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James Thompson, esq. of Bishop Auckland, of his former marriage, and one other son and Durbum, to Mary Ann, daughter of T. Mor- two daughters by his present lady. His lordris, e q. of Banstead, Suiry.

ship was first married to the beautiful Laura At St. George's, Bloomsbury, John Smith Keppel, daughter of the bishop of Exeter; Graham,esq of Somerset-place, to Miss Elliott, and, secondly, to Frances Isabella Seymour, of Brentford Butts.

second daughter of Lord Robert Seymour. A At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Hon. At Walworth, Mrs M. H. Lee, widow of Cecil Jenkinson, to Miss Julia Schuckburgh Captain L. of the Royal Navy. Evelyn, only daughter of the late Sir George Ac his sister's house. Tottenham, Mr. Wil. Schuckborgh, bart.

liam Drake, late purser of his Majesty's ship At Hammersmith, John Sich, jun. esq. of Centaur, in his 45th year; and a few days Chiswick, to 'Ann, eldest daughter of William afterwards, at the same place, Mr. Thomas Smitb, esg. of Hammersmith and Curzon. Drake, in his 59th year, of Meytch-Irail, in Street.

Norfolk, who, on a journey to the coast to At Lambeth, Mr. Frederick Chaproniere, meet his sick brother, was attacked by a ma. to Miss Jane Bulle, only daughter of the lacc lady which terminated his lite Bulle, esq. late of Holloway.

At Turnham-green, Mr. Ogden, of sporting By special licence, at Mrs. Lockhart's, celebrity: he was the most quick calculator Spanish-place, Manchester-square, the Hon. of the long odds ever known on the turf, and Major Henry Murray, brother of the carl of could as readily hedge his bets, when many Mansfield, tú Miss De Vismes.

horses started, so as to secure himself a win. At St. Martin's, Henry Suffield, esq. to ner, by which peculiar talent he realized a Augusta, daughter of the late Mr. William fortune of 100,0001. He had occasionally Cramer.-1. Scott Dixon, esq. of Morden, kept faro tables, &c. on a large scale; and Surry, to Mrs. Mary Wright.

though he thus profited of the folly of others, At Lambeth, Mr. Edward H. Lee, of Bel- unfair play was never imputed to him, and mont-place, to Miss Thompson, youngest he had many valuable traits in his charac. daughter of Thomas T. esq. of Castle-street, ter, Leicester square.-T. Musgrave, esq. to Miss At Poplar, Daniel Maxwell, esq. surgeon, 56. Venn, eldest daughter of E. V. esq. of Cani. At Twickenham, Isabella, relict of Major berwell.

Cule, and eldest daughter of the late Sir The Rev. Daniel Mathias, rector of White Henry Ibberson, bart.-The Countess of Elzin chapel, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John and Wincardine, 50. Latont, esq. of Lemon-street.

At Putney, Mrs. D'Arandy, 81. At St. Giles's, the Rev. lohn Rideout, rec. At South Mims, Edward Vincent, esq. 76. tor of Woodmancote, Sussex, to Mrs. Doing, At Hayes, James Collett, esq. 55 - In Upe? widow of the Rev. John D. and youngest per Berkley-street, Portinan-square, William daogbter of Sir Harry Goring, bart.

Jolinston, esq. of the Inner Temple, many At Walthamstow, the Rev. E. J. Burrows, years clerk of indictments of the county of to Emma Margaret, youngest daughter of the Middlesex, and of the Oxford circuit, 75. late John Allen, esq.

In Norfolk street, Strand, isaac Heaton, Captain George Bean, of the royal artillery, esq. 76. to Frances Eliza, eldest daughter of William in Nottingham-place, Mrs. Martha Bicknell, esq. of Cadogan-place.

Riley, 76. John Jeffery, esq. of Throgmorton-street, At Tottenham, Mrs. Mildred, relict of to Charlotte, third daughter of Jolm Loogley, Daniel M. esq. esq. of Hampstead.

Ac Edgeware, aged 96, Mrs Lettice Hallett, William Sharpe Handasyde, esq. to Miss relict of William H. esq. late of Cannons, Splidt, daughter of the late Christian S. esq. and daughter of James H. esq. formerly of of St. George's Place, East.

Dunmow Priory, in Essex. At St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Baron de i n Brewer.street, Golden-square, Henry de Stuguer, to Fermina, eldest daughter of Fero Cort, esg. 71. min de Tasset, esq.

In Green-street, Grosvenor.square, John

Williams Willaume, esq. 70. In Stratford Place, Mrs. Kingston, wife At Lambeth, Pbilip Gregson, esq. surveyor of John K. esq. M.P.

of the coast waiters at the port of London, 51. At Fitzroy farm, Highgate, the Right In Great Russell-streei, Bloomsbury, Mrs. Honourable Lord Soutbampton, (nephew to Mary Ann Houstoun, wife of J. H. esq. iorbis Grace the Duke of Grafton) a lieutenant- merly of Lisbon, 66. gencral of the army, and colonel of the 34th In Sloane-street, the Rev. Herry Reynett, regiment of foot. His lordship was but in D.D. many years one of the justices of Wor: tie 4'ch yeur of his age, and within a month ship-screet office. before his death appeared in the utmost vigour At Hackney, James Nicklin, esq. 76. of life. His lordship is succeeded in his In Great Queen-streel, Lincoln's. inn-fields, title by his eldest son, an infans, in the Mrs. Agassim, relict of Lewis A. esq: 69. urth year of his age ; he has left a daughter At Stepney, Ricbard Price, esq. 71. MONTHLY Mac. No. 209.


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WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to Soul).

*. * Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly que

thenticated, and sent free of Postage, are always thankfully received. Those are more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Inprovements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to eminent or remarkable Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Ancroft, Isabella, wife Mr. Alexander A new society has been established at Bi. Horne. - shopwearmouth, under the designation of At Bishopwearmouth, Mrs. Naylor, wife of « The Bible Society of Bishopwearmouth, Mr. N. methodist preacher, 25. Sunderland, Monkwearmouth, and their vici. At Temple Thornton, Mrs. Lonsdale, 62. nity," and the prospect of subscriptions to. At Morpeth, Mrs. Vaughan, widow of wards its support, is at present very flattering. Shaftoe V. esq. 63.-Mr. George Wallace,

Married.) At Newcastle, Mr. Bone, jun. Mr. John Hannah. of South Shields, merchant, to Margaret, At Ryhope, Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor, of daughter of Mr. Thomas Robson.--Mr. Jo Chester-le-street, 38. seph Ranney, to Miss Brymer.-Mr. Brum At Jarrow, Mary Wolf, a native of Lames, well, surgeon, to Miss Gordon.-The Rev. ley, 103. Joseph Wilkinson, to Miss Ann Pearccy. At Cowpen High House, Mr. John GledMr, Robert Oliver, to Miss Hannah Lee. stone, 93.

At Bishpwearmouth, Mr. John Hick, of At Shibdon, near Swalwell, Mrs. Margaret Skalingdam, near Whitby, to Miss Hannah Thompson, 66. Beadnall, of Marsh, near Guisbro'.

At ihe Wbcat Hill, near Chollerton, Mr. Ac Ainwick, Mr. Ralph Wood, to Miss Robert Maughan, 78. Margaret Collingwoud. - Tire Rev. Charles At Ryhape, Mr. John Hill, aged 90 years, Thorpe, rector of Ryton, Durham, to Frances 18 of which he had been riding ofñcer in the Wilkie Selby, only daughter of Henry Col. Customs, Sunderland. Bingwood, . of Swansfield.

At Hylton-place, near Sunderland, Mrs. At Ford, Mr. William Bell, of Morpeth, Elcanor Reay, widow of Robert R. esq. lo Miss Cummins, of Pallinsburn.

At Alnwick, the Rev. Hugh Hodgson, vi. | At Sunderland, Capt. Wills, of the schoo. car of Eglingham, Northumberland ses Margate, to Miss Foreman.

At Stockton, George, son of James W. esq. At Grinton, Cctiwell Wood, esq. of Bol. 21. ton Castle, to Miss Hodgson, of Paradise, in A t Tweedmouth, the Rev. George Burton, Swaledale

curate of that parish, 49. Died.] A: Allenhead, near Hexham, Mr. Hannah, aged 35, and Elizabeth 29, daugh. Joseph Shield, 56.

ters of Mr. Barker of Humstonworth, Dur. At Alston, Mrs. Hannah Newby, 85.- ham. They were both drowned, while bathMr. John Pattinson.

ing in the Der went. Ar Soabdaugh, near Bellingham, Mr. Wil. CUMBERLAND AND WESTMOR BLAND. liam Fenwick, 24.

Married. At Kendal, Mr. John Ilird, of Ar Hexham, Mr. Thomas Ridley.

the Kings Arms Inn, Shap, to Miss Sarah At Berwick, Mr. Thomas Hog3, 75.-Mrs. Jackson. Jackes, 45.

At Workington, Mr. John Christian Wil. At Norton, near Stockton, Mr. John Iley, son, to Miss Kay, daughter of the late Wil96.

liam of the Customs. At Wooler, Miss Brankstone, 21.

At Hulton, Mr. George Hedley, of London, Ac Sedgefield, Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, 88. to Miss Isabella Richardson, or Hulton Hall.

At Durham, Mr. William Best, s9 -Mrs. At Bridekirk, near Cockermouth, John Mary Lambton, widow of Mr. Robert L. 74. Pemberton, esq. of York, to Mary, eldest

Mr. William Clarke, formerly master of daughter of the late William Browne, esq. of the Lord Howe Inn, 73.-Mr. Ann Kirby, Tallantire Hall. 96.

At Wigton, Mr. William Watson, to Miss At Newcastle, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones. Mrs. Eliza Richardson, daughter of Mr. John R. Miss Airey.-Mr. John Luck, 65.-- John of Maryport. Cole Rankin, esq. 42.--Mr. Willian Steven- Died. At Carlisle, Richard Jackson, esq. fon, si hoolmaster, S6,Mr. James Craw. who had been an alderman of that corporation ford, ship-owner, and many years master of twenty-five years, and had served the office of the John and Margaret Groenlandman of this mayor seven times, 74. Mrs. Ann Lindow, port, 16.--Mr. Cleugh.

92.-Mr. Robert Mathews, 83.-Mrs. Elliott, . At widdick, Mr. Joseph Linsley, 74. 29.--Mrs. Eliz. Henderson, 73.-Mr. Chris


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topher Whitesmith, 38.-Mrs. Margaret garet, the third daughter of John Holroyd, Murphy, 49.

esq. of Grove House, near Leeds. At Kendal, Mr. Richard Cumpstone, 45. At Kippax, Thomas Wilson, esq. of Fall It is worthy of remark, that he was born, Head Hall, near Barnsley, to Mrs. Muscroft, married, and died, on the same day of the year. of Brigshaw House, near the former place.

At Whitehaven, Mr. George Brownrigg, At Cottingham, G. J. Swann, esq of Hull, 75.-William, son of Mr. Michael Hendrick, to Miss Sally Knowsley, daughter of the late of Dublin

George K. esq. At Cockermouth, Ms. Robert Mitchell. Died.] At Hull, Mrs. Plaxton, wife of

At Brampton, near Appleby, Mrs. Eliza Captain Thomas P. of the Samuel London beth Bellas, relict of Mr. Richard B. aged 45, trader, of this port, Mr. Cressey, 78.-Mrs. leaving sever sons to lament the loss of a Ingham, 71. tender parent; and just a week afterwarde, At Pickering, Nicholas Piper, esq. a gen. her eldest son Richard, aged 22, lieutenant tieman of distinguished probity and benevo. in the Westmoreland east and west ward re. lence, 78. giment of local militia.

At Acaster Selby, near York, Mrs. Faw. At Acorn Bank, near Temple Sowerby, ' cett, wife of Mr. F. master of the academy Mrs. Edmondson, relict of R. H. E. esq. and there. aent to Mrs Boazma, of Aycliff, on whom At Skipton, Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. S.' the Acorn Bank estate, and other consider. surgeon. able property, devolves.

At Cowick, Mr. Benjamin Clayton.

At Sheffield, Mrs. Hancock.--Mr. Thomas In a large public building in Leeds, the Co. Rawson... Mr. Samuel Ellis, 82.Mis. loured Cloth Hall, consisting of five streets, Wake, 40.-Mrs. Smith.-Mrs. Knoti. averaging one hundred yards each, which is Mr. Thomas Chapman.-Mr. Thomas Newnow raising, cast-iron is substituted for wood · ton.- Mr. John Younge. in the main beamings; which renders the At Settle, John Birkbeck, esq. banker, 60. buildings fire proof.

At Birstall, Mrs. Gott, wife of Mr. John The following relation of a curious fact in G. 52. Ratural history is copied from the Leeds Mere At Aislaby, near Whitby, Thomas Hayes, cury : “ We have always felt a little scepti. esq. a justice of the peace for the North Rido cal on reading in the papers the accounts of the ing, 80. fatal effects produced on some occasions by At Bridlington, Captain Burlinson, lace of caring duck eggs; but a circumstance has Lynn, Norfolk.-Mrs. Kidd, wife of Mr. K., lately occurred in this neighbourhood, that schoolmaster. must remove all doubts on this subject. A At Knaresborough, at his father's, J. R, short time ago, a duck belonging to Mr. John Collins, esq. late major of the 3d West York Clemishaw, of Winmoor, near Leeds, Jaid an reginient of militia. egs, rather above the ordinary size, which At Doncaster, Mr. Charles Pasmore.---Mrs. was broken for the purpose of being cooked Mo:teram--Mr. Askham. for dinner ; but, on examination, the contents A¢ Brotherton, near Ferrybridge, W. vere found to consist of a dark muddy slime, Whitelock, esq. neither resembling the yolk nor the white of At York, Mrs. Johnson, widow of Peter an egg, in the middle of which was deposited J. esq. recorder of the city. • young anake, of the length of ten inchies !

LANCASHIRE. When the egg was broken the reptile unfold. The spacious and beautiful room in the ed itself, and remained apparently in a healthy New Exchange Buildings, Liverpool, designed state for about twenty hours, when, having particularly for the use of underwriters and wrapt itself up again, it soon after died, and insurance-brokers, was opened on the 1s! of is now preserved in spirits by Mr. Clemishaw. July to the suliscribers. The dimensions of

Married. Ac Doncaster, Major-general the principal room are seventy six feet long Digney, ist Guards, to Miss Sneyd, eldest by thirty-six feet brosd, besides a spacious daughter of George Cooke Yarborough, esq. committee-roum, bar, &c. It is finished of Screethorpe, in this county.

in a style of elegant simplicity, with an At Snaith, John Fairbank, esq. of Leeds, arched ceiling, something in the manner to Miss Jane Craven.-John Latham, esq of of the magnificent coffee-room underneath, Balne, to Miss Susannah Latham.

The decorations and furniture are neat and At Heck, near Snaith, Mr. Henry Sundere appropriate, and the rooms are supplied land, aged 94, to Miss Stones, 16.

with everything which such an esiaAc Methley, near Ferrybridge, Quarton blishment can require. The opening of this Levitt, eq. merchant, of Hull, to Miss Va- room completes the public accommodations Tuour, daughter of Marmaduke V. esq. late of the New Exchange, which are all in a style of Oulton, near Leeds.

quite unequalled by any similarestabiishment. Captain Senhouse, of the Royal Cumber. That part of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal land Militia, to-Emma, daughter of Mr.- betwixt Henfield and Blackburn, in this Pattinson, of Burton Pidsey, in Holderness. county, which had remained for so many years Thomas Sayle, esg. of Wentbridge, to Mar- in an unfinished state, is at length completed,


and was opened on the 21st June, thus form. shaw, 74.-Mrs. Eunice Story.-Mrs. Howe ing a direct communication by water from lett. Mr. Charles Wilson, 78.-Mr. Wil. Hull, the principal English port of the Ger. liam Lucas, 22. man ocean, to Blackburn, the centre of the

CHESHIRE. cotton manufacture of this kingdom. The Married. At Chester, Mr. John Benson, navigation is to be immediately extended to of Graithwaite, Lancashire, to Isabella, third join the canal near Chorley; so that a com- daughter of Mr. John Kendal, of Cross House, munication will take place between the east Cumberland.-The Rev. Willan, to Miss and west seas.

Martha Lea At the annual meeting of the Manchester Died 1 At Chester, Mrs. Nevett, wife of Agricultural Society, held on the 20 July, Mr. N. of the custom house,Mrs. Mad. the following premiums were adjudged: To ducks, wife of Captain M.-Mrs. Cotgreave. Randle Wilbraham, esq. of Rode Hall, for Mr. Swanwick, 73.- Mrs. Rowlance.--Mrs. plancing 35,000 timber trees, a silver medal, Glegg, relict of John G. esq.-Mr. Ralpho,

To John Back, of Stockport, for ploughing -Mrs Cliff, 29. 45 acres with cwo horses a-breast, without a At Downing, Jane, third daughter of Thodriver, a silver cup, value seven guincas. mas Thomas, esq. To Ralph Leycester, esq. of Toft, for the best At the Steps, Sandbach, Licutenant W. crop of Swediska turnips, a silver medal. To Furnivall, R. N. John Ball, of Rossall Grange, for the best crop Aç Calyeley Hall, Mr. Hopley Woolwrick, of Swedish turnips, as tenant, a silver cup, 19. value five guineas.-To Samuel Buckley, of At Nantwich, Thomas Yoxall, esg. Walmsley, for 50 years servitude as farm At Macclesfield, Mr. Martin, one of the servant, five guineas.--To Betty Seddon, of first botanists of the age, and a man of consi. Rumworth, for So years servitude as farm derable taste as a painter. He had been seve8st vant, five guineas. - To Adam Hampson, ral years a comedian in an itinerant company. of Ratcliffe, for draining the greatest quan.

DERBYSHIRE.. tity of land with stone, a silver cup, value Married.] At Chadderden, Mr. W. M. five guineas. - To George Wood, of Buxton, White, to Miss Elizabeth Harvey. fur laying down 37 acres of land with clover At Wirksworth, Mr. Thomas Haykin, of fór pasture, a silver cup, value seven guineas, Carsington, to Miss Rebecca Leamon.

Married.] At Liverpool, Mr. Dobbs, to Ac Treeton, Mr. Paul Bright, of Handley, Miss Wheldon, both of the theatre royal.- to Sarah, second daughter of the late James Edward Callister, esq. of the Isle of Man, to Tayler, esq. Miss Dugdale.

Died.] At Chesterfield,' Bernard Lucas, At Walton, near Liverpool, Joseph Pilsen esq. --Mrs. Martin, relict of William M, kington Brandreth, esq. to Alice, younges: esq. daughter of William Harper, esq. of Everton. At Wirksworth, Sarah, wife of John Top

Diedl.] At Warrington, John Orford, 15; lis, esq. and a week afterwards, his father, Thomas 'At Alport, near Bakewell, John Smith, 0. esq.

esq. surgeon in the royal navy. 'At Lancaster, Miss Irving, only daughter At Shirland, Mr. George Hopkinson, 77. of Mr. John I.-Mrs Mary Huwson, wife of Ac Shardlow, Miss Sulton, eldest daughter Mr. John H. 71.- James Moore, esq. 64.- of James S. esq. 16. Mis. H. Jackson, 85.

At Youlgrave, John Allwood, gent. At Caton, rear Lancaster, Thomas Dob. Ac Wensley, Mrs. Radford, relict of Mr. son, esq. 43.

R. surgeon, of Ashover. Ac Roby, Mr, George Riding.,

At Derby, Mrs. Elizabeth Broughton, 63, At Manchester, the Rev. Thomas Barnes, -Mr. James Moore, 63. LL.D. upwards of thirty years one of the Ac Buxton, Mr. Thomas Swanwick, of ministers of the dissenting chapel in Red Drayton, Salop, 51, Cross-street, 63. As an instance of the great At Allestry, Mr. Joseph Sadler. regard in which this excellent man was held, At Alfreton, Mr. Joseph Outram, a gen. it may be mentioned, that his remains, con- tleman long known for his judgment and er. tained in a hearse drawn by four horses, were perience as a commissioner for inclosing and precedej by sjxty four gentlemen on foot, all allotting waste lands, and an arbitrator in di. wearing black silk haf-bands; fous porters on visions of landed property, 77. horseback; and followed by a mourning A l Bakewell, Mr. Birkett, captain in the coach and four, and twenty six gentlemens' High Peak volunteer infantry, of which carriages and post chaises.

corps he had been a member from its forma: At Liverpool, Mrs. Moore, relict of Cap- tion 1803. tain Daniel M. of Whitehaven Mr. Thomas At Alton, 1.ear Wirksworth, Francis Bruck, Ja kson, 39 - Mrs. Waithew, wife of Mr. field, of Derby, gent. surgeon to the DerbyJames W. and daughter of the Rev. R. Owen, shire Gentlemen and Yeomanry Cavalry, to rector of Edern, Carnarvonshire, 28.- Mr. which he had belonged ever since its establishHenry Hargreaves, sen.--Mrs. Avison, relictment in 1794. of Mş. Tbomas A. surgcon.-Mr. E. Bel Ac Middleton Park, Mr. Philip Oakden,


jan. a member of the Derbyshire Gentleman Married.) At Kyme, near Sleaford, John and Yeomanry Cavalry, 24.

Gardiner, esq. surgeon of the staff at GibralNOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

tar, to Miss Peacock. At a meeting of the Newark Agricultural At Granthani, Mr. Page, surgeon, of Kira Society, holden an the 3d Joly, the following ton, to Miss A. Blackith. premiers were adjudged : For the best bull At Gainsboru', Mr. Raynes, attorney, to of any bamixed breed, to Mr. Charles H. Miss Hand. Blaad, of Flawboro', 101. 10s.-For the best D ied.] At Heckington, Mr. Nicholas Willong woolled top bog, to Rev. Thomas Beait- son, 85. His remains were interred at Kyme, pont, of Bridgford Hill,51. 55. For the next among those of his seven wives. best, to Mr. Richard Milward, jun. of Bauke At Spilsby, Mr. Cash, priater and book. pood, Si. 35.- For the best tup bog of the seller, 29. short-Woolled breed, to William Sherbrooke, At Graftham, Mr. Benjamin Martin, 38 esq. of Oxton, 31. 3s -For the next best, At Killingholme, Mrs. Brocklesby, 77. to the Right Hon. Earl Manvers, 21. 25. At Lincoln, Mrs. Kirton, wife of Mr. Joha For the four best long-woolled ewe hogs, to K. of the Black Guats Inn. Mr. William Hill, of Kneighton, 41. 45.-For At Baston, near Deeping, aged 42, W. D. tbe four best long-woolled wether hogs, to Bromley, esq. a gentleman of considerable Mr. W. Hill, of Kneighton, 41. 49. For the property in the neighbourhood of his family three best ewe hogs of the short-woolled seat, Baggerley hali, in Warwickshire. Hie breed, to che Right Hon. Earl Manvers, 31. Ss. had resided several years at Baston, for the

For the best boar, to Mr. Charles H. Bland, convenience of D:. Willis's occasional attene of Flawboro', 21. 2s.

dance; and his constant and very liberal reMarried.) At Nottingham, the Rev. Sa gard for the poor, will make his loss deeply muel Lowe, sen. fellow of Magdalen College, regretted by many Cambridge, to Marianne, eldest daughter of At Spalding, Mrs. Robinson, 85. Mr. Mr. Maddock, surgeon.

Bartol, several years minister of the General At Newark, Mr. Caparn, chemist and drug. Baptist congregation in that town. He was gigt, of Horncastle, to Miss Hare, only daugh- pruning some wall-fruit in his garden on a ter of Mr. Walter H.

ladder, and is supposed to have fallen from of Died.) At South Thoresby, Thomas Tay. it, which accident caused his death.-Aged lor. of Lincoln, a very eccentric character, 85, Matthew Ives, gent. many years chicf. well known by the appellation of Dr. T. 82. constable and treasurer of Holland Ellve, and

At Wilford, Mrs. Ann Davecport, 76; and clerk to the magistrates for that division. the same day, her sister, Mrs. Facun, of the At Stapieford, Mr, Matthew Stecle, 98. same place, 90.

At Kirton Lindsey, Mr. Thuinas Vickers, At Maxton, near Worksop, Mrs. Gregory, of the George Inn, 55. wife of Mr. William G. 28.

At Scawby, near Brigg, Mr. Gervas El. At Rampton, Mrs. Butler, 50.

wood, 76. At Bab worth, Mr. John Barnes.

At Deeping St. James, Charles, 13, and At Balderton, Mr. Henry Hardy, chief Elizabeth, 25, son and daughter of Mr. Foc. constable of the south division of Newark At Bourn, Mr John Osborn, 43. Hundred, 66.

At Boston, Mr. Norman, At Nottingham, Mrs. Rawson, 74; and a AKirton Fen, Mr. Joha Whiting, 53.few days afterwards, her brother, Mr. Thomas Mrs. Sarah Wells, 46. R. of the same place, banker, 76.--Mrs.' At Barton upon Humber, Mr. T. Tripp, Plant, wife of Mr. P. of Southwell Mrs. 80. Barwick, 75.-Mrs. Mortimore, 27.- Sarah, At Coninysby, Mr. T. Bell, daughter of Mrs. Williamson, 24.-Mr. Tho

LEICESTERSHIRE, mas Holland, 54

Married.] AC Leicester, Mr Robert Ford, LINCOLNSHIRE.

of London, to Miss Swin'eu, sister of Mr. Ed. The whole attention of the inhabitants of mund S.-The Rev. Charles Berry, to Ann, Louth and its neighbourhood has been lately second danghter of Thomas Paget, esq. of the directed to the probable decision of a question, New Works. which involved in itself consequences of the At Ashby de la Zouch, Mr. Ward, solici. utmost importance to the trade of that dig. tor, of Bursiem, Statfordshire, to Miss Rico. trict. The point in dispute was “ Whather of Ashby. coal, slate, stone, merchandise, &c. &c. con Robert Drummond, esq. of Megyinch Cas. yeved by the Yorkshire rivers into the Louth ele, Perthshire, to Mary, cliest daughter of Navigation, are subject to custom duties ;" the Rev. Joseph Phillimore, of Orton. wbich has at leogih been decided in the ne. Died.] At Leicester, the Rev. James sative. This intelligence on being notified Clough. -Mr. Alderman Gregory, 76. He To the public, was greeted with the euthusi. served the office of mayor with independence astic sensations such an occasion demanded; and fidelity in 1794.-Mr. Joseph Holms. for two days all was festivity and joy; and, eldest son of Mr. John H.-Mr. M nsell, 40. to commemorate the event, a grand pubic – Miss Moore, daughter of the late Mr. John hise was beld at the Guildhall.

M. - Mr. Smith, of the Black Bull Inn.


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