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Al Walmer, R. Keeler, esg. superannuated ISSIX.

rear admiral, Married.) At Chigwell, Thomas Fisher, At Addington Place, L. Bartholonen, esq. of Beaconfield, Notts. 1o Elizabeth, esq. 83. youngest daughter of Wm. Windsor, esq. of At Minster, Mrs. Jane Tatnal, relict of Hewites.

Mr. John T. and 26 years mistress of Minster At Great Baddow, John M'Lachlan, esq. workhouse, 81. to Anna, daughter of Abraham Bullen, esq. At Brompton, Mrs. Johnson, relict of Mt.

At Colchester, Mr. Peter Devall, jun, to J. of Maidstone, 71. Miss Mary Taylor.

At Dover, Mrs. Russell, 56. At Chelmsford, Mr. Richard Part, of the At Faversham, Andrew Long, esq. storoWhite Horse, to Miss Saran Field, second keeper at the royal powder-mills. daughter of Mr. F. of Great Waltham.-Mr. At Tunbridge Wells, Lieut. Janson, of the G. Till, to Miss Wilkinson.

King's German Legion, son-in-law of HiAt Mayland, Mr. Wm. Smith, to Mary, chard Cumberland, esq.--Mrs. Jukes, wife eldest daughter of Mr. John Page, of May- of G. M. J. esq. land Hall.

At Ashford, the Rev. Francis Whitfield, At Walthamstow, Samuel Tabor, jun. vicar of Godmersham and Challock, and secesq. of Colchester, tu Susannah, third daugh- tor of Westbere, 67. ter of Robert Burchall, esq.

At Clairforstel, in che parish of Throwley, Died.) At Colchester, Mr. Godsell. --Mrs. Mrs. L. Theobald, 76. Winneck, relict of Mr. Samuel W. Robert At Deal. Mrs. M. Wilkine. 76. Crane, esq. formerly captain in the 33d regi- At Ash, Mrs. Pettley, wife of Mr. W'1. ment of foot, 05.

liam P. At Chelmsford, Mr. Wm. Hayward.-Mr. At Eythorne, Ms. F. Tayler, 46. Thomas Thorp.

At Friendsbury, Ann, wife of George Gun John Perry, esq. of Moor Hall, one of the sing, esq. 52." justices of peace for this county.

At Boughton-under-Blean, Mrs. May, The Res. Cavalier Jouet, curate of Raw At Goodnestone, Mr. John Gimber, 11. seth.

SURRY. At Hockley, Mrs. Sarah Nightingale, 61. Married.] At Ash, Caleb Woodyer, est

At the Boarded-Barn Farni, Finchingfield, of Guildford, to Mary Anne Eleanor, eldest Mrs. My hell.

daughter of the late Henry Halsey, coq. of Ac Danbury, Mrs. Ellis, relict of Mr. Henley-park. Wm. E.

At Morden, G. Hoare, esq. to Angelina At Felsted, Miss Skill, daughter of Mr. daughter of J. Greene, esq. James S. 15.

At Merton, Alfred Pulton, esq. to Miss At Billericay, Mr. George Mead, 21.

Margaret West, of Chertsey. At Nayland, Mr. James Potter, 77.

Died. At Dorking, Samuel Dendy, esq. At Great Stambridge, Mrs. Davis, relict At Merton Abbey, che seat of her father of Mr. James D. 93.

James Newton, esq. Mrs. Christie, wife of At Paglesham, Mrs. Prentice, 89. Mr. Robert C. of Mark-lane, 26.

At Harwich, Mrs. Tight, wife of Lieut. T. At Wimbledon, where he had arrived to of the Signal Post.

meet a party of friends, Mr. Taylor, of MerAc Rochford, Mrs. Lamprell, wife of Mr.

ton. L. of the New Ship inn.

At Esher, Mrs. Diggle, wife of the Rer. At Writtle, Mr. John Parr, surgeon. Wadham D. vicar of Esher, and rector of Eye

field, Wilts. KENT.

SUSSEX Married.) At Canterbury, Henry Denne, Married.) At Winchelsea, Edward Brownen esq. to Miss Whicle. --Mr. Wm. Harnett, to esq. of Rye, to Miss Dawes. Harriott, second daughter of the late Mr. At Lewes, the Rev. Wm. Pritchard, of James Homersham.

Beddington Park, Surry, to Miss Wilds. At Folkestone, Lieutenant Robert Sand.

John Luttman Ellis, esq. of Pet worth, to ford, of the Folkstone Volunteer Artillery, Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Joka to Miss Marsh, of Uphill Farm.

Ayling, esq. of Tillington. At St. Peter's, Thanet, R. Oakley, esq. Diod.) At Brighton, John James, eldest of London, to Miss Banner, of Islington. son of Sir David Wedderburn, bart. of Ballia

Died.) At Foot's Cray Place, Mrs. Harene, dean.-Miss Young, daughter of Mr. Y. of wife of Benjamin H. esq 70.

Steyning, 22. At Welling, Sopbia, daughter of Mr. Thos. At Beauport, Lady Burgess, wife of Sit Homersham, 40.

James Bland B. bart. and third daughter of At Canterbury, Mrs. Stretch, widow of Lieut. Col. Lewis Charles Montclicu, Baron Major S. and daughter of the late Admiral de St. Hypolite. Ward, 60,--Mrs. Selling, 89. - Charles At Cooksbridge, Mr. Samuel Ellis, 72. Orlender Gore, esg. 68.

At Chichester, Mr. Florence, -Mr. A.



Williams. Mr. Hopkins, many years land- of the late Roger H. M.D. physician to the lord of the Crown.

forces in Jersey. At West Tarring, Mr. Burtenshaw.

At Holywell, at the house of his son-inNAMPSHIN E.

law, W. S. Bourne, esq. Oldfield Bowles, esq. A statue of his majesty, one of the first of North Aston, Oxfordshire. likenesses ever completed, was, on the 25th At Southampton, Mr. Edward Jacobs. inst placed up in the town of Croxton, Mr. Ventham Spencer, the oldest tradesman in commemoration of the ever-memorable in tbis town, 87.-Mr. Simon Andrews, a Lubilee Day of our gracious Sovereign George man of the strictest justice and most uncar.

n. It is situated on the King's Terrace rupted integrity, 77.--Mr. Edward Jacobs There (one of the first promenades in Eng. Mrs. Deegan.-Mrs. Pitman.

land) so as to command a charming view At Winchester, Miss Torck. · from the Lines of Portsmouth, and to be At Ringwood, Mis E. Hooper, Only seen from Spithead and the Isle of Wight. daughter of Mr. Wm. H. 14.

A school, on Mr. Lancaster's plan, has At Fareham, Mrs. Weolls, wife of the been founded at Portsipouth; 400 scholars Rev. John W. - and upwards are at present on the establish At Portsmouth, Mrs. Damon, 88.-Mr.

ment, and numbers have progressively in Lowe, father of Joseph L. esa, of the Case ecreased since the commencement of the toms, London, The Rev. Mr. Bull -Mrs. institucion.

Birsted, relict of Mr. Thomas B. On the 7th and 8th of November, an ex. At Ryde, Mrs. Mary Saunders. Her rao*amination of candid mission of candidates, for a superior class ther and brother also died at the same place apprentices to shipwrights, took place at within the last three weeks.

Dockyard, Portsmouth, before Commis. At Havant, Mr. Wm. Gray, of the Dolsioner Grey; Capt. Giffard, Lieut. Governor; phin inn, 59. Mi Inoman, Professor at the Naval College; At Cowes, Capt. Ferrissen, sep. of the Stork And Mr. Didhams, master shipwright; when revenue cutier. 36 young men offered themselves, 18 of At Kingsclere, John Carter, ésç. 70. whom were reported to the Navy Board as Gufficiently qualified for admission; who will

WILTSHIRE. select twelve for this establishment, in the Married.] At Devizes, Lieut. Colopei Pile Trst instance. They are to be bound for seven kington, of the Royal Engineers, to Hannab,

ve and instructed in mathematics, draw- second daughter of John Tyler, 659, ing, naval architectore, and French; in the At Overton, Mr. Wm. White, of the 81st

one kinds of labour connected with ship- regiment, to Miss King, youngest daughter of building; and ultimately, if found compe. S. K. esq. tent, appointed officers in the dock-yard. At Alderbury, the Rev. Charles Barter

Married. 9 At Hemingford Grey, Henry Sweet, of Kentisbury, Devon, to Lucy, yoangcawlerescato Miss Holgate, daughter of the est daughter of the late G. Y. Fork, esq. of Rev. Mr. H. late rector of Easton, Essex. Alder bury House.

At Northwood, Isle of Wigbt, George At Salisbury, Mr. Wm. Pickford, son of Judd, esg. of the Excise Office, Newport, to Thomas P esq. of Islington, to Miss E. Mrs. Elliott, relict of P. J. E. esq. of Ram. Brown, daugliter of Thomas B. esq. of Midsey, Huntingdonshire.

ford, near Salisbury. At Fareham, Capt. John Nash, RN. to At Codford St. Peter, Mr. Richard Frame Mr. Louny, widow of Capt. John L. R.N. cies, to Miss Morgan, of the George inn.

A Carisbrook, Isle of Wight, Ensign La. Died.] At Warminster, John Middleton, mant, of the 1st battalion of Royals, to Miss esq.-Mrs. Mlier. Gilpine, of Newport.

At Berwick St. John, Ann, eldest daughAt Broughton, John Hattatt, esq. to Miss ter of Henry Foot, esq. 29. Ano Foote, youngest daughter of Mr. F. of At Salisbury, the Rev. Mr. Bergliere, . that place.

respectable French clergyman.-Mr. Ralph At Lyss. Mr. Richard Artree, of Brighton, Sheats, 65.--Mrs. E. Dowding, wife of Mr.

Elizabeh. daughter of William Wakeford, W. D.-On his way to Devonshire, for the esq. of Hampshott.

benefit of his health, Mr. Grubb, of New Ar Portsmouth, Mr. John B. Flanagan, to Bond street, London. --Miss C. Budd. -Ms. Miss Mary Yates M‘Bean, youngest daughter George Brownjohn. of Giles M'B. esq. of Buckland.

AC Malmesbury, John Hanks, esq, one of At New Church, Isle of Wight, Edmund the justices for that borough. Spettigne, esq. to Jane Ann, youngest daugh- At Nettleton, the Rev. W. Bowen, 57. ter of the late Robert Blakely, esqof At Broughton, in consequence of a fall Dublin.

from his horse, Nr. Jannes Hicks, of Romsey. Died] In Jersey, Daniel Budd, esq. late At Cricklade, Mr. Richard Randali. 73. His Britannic Majesty's Consul at Alicant, At Devizes, Mrs. Spencer, wife of Mr. which place he was obliged to leave at the Mark S. 32. breaking out of the war.- John Heriot, esq. Ac Wilton, Mr. Charles Chipps, captain in the 77th regiment of foot, and son At Beeching Stoke, Miss E. Layland, 28.

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At Wroughton Common, near Swindon, be erected by private subscription, for cele. Mrs. Mary Dore, 86.

brating public worship according to the rites

of the established Church; which subscription BERKSHIRE.

was accordingly commenced., The building adjoining St. George's Cha.

On Tuesday morning, October 23, about pel, Windsor, called Cardinal Wolsey's Cha

sey's Cha- 11 o'clock, the inbabitants of Walcot-street, pel, was some time since filled with lumber, Bath, were alarmed by an explosion of gunalthough it had been understood chat his Ma

powder, and it was soon discovered that the jesty intended ro have a vault made there for house in Ladymead, near the river, where the interment of the remains of his family ; Mrs. Invetto, the ingenious fire-work maker, however, within these few days the lamber carried on her business, had been blown up, has been taken out of it, and windows put th. and the adjoining tenements much damaged. As some labourers were employed in digging Mrs. Invetto and a young man, her assistant, an archway in this Wolsey's chapel, they were the only persons on the premises: the discuvered a coffin ; the wooden one was de poor woman was rendered a shocking specta. cayed, but the leaden coffin was in a very cle, and so deplorably burnt and disfigured good state of preservation. The inscription that she died within twelve hours. The on it could not be made out. On opening it, young man was carried to the Casualty Hos. the contents proved to be a woman, wrapped pical, where he also soon afterwards expired. up in waxed canvas of 50 folds, and a child, Tbe immediate cause of the accident cannot in a very high state of preservation, in spirits. be ascertained, but it is supposed to have It was supposed to be the Queen of Edward arisen from the quantity of combustible inthe I Vth. and one of her children. It was

r children. It was gredients which were, with too little caution, kept open a few days, and then again sol.

continually scattered in every part of the dered up.

room. About twenty years ago, at a house Married.) At Wallingford, Mr. W. Hill

in Orange-court, Bath, a similar explosion yard, to Miss E. Cotterell.

occurred, whereby the first wife and two At Reading, Thomas Roworth, esq. of children of the late Sig. Invetto met the same London, to Mary Ann Catherine, second disastrous end. daughter of the Rev. Dr. Valpy.

Married.] At Bristol, John Purrier, esq. to Died. At Childrey, Wm. Shippery, Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Mr. esq. 76.

Rice Wasbrough.Philip Chabert, esq. to 'At Newbury, Mrs. Wroughton, wife of R. Miss Moir, daughter of the 'Rev. John M. W. esq. late of Mount Beacon, near Bath.- vicar of Nazing. Essex. Mr. F. S. Brown, Mary, wife of J. Bodman, esq.Mr. John of the Royal Navy, to Elizabeth, daughter of Collins.

Thomas Sumner, esq. At Padworth, Mrs. Cotterell, 88.

Ac Bath, the Rev. Gilbert Holmes, dean of At Windsor, Mrs. Gray, of the Anchor Ardfort, in Ireland, to Lydia, only daughter jan.

of Francis Saunderson, esq. of Castle SaunderAt Thatcham, Mrs. Banks, wife of Mr.

son, county of Cavan.Thomas Smith, esq. Benjamin B. 33.

of Lansdown Cottage, to Miss Hannah Wylde. At Wallingford, Mr. W. Welis.

At Ansford, James Webster, esq. to Miss At Maidenhead, Mrs. Clarke, 62.

E. White, daughter of Robert W. esg. At Chilton Farm, near Hungerford, Mr.

Died.] At Bristol, Lieut. Colonel Frith, of John Burgess.

the North Hampshire Militia.--Mrs. Owen At Warborough, Martha, wife of Mr.

Williams.-Mrs. Sarah Liptrap, widow of Benjamin Tubb, 35.

the late Samuel Davey L. esq. of London, 64. At Reading, the Chevalier de Torcy, cap- Mr. Charles Madox, 75. tain in the regiment of Loyal Emigrants in Ar Bath. Mrs. Goldwyer, wife of John G. the British service under the old French eso. 74.--Mrs. Strange, wife of Mr. S. and government, capcain in the Queen's regiment fourth daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Haof infantry, and a knight of St. Louis. He zard, bookseller. --Mrs. Dennis, a maiden was present in all the engagements in which iadv. --Mrs. Chapman, relict of Mr. Alderman bis regiment distinguished itself during the C. Mrs. Bruoksbanks, 82 Jane, second campaigns of 1793, 4 and 5. He likewise daughter of Mrs. Ackinson. On her way to accompanied the expedition to Quiberon, and Devonshire. Mus. Aspinall, of Liverpool.was afterwards employed in the British ser

TO John Stephens, esg.-Mr. H. Bowen, brother vice in Portugal, till the peace of 1802. - Co the Rev. Wm. B..whose death at NettleMrs. Margaret Blane.--Mrs. Lydia Mace, 63. ton, in Wiltshire, is recorded in the present -Mrs. Golding, wife of Henry G. esq. of

Number. Wallingford, and mocher of Mr. G. surgeon, Ac Steeple Morden, the Rev. Richard of Reading.

King, vicar of that place, and rector of WorSOMERSETSHIRE.

then, Shropshire. At a very numerous meeting of the inha. At Clifton, Mrs. Clarke, relict of che Rev. sitants of Clifton, lately held at the York John C. vicar of Hungerlord, Berke, and sister Hotel, at whicha Mr. Auriol presided, it was of the late Charles Chapman, esq. of Bath letermined that a commodious chapel should ford. MONTHLY MAG, No. 207.


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built houses were completely swept away, 204 Married.] At Poole, Henry Kemp, esq. to carried, with great part of the furniture, into Miss Crew, daughter of T. C. esg.-David the sea. All parts of this neighbouri.God Lander, esq. collector, of Poole, to Miss have, in a greater or less degree, felt tse Weston.

effects of the fivod; indeed every rivolet aut. At Wimborne, Mr. J. Abbott, to Miss M. denly increased to an immense river, carry,

ing with it cottages, cattle, barns, corn and At Rampisham, Mr. Henry Brookes, of lay-ricks, and almost every article L1.2t Charlton Horethorne, to Miss Ann Meggs, of moveable, leaving the poor suffering inbaHigher Kingstone, near Dorchester.

bitants in the greatest distress, deprived et At Sturminster Marshal, Mr. John Bald. their property and their homes, and exhi. win, of Child Okeford, third son of John B. biting a grand scene of desolation where esg of Wyke Farm, to Miss Barnes, eldest soever it extended. Various accounts hare daughter of John B. esą.

reached us from different parts equally cala• Ac Dorchester, Mr. Samuel Bond, of Ho- mitous; but we most feelingly lament the niton, to Miss Mowlam, of the Black Horse very severe losses which numerous indivi. inn, Dorchester.

duals must have experienced in the general Died.] At Wareham, Mr. Jonathan Laa. Wieck which the storm has occasioned. rence, mayor of that boroug!), 63.-Mrs. Dawlish, the most delightful watering-place Mould, wife of Mr. Joseph M. of the paper on the Devonshire cuast, nas suttered asetemilis.-The Rev.John Brown, rector of Win- ly: the improvements which had been made terbourne Abbots, with Winter bourne Stee. in this beautiful village, had been the admipleton, and formerly fellow of Lincoln col ration of all who had visited it; the rivolet lege, Oxford, M. A. June 17, 1784, B. D. which had been formed into a canal, was a pone 30, 1794.

charming object, and the ground on its banks At Shaftesbury, Mrs. Hannah Dowland. which had been ornamented with grarel. • Al Pentridge, Mr. Robert Oke, many years walks, planted with shurbs, and enclosed as an eminent merchant at Poole.

a pleasure-ground for the comfort of invalids Ac Blandford, Mr. D. T. Biggs, youngest who could not endure the more keen air of son of the late Nr. B. of that place, 28. the sea beach, as well as to encrease the . Ac Sherborne, Mr. Miller.coMr. Corp, 86. charming appearance of the place; all chais

. Ai Lyme, Mis. Tucker, wife of Mr. T. was in a few hours swept away, together attorney, of Chard.

with several very good new-built houses ea DIVONSMIRE.

each side of its banks, and three large hand. . On the night of Friday the 9th, and the sumc wooden bridges, which were placed over whole of Saturday the 10th of November, the the canal, of a size to admit the passage of neighbourhoud of Exeter was visited by the carriages of every description: indeed, se greatest fall of rain that has been remem- rapid was the swell of the water, and so vis bered for many years past. The river Exe lent the current, that there was not even tose in consequence to an unprecedented time to remove any part of the furniture of height, overflowing the country for an extent several houses : the whole was hurried away, of many miles, and carrying off in its rapid and the inhabitants narrowly escaped the and cremendous course, ricks of hay, parts of tuin. kouse, bridges, cattle, &c.; an immense A t a respectable meeting of the inhabitanti sointity of apples have also been washed of Totnes, and its vicinity; held on the 5th a way; from the parish of lde alone, it is of October, it was unanimously resolved that supposed the quantity lost would have made a library, on a liberal and permanent basis, one hundred hogsheads of cyder. In the should be established in that town, under the evening of Saturday, che utmost consternation denomination of the South Devon Library; prevailed amongst the inhabitants of St. that it should be raised by donations, and Thomas, from the recollection of the severe supported by subscriptions not exceeding oat injuries sustained by former inundacions. At guides annually. midnight, the water was five feet high in The Mayor and Commonalty of Pis. most of the houses; and in the road leading mouth, have resolved to erect a ball-room,

om Oakhampton-street, it was six feet a commodious hotel, with suites of rooms for above the footpath. All the ruads in every noblemen and gentlemen's families, and also direction were impassable, and the coaches a theatre, for the greater convenience, sc. could not arrive until the next morning. commodation, and amusement, of persons rs. At the Exeler quay, three vessels were sorting to this town, as well as of the isbadriven a-shore on the wharf, and were got off bitants, than it now affords; they propose to with much difficulty on the following day. take up the sum of twenty thousand pounds Another arch of Cowley-bridge was wasbed to assist them in carrying on the work. by the a way, which renders that road, for the pre. grant of annuities on the lives of persous to sent, impassable. The bridge near Laun. be named by the subscribers 29 subscription ceston, which divides Devon from Cornwall, to be less than one hundred poutrds on each is nearly destroyed. At Budleigh Salterton, nominee. It is intended to appropriate part the streamlet was so swollen, that two new. of one of the byildings to a public library.

On Wednesday, a tremendous fire broke at Woolwich, a youth of great promise, who out in Little Friery-street, Plymouth, which died after a short illness on the 24th of Sepraged for seven hours; and when it was ex. tember last ; which grievous afiliction Mrs. tinguished, about four o'clock next morning, Meredith had not oniy to contend with, with four houses were burnt down, and one house all the feelings of a tenir inother, but had pulled down, to prevent the fire from com- to conceal it .rom her daughter, who, till her municating. Three drunken sailors were death, was ignorant of the cate of her bro. with difficulty rescued from a burning room; ther - Mr. John Steer. nor would they quit, though the upper beanis At Stonehouse, Joseph Bott, esq. comwere falling round them in flames, until the mander of his Majesty's sloop Sabine. engines were directed to play in upon them, At Colyton, Mr. Hathaway, surgeon and which made them jump out of the window apothecary, 49. into the street. The tars fell, like cats, on At Shaldon, near Teignmouth, Mr. Christheir legs, without receiving the least harm, topher Towill. giving at the same time three cheers.

At Fordton, near Crediton, Harriet, fourth The Medical Report of the West of Eng. daughter of the late Rev. Walter Burne, land Eye Infirniary, established at Exeter, sector of Lifton.-- The Rev. William Evans, for the last year, announces the cure of who had been upwards of forty years pastor eleven hundred and ninety-five persons of of the Independent Congregation at Ford, various diseases in the eye, within the space near Kingsbridge, Devon. He possessed an of the last two years ; among these, eighty- excellent understanding, considerablc learn, six have been cured of cataracts, of whom ing, and an accurate knowledge of the Scripthirty persons were born blind.

tures, Married.] At Brixton, John Embling,

CORNWALL. esq. to Harriet, daughter of P. Lyde,,esq. A silver mine has been recently discovered

At Exeter, Mr. John Winter, of Bristol, in this county, and promises abundantly to to Miss Huxham, sister of Gcorge H. esq. of repay the working. The ore yieius about a Plympton.

tenth part of silver, being a greater proporAt Rame, near Maker, Samuel Carpenter, tion of metal than any mine previously disco. esq. of the loner Temple, barrister, to Miss vered in this kingdom. Drew, of Rame Place.

Married.] At Maddron, Captain Askew, At Plymouth, Mr. John Smith, attorney, of the Providence letter of marque, of Lito Miss Pridham, daughter of John P. eso. verpool, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. J.

Died.] At Exeter, Mrs. Christopher, wife Matthews, of Penzance. of Henry C. esq.commander of the Sir Wil. At Lower St. Columb, Mr. Roseware, lianPulteney East Indiaman.--Colonel surgeon, of Wadebridge, to Miss Hicks, James Brunton, Sd regiment of Madras Na. daughter of Mr. Richard H. of St. Columb, tive Infantry, and late military Auditor. Died.) At St. Austell, Mr. Flamank. general at Fort St. George.-Mrs. Mary Miss Ann Filkins.-Mrs. Hopwood. Densham, daughter of the late Richard D. At Helston, Captain Harris, of the 834 esq. who in 1758 served the office of mayor regiment of foot.-Mr. Charles Lanyon, 77. of Exster, 76.-Mr. Henry Gillett, overseer Mr. John Webb, of the Duke's Head inn. of the works in the western district for the At Bodmin, Mr. Beard, some time ago Board of Ordnance, 68.--Mrs. Ford, wife of steward to Sir Lawrence Palk, bart. Mr. William F. governor of the county At Truro, Mr, Macmasters. Bridewell.

At Polperro, Mrs. Crouch, wife of Mr. C. At Sidmouth, Theodosia Maria, eldest surgeon. daug later of Peter Rickards, esg. of Everjobb, At St. Ives, Mr. John Tregurthen, 73, Radnorshire.

Mr. Henry Uren. Ac Otterton, Mrs. Mary Simons, 84, At Padstow, Mr. Richard Brewer, daughter of the Rev. William S. heretofore At Penzance, Mr. Toll.-Mr. Ayres.vicar of Otterton, and sister of the late Rev. Mrs. Sweet. James S. rector of St. Stephen's, Exeter. At Camelford, Mr. Edward Pearse.

At Tiverton, Charlotte, fourth daughter At Falmouth, Mr. Dawson. --Mrs. Campe of the late Rev. Hugh Northcote, rector of bell, wife of Colonel C. of the 92d High. Upton Pyne.

landers, serving at Cadiz At Barnstaple, Mrs. Roch, widow of the At Carvedras, near Truro, Mrs. Kent, 103. late Mr. R. formerly a banker of that At Tredethy House, near Bod min, Miss lown, 84.

Margaret Hext, sister of Francis H. esq. At Sandford Ash, Mrs. Pope, wife of At Redruth, Captain Edward Teague. William P. etg.

At St. Columb, Mr. John Jane, 77. At Plymouth, of a consumption, Miss Me.

WALES. redith, daughter of the late Colonel Mere On the 25th of October, the ceremony of dith, of the artillery, 19. The acute sorrow laying the foundation-stone of the Jubilee felt by a fond mother, who was her unre. Column, to be erected on the mountain of soitting attendant during her illness, is much Moel Famına, in North Wales, took place. iscreused by the loss of an only son, a cadet At the dawn of day the bells at Ruthin and


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