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104. For altering the amount of cer. 113. For enabling his Majesty to raise tain duties of assessed taxes granted by 3,000,000l, for the service of Great Brie an Act, 48th of his present Majesty, and tain. for granting his Majesty certain other 111. For granting his Majesty a so duties of assessed taxes on the articles of money, to be raised by exchequer therein mentioned.

bills, and to be advanced and applied in 105. To regulate the manner of ma. the manner and upon the terms thereinking surcharges of the duties of assessed mentioned, for relief of the united comtaxes, and of the tax upon the profils pany of merchants of England trading arising from property, professions, trades, to the East Indies. and offices, and for amending the Acts 115. For granting his Majesty certain relating to the said duties.

sumis of money out of the consolidated 106. For regulating the manner of fund of Great Britain, and for applying assessing lands in certain cases to the certain monies therein-mentioned, for duties arising from the profits of proe the service of the year 1810; and for perty, professions, trades, and offices, and further appropriating the supplies granted for giving relief from the said duries on in this session of parliament. occasion of losses in other cases therein 116. To extend and amend the terra mentioned.

and provisions of an Act, S9th and 40th 107. To regulate the examination and of his present Majesty, for better preserpayment of assignments for clorhing of vation of timber in the New Forest, his Majesty's forces.

county of Southampton, and for ascer108. To amend and enlarge the pow. taining the boundaries of the said forest, ers of an Act, 2d of his present Majesty, and of the lands of the crown within the for encourageinent of the fisheries of this same. kingdom, and protection of the persons 117. To direct that accounts of inemployed therein,

crease and dininution of public salaries, 109. To continue for two years, and pensions, and allowauces, shall be anfrom thence until the end of the then mually laid before parliament, and to renext session of parliament, and ameud gulate and controul the granting and payan Act, 47th of bis present Majesty, for ing of such salaries, pensions, and allow. preventing improper persons froin having ances. arms in Ireland.

118. For regulating the offices of re. 110. To allow, until the 1st of August' gistrars of Adiniralty and Prize Courts. 1811, the bringing of coals, culm, and 119. For further amending and enlarcinders, to London and Westminster by ging the powers of an Act, 46th of bis inland navigation.

present Majesty, for consolidating and · 111. To limit the amount of pensions rendering more effectual the several Acts to be granted out of the civil list of for the purchase of buildings, and further Scotland,

improvement of the streets and places 112. For abridging the form of ex. near to Westminster Hall and the two tracting decrees of the court of session Houses of Parliament. in Scotland, and for regulation of certain parts of the proceedings of that court.


** As the List of New Publications, contained in the Monthly Magazine, the

ONLY COMPLETE LIST PUBLISHED, and consequently the only me that can be useful to the Public for Purposes of general Reference, it is requested that Authors und Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their forks (Post paid,) and they will always be faithfully inserted, FREE of EXPENSE. ARTS, FINE.

British Gallery of Engravings, No. VIL BRITISH Gallery of Portraits, No. V. atlas 21. 2s. large paper 31. 13s 6d. D 410. 11. 55. large paper 11. 168.

The Antiquarian and Topographical Cabi. The Thames; or Graphic Illustrations of net, Vol. VII 15s, large paper 11. 4. the Seats, Villas, Buildings, and Scenery, of An eagraved Bortrait of William Shake that River, No. XII, imperial 8vo. 45. 64. peale, at the age of Thirty-chree, from an op

ginal lately discovered, 10s. 6d. Proofs The Mirror of the Graces; or, the English 11. 1s.

Ladies' Costume, 53. coloured 78. 6d.

Rees's Cyclopædia, Vol. XVI. Part I.

Musical Illustrations of the Lady of the ASTRONOMY.

Lake, consisting of Lays, with accompaniEvening Amusements fort he Year 1811; ments for the Harp and Piano-forte, By Joseph being the eighth of the series of volumes Kemp, Mus. Doc. 8vo. Is. 410. 128. for the improvement of students in Astrony. “Remembrances," a Song, with Accommy. By W. Frend, esq. Ss.

paniment. By L. V. Beethoven. 1s. 6d. BIOGRAPHY.

* “ The Last Token, or Remember Me;" The Literary Life and Select Works of composed on occasion of the Princess Amelia's Benjamin Suillingfieet. By the Rev. William mournful Present to the King. By H. R. Coxe, M.A. F.R.S. F. A.S. 3 vols. 8vo. Bishop. 21. Min

NATURAL HISTORY. Memoirs of the Political and Private Life The Genealogy of the English Racer, from of James Caulfield, Earl of Charlemont. By the earliest times to the period of the intro Francis Hardy, esg. 410. 11. 11s. 6d. large duction of foreign blood into England. By paper 21. 12. 63.

G. Hornby Morland. 8vo. los.

The Dramatic Works of George Lillo; with Elfrida, Heiress of Belgrove. By Miss
Memoirs of the Author. By Thomas Davies, Emma Parker. 4 vols. 203.
2 vols. royal*18mo. 12s.

Isadora of Milan. 5 vols. 11, 5s.

The Spectre of the Mountain of Grenada. The Magic Oracle. 15.

3 vols. 15s. HISTORY.

Incident and Interest, or Copies from Na. The Chronicle of the Kings of Britain, tore. By Miss Squire. 2 vols. 12mo. 9s. translated from the Welsh copy attributed to St. Irvyne, or the Rosicrucian. 6s. Tysilio. By Peter Roberts, A.M. 410. 21. 2$. Contes à ma Fille. Par J. B. Bouilly, large paper 31. 35.

2 vols. 12 mo. 8s. 61. LAW.

POETRY A Treatise on the Statute of Limitations. Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nichol. By William Ballantine, esq. of the Inner son; being Poems found among che papers of Temple.

chat noted female. 2s. 63. The Law of Principal and Accessary. By Feeling, or Sketches from Life, with other U. O'Dedy, esq. Barrister at Law. 4s. 6d. Pieces. By a Lady. 12mo. 53. MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c.

Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song. Remarks on the Nomenclature of the By R. H. Cromek, 8vo. 123. New London Pharmacopæia. By John Bos. What are Sco's' Callops? a prophetic Tale, tock, M.D. 29. 6d.

in imitation of the Lady of the Lake. 75. Synopsis Pharmacopæiæ Londinensis. 1s.6d. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY.

Surgical Observations, Part III.-On In An Inquiry into the Causes of the present jurics of the Head, and miscellaneous subjects, high Price of Gold Bullion in England. By By John Abernethy, F.R S. 8vo. 7s.

John Hill, 8vo. 5s. Practical Observations on the Sclerocele,and Remarks on a Pamphlet entitled " The other Morbid enlargements of the Testicle ; Question concerning the Depreciation of the also on the Cause and Cure of the Acute, Currency, stated and examined. By William Spurious, and Chronic Hydrocele. By Tho. Huskisson, esq. M.P."-By the Right Hoa. mas Ramsden, Surgeon to Christ's and the Sir John Sinclair, Bart. M.P. 25. 60. Foundling Hospitals, and Assistant-surgeon Columbanus's Second Letter ; with Part I. to Bartholomew's Hospital, 8vo. 78. 6d. of an Historical Address on the Calamities

A Dissertation on Insanity. By William occasioned by foreign Influence in the NomiBlack, M.D. 2s.

nation of Bishops to Irish Sees. By the Rev. MILITARY.

C. O'Connor, D.D. 73. 60. A Sketch of the Campaign in Portugal. Columbanus, No. Ili, being a Letter to 2s. 6d.

Owen O'Connor, esq. on the Liberties of the MISCELLANEOUS.

Irish Church. 5s. * An Appeal to the Public in behalf of Reply to Mr. Bosanquet's Practical Obser

Nicholas Tomlinson, esq. a Captain in his vations on the Report of the Bullion ComMujesty's Navy. %s.

mittee. By David Ricardo. The Reflector, (to be continued Quarter The Speech of the Right Hon. Lord Jy,) No. I. 6s.

Grenville, in January 1789, on the Bill for a Observations suggested by the Strictures of Regency. 1s. the Edinburgh Review upon Oxford, and by The Regency Question, being a Re-publi. the two Replies; containing some account of cation of Papers written during his Majesty's the late changes in chat Cniversity. By Hen. Illness in 1733. By Denis O'Bryen, esq. sy Home Drummond. 2s.

25. 60


Doubts on the Expedicncy of adopting the Reflections on Mortality; suggested by the Recommendation of the Bullion Committee. General Mourning ; a Sermon preached at By John Fonblanque. 2s.

Worship-street and Leather-lane, November Copies from a Correspondence and Substance 11, 1810, on the decease of Her Royal High of Communications with Mr. Huskisson, Mr. ness the Princess Amelia ; with an account for Perceval, &c. on the Waste and Abuses in the her Interment. By John Evans, A. DI. Military Establishment and Expenditures. Is. 6d. 56.

The Advantages of early Piety, unfolded

and displayed in a series of Plain Discourses, A Series of Discourscs, principally on the addressed to Young People. By the Rev. T. Evidences of Christianity. By the Rev. N. ). Thornton, (Author of Christian's ConsoleNaylor. 8vo. 105. 6d.

tions,) 12mo. Ss. 6d. • Sermons and Extracts, Consolatory on the Dr. Doddridge's Whole Works. By Dio Loss ef Friends, selected from the Works of Williams and the Rev. E. Parsons, Leecs eminent Divines. 8vo. 8s.

10 vols. royal 8vo. 61. boards, ditto in 10 rols. * A Concise Manual of the Principles and demy 8vo. 41. 105. boards. Duty of a Christian. By the Rev. John The Family Expositor, sold separate troen Maule. 2s. 6d.

the above, 5 vols. royal 8vo. 31. dicto 5 vols. A Sunday Evening's Companion for Parents demy 8vo. 21. 55. and Children. 18mo. 2s.

Dr. Ellis's Knowledge of Divine Things Scripture Characters, in a series of Sermons from Revelation, not fron Reason or Nature. preached at St. James's Church, Bath. By 3d edition, 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 60. the Rev. Richard Warner. 12mo.5s.

The Pulpit Assistant, containing 250 Out A Sermon on Suicide; addressed to the In- lines or Skeletons of Sermons. By T. Hanhabitants of the parish of Navestock, Essex. nam, 4 vols. 18mo. 165. boards. By John Filkes, B.D. Vicar, is.

TOPOGRAPHY. A Discourse occasioned by the Death of Picture of New South Wales. By D.D. Elizabeth Prouse, late of Wicken Park, Mann. 4to. Nottingham ; delivered at Fulham Church, The Itinerary of Greece. By Williams March 4, 1810. By the Rev. John Owen. Gell, esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. royal 4to. Se 1s. 6d.

12s, 6d. A Discourse, occasioned by the Death of

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. William Sharp, esq. delivered in Fulham Travels through Denmark and Sweden Church, March 25, 1810. By the Rev. By Louis de Boisgelin, Knight of Malta John Owen. 16. 6d.

2 vols. 4to. 31. Ss. coloured plates 41, 4a.


Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Foreign.
Authentic Communications for this Article will always be thankfully received,

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M R . TROTTER, of Montalta near a Guide to Parsing; which is expected

W Wicklow, has in the press a work will furnish material assistance to the of the highest public interest, being an sludy of English grammar, and the above Account of the Travels of the late Mr. necessary exercise, particularly in school Tox, Lord St. John, and himself, in Flan- classes. Mr. Murray's arrangement will ders and France, during the late short be followed. Peace. It will contain, besides other cu- Sir RICHARD PHILLIPS's work on the rious original matter, a variety of letters Rights and Duties of JURIES, embra. of Mr. Fox on classical and other sub- cing all branches of the subject, will be jects, and circumstantial particulars of the first attempt of the kind in the lasthe last four years of his life.

guage; in size, it will correspond with luis In April Mr. Pratt intends to brirg work on the Office of Sheriff forward the expected Poetical Renains of Mr. W. Mareat and Mr. P. THOMPJoseph Blacket; illustrated and adorned Sox, of Boston, have undertaken to con by appropriate engravings from original duct a work, to be published quarterly, designs by eininent painters; with a por- entitled The Enquirer. It is particularly trait, which exhibits a striking likeness, intended for the use of young persons, and interesting Memoirs of the Author and will embrace subjects of general lite To be published exclusively for the benefit rature, mathematics, arts, and manufacof his aged mother and orphan child. tures, chemical and philosophical essays · Mr. SMART is preparing for the press, and every branch of knowledge.


The death of the late Mr. WILKES, of the Brazils, with the true Elephan tiasis, Milland House, having created some or Arabian Leprosy, as described by Dr. doubts in regard to the completion of that Adams, in his last edition of Morbid immense body of general knowledge cail. Poisons; and, from that work, inserted ed the ENCYCLOPEDIA LONDINENSIS, we under the article Elephantiasis in Dr. have much satisfaction in being enabled Rees's Encyclopedia. From the days of to state, that the property has been Aretæus to our own times, it has been purchased by spirited literary men; and asserted by most authors, and denied by that the work will be regularly pube none, that these unfortunate people are lished till it has attained its maturity, peculiarly salacious. Dr. Adams, by a Amidst the various projects of Cyclopæ. minute examination, has proved the fal dias at home and abroad, this is the most Jacy of this opinion. The present case extensive. It will equal in extent the exhibits all the peculiarities described by great Encyclopédie Diethodique of Pance that writer; viz. the tuberculated counKOUKE; far exceed the great German tenance, the want of hair below the scalp. one of KONKEL; and the largest of the feinoral tumour, &c. the English ones by REES. It treats Dr. ADAMS will begin in the middle of of every science in chief, comprehends this month his Course of Lectures on the the entire of every valuable elementary Institutes and Practice of Medicine, at treatise, and is in every respect an use his house in Hatton Garden. ful and meritorious design..

Dr. Reid will commence his spring The Letters of the late Miss Seward, Course of Lectures on the Theory and written between the years 1784 and Practice of Medicine, on Wednesday. 1807, selected by herself, and bequeath- the 24th of January. ed tó Mr. CONSTABLE for publication, Mr. STEVENSON, Great Russel-street. will appear early in January, comprising Bloomsbury, author of a Practical Treasix volumes. No other publication, con- tise on the Morbid Sensibility of the Eve. caining so much anecdote of the literary commonly called Weakness of Sight; pura society of Lichfield, has bitherto appear. poses delivering a Course of Lectures on ed; the present, therefore, will afford an the Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases, interesting specimen of the tone of fami- of the Eye and Ear, early in the ensuing liar intercourse which prevailed in it. Miss spring. Seward's poetical fame and character, Mr. PARKINSON is about to publish however, had extended her connections Observations on the Act for Regulating far beyond the limits of this literary cir. Mad.houses, with Reinarks addressed to cle; many of the most distinguished pera the Friends of the Insane; and à Correcsuns, in all parts of these kingdoms, were tion of the Mis-statements of the Case included in the list of her correspon of Benjamin Elliot, sentenced to six dents.

months' imprisonment, for illegally deA new edition in octavo, of Mr. White priving Mary Daintree of her liberty. TINGTON'S Historical Survey of the Ec- The Ecclesiastical and University An. clesiastical Antiquities of France, will be nual Register for 1810, is in great forpublished in the course of this month. wardness, and will be published some

A work by the Rev. Dr. Milner, of time in February great research and high interest to the The volume of the County Annual ReEnglish antiquary, will soon be ready for gister for the present year is in consithe public, in which the claims of Eng. derable forwardness, and will be publishland to the honors of what is generally ed carly in the spring; in addition to the teriner Gothic Architecture is maintain: usual matter relating to the counties, it ed, and authorities quoted, in answer to will contain a concise and impartial HisMr. Whittington's statement of the prior tory of Europe for the Year. On acclaims of France to that interesting style count of this iinprovement, it will assume of architecture.

'the title of the Imperial and County AnA reprint of the original and scarce mual Register. work on Linear Perspective, by Dr. Dr. CROTCI is adapting all Ilandel's Brook TAYLOR, is in the press, and will Choruses, Overtures, Marches, &c. for soon be ready for the scientitic public. the Piano-forte or Organ. Ile has cum

Saint Bartholomew's livspital exhibits pleted his Specimens of the various at this time a case of a most formidable Styles of Music, in 3 vols. and intends disease happily unknown in these north- publishing a work on Composition and ern regions. The subject is a dative of Thorough Bass.

In the course of the ensuing winter Mr. C. BRADLEY, of Wallingford, has will be published an Account of the Mea a Lexicon of the New Testament near y sures pursued with different Tribes of the ready for the press, principally intended Hindus, for the abolition of the practice for the use of schools, and consequently of the systematic murder of 'female less extensive than Parkhurst's Lexicon, children by their parents ; witb inciden- though compiled on a somewhat similar tal Notices of other Cristoms peculiar to plan. The various senses in which the inhabitants of India ; by the Ilon.. every word is used by the sacred « Jonathan Duncan, Governor of Bombay, ters, will be given in English ; different and Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Wal- phrases and expressions will be conker, late Political Resident at the Court cisely elucidated; and those variations of Anand Rao Gaikawar. Edited with of the verb or poun which might occa. Notes, &c. by Major EDWARD Moor, sion any difficulty to the young student, author of the Hindu Pantheon.

will be inserted and referred to their Mr. ROBERT BAKEWELL, lately of themes. Wakefield, Yorkshire, has discovered a The number of one-pound notes of method of ascertaining with correctness, country banks in circolation, on wlrich by means of cheinical analysis, the qua- duties had been paid up to June, 1810, lities of the water, soil, coal, metallic were . . . . . . . 6,533,099 ores, or other minerals, of any estate; Old-notes in circulation. 205.200 and he undertakes to give the natural

8,750,937 history, and a statistical account of it, The numberof country two. including a description of the bills, pound notes stamped springs, rivers, arrangement of strata, &c.

were 294,490, wbich, with a view of assisting proprietors in

multiplied by 2 ... 583,980 forming an estimate of the nature and value of their lands.

Total of small notes . . 9,345,979 The Rev. Mr. Lysons has nearly ready for publication a new edition of bis En. The number of stamped virons of London, with alterations and notes of 51. 5s, each, and additions, brought down to the present under, were . . . . 1,477,168 time. A volume of the additional mat.

Multiplied by ter will be published at the same time, Amount of notes bearing for the purchasers of the former edition.. the shilling stamp . 47,385,840

Mr. GEORGE CHALMERS has in the Say 500,000 ten [ equal to 5,000,000 press, Considerations on Bullion and --- 109,346 twenty £. , S,390,920 Coin, Circulation and Exchanges, with a view to our present circumstances.

8,396,990 A Life of William Waynfiele, Bishop of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor to Say {30 each, amount to £77,910 Shinry VI. and founder of Magdalen - 50 each . . .

97, 100 College, Oxford, by the late Dr. Chand. -- 100 each.... 481,000 LER, will be published early in the spring. To these add all the nutes of £5, ard

Dr. BROWNE has nearly ready for upwards, still in circulation, under the publication, a work designed for the use 44th George the Tbird; the total 1 of schools, and entitled Pinacotheca which will not expire until October, 1811, Classica, or Classical Gallery; contain. viz. 10,872,910. ing a selection of the most distinguished The probable amount of circulating characters in ancient and modern times, country medium, therefore, will be abo I as drawn by the most celebrated Greek, 437,000,000. The amount remaining i Roman, and British historians, biogra. hand inay be taken at one-sisch. phers, &c.

Amoulit in hand. 6,160,000 Mr. W. MOURE, of the Royal Milie Annount in circulation 30,840,000 tary Academy, is engaged in preparing And the account of the Bank of Enge for the press, a Treatise on Fluxions, land notes may, at this time, be taken at with the various applications of that an equal suin, making a total of paper. science.

money in actual circulation of SEXY Mr. P. BARLOW, of the Royal Mili- MILLIONS, or four times the amount of tary Academy, is about to publish a Col- coin which used to be in circulatiu. lection of Mathematical Tables, among Hence the advanced price of all con* which will be some to facilitate the so- dities, and the nominal depreciation of lution of the Irreducible Case of Cubics. money.


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