for college preparation yet produced." -Principal George H. BrowNE, Cambridge, Mass.

"The series is admirably planned, the 'Suggestions to Teachers' being a peculiarly valuable feature."-Prof. KATHERine Lee Bates, Wellesley College.

"The introductions and notes are beyond reproach, and the binding and typography are ideal. The American school-boy is to be congratulated that he at length may study his English from books in so attractive a dress."-GEORGE N. McKnight, Instructor in English, Cornell University.

"It is the best edition that I know of. The editor points out precisely the things that a class should observe; the questions are searching and suggestive; the notes lucid and literary."-Prof. MARTIN W. SAMPSON, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Ind.

"The Suggestions for Teachers are likely to be of great value, not only because many teachers need assistance in such work, but also because they must tend to introduce the uniformity of method that is hardly less valuable than the uniformity of the courses themselves."-The Educational Review, February, 1896.

"Admirably adapted to accomplish what you intend to interest young persons in thoughtful reading of noble literature. The help given seems just what is needed; its generosity is not of the sort to make the young student unable to help himself. I am greatly pleased with the plan and with its execution."-Prof. C. B. BRADLEY, University of California; Member of English Conference of the National Committee of Ten.

"Differ as we may about the best way of teaching English literature we are likely to agree that this series is built in the main upon the right lines. It is unexceptionable in its outward form and habit. It gives us in every case a clearly printed text, sufficiently annotated, but not, as a rule, overweighted with pedantic comments; a biographical and critical introduction; a bibliography, through which the student can find his way to the literary and historical setting of the particular classic on which he is engaged; a chronological table and some hints to teachers-often of a most suggestive and helpful character. In every case we thus have a book edited according to an excellent general plan."-Prof. H. S. PANCOAST in The Educational Review.

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