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He had been very industriously occupied in At Margate, James Edward Homer, esq. the business of his farm to a late hour on that of Brockley Court, Somerset, tu Harriet, day, after which he ate a hearty dinner, in only daughter of the late Thomas Gee, esq. apparent good health, retired to rest earlier of Bristol. than usual, and expired shortly after,

Died.] At Canterbury, Mary, youngest A Lexden, Mr. Thomas Pratt, of Col- daughter of the late Richard Maple oft, esg. chester, an experienced farrier, 58.

-Mr. Baily.--Mrs. Elizabeth Digges.At Halsted, Mrs. Elizabeth Vaughan, 76. Mark Callow, esq. 82.

la che 73d year of his age, the Rev. With At Mottingham, Mr. William Beatson, of Tiam Reid, M. A. vicar of Aveley, in this London, merchant. County, and chaplain to Jane, Dowager Coun. At Brasted, Susannah, widow of Mr. John tess of Ro:hes.

Burgess, late of Stockwell. Al S.bie Hidingham, Mr. William Bland At Elham, Thomas Hodges, esq. 77. Holdich, surgeon.

At Faversham, Miss Mary Burton.-Mrs. KENT.

Broadbridge Miss Mary Plummer.--Mrs. In pursuarce of an act lately passed for Mien.-Mrs. Hayward, 38.-Miss Vidion. building a new county gaol, house of correc. -Mr. Thomas Young, clerk of his Majesty's Lion, county court, and ether public build. powder mills. inge for this county, the magistrates lately Ac New Romney, Mr. William Consta. met at Maidstone, and fixed on a space of ble, 22. twelve acres of land as the site of the said At Lenham, the Rev. Maurice Lloyd, inteaded buildings. The sun for the pur. many years vicar of that parish, 46. chase of land, and to be expended on the At Dover, Mr. Iggulden, many years dea. buildings, is estimated at 100,0001.

con of the baptist meeting.-Miss Castle, A silver eel, of a size the most remarkable daughter of Mr. C. of Romney. that se believe has ever been recorded in the At Deal, Mr.G. Wells.-- Mrs. Matson. aonals of natural history, was a few days At Thurnbam, Ms. John Apps, of Tentersince taken by some labouring men on ile den, 79. sudsy shores of the Medway, not far from At Margald, Mrs. Cart bew, 70.-Mr. the lime works above Rochester. This re John Packer,--Mr. Samuel Tring. onarkable apimal was six feet long, about At Whitstable, Mr. Charles Collins, tweety five or thirty inches in circumierence, At Folkestone, Mrs. Wiles, 30. and weighed thirty-four pounds; when dressed At Biddenden, Mr. Robert Pope. the flesh was exceedingly white, and of most At Upchurch, John Peek, esq. delicious flavour. This animal was so ex.

SURRY. tremely powerful, and made such vigorous Married.] At Croydon, William Taylor, efforts to escape from the men whilst they esq. at Cheshunt, Herts, to Miss Mary Ang vere attempting to secure it, that one of them Westerman. was fairly beaten down by it. The Thames, At Ewell, Mr. S. Ritchie, tò Miss Broad. the Medway, and some contiguous rivers bent. furnish the largest specimens of the fresh Ac Streatham, Mr. Richard Watson, of water eel of any part of Europe. Mr. Dale Kidderminster, to Caroline, second daughter commemorates the taking of two of them in of W. Davy, esg. of Philadelphia. the Philosophical Transactions; one near Died.] At Richmond, Henry Bazett, Crickses, in Essex, was five feet five inches esq. 71. long, measured twenty-six inches round, and At Mortlake, Christopher Duftin, esq 70. weigtied about twenty pounds. The other At Stoke Fark, Guildford, N. Hillier, was caught near Maldon, ani was seven feet esg. 70. long, twenty-seven inches in circumference, Aged 58, the Rev. Edward Cooper, rector and weighed about chirty pounds. In the year of Hambledon, in this county, and vicar of 1748, one of these large eels, was also taken Yetminster, Dorset at Limehouse, where it was left on shore by

SUSSEX. the cide, it was five feet six inches long, and Married.] At Hollington, Major Halkett, as thick as a man's thigli, its weight was of the German Legion, to Emilia Charlotte, twenty-seven pounds.

second daughter of Sir James Bland Burges, Married.) Ar Lewisham, John, son of bart. William Allen, esq.ot Cliffora's lon, to Mary, At Maudling, Mr. Baker, of Worthing, to eldest daughter of Isaac Warner, esq. of the Miss Hayllar, of Maudling Cottage. Paragon, Blackheath.

At Cuckfield, Mr. Dench, of the King's At Upper Deal, E Chambers, esq. to Miss Head Inn, to Mrs. Packham Mary Horne, niece to John Waller, esq of At Arundel, --- Rotherford, esq. Perry Court, near Faversham.-James Ayres, of Cork, to Miss Boehm.--Mr. Tuke, of esq. surgeon of his Majesty's sloop Beaver, York, co Priscilla, daughter of J. Hack, esq. to Miss Jane Barry.

barker, ot Chichester. At Wiliesborough, James Wall, esq. of Died.] At Brighton, Anna, wife of Jacob Ashford, to Miss Head.

Fyster Reynolds, esq. of Carshalton, and At Dover, the Rev. G. C. Pound, to Miss daughter of Robert Barcluy, esq. Berry Izelesden,


At Storington, Mr. John Dennett, many -Mrs. Kingsell. Mrs. Doyle.-Mrs. Sea years principal cashier at Messrs. Hammers nian, wife of William S. esq purser of his ley's and Co. bankers, Pall Mali.

Majesty's ship W218pite. At Frith Farm, parish of Chidingly, Mr. At Pitt Place, Isle of Wight, Mrs. Searle Richard Tay, 08.

At Newport, Mr. Thomas Pirtis, merAt Arundel, Mr. Constable, 78.

chait. At Lewes, Mis. Turner, relict of Mr. T. At Southampton, at the house of Mrs. surgeon.

Caimes, her niece, Miss Barnes, lately from At Newhaven, Mr. Goodger, clerk to the the East Indies. Samuel Miller, esq. banker. collector of the customs, 20.

-Mrs. Turner.-Mss. Crouch.-Miss Lance, HAMPSHIRE.

daughter of David L esq. The shew and cle of Merino rams and At Brashfield, Mrs. Parry, relict of the tam-lambs, on Tuesday the 6th of June, of Rev. Gregory P. prebendary of Worcester. the flock of C. H. Hunt, esq. near Christ. At incon, br. G. Ewer, second son of church, Hants, was very numerously and re- the inte litemun L. 684. oi bursiedon, spectably attended by the gentlemen and Ac Weston Supermare, whicber he had fariners of the neighbourbo, and some of gone for the recovery of his lealth, in his the most respectable foc., owners of the 29ch year, the Rev. John Tuckey, A, B. of counties of Hants, Wilts, and Dorset. The Magdalen Hall, Oxford; many years one stock was very much approved both for wool of the masters at the Naval Academy, Gosand shape, and particularly the descendants port, and curate of the garri on chapel. He of his Majesty's flock, which have brought was a young man of great merit higher prices than have yet been given tur At Petersfield, Mr. Charles Cave, surgeon: any of the Merino breed. The following the circumstance of whose death must excité were let for one season at the sums annexed: caution to the profession. On the Saturday No. 1. Pagoda, a Negrete ram, bred by the se'nnight previ us to his death, a sea-faring king, for 1491. 13s. 6d. to Arthur Quartly, man was attacked, whilst at Petersfield, with esq,-No. 2. Talavera, a dito, for 1071. 25. a violent inflammation in the lungs; and afto T. Jackson, esg. No. 3. A Negrete poiled ter being attended several times during thie ditto, for 521. 10s. to John Hawkins, esq. day by Messrs. Cave and Whicher, he died - No. 4. A Paularram, for 521. iOs. to a gen the next morning. The surgeons being of Teman.--No.5. A shearling ram (son of No.3.) various opinions as to the real cause of his for 211. to Tames Topp,esq No. 6. A Negrete death, agreed to open the body, which they tam, for 261. 55. to Sir. C. Rich, bart.-No.7. did on Monday morning, and found the lungs A ditto, not quite pure, for 211 to Richard in a complete state of putrefaction. They Norris, esq. seven rams let for 4311. 65.-A afterwards sewed up the body, in doing which four-tooth ram, son of Pagoda, for 1421. 165, they pricked their fingers; and in the evento Mr. King.And a ram lamb sold for 31l. ing, both of them were seized with violent 10s.

pains in the arms, which soon extended to Married.] At Southampton, $. C. Britten, nearly the whole body. Mr. Cave, after en. jun. esq. of Basinghall street, to fane, daugh-. during the most excruciating pains, died on ter of J. Saunders, esq. of Southampton. the following Munday. Mr. Whicher is still Thomas Mallet, esq. of Jersey, to Miss alive, though suffering extreme pain; but Saunders, daughter of Mr. James S. merchant. his hand and arm have been opened by several -Captain Thatcher, of the 1st Somerset of the most skilful surgeons of the neighmilitia, to Miss Carter, daughter of Joseph bourhood, and from the metropolis, and a C. esq. of Bury, near Gosport.

discharge being obtained from the wounds, At Portsmouth, Henry Simons, esq. to Sa. it is hoped his life will be saved. rah, eldest daughter of T. A. Minchin, esq.

WILTSHIRE. At Lietenant-General Leighton's, in the Married.] Ar Trowbridge, William Webb. Island of Jersey, Digby Thomas Carpenter, esq. to Miss Warren. esq. captain in his Majesty's 10th regiment of At Corsham, John Swayne, esq. of Bull. infantry, to Miss Emma Stanley, youngest bridge House, to Miss Heart. daughter of the late Sir John Thomas Stanley, At Wilton, Christopher Ingram, csg. of bart. of Alderley Park, Cheshire, and of Pen. Upton Lovel, to Miss Geary, daughter of ros, Anglesea.

the late Mr. Andrew G. of Milford, near At Jersey, George William Le Geyt, esq. Salisbury. to Elizabeth, sister of Philip Le Couteur, At Seend, Thomas Scott,'esq. of London. esq.

· to Miss Smith, of Seend Head. At Penton, Mr. Joseph Gilbert, of Ship Died.] At Warminster, Mrs. Anna Kiskton, to Miss M. G. Blarch, youngest daugh. patrick, 88.-The Rev. Paul Le Blachiere, ter of William B. esq.

jate rector of St. Martin-le Grand, in the Died.) At Portsmouth, on his return from bishopric of Contances, Normandy. To a Madeira, R. Small, esq. of Upton House, mind richly stored with learning, he added Kant, Mrs. Henderson, wife of James H. an urbanity and refinement of manners, esg. of the Ross-shire militia, and eldest which had uniformly ingraciated him in sou daughter of Sir Edmund Lacon, of Yarmouth, ciety.--Mrs. Lamb.-Mrs. Gaisford.

. At Wilton, Ms. William Whitmarsh, sure of the Wiltshire and Berkshire, the intended geon, and one of the coroners for the county, Western junction, and the grand junction

Åt Salisbury, Mrs. Mary Webb, 62.-- canils, to and from the ports o: London and Somerset Charles Talbot, second son of the Bristol, and all towns and places contiguous Dean of Salisbury.

to, or communicating with, the said canals. At West Dean, Mr. Oliver Coster, 22. The sum of 400,0001. wbich is proposed to At Allington, Mis. Horn.

carry this plan into execution, has been subAc Ludweil, Mr Robert Foot, jun. 19. scribed. Four days be ore his death he was going out A monument has just been erected to the with his loaded gun, but stopping to converse memory of tha: highly-distinguished and mewith a friend, he incautious y rested on the ritoriors oilicer Colorel l'assal, in S. Paul's, Duzzle of the gun, which went off at half- in Bristol, where his remains were deposited cock, and nearly the whole charge of shot on being brought from South America. It is pissed :hrough his left hand, grazed his side, a chaste, classical, and elegant piece of scuip. and lodged in his shoulder. He had just ture, very atjecting and impressive, and tells quitted an affectionate mother, in the full the heroic tale in a striking manner. Tie glow of health and youthful spirits; he re. design is by that inimitabl: master, Flaxıran. turned to lier maimed and streaming with The monument is erected by Rossi, is in that blood! From the direction in which the eminent artist's best stile, and accords witha shot bad passed and lodged, little hope was the finest specimens of Greek sculpture. from the first entertained of his recovery: An experiment in ploughing, for the prehe endured his sufferings with great forti. miums of the Raih and llest of England So. tude and patience, took an affectionate leave ciety, on Green Ore Farm, in the parish of of his friends, and requested that this state- Chewton, was recently tried by the extraorment might be made public in the hope that dinary exhibition of a single plough, crawn it would induce others to be more careful, and by one horse, and a double plough by two thereby present the recurrence of a similar oxen; the first ploughed its halt acre in a melancholy accident.

most nasterly man er in the space of two BERKSHIRE.

· hours and twenty-three minutes; and the Married] At leading, Alexander Blake, other in two hours and thirty-two minutes. e of Lindon, to Ann, second daughter of The soil was an old sward, the depth about Thomas Ovey, est

four inches, and the breadth about eight Ac bondsor, M E. Sherwill, esq. captain, inches. The prerrium of ton guineas was, in the Stafford nullitia, to Lucy Maria, eldest after much difficulty of determination, ada daughter of James Lind, M. D.

judged to the single scotch ploigli, the proA Wantage, Mr. John Davies, of Bath, perty of Mr. Kendal, of Hazel Farm, in the to liss Ormond, daughter of Mr. O. surgeon neighbourhood. The other plough is entiand apothecary.

ded to the second premium, six guineas. A Henny Pinck Lee, esq. of Maidenhead fresh proof has hereby teen wade of the great Thicket, to Miss Matilda Batson, oi Mink.' waste or strength hitherto complained of. field Place.

At the dinner at Old Down inn, which was Died.] At Windsor Castle, John Becketi, numerously attended, an ingenious device eso one of the poor knights of Windsor, was submitted to the company, suggested by woich he was appointed thuireysix years. the Rev. Chas. Pine Coffin, of East Down,

At Shippon, Clement Saxton, esq. 8. He Devon; it was a subscitute for marking served the office of high sheriff' in 1778, and sheep, which cannot be obliterated, Doris for many years was Lieutenant-colonel of the the wool itself deteriorated. Its simplicity militia, a magistrate and deputy.lieutenant is equal to its ingenuity, being nothing more for the county.

than marking on either side of the nose of At Aldermaston, Mrs. Byle, sen. 82. the sheep the initial of the owner's name, and * Ac Speen Hill, aged 61, the Rev. Lewis on the opposite side any number by which Fouqueret, late canon of Laval in France. he may choose to designate the particular

'At Newbury, Mrs. Faithorn, wife of Mr. , sheep; this is effected by a small iron lciler John F. surgeon, of London.

or figure, about an inch song, which being At Slaidenhead, Wilnam Poulton, esq. dipt in common oil colours ruixed with tur banker.

pentine to dry them more readily, is placed At Henley upon Thames, Robert Apple on the part described, and will continue till ton, esq. 75.

the next shearing season. This process is Ar Reading, Mr. Richard Aldridge, 19. attended with very little trouble or expence,

At Winterbrook, Maria, youngest daughter and what is more desirable, with no pain to of Jr. Ormond, surgeon), of Wantage. the animal; the case is far different either SOMEHSETSHIR F.

with tattooing or cauterizing, which have It is proposed to make a canal from the this auditional disadvantage chat they cannot city of Bristol, to join the Wiltshire and be obliterated with the change of owners. Berkshire canal at or near Fuxham. By The inventor has left specimens of the iron this communication, 4 regular, site, and letters and figures, for the inspection of the certain navigation will be opened, by means public, at Herling House, Bati.


Married. At Bristol, Mr. R. Longstaff, jointure." It helonged in 1781 (the date of of London, solicitor, to Anne, fourth daugh. a will now before us) to William Jones, esq. ter of the late John Rolley, esg. of Naniye whose two daughters were his co heiresses. mewyn, Carmarthenshire.-William Claxton, The youngest married Samuel Sicke, eq. esq. to Miss Wichenbery,

who obtained from her a power of the entire At Bath, Lieutena t-Colonel Stirke, of disposal of her moiety, in the event of their the 6th West Iudia regiment, to Mary, son's dying in his minority. He leic it by youungest daughter of D. Carroll, esq.- The lis will, subject to that contingency, to his Rev. J. Foster, rector of Wickensley and second wife for her life. On her death it Marton, Yorkshire, to Miss Charicote Rooke, devolved to Mr. Cooper, who now is in posdaughter of the late George R. esq. of Lang: session of the undivided property; the other ham Hall, Essex.

Was many years in the possession of ie lady Al Stogumbar, T. Buncombe, esg. of above-mentioned as lately decessar a: Bali. Huntspill, to Miss Hook, of Halsway Farm. At Bristol, Mrs. Gregson, relictor William

Died.] At Path, John Londer, e:q banker, G. eg of Bedford Row, London. 72.- 1 jor General Pringle, of the Eust At Weston, Webb, the youngest son of India Company's service, 55 - Mr. Isaac Thomas Leir, c.9. Williams, 84. Mrs. Cogan, wife of Dr. C. At Wells, Charles Tudway, esq. an alder

Major Steele.--The Rev. Mr. Bipyliam, man of that city, and bro her to Ciement sector of Cameley, in this county, Mrs. Tudway, esg. M. P. for that city Salmon, relict of john S. esq hanker - Ni’ry, At Towcester, R. Coates, tsq. of the island relict of Henry Derham, esq. 85 --Mrs. of Antigua. The gentleman who distin. Gwynne, wile of Sackville G. 159 --Eliza, guishej hinself last season at the Bath theiwife of the Rev. F. Gardiner, sector of ite, hy his performance of the character of Combhay.- Mıs Eleanora, Jones, 59, daugh. Komio. cer and only child of the Rev. John Noyes

DORSETSHIRE. Jenes, formerly rector of St. Peter's, in the On Easter Monday the foundation-stone city of Bristol, and of Kilve in Somersetshire, of the intented church or chapel in the hamby Patience, daughter of Hippesloy, let of Bourton, in this county was laid, amidst esq. of an ancient family in that county. To a great concourse of people who went to the latter parent, who died but a few months witness the ceremony. The sul scriptions before, aged 37, after a widowhood of between of the public, in aid of those raised by the infifty and sixty years, she had from her in habitants of the hamlet, are worthy the cause fancy shewn the most unremitting and devoted they are intended to support, and though filial attention, conGned almost exclusively the fund is as yet inadequate to the com. to her own personal services, assisted only by pletion of the undertaking, it is hoped the a single female domestic ; notwithstanding generous encouragement it has met with, the successive additions of much affluence to will be continued hy a liberal public, to sup. herself, from the different branches of her ply the remaining deficiency. paternal ancestry. brought up in the habits Died ] At Buckland, Mrs. S. Mullett, 82; of prudent economy, which a very moderate and the tollowing day, her husband, Mr. J.M. provision at first made necessary, she gave a clear proof of the blessed spirit of contented. At Weymouth, T. Simmons, esq. late ness, when, being advised to investigate her captain and adjutant in the West Somerset claim to a disputable property,she peremptorily militia. declined it, as being already possessed of At Upway, H. Sherren, esq. 90. «« health, peace, and competence," and de. At Child Okeford, Mrs. Rogers, wife of termined nor to break in on either by con- the Rev. Mr. R. tention. Even in Bath, her choice was in

DEVONSHIRE, the most still and quiet part of it to purchase Married.] At Exeter, Mr. John Bennett, a small habitation, where she had lived many late of the Theatre Royal York, to Miss years, in a constant attention to the duties Julia Hughes, only daughter of - Richard of religion, respected by, and endeared to, as Hughes, esq, manager of the theatres Exeter, large a circle of respectable friends, as her Weymouth, Plymouth Dock, &c.---Edward parent's age and infirmities would admit her Coles, esą of Taunton, to Louisa, only daughbeing known to. by her will she made a ter of Daniel Hamilton, esq. --Lieutenant disposition of her fortune equally just, liberal, Mills, of the 40th foot, to Miss Patty and benevolent, towards her heir-at-law, Rhodes. her relations on the side of both parents, some At Plymouth, Mr. J. Fuge, surgeon, to dear friends, and in one instance, to no small Anne, eldest daughter of the late Mark amount, towards unfriended worth, though Greig, esq. of Tamerton Foliot - James not connected by affinity; and left one bun. M'Farlane, esq. purser in the royal navy, to dred pounds to the Bath City Infirmary and Miss Elms, of Ford House Dispensary. Mr. Archdeacon Coxe, in his William Adams Welsford, esq. of Ply. Historical Tour of Monmouthshire, says, that mouth, to Mary Ann Were Clark, daughter the priory of Usk " belonged to the late Al. of Richard Hall Clarke, esq. of Bridweil derman Hayley, and forms part of his widow's House.


Died.] At Plymouth, William Pritchard,

CORNWALL. t59. purser of the Actæon sloop of war.-Mrs. Married.] Mr. Symons, attorney at law, Yco, of the Globe Inn.

of **'adebridge, to Ann, second daughter of At Blewhayes, near Exeter, Mrs'. Lang, the Rev. James Coffin, vicar of Link in horn, wife of Lieutenant-colonel L. of the South in this county. Devon Militia,

Diet.) Ai Marazion, aged 81, Pascoe A: Exeter, Mr. William Harker, formerly Grenfell, esq. father of Mr Grenfell, the quarter-master in the 4th Dragoon Guards. member of Parliament for Great Marlow. He -Mr. John Brown.

was a respectable merchant, and for merly Ar Torpoint, Miss Hall, daughter of Rear. Commissary-Generał to their High MightsAdmiral H.

nesses the States General,

MONTHLY COMMERCIAL REPORT. · BRITISH TRADE AND MANUFACTURE9. The failures of several houses of the very first respectability, both at London and in different provincial towns of Great Britain, have, within the last n.onth, been unprecedented in number and importance A West India breker, who has long been considered the first in bis line, was, we are told, the prime cause of the stoppage of a banking house, whose credit was previously unimpeached. The several banks in the country, connected with the London liouse, of course shared its fate, and from them the evil spread to merchanis, manufacturers, traders, and in short to the very servanca and dependants of these, numbers of whom are throwii out of employment, and their families deprived of bread. Speculations in Spanish wool, an article which has fallen about 50 per cent, are considered as the origin of those unlooked for disasters. Five Manchesterhouses have stopped payment in the city, and we are sorry to add, have involved numerous industrious persons, both in town and country, in their ruin. The demands upon the five houses are said to amount to two MILLIONS; but it is supposed that their real property will ultimately cover all deficiencies. Speculative exports to South America are the rock upon which these houses have split. In consequence of these unexpected events, public creo dit is at the present moment as low as ever it has been in the memory of man; the fluctuation of price in the money market is unprecedented, and the depression so considerable, that omnium is fallen to 25 per cent. discount. We understand that some respectable mer. chants bave waited upon the bank directors in order to solicit their aid towards the allevi. ation of the burthens with which our internal commerce is at present borne down. The fesult of this application is not as yet publicly known; we trust it will prove favourable. The renewal of our intercourse with the United States of America has in some sort henefited the manufacturing interests; but this felicitous effect is almost swallowed up in the vortex of those calamities which it has been our painful duty to record.

EAST INDIES.-- We turn with a certain sensation of pleasure from the foregoing to the present head of our report ; under which we have the satisfaction to announce the safe arri. val of the following vessels, on account of the East India Company, viz. The Carnatic, Lord Castlereagh, Walthamstow, Lord Melville, Lord Duncan, Metcalf, Henry Addington, Devonshire, Ocean, Tottenham, Retreat, and the Penang frigate, from Bengal; the Baring, Lady Castlereagh, Castle Eden, Surrey, and Marquis Wellesley, from Bengal and Fort St. George; the Dover Castle, Marchioness of Exeter, Europe, Devaynes, Northampton, and Voion, from Bombay; and the Streatham, from the Cape of Good Hope. The cargoes consist of the following compodities. Bengal piece goods : muslins, 34,574; calicoes, 72,924; and prohibited goods, including muslins, calicoes, silk and cotton hanaksrchiefs, &c. 121,486 pieces. Madras piece goods : calicoes, 217,545; muslins, 2,690, prohibited goods, 46, 460 pieces Bombay piece goods: calicoes and muslins, 93,327 pieces. Company's Drugs, 66.. saltpetre, 131,400cwt., raw silk, 263,939; coton, 17,167 bales; hemp, 166 ditto ; pepper, 2,181 bags; cinnamon, 3,911 bales; sugar, 2,124 bags ; cochineal, 9,40016 ; opiuin, 4000 ditto; barilla, 1,036 bags; Tinnevelly spices, 59 packages; Keemoo shells, 48 packages; rope, 5 coils; carpets, 5 bales; Bamboo machinery, 1 box, hemp, (on account of government,) 10,917 bales. Privilege Drugs, &c.indigo, 1,569 boxes and chests; cotton, 1,925 bales; raw silk, 103 ditto; shellac, 20 boxes ; sticklac, 2 ditto; lac lake, 188 ditto; gum animi, 5 ditco; gum assafætida, 16 ditto; olibanum, 16 dicto; mastich, 4 ditto; cama phor, 243 ditto; sadlower, 147 ditto ; lac bolor, 15 ditto; blue galls, 119 bags; gall-nuis, 60 ditto; munjeet, 41 bags ; castor-oil and dry ginger, 170 boxes ; star anniseed, 33 ditto; nu(megs and cloves, 5 ditto; books, 2 ditto; bandannoes, 5 chests ; saffron, 3 bitco. Besides several other parcels of goods, the particulars whereof are not yet known. From the advices brougbe home by the fleet we learn, that in consequence of the rains not having set in til August last, the crops of indigo throughout the district of Benares were very short, that there will not be one-third of last year's produce, and that the manufacture of the artidle will cost 60 per cent more. This is unpleasing intelligence, for, as we observed in a, former report, the East India indigo becomes daily more valuable. The statement of the cargoes has occupied so large a share of our limits, that we can only quote che prices of a few of the East India and Chinese goods. Bohea tea fetches from is 8d. 10 28. 10. congou, from 3s. Sd. to 3s. 8d, j and hyson, from 3s, 6d. 60 55. 60. per Ib. Hemp, 501. to 601.


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