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taining together six hundred and eighty feet. -Mr. Wigley.Mrs. Barwick, wife of Mr. The aaventurers seem not to have considered B. keeper of St. John's prison.--Mrs. Whitethat there is already a canal con munication bead, 80. between the several places before mentioned, At East Retford, Mrs. Marshall, reúdo and that in point of distance it will be shorter Thomas M. esq. than theirs, particularly when the intended At Wilford, Mary, daughter of the late improvements are made on the Oxford canal; Mr. Benjamin Bradley, of Newark, 15. and also, that their proposed line has upwards At Langar, near Bingham, Mrs. Rowboof one thousand feet more lockage than the tham, 59. present, with two miles more of tunnels. At Swinderly, near Newark, Mr. Henry There is another matter which seems not to Pounders, 70. have been in their contemplation, namely, At Bridgeford on the Hill, Joseph Caabt, that as the sum to be necessarily expended gent. 75. * will be enormous, the tolls must be high ia A t Farndon, Mrs. Horsepool, late of proportion, and if high, then but few goods Newark. will pass, since the existing canals take only At Cransley, John Robinson, esq. brother a moderate toll, and would of course take to Sir George R. bart. less rather than lose the trade.

LINCOLNSHIRL. Married.] At Bakewell, Samuel Perkins A subscription has been entered into at Ward, esq. of the Island of St. Helena, to Grantham, for the purpose of establisting a Miss Ann Pidcock, of Doves Wood, near school on the Lancastrian system. Worksworth.

The pillar on Lincolo beath was built in At Ashborne, Mr. T. Hawthorn, printer, the year 1751, by a spirited individual (Sir to Miss Frith, daughter of Mr. John F. Francis Dashwood) who dedicated it to public

Died.] Ac Ticknall, G. Wilkinson, la- use. It stands in the parish of Dunstoo, asd bourer, 104 This poor man, on the Jubilee is a square pillar, encompassing a flight of day (October 25, 1809) sat at the head of the steps, ninety-two feet high. Catil wilbis a first cable, when the labouring poor of Tick. few years it had at the top a lantern, fifteen nall and their families, to the number of near feet and a half high, for the reception of one thousand, were entertained with a plen- which the structure was designed. The tape tirul dinner.

tern was lighted up at night, and served as a At Stanton, Mr. William Briggs, yeoman. beacon to travellers over the dreary and a This person had accumulated a considerable tensive heath. As soon as the circumiacent property, and his attachment to it was extract began, by inclosures and the formation cessive, he deemed it an act of great extra- of good roads, to lose something of its wiltvagance to wear a shirt, and he indulged ness, the lighting of the lantern was discon· himself in doing it only on two days in the tinued; and for about chirty years the pillar

year, viz. when he attended the races at has been of no use, beyond that of perpeteDerby and at Lichfield.

ating public admiration of the liberal spirit Ai Chesterfield, John Cock, esq.

of the founder. The estate upon which it At Derby, Mr. Samuel Fletcher, soap ma- stands, is now the property of the Earl of nufacturer. He was attending a copper of Buckinghamshire; and his lordship bas pat boiling soap, when he unfortunately fell in, the column to a noble usc, by placing, in the and was so terribly scalded that he surviyed pårt lately occupied by the lantern, an a. the accident only three hours.

tremely well finished colossal statue of out At Allestree Hall, Sabina Elizabeth, el. veneral King. It has been executed by Code, dest daughter of J. C. Girardot, esq. 15. in artificial stone, measures fourteen feet in NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

height, and stands upon a pedestal pine fert Married.) At Mansfield, E. Kendall, esg. high. Though its elevation from the grand to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of Mrs. Dar- be one hundred and fifteen feet, yet the fesling.-Mr. J. Wragg, to Miss Ann Curtis. tures of the statue are perfectly distinguishe --Mr. Thomas Brothwell, to Miss Maryable, and have been admired by miny hoa. Kitchen.

dreds of visitors. His Majesty stands erect, At Newark, Mr. Langley Curtis, to Miss crowned with a sceptre in his right base. Jane Bottomley, of Carlton-upon-Trent. On the west side of the pillar, (two feet abort Mr. Robert Hall, to Miss Flint.

a short Latin inscription of Si. F. Dashsco) At Tychby, Mr. Slack, jun. of Bingham, is affixed a tablet with the following: to Miss Mary Foster.

“ The statue upon this pillar Mr. Chapman, of Nottingham, to Miss

was erected A.D. 1810, Gill, daughter of the Rev. Mr. G. of Wil. by Robert Earl of Buckinghamshire, ford.

to commemorate the 50th anniversary Died.) At Newark, William Handley,

of the reign of his Majesty esq. 59.

King George che Third." At Scamblesby, Mrs. Marsh.

The rapid improvements of drainage is At Southwell, Rowland, son of the Rev. this county will, very shortly, dry almost the Godfrey Heathcote.

whole of the marsh grounds; and the system Ac Nottingham, Joha Richards, gent. 79. now pursues of uniting the waters of as many drains as possible, to pass by one large out. At Kirton, Mr. Bishop, surgeon, 42. fall to the sea, instead of discharging them, Mrs. Borwell. as heretofore, through several small ineffec. Ac Heighington, Mrs. Goodacre, 50. tual channels, widely distant from one an- Ac Lincoln, Mr. Charles Franklyn, surother, will permanently prove and establish geon.-Mrs. Botr, of the Green Man, on its superiority ; for, in the latter cases, the Lincoln Heath.--Susan, daughter of Robert aut-lets, continually silting and choaking up, Smith, esq. occasioned infinite mischief and expense, At Tinwell, near Stamford, Mrs. Chris whereas, upon the present plan, the great tian, wife of B. 65. body of water always keeps the course clear, Ac Appleby Carr Side, Mr. John Wharton, and the lands secure, at a trifling charge. 31. When only 18 years of age, he weighed There is an improvement of this kind in con 18 stone, and continued to increase in weight, templation, by six or seven parishes, between a stone each year, till he was 30 years old. Alford and Saltfieet, which are now drained His coffin was so capacious, that a side of the through three or four different sluices, but house was taken down to permit its egress. which may, with great facility, unite and it was six feet broad at the shoulders. pass their waters through one sluice, and this At Revesby, Mr. Briscoe, who accom. must evidently be attended with very great pinied Sir Joseph Banks in his circumnavi. advantage to all, but, more particularly, to gation of the globe, 75. two of those parishes, (Theddlethorpe and At Marcham, Mrs. Soulby. Mablethorpe,) which will, at little or no At Mowis Enderby, Mrs. Franklin, wife of expense, in the first instance, obtain a much Mr. Willingham, F. 59. better fall for their waters, and, for ever af At Swaton, near Falkingham, Mr. Stenterwards, be relieved from, perhaps two nett. thirds of the charges that would otherwise At Spilsby, Mr. Thomas Barker --Ms. be continually incurred, from the insuffi. Thomas Barker, of Halton Hollgate, 8+. ciency of their present works of drainage. At Candlesby, Benjamin Grantham, 88. Thus it is clear, that the combination of mea At Langton Hall, near Spilsby, aged 11 sures so essenrial to the improvement of the years, Maria Jane, third daughter of George low lands, cannot be too much encouraged, Langton, esq. being the sixth child out of nor too speedily adopted.

thirteen, snatched from him during the last Married.1 AL Boston, the Rev. J. B. twelve months. Spooner, rector of Blyborough, to Miss Law.

LEICESTERSHIRE, rence, youngest daughter of the late John L. Married ] At Leicester, John Smart, esq. esg. of Lincolo.

of Red Lion Square, to Miss Parsons. -Mr. At Scawby, John Nelthorpe, esq. of Fer. T. Onion, to Mrs. Lenton. riby, son of the late Sir John N. bart. 10 At Osgathorpe, Captain Hackett, of Bree. Marianna, third daughter of John Brooke, don, to Miss Bostock. esq. of Bardney Hall, Barton on Humber. At Stapleford, Mr. John Tablin, to Eliza,

At Gainsborough, Charles Henry Schwan- daughter of Jolin Simpson, gent. of Meltor. felder, esq. of Leeds, to Miss Elizabeth At Melton, Mr. Digby, of Burton, to Miss Wade.

Eyre. At Grimsby, Mr. Piercy, to Miss Stock- Died.] At Leicester, Mrs. Berrington, 40. dale, daughter of the Rev. Mr. S.-J. Moody, -The Rev. Obajiah Clayton. *$2. surveyor of the customs, and an alder

STAFFORDSHIRE. man of the horough, to Miss Cook, only Married.] Mr. T. Reeves, of Uttoxeter, daughter of Robert C. esq.

to Mrs. Talbot, late of Bridgford. "At Scremisy, Mr. Michel, of London, to At Walsall, Mr. Timothy Glover, to Miss Charlotte, eldest daughter of the laie Rev. Jane Russell, eldest daughter of Mrs. R. Robert Uvedale, D.D. rector of Langton, Died.] At Turnstall, in the Staffordshire Dear Spilsby.

Potteries, aged 49, Elizabeth, eldest daughDick] At Bruneton Hall, in child bed, ter of Anthony Keeling, esq. formerly an Mrs. Curtois, wife of the Rev. Peregrine C. eminent manufacturer of china and earthen. and daughter of the late Sir James Patie, ware. This lady furnished to her friends bart.

and the world another consolatory instance of At Boston, Mr. William Drake, many this important truth, that all which is taken years a teacher in the royal navy, and well away from us ought not to counted loss; known as an able mathematician, 36 —Mrs. strongly exemplifying the impartial goodness Elizabeth Mason, 75.-Aged 0, Henry of providence in its distribution of temporal Clarke, esq. merchant.--At the time of the benefits and privations. Owing to a fall in late high tide, the cellars of this gentleman's her tender years, she contracted such a dehouse being filled with water, he exerted giee of lameness, as rendered any continued himself to remove some casks which were bodily exertion very irksome; and was there. floating there, and licerated one of his fingers by prevented from partaking of many of the against an iron hop. Not giving proper at festivities and enjoyments of genteel life; tention to the wound, it in a few days became but this, far from tincturing her mind with serious, and ultimately occasioned bis death, any portion of peevishness or discontent, only led her more assiduously to cultivate those Earl of Aylesford, John Francis Rigaud, esq. social and heart-binding virtues, which ren Royal Academician, a Member of the Acadered her character most amiable, and con. demy of Bologna, and of the Royal Academy tinually drew round hier, both of her own re. of Stockholm, and historical painter to Goslations and remote acquaintances, a circle of tavus IV. King of Sweden. pleasing and elegant associates; wbo were At Henley, Charles Parsons, esq. charmed with the suavity of ber manners, At Birmingham, Mr. Swipburn, school. exhilarated with the unvarying cheerfulness master, Mis Evans, wife of Mr. Richard of her disposition, and warmed with the be. E.-Mr. Simon Peele, 65.-Mrs. Jane Att. nevolence of her heart. She possessed a wood, 99. She retained her faculties to the bright and vigorous fancy, and ber under last.-Mr. John Higgott.-Mrs. Short, wie standing was fervid and vivacious. She was of Mr. William S. -Mr. Thomas Goode. a great lover of the belles-lettres, and had Hannah Julia, daughter of Mr. Thomas Hadattained such proficiency in the practice of ley, 18.-Mr. Henry Allcock, 83.- Isaiah, the delightful science of music, as to rank youngest son of Mr. John Danks.-Mr. Wilher the first amateur performer upon the liam Dutton.-Mr Joseph Ashford, 61. harpsichord in the county. After a patient At Darlaston, Mrs. Foster, 65. but ineffectual struggle with a delicate con- At Solihull, Mr. George Bullivant, 72.stitution, she cheerfully and serenely, as she Mr. Benjamin Parnell, many years an emihad always lived, resigned her life, rich in nent solicitor in London. 71. that faith and hope of future felicity, which At Selly Hall, James Dickinson, eldest leaves upon the minds of her family and son of Mr. James Bingham, 26. friends, the sweetest impressions to console At Spark Brook, Mr. Joseph Chelling. them for the loss of the object of their ten- worth, 61. derness

At Grindon, Mrs. Payne, 69. At Huntley, Sarah, wife of Colonel At Coventry, Mr. George Wingrove, of Bulkeley.

Bath.-Mrs. Simmons. At Urtoxeter, James, youngest son of Mr. At Baginton, Mrs. Cox, relict of the Rer. Garie, of the Red Lion.

Thomas C. formerly of Deritend, 79. Ac Darlasion, Mrs. Foster, 65.

SHROPSHIRE. At Stafford, Mrs. Peake.-Mrs. Hand, re. "A Dispensary has been established at Wel. lict of Mr. H. of Park Hall.-Mrs. Barnes, lington. In that neighbourhood, where caof the Bull's Head Inn, 75.

sualties so frequently occur, it will no doubt At Newcastle, Mr. Ralph Wood, 64. prove of great utility. Two professional gene At Wolverhampton, Mrs. Earp.

clemen are employed; and Thomas Eyton, At Tutbury, in consequence of a fracture esq. is the sole proposer and patron of this of his leg by falling from a gig, the Rev. benevolent institution John Stubbs, curale of Uttoxeter.

Married.] At Whittington, Mr. Jonathan WARWICKSHIRE.

Wilde, of Oswestry, to Frances, youngest From a statement published by the Com. daughter of the late Mr. William Usher, of mittee of the Guardians of the Poor in Bir Fernhill. mingham, it appears that the money cole At Stanton Lacey, Mr. Thomas Burd, of lected for their use in that town during the Liverpool, to Miss Wilkes. last five years, amounts to the enormous sum Ai New;ort, Mr. Benjamin Shaw, of Wol. of 115,5311 19s. 10d.

verhampton, to Agoes, youngest daughter of The hurricane which extended over the Thomas 1 hompson, esq. greatest part if the Kingdom the 10th of At Shrewsbury, Mr. Francis Pritchard, of November last, raged with particular vio Buttington, Montgomeryshire, to Miss Eli. lence at Hatton, in this county. In the zabeth Hughes. night of that way, or very early the follow. Died.) At Whitchurch, in consequence ing morning, the trane of a beautiful painted of lier clothes taking fire, Mrs. Parker, wife window, which in 1794 bd been put up in of Mr. P. and only child of Dir. Janies Wright, the chancel by the late ingenious Mr. Egin- srationer. She survived the accident only. ton, was blown upon the ground to a consin 24 hours. - Mrs. Beckelt, relict of Mr. derable distance, and broke by its fall a massy Charles B.-Miss Read.Samuel Turner, grave stone : some large stones which sup: esq. posted it, were wrenched from the wall. At Oswestry, Mr. Isaac Erans.-Mr. EdThe window itself, which had for some time ward Jones. been an object of admiracion to the neigh. At Shrewsbury, Mr. Phillips.--Mr. Nebourhood, was shattered into a thousand hemiah Scoltock, pieies, and one of the shutters which had Mr. E Fennell, one of the Charter-masusually protected it from the weather, was ters at Cornbrook Coal Works, on the Clee. Blown over the church yarj and a lit:le lane bill. into an adjacent field.

- At Beatchcott, Miss S. Wilding, of Uader. Married] At Birmingham, Ms. C. A. Hill Hall. Feidler, 10 Miss Elizabeth Sprigg.

At Bolas, Mr. Slack, 67. In the course Died.] dc Packing on, the seat of the of fourteen days, four persons bave been car

ried from this house to the grave: viz. two family where they lived, and all who knew servants, a daughter, and the truly respecta- them, have fallen victims to an act of inad. ble and inuch lamented rather.

vertency. The carbonic gas has been supe At Ludlow, Mr. Haynes, 8+.

posed to be so much heavier than common At Bridgnorth, Miss Hinchley, daughter air, as not to ascend to any great height; ic of the late Mr. H. surgeon.

might consequently have been imagined, At Bishop's Castle, Mr. l. Gough.

that this deadly vapour would not have At Colebatch, Charles Vaughan, gent. 79. penetrated by ascending from a lower room WORCESTERSHIRE.

into one over it, between which, communi. Married.] At Old Swintord, Mr. Tom- cation seemed to be cut off by a close ceil. linson, of Stourbridge, to Miss Ann White, ing, and a door well fitted at the top of a of Hallows End, near the latter place.

staircase. The present fatal instance proves, At Hampton, near Evesham, Mr. Joseph that no person should think himself safe in Saunders, of che Old Bank, Tewkesbury, sleeping in any situation near the poisonous Gloucestershire, to Miss Brown.

influence of these effluvia, which are che more Died.] Ac Dennis, Mrs. Hill, wife of T. dangerous from being attended with little o H. esq. banker, of Stourbridge.

no smell. At Kidderminster, Mr. John Probart, of Married.] At Eaton Bishop, John Samus Bewdley, 75.--Mr. Walter Knowles, 66. Gowland, esq. of Leigh Court, Worcester

At Bromsgrove, Mr. Thomas Bradshaw, shire, to Miss Price, niece to J. M. Greet son of Mrs. B. of the Meriden Tavern, Co esq. of Cagebrook. ventry. 24.

At Leominster, Mr. J. Mainwaring, to At Worcester, aged 102, Mary Merchant. Mrs. Jefferies. -Mrs Minchall. - Mrs. Harper. -Mr. Hul. Died.) At Leominster, Mrs. Goode, relict best. Mrs. Woodward, 63.-Mr. Joseph of Mr. John G. surgeon.-Philip, eldest son Davis, 74. Mr. Joseph Tunes, 18.

* of the late Philip Davies, esq. Ar Bell's Farm, King's Noston, Mr. Jo- At Willersley, Mrs. James. seph Tomkins, 68.

At the Lea, near Ross, Frances, wife of "Ac the Bank Farm, Leigh, Mr. W. Jones, Samuel Drinkwater, gent. 71. 66.

GLOCESTERSHIRE. Ar the Norrice, Mr. Benjamin Jones. Married.] At Cheltenham, Captain Mic At Dudley, Mr. John Knowles, 73. chael Riddell, of the Madras cavalry, to Ca

At Boughton House, near Worcester, Ca. roline Alicia, third daughter of the late C. F. roline, second daughter of Joseph Helme, esq. Sheridan, esq. and niece to Richard Brinsley HERE FOR DSITIR E.

S. esq. A melancholy accident lately happened Ac Barnwood, Colonel Gordon, of Bryan. at Belmont near Hereford, which strongly stone strect, Portman square, to Eliza, daughe sliews the great danger of sleeping within ter of Robert Morris, esq. M.P. for tbe city the influence of the noxious vapour arising of Glocester. from fires made of charcoal or coke, both A t Glocester, Andrew Kinsman, esq. of of which are equally destructive to life. Plymouth Dock, to Miss Jane Nelson. It had been the custom of the stable servants At Westbury upon Trim, Joshua Jenour, co burn charcoal in the harnness room during jun. esq. to Miss Wingrove, of Paul Street, the day-time in damp weather, when the Bristol. ventilation made by two opposite doors pre- Died.) At Berkeley, Mrs. Black, relict of vented the noxious effluvia from having any the Rev. Mr. B. and sister of Dr. Jenner. bad effects. One day the room wasa ired in At Dursley, Mrs. Pegler, 88. this manner with coke, and more fuel of the At Newnham, Mr. Thomas Horwood, 76. same kind was imprudently added at night. At the Rock Mills, near Painswick, Mr. and left in a burning state, when the doors James Stanley. were shut. The coachman and groom have. At Kinshani, Mr. George Richards, 57. their siceping chamber immediately over the At Northleach, Mr. James Heath, of the harness 'room. An alarm was given from King's Head Ino. their not appearing at breakfast the next AC Glocester, Mr. John Russell, late murning, and upon going to their bedcham. keeper of the prison in that city; a man who ber, che groom, a young lad of 17, was found was remarkable for his kindness and buma. qaite dead, and the coachman with some nity to those unfortunate persons who were sigas of lite remaining. The usual means of committed to his care. It is a fact not gene. restoring suspended animation were innmedi- rally known, that no adequate provision is ately tried on both the booies; all endea. made for the support of these persons, who, vours were in vain towards the boy; che were it not for the contributions of tbe chari. coachman appeared to revive a little by the table and humane, must often experience the unreiuitted application of stimulants, and most severe privations. To the credit of Mr. even bled rather freely, but sensibility never Russell, it ought to be known, that he approreturned, and be too cies the following day. priated more than half his salary to this beneThus two young men in the bloom of lire, volent purpose ; and to the humanity uf che excesivat servants, greatly regarded by the keepes, and the liberal contribucions of a bo

nevolent lady, these poor creatures were often burnham T. esq. and mother of Dr. Newma, indebted for a comfortable meal.-Mrs. Coke, of Thornbury Park, Gloucestershire, 91. wife of Mr. C. surgeon. Mr. William Hard

FUNTING DONSHIRE. wick, painter

Married.] At St. Ives, Mr. Edward ShinAt Cheltenham, aged 33, Lady O'Bryen, field, of Wisbeach, to Mrs. Wilson, wife of Lord Edward O'B. brother of the Mar. Died. At Stilton, Henry Thornton, esą. quis of Themond.

At Huntingdon, while at supper at the OXFORDSHIRE.

George Inn, Mr. John Ingrey, late of the In the storm of Saturday evening, Novem- Angel Ino, Brampton. ber 10 l, one of the large leaden images repre. 'At Godmanchester, Mr. Baumgartner, sorsenting the Muses, on the top of the Claren. geon. dos printing-office, was blown down, and fell

CAMBRIDGESKIRE. into the area, facing the schools, with a tre The subject of the Norrisjan prize this mendous crash. Fortunately no one was pas. year is “ The Divisions of Christians are not sing at the moment. The weight of the image inconsistent with the Truth of Christianity. ** is nearly a ton, and it measures seven feet D ied] At Cambridge, Mr. Wm. Baitson, Ligh.

of Beverley, Yorkshire, a student of St. Married.) At Cuddeston, Mr. Joseph John's College, 19. Gardner, of Worminghall, co Miss Coggin, Ac Linton, aged 102, Mrs. Taylor, grand

At Oxford, Mr. Joseph Gough, of Bright- mother of T. Brightwell, esq. of Thorpe, well, to Miss Mary Lows, of Watlington. near Norwich.

Died. At Witney, Susannah, wife of Mr. At Royston, Mrs. Nash, wife of Mr. Ne Hobbs, 19.--Mr. Job Parllett, 87.-William, attorney, 63. eldest son of Mr. Smith.

At Wimblington, Mrs. Lewin, wife of Mr. At Woodstock, in consequence of a fall Thomas L. from his horse, Mr. W. Smith.

NORFOLK At Oxford, Mrs Mary Macklin, wife of Married The Rev. George Hoves, retMr. M. of the Blue Lin - Mr. Jaines tor of Spixworth, to Elizabeth, third daugh. Woodward. --Mr. Jobn Showell, 68.- Ann, ter of Robert F. esq. of Shotesbain. daughter of Mr. Midwinter, 22.-Ann, wife Mr. Cole, of Frition, to Miss Todd, daugh of Afr. Samuel Sutton, 28.

ter of Mr. T. of Forncett. At Banbury, Mr. Fairbairn, of the Red Mr. Arnold, to Miss Spalding, daughter of Lion Inn.

Mr. S. of Shotesham.

Died.) At Southburgh, near Hing barn,
Married.) At Winslow, Mr. Sinco, to Mrs. Ann Smyth.
Miss Hawley.Mr. J. King, of whaddon, to At Saxlingham, Mr. Thomas Tallent, 63.
Miss Moorcraft, of Winslow.

At Irstead, Mrs. Joy, relict of Mr. J. 37. At Cueat Marlow, Philip Bond, esq. of At Tasburgli, Mrs. Sayer, wife of dir. S. Cornhill, to Miss Ann Hawes.

of the Bird in Hand, 73. Died.] At High Wycombe, John Chars. Mr. Stephen Bockle, son ef the late Rer. ley, esq. town clerk.

Stephen B. of this city. - William, youngest HÈRTFORDSHIRE.

son of the late Thomas Watson, esq 29.-Married.) A: Hitchin, D. Times, esq. to Mr. John Trull, 68.-Mr. John Mendbam, Miss S. Barry.

54.-'Mrs. Mary Francis, relict of Mr. Ro. At Hatfield, the Rev. J. R. Thackeray, bert F. actorney, 63. sector of Downlam Market, and vicar of St.

SUFFOLK. Magdalen, Norfolk, to Mary Anne, eldest Married.] Ac Sudbury, Mr. John Lake, ts daughter of the late William Franks, esq. Miss Simmonds, eldest daughter of the Rer.

Died.] At Trent Park, Wigton, Mr. S.-Mr. Joseph Gooday, to Mrs. Cross $39.

Mr. Moor, of Hoxne, to Miss Liacs, of Ac Baldock, Mr. James Ind.


Mr. Wm. Button, of Ixworth, to Miss
Married.] Ac Ampthill, Mr. P. Small, Maria Jacoo, of Patenham.
surgean, to Mary, only daughter of the late Mr. Win. Payne, of Waterhall, to Eliza.
G. Exton.

beth, second daughter of the late Mr. Joha Died.] At Bedford, the Rev. John Hook, Cobham, of Ware. of Glacester.

Mr. N. Ablit, of Ipswich, to Miss ScarNORTHANTTONSHIRE.

lett, daughter o! Mr. James S. of Rashmere. Married.) At Ashby Lodge, Mr. John Died.] At Yoxford, Mr. Thomas SparDonigomery, to Miss Cure.

row, 97. Died.) At Spratton-place, Mrs. Twinings, At Ipswich, Mrs. Clarke.-Philip Freewife of Thomas T. esq. 22

man, esq. eldest son of the Rer. John F. late At Cosgrove, Mr. Joseph Foster, 34. rector ot Combs. At Northampton, Mr. Watts, bookseller. At Henstead, Mrs. Clarke, relict of Joha At Milou, Mrs. Mary Toll, Telict of Ash. c. gent.

At Beccles, Mr. Benjamin Alexander, 78

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