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the 20th of October, and the 20th of November, extracted from the London Gazettes,

(The Solicitor's Names are between Parent beses.)
ALCHORNE John, Minories, oilman. (Thomas!

Fen court. Fenchurch freet
Almond Joh1). Vives Walton, Lancaster, corn dealer.

(Windle, Jon Areet, Bedford row, and Critics and

Biude, liverpool
Anderton William, and Robert Lightollers Chorley, Lan

caitis, cotto spioners (Swaine, Stevens 200 MA.

ples Old 'ewry Arnon William Stone, Prince's square, St. George's in

the tat, carpenter. (Reeks. Well late inuare
Askew Yamos, late of the Strand, Itraw hat manufaturer,
! but now a priro er in the King's Beach, (Mayhew,

Syinoid's in
Bailtý Joon, Chatham. rope maker. (Templer, Burr's

Areet, Eat Smith held
Baker Charies. Srifol, feedfman, (Stephens, Brifol,

and wre aid stokes, Temple
Banks Witam, King Atreet Cheapfide. linen draper.

(Eaftabrook, Haymarket Sarnestohl, Lirtles anton. Cumberland, cotton maru.

fa tirer. (Wordtworth and Addison, Stapies ian, and

Lightfoot, Wision
Baruca' Robert Sawley field. Derby, boat builder.

(Rothaw Nottingham ana Love, Carleton place. Si.

Alban's Artet
Bartlett Thomas, and Benjamin Weft. Wandsworth, ca.

lico printers (Jopron, Caftie street. Hulborn
Barton 7 horas, George and William White, Liverpool,

merchant. (Rowlinton and son. Liverpool Beaumont Waiter Crossland, York, cotton spinnpr. (wig.

terworth, Gray's ina, and Wiglerworth and Thompton),

Dell Thondas, Nicholas fane, merchant. (Gregfon and

Dixun. A gel court
Beunett Thon, 2nd John Chimney. Carline, manufac.

turers. (Wordsworth and Addifon, Staples inn, and

L.Dury, Cariile
Berridge Robert Iring'on, merchant. (Wasbrough,

Copthall court. Thngmorton îtreet
Bevans Jamnes. Swantes, couper. (Barber, Gray's inn

fuqare, and Jertreyi, Swaniea
Bird John I avies, Caidiff bokfeller. (Tovey and James,

Newnham. Gioceite, thire and James, Gray's ton Birkert me ry John, Norton Fargate, chief monger,

(Hillett and Annelley, Yinsbury guare
Blore Wiliam, Knightsbridge, carpenter. (Mills, Vine

Atrect Piccadilly!
Boddington Thomas, Northampton, mercer. (I ovell,

Towceler, and Foulkes, Longdill and Beckert, Gray's

inn. Bone John, and william Hone, Strand, book fellers

(Birkert. und court, Wa brook Borrow Jethro of Ulay. Cornwail. cornfactor. (Hearle,

St. Columb, and Shephard, and Adlington, Bedford

τον Bow John, Mancheer. box maker. (Willis Fairthorne

and Clarke, Wirnford court and Nettop, Mancheter Bradley James, Bescheiter mith (senbow and Hupe,

Srone buildings, Lincolu's inn
Brickwood John Strettein, Stoke Newington, brewer,

Parother and sun, ieudon Arcet
Britten William, Mign Holburn, cordwainer. (Edmunds

and son, Lincoln sinn
Bromley Gcorge, Southwark, innkeeper. Ware. Black

man Atreet, Poroux
Brookman Joshua winchefer tanner. (Allen, Clifford's
- inn, and Lampard. Winchers
Brown John Mancheiter buider, (Hurd, Temple and

Haukill, Mancheiter
Bull John William banks, and George Bry fou, King

Atreet, Cheaplide. Who else linti drapers, (Sher

wood. Canterbury fyuare, Southwark
Bullard Samuel, Elm, Cambridge, drae. (Bellamy,

Wisbech, and Wortham, Casile Areet, Holborn
Bullard annuel. sen. and James Chriftian B. jun. Elmin,

Carnhriage, farmers. Kenrick, Hatheld ftreet,

Claruitchurch, Surry u ws Wrad. i edser Mills, Mirfield, York, corn mer.

chant. (Sxley. Stocker and .aw 101), Furnival's inn,

aud Scott, Leis
Burt wolain, Red Cris Areet. bag merchant (Knight,

Kensington, and Pop in Dean Areet, cho
Butonur Nanatil, Windmi itrect, Finsbury syuare,

butcher.' Syddal!, Aldernare troet
Cannon Barnard. Duval's lane, Illington, cow keeper.

(Parton. Walbrook
Chadwick Richard Porchefer; Hants. baker. (Smart,

Fed Ljos syuare and betterworth, Portfea
Chanup James, Chicheiter, money for vider. (Few,

Henrietta strect, Covent Garden
Charterton William. Malscheffer, confectioner.' (Lilis,

Chancery lane, and Carl well, Manchetter
Church house annuel. Rammersmith, bricklayer. (Field

and Shear old, Chitford's inn
Clayton Thomas, M2idenhead, Berks. printer. (Stubbs

and weucs, Birmingham and Everton, Gray's inn Cline Frederick, Church court. Clement's lane, merchant.

orker, Temple Cele Mary Talbot Batton Garden, conper plate engrayer,

(Owen and Hicks, Bartleti's buildings

Comb James. Upper Cleveland Areet Pitzroy fruare,

baker, Stev. ann. Chcyuer court. Charing Cross Coombs Benjamin Merriman. City ioad, ironinger.

(Wilks, Hoxton fquare Cooper James, Plymouth, dealer. (Lamb, Alerture

ft. cet Cropper Richard Kershaw, Gurrier's hall. Londoo wa

#lackwell hall factor (Fiste, Palsgrare piacs

C rolley William, Samuel and John Halens. Halifax, York,

aad Bafinghali preet, woollen manufacturers. Swala,

Stevens, and Maples, OH Jewry
Culley Henry, Brewer feet, Golden fquart, procet,

(Young, Vine itrect. Piccadilly
Culver well William Britol, vidáaller. Jaides, Grap's

iro fquare, and Davis and Puole. Brittal Cuitis Johu, Spring freet, St. Mary le bone, tallos chat

ler (Eaterbrook. Haymarket Darling Willanı, York ftreet, Southwark, vidgades,

(Loxley, Ci.eapfide Davies ,ohn. Liverpool, fopfeiler. (Davies. Liverpool,

and Meadowcroft, Gray's inn Davy Matthew Hol: Norfolk, grocer. Wichers, jo

Hoit and Ballachey, Capel Court Stock Exchange Deakin Robert, Manchester, cotton pinner. Congo

2nd Lowe. Southampton buildings, Chancery lane, 20

Jeprom, Mancheiler
Deller John, Ea eld, mopkeeper. (Taylor, Wahhaa

Dent James, Quebec ftreet, Portman Guare, batcher

( Bellamy Ciruro's ion
Dicke fun Edward Wickham, Liverpool,

ante Stanfreer and Eden, Liverpool, 800 Wist ja

ftreet, Bedford row Dirchteid Jamek, Manchester. cotton truflarer. 'Sar.

tett and Wilfon Munchefer, anu N1 , Fairy

and Clarke, Warnford cautt Dodfun James, Cranbrock, Kont, brevet. (Big as

too Carven Donald William, Well Drayton. Middlefex, draper ins

grocer. (Texroale, Aerchiot Tayt bat Durant John, St. Michael Mugnt. Coen woll. eur.

(John or Edmunds, rendance, and Price 26 STC

Lincolo's inn
Earnthave Richard, Manchener, cotton merchant. ( 3-

lis. Fairthorne and Clarke, Wareford court. asa Hes

lope M2ncheiter
Eafter by John, Rotherhithe, rope maker. (Walker,

Edwards william. Tauley treet, victualler. (Fopkin

Dean freer cho
Ellis Joha. Athburtou. Devon. iamper
Ev.ns William. Cutterbury, draper. (Wiltflirt, Bpice

and Welt, old grozd treet
Evans Thomas, Oxford taget, victustier. (traria

War Itrect Bitumsbury
Eyre Ifaac, Charing Cruis, trunk maker. (Hangat,

Covent Gaiden
Faulkner John Manchefer dyer. (Buckley, Mancheher

and Milne aid Varry Temple
Fearon Ifanc, iheapfie. Norwich dawl macendorte

( Wirkert Band court, Walbrook
Fidier Georre EAward, Oxford itreet, jewellcr. Wala

Eat Artet, Red Lion Square
Ford W ayn. Beckington. Somrsfel, msifter. (Oakley,

Mar:in's lane, Canon fireet, and wilinins a 9 ,

'Truwo use, Wii. Fourdrinier nenty, Cannon reet. and Scaly Fourrusier,

Charing (rors. paper manufadurtrs. (Abbutt, Abe

church yard Fou ruime sealy and william Sate, Claring Crofs, lai

uner Milton and tonali's, Keittider ertes

Docfur's Commons
Francziton George, Weltmorland buildings, Bartholomew

cft, fuck broker. (Humphreys and Dusty

Gairdner James. Ebenezer and Andrew. Cannes drets

and liburgh, merchants. Rivington, Fenchurch

GATRON jotin, Wateringhury, Kent, innkeeper (Cookie

Maisone, 2.d Wed, southwark
Garland John, Hul). Kucer. (Ellis, Chancery lane, and

Galiand, Hull
Godiair John, Queen Areti, Cheaphite, Terchast.

(Swain, Serns and Maples, Old jewry
Goodair Francis. Mateheiter. merchant. (Barretas

Wi funt Manchester. and Willis, Fairt burse 3

Clarke, Warnerd court
Goow in James L'udlow, balap, hopkeeper. ( e and

Jones, Luakuw and kashme, buth lane, CABIN

Gorden Thomas, Thomas Sresamen, and Sam el novias
. Tower árect, merchants, swan, NCP Safectad

Going James, Mark lane, mercbant. (ralmer. Tuo

Hinton- and Thornton, Cop ball court
Grayston Gege, Depttore, vitualler (Barris and sen,

Cattle ftreet Butuafdirch
Greaves James Pierrepunt, Hercules Sharp, ard Frasest

Fither, King's Arms yard, Cafeina ftreet, althastig

(Swain, Stevens, ang mapres, Od Jewry Greenhow Williant, Manchester, merci et. (Duckworth,

Chippenda aud Deunion, Maochter

Cria James, Portrea, Qationer. (Barrow, Threadneedle King John Neath, Glamorgan. ironorogeri (Bleafsale,

Alexander and Holme, New Inn, and Meredith, Bir. Grundy joha Salford, Lancsner, cotton manufacturer and mingham

gruser. (Edce, Mancheter, and Ellis, Chancery lane Kirkman Jutin. and Robert Hollinghead, Liverpool, mer. Caner Willis hensy. Aridport. Dortet. wine fpin.

chants. (Meddowcroft, Gray's ina, and Clement ur ser. (Templer, Drisport, and Untice and Cox, Davies, Liverpool 'Temple

Laidman John. Gravel lane, Surry, hat manufacturer, Kickrikei George. Gerard ftreet Soha, tailor. (Smith,

Meyfnott, Burrow's buildings, Blackfriar's road Char es treet, Cavendith fuvare

Lake James. Hyde street, Bloomsbury, dealer, (Allen, Halli Clay. iverpo:)), merchant. (Staniftreet and Ed.d. Carlife Areet, Sohn tumor and win 10. john ftreet, Bedfordow

Lancheiter Ann, St. James's freer, milliner. (Wyburns K itay W 121). Birmingham. Dercor (Ellis, Chan. 2 d Burke, Craiz's court, Charing C ofs crylanc. and Caravell, Maricheter

Lalak Airon Minories, haherdath r. (Howard and Hartiere Samuel, and Willian Barnard, Little St. Thomas

Abrahams, Jewry treet, Aldate Anda merchants. (Malon and Rogers, Pofter Lavender Jaines, and Charles Campbell Judd. Yeovil, He Cheapfide

Smurfer, fled frien, (Batten, y cuv!l, and Antice Harding Tarnas Walworth, dealer in wine, brer ud and Cok, Temple koors Rubinten, Charterbuufe fyuare

Laycock Thomas, Minories, flopseller. (Adams, old Barpet wilt , Mansienter cotton manufacturer.

Joury lis, Fairrone, and Clarke, Warntord court, and Lazenby I.eonard, Parfon's green, Fulbarri, ftock broker. Reỉ p, Matchen:

(Boushed Rouveric street Kartturnes Schules, laucader, manufacturer. (Aviron, Le Breton John.Chelica, mariner. (Foulkes, Langford

1'd Watford, southampton Atreer. Covent Garden H inwi ham. Cheltenham, plumber. (Prien, Chel. Leconte Ennuel, Fetter lane, Jeweller. (Mayhew tronan. and Wizard and Hutclinfon, lincoln's inn

Symond', inn Kawortt. 8ichard, Hull, merchant. Exley, Srocker and Lee Hairy, Halberton, Deto. Monkeeper. (Lys, Took's a fou purnivai's in, and Cod. and Garland, Hut

court, London and Rendil. Tivertoni Rivarta juua jun. Hull, merchant. (Picard and Lee Thomay, Poland areet, coach maker. (Lactabrook, Broality. Hull

Haymarket Mayo Ikoma.. Whitechapel, victualler. (Argil, Lees Edward Basinghall street, merchant. Toulmin, White Chapel road

Aldermanbury i tanti and George Torney, Tundon Areet, and Lewis Thomas, Nailsworth, Glucefter, timber dealer. White Chapel rouri, mrchants and four cloth in allu. . [Burruuis, Caitle ireet. and BPOWII Pritol furers. ?mer, Tomlinsons and Thomson, Cop Lucas william. Bihop 3 caitle, Salop currier. (Gal

and on. Bedford itinet. bedforrow bestd Jofeph Chak lane. merchant. (Palmuer, Tom Mankin Thomas, Peckham, coalfactor. (Harman, Wine Finlans ind 'hemfon. Copthall court

Office Chynt, Fleet Itreet Herbert Thomas, Dowkate hill and Manchester, cottoa Mana jarnes Harbury, Warwick, draper. [Syre, Gray'. tartalt Walker, Old Jewry

innsyuare, and Findun), Shipton on Stour B Peter, Charlotte AreerPortland place, upholder Marsden Juhn, Ruchete, linen Jeaper. [Reardon and Warrand and Woud, Caitle court, Suke row

Divis, Corbet cort, Gracechurch Greet Hobbs Jofua Leather lane, Holborn, cabinet maker Ma news Robert Ring's Arms buildings, Wood (treet, Kuu, Sewington Kutro

Blackwell-ball fattor. [Wiliams, Auftin Friars Necka jana, aud Charles Quarrell, Radcliffe, Lancafter, Matthew William Stone, St411 0rd, and John Phillips. Li. Calico printers. (tuck worth, Chippindall, and te

verpool, buutnakes. (Windle. John reet, Bedford hilos. Manchester

row, and Griffith and Hirije, Liverpool Holes Francih, Warwitk. grocer. (Baxter and Martin May Henry. Briftci, corn fatur. (Sweet and Stokes, Paraivaising, and Greenway. Warwick

Temple, and Stephans, Britto! Hooper Joba, Hipler's lane, Blackfriar's roadbrewer. Maynard rhonas, Mount Plext. Clerkenwell. horno Popkin, Dean Arert, So

hair manufacturer H yard and King, Copthall Hooper George, 1 ong Alley, Moorfield's, victuallcr. court (Clips and Walter, Spiral fuare

Meek Benjamin, Cross Key's yard, Southwark, paper and Lupe Peter, 1. iverpool, merchant. (Blackstock, Temple,

rag merchant. (Kayti, Newington and Bardwell and Stevenson Liverpool

Merritt Wuliam, Mill lane, Southwark, merchant Waplos Janathan, Worcerer, merchant. (Welles, Wor

[ Tilron, Chathamn place ceter. Snd Platt, Temple

MefTenger Williain, Mitcham, Surry, fone maron. Rooder Thomas. late of Spilsby, maltter, but now a

[Fryett, Miilbank drect, Wettrinter prisoner in Lincoln castle, Walker, Spilsby and Milburn William, oid City Chambers, Bith vpfsale freet Ni, Chancery lane

me chant. (Defle and Dendy, Ereain's buvings Hell John, Chetter, linen draper. (Jones. Chester, Chancery lane and Tartant, Chancery ane

Mil George, Bridol, vidgaller. Jacobs, Bria! hawen Rees, Mancheter, p er dealer. (Woodburne Morton Adam Ham common, Surry, cor w Wake, Manchester, and Wiglesworth, Gray's inn

(A'Beckert and Weale, Broad freet, Gulaen fou are

Mou fon Richard Percival, Wiga', And Peter Yewcert Heart Samuel, witley. Surry, turner. (Wilks, Hox. Manchefter, manufacturers (Duckworth, Chippine to facare

dall and Denison, Manchetter Memberiton Mark Edward. Hull, fpirit merchant. Mountain John, Pantras, victualler, [Jones and Sandell, Fral Muli, and Roiter and son, Bartlet's buil inos

New Court Crutch'd Friars Bautey Peter, severley, York, cabinet maker. (Lock. Murphy Dennis Bronwell. Piccadilly, enameller. [Hins

wyd and shepherd, Beverley, and Lambert and Sons, rich, Cecilitreet, Strand Bedford row

Murphy Geoige Bread treet, Clieapfide, callco printer. stings May. Tetcott, Devon. wonilen ant lines

(Adam... Uld Jewry Arbr. (Williams and Darke, Prince's street, Bed. Natali Phincas, oxfrd road, shopkeeper. (Hart, Pore'e for TOW. and bowling, Exeter

Head alley. Cornhill Hutchis fun Wiliam Parry. Liverpool, grocer. (At. Neave Jonu Longham, Dorset. calixan. (Blake, Cook's kun fan. Wildes, and Mackarall, Chancery lane, and

court. Carey ftreet and Baldwin). Ringwood Hati, Liverpool

Nell William, and Robert Morris, Liverpxol, merchants. Ta' s Croft, lirerpool, grocer. (Young and (Windle. Johns incet, btufuid row, and Whitley Hughes. ilex ørret Strand

Liverpool h ohn, Liverpoo), viftualler. (Windle, John Nicholson William, Carburton ftree, nik mercer. (Bous ret eufor row, and Griffin 3d Hinde. Liverpool neld Bouvetieteet Irelvo thithao, Queen frert, victualier. (Whitron, Nordblad Adolphus, and Yuhherity Midleton, Hull, mer.

Ortat jam s feet, bectordrew Jackfan jan, Liverpool grocer. (Ciement's, Liver. Culto tohn. Livet puol, Prylalter. (Blackstock, Temple, Bullg i ck ock, Temple

and Priti, LIVO Tack the jobs Will Liverpool, an faleer. (Cooper and Owen Thumas, Manchetter. corn free (Clarke and Loue, soothair.pton bua.dings, and Orred and Bains, Richards, Christy laie, and Byou id. Meecheiter

Paget Daniel, Ivicenter, Grocer. Warc Gray's ind, Jacod joon and william, Neware freet, merchants. and jarvis. Hinckley wait, Sevens and Waples di Jewry

Palfer (1840, Winchcamb, Glecer engineer. (Young, acubs Matth., Hirnftrret, adwet, nup.feller. (Har.

Dufey, Andrejam condus. place. nts and son, Carle Areet, Monetdiren

Pearic taries. Ola u reet ruau, builder (Land, St. TUB Nethnick. Manchefer, Mualler (Ellis, Chan. Switain's lape try tone and Cardwell, Hanebeiter

Peck Lombard trees, ftationer (Stevens, Al. JeNo Chriftopher Butirea Briér. (Collins and

dari bury wt , spital fuuare, *01 winckworth, Poriinith Pembron Jureph, Wood End, Stard, corn dealer. infon Du aley Ivy iane. London, trunk mkker. (Woud,

Turner and Pike, Bloomsbury que, end Heeley, *son ng buidus, boh That Run, Uls Gravelare, baker. (Paruell and Percival william, Oxford itreet linen draper: noble R , Church Arest, Spital felds

and Tintas. crate court, Fleet Aicet up Torp by Hich iteet. soutlawark, hop merchant. Philips Sir Richard. Now Bridge Overbuokfeiler. N m , Cereat Garden

Hainan), Wine fccicurt Jordens fotin, Maiditune woullen raper (Ireland, Philips berjamin Brto', cruine ry.akes. [Vizard and

uchanion, Lincoln', inn, and Bary!s jun raftot aachart St. Mary Axe, merchant. (Swain, ste. Philp 1 horas, Holb , printer Williams 403 Darke, * Maples. old Jewly

Prince's teet, Rod Litware wat watter. Greenwich, metal worker. (Latkow. Philp Richard, jun, and william Goding. Jun. Great sta Wardrobe place, Doctor's common 9

Htlet , vpolicies. Jerce ( My xe Karchers Jobs, Silver trert, Wood Artet. Cheapfide,. Piegart Robert, Rotherbite, or wt1 (Malland Drake,

fasil. (Atkinson, Callie Aree, Falcon fquart Saiser's ball

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et William, comme

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Potrer John, Keplington, furgenn, Knight, Kenfington, Stedman James, Hare ftreet. Spitalfields bater aud Popkin. Dean ftreet, Soho

Printer Arcet. Blackfriars. Toolton Charles, Reading, cabinet maker. (Debray. Stokes James. Great Malvern. Worcester. bosanctcha Perby and Sendamure. Temple

(Pownall. Sraple inn; and Harten. Wurcefter Powis Thomas, jus). Suuthwark, linen draper. (Tiet. Strickland Thomas, wd Thoma Newby Brickward. Liver whitt. Lyon's inu

pool, merchants. (Rowe. Liverpool. and Cooper 200€ Quick James, Tirorton, Devon, linen draper (Lys,

Lowe: Southampton buildings. Chancery lane Took's court. Curfitor Areet, and Rendell, Tiverton

Strickland James. Stour port, Worcenter, skinner (Lond Rawlids Charles Edward, Briftol, wholesale grocer:

Worcelier, and Wiljams, Quality cont, Chai cey be Games, Gray's inn Square, and Cooke, Bristol

Suces William, Deptford, brick layen Haynes Michael, and William Cawree. Blue Anchor road,

(Carter, Deptford

Swift John, Commercial rosd, book d oe alta Surry, glue manufaaurers. (Dodd, Hart Artet,

(Hughes, Deap Hreet, Yetter lane Rloomsbury

Tayler Philip. Meadows. Did tuhn TROmas Smey Lire Reddington Nathaniel, Rermondsey Atreet, morocco leather

paol, merchants (Crump and Lodge, Liepool, 296 manufacturer (Hoskin, Great Prescott Greet Reynolds John, Swansea. tanner.

Battage, Chancery lane

(Thumas, swaniei, Taylor James, Liverpool, merchanty (Greares ans eros and Price and Browne, Lincoln's inn

Richards John, Bridge row, merchant. (Wilde, OsAle Terry

Terry ghomas, Chatham, grocer.

(Sherwood, Colin ftreet, Falcon Ryuare

court, Broad tieet Richards John, Berwick on Tweed, merchant. (ur. Thomber' William, Monmouth freet, grocer. nett. Middle Temple lane


Field court Gray's an Risdon James, Huddersheld, top maker. (Hailftone and

Tuley John, Coptball court, infursace-broker. Bentley, Bradford and Evans, Hatton Garden

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Wine Office court, Fleet Atreet
Roberts Edward, Hammersmith, brick ayer. Impey and
Wightmaa, Ipper Temple lane

Titherington John, Liverpool, merchant. (May 20

Cartwright, Liverpool Roberts John, Kent road, Suuthwark, fore mason,

Toledans Phinea de Baruek, Great Prescot ftreet, Berchas (Humphreys, Tokep house yard Robinson Henry, St. John ftreet, iron founder, (Lowlers

(Evitt and Rixon, Hayden fquare and Crosse, St. Mildred's court, Poultry

Tudor Richard, Liverpool, bullser, (Davies, Liverpool Robinfon William, Manchester, cotton spinner (Ellis

Xrd Meddowcroft, Gray's inn Chancery lane, and John fosi and Lonsdale, Manchetter

Tulloh John Great Corum &reet, Brunswick f are, 20 Robson Mary. Albeinarle arest, milliner. (Cuppige and

chant, (Pickering, Fithmonger's tail, Team E t Reid, Jerniyn freet

Upron James, Great Welnetham, Suffolk, farmer (rar Roby Richard, Bucklersbury, warehouseman. [Marun

fons and Offord, Hadleigh and Aridges. Red Lion Sque

Vorley Robert Knight, Thrapton, Northampton, and Rugers, Poiter lane

rech Roche Johw Hamilton, Sudhury, Suffolk, wine merchant.

[Stevenson, New Square, Lincol. inn (Rokers and on. Manchester buildings, Weft unintter

Ward Matthew, Gorport, fpirit-merchant [Crickhart Rodger John, Shefheld, merchant. fRimington and

Gorport, and Bicasdale, Alexader and Hone. Ne Wake, Sheffield, and Wilson, Greville areet, London

Waterhofe Jofeph. Mancheker, victualier, (Buckey, Rolfe William, Lower Edmonton, vidualler. Stratton

Manchener, 3d Milne aud Party, Templo and Allport, Shoredisch

Welch Jamca, and John Sexton, New Comptog &rect ca . Round Jofph, Dudley, Worcefter, cordwainer. Turner

glazier. (Patten Cross Areet, Bation Garda and Pike, Bloomsbury square, and Heeley, Wallall Weitall Edward, Hng rford, Wilts, taper, acer ad Lowlandfon Thomas, Joioph Bates, Samuel Rowlandson, Mar in, Yurival' sin, and Salmon Bach

Edward Ifaac, and William Brico, Cheaplide, merchauti White Bartholomew, Bow lane, merchant, (Repacids, [Nind, Throgmorton #reet

Carlc ó reet, Falcon Aquaro Rufell James, Perry Barr, Stafford. gun barrel manufacturer Wiggin :olornon, Cloth fair, tailor (Calle, Tennials

(Price and Williams, Lincoln's inn. And Wood, Wolver inn hampton

williams Thomas, Kewgate Creet, loen draper, (Harry. Salter John, late of Bath. rordwainer, but now a prisoner in New Bridge Artet, slackfriars

the King's Bech. [Clarke and Son, Bath, and More Williams Thomas Smith. Live: peol, mercha t. (disc 'ton, Furnival's inn

Atock, Temple, and Bardewel and Stephenfon, or fargene Daniel, Southwark, British wine-merchant. Liverpool ( Teasdale, merchant, Tayler's hall

Williamson George. York, focmaker, Elli, C ncert hargeat Samnel, Bath. china man, (Clarke and 900. Bach, lane. and Gallard. Hull and Morton. Furnival's jon

Willoughby Daniel, Strand, victualler. (Willoughby, C derjent Jofeph. Jartyn Areer, watchmaker. (Cuppage

fora's inn and Rice, Jarmyn ireet

Windsor Jacob Wellake, Portsea, auctioneer, Glendo Jaul Thomas Mans hester; (Drew, Bermond. ning, Porife, and Naylor, Crear Newpor free Tey firect. Southwark

Winstanly Richerd. jur. King Atreet, Chea fide, and George Schoneld George Shrewsbury, brazier. (Hill. Shrews. Hudson, Manchester, warehousemen, [Witart, bry. and Rofler and son. Bartlett's buildings

Bolion and Welt, old Broad freet kott Goge. and Edward Karchard. Fenchurch freet. Woud William, Andrew and Alfred Manchester Corch

Chambers thip and in mance brokers. (Kirkham and merchants, (pio, Chancery lant. ad Caroselle Co. Shorter's court. Thruvernorton Street

Manchelier Seaton Joho, Pontefrad, York, banker. (Coleman, Pon. Wood Williain, Lambeth, couper (Wir infoe act Your tefract

Margaret frei. Cavendit fiytare featon John Tox. Pontefract, banker. (Coleman, Pon. Woodward Thomas, and Thomas Belton Stratford, teriaat

dyer (Pullen, Fore treet. Cripplegate Seaton Robert, Pontefra&, banker (Coleman. Pontefrad Y ou's Juhn, Bury Atreet, Kloomibury, very a lrezes. :aw Francis. Liverpool merchant, (Crump and Lodge, (Adams, Grea: Budel Aseet

Liverpool, and Batiye, Chancery lane
Shaw William, Burnham. St. Paul's church-yard. ware.

do feman (Kirkınan, Cloak lane

Abbott Thomas, Market Deeping, Lingoia, innhalder Sell James. and Wiliam Watson, Liverpool, merchante. Nov. 1 (Backiteck. Temple and writt Liverpool

Allen s muel, Cardif, Glamorgan, fellmonger, Dec. 35 imcon Maria, Bath: lace-merchant. (Netherfolc and Alton W.. . Altreton, Derby, nukee, er, Nor, 19 Portai, Effex Arect, Strand

Anderson George, and George Harrison Eades, Bridge and Simpton John, and Thomas Fleming, Mark lane, merchants. wharf, Sou haark, mei chants, Nov. 17 ( Bieg Hatton garden

Arkinstall Henry, and Samuel Gcurge Durslem, Baterie Skrinthire Thomas, Fakenham, Norfolk, schoolmaller.

potrets, Nov. 24 ( Metcalfc, Witbeech and Baxter; and Martin, Furivai's Ashe Joseph Butter Ormakirk, Lancaster, craper, wee3 inn

Audley William, Bris:ol, linea diper, Dee,
Smedley Join. Salford, Lancaster, dyer. (Halftead and

Bauks Willian, Poultry, butter, Dec 11
Ainsworth Manchester, and Mine and Party, 'l emple.

Bayley Janics, Manchester, merchant, Dec. 17
Smith John, Totnes, (PanerBell John, and Richard Alkinson, Bowlane, Warthentes,
Bersara's ins. and Seacombe. Exeter

Nox, 17 Smith Juh', Newtoo, Lancaster, mulin manufacturer.

curer.. Benne! John, Goulstone square, Whitechapel, buller, (Unwin. Manchester, and Mline . a Party. T'empie

Dec. 1 Smith foreph, and Juht), Birmingham, duca drapers.

Berry Richard Clough Salford, Lancaster, merchant (Webb and Tyndall, Birmingham

Nov. 4o Amiin Richard, Cheiles, Hnen-draper. (Young, Vine treet.

Bians Thomae, Great Barlow street, Maryle-ne, at Piccadilly Sinith William. Stratford. Edex, corn chandler (Mey.

closet maker, and Lung ACSC, candle maeutecture

Dec. 8 mott, Brrow's budings. Backtriars Soulby juhn. Bu nardca ile. Dithan, bookseller (Weldon. Bird William Stone, Stafford, and Edward Hollow Brou

field Stuurpert, Worcester, ben builders, New Barna:dcattle, and Wharton and Dyke. Temple Sauthey Robert, and Thomas, Fith iicer bul merchants;

Blackburn William, Leeds, York, wontstaples, Nor, 16 Coakle,. Marti's lane ano ftreet

Blike more Richard, Birmingham, tatlar, Nov. 17 coothu'uod Thomas. Cattle freet. Halbere. carpet-dealar. Branch John, Manchester, bruk 1, Nov. srevenfo'. New Square. Lincoln's int

Brick wood Jou, seo. Lombard sicct, anker. Jan coencer William Wulvenain pton gun barrel manufacturer. Brickwood John, jun. Lombard atce banker, Jaa,

Williams. Old Bui.dunys. Lincoln's 11). and Wood. Brickwood John, Men, and jun. John Rainies, William Rut

Rin, and Joseph Starkey, Lombard areet, Banten, cuire Jahr.. and Sam el Sawyer. Bristol. merchants. Jan. 20

il mari, Bribal; and fraaks. Hart Orcet, Blountbury Bric John, and Heary Keale, Liverpool, enchanth, Stacey William Frumiey. Surty, bortedcaler [Maning Now, 23 etemeut. inn . A

Brootbank Thomas Ulverstone, Lancaster, Daniel Wilm Siechert Louis. Mererer street. tailor. Miorir Cacil John Gillespy, and Jonathan Tador, Xarypur, Cut

beslaad, spila Teen, dor. 13

Ervan William, White Lion court, Birchin lane, merchant, Macind William, Cyper ground street, Westminster, army. Yor. 3

gcne, Der, 15 Drven Wittiam, St. Maryatill, merchant, Dec. 12

Main Robert, Greenwich, Annr cloth manufacturer, Nov, 20. BJI Jan., Deptford, víctvaller, Dec. 1

Masceram fanics, lpper Thanes Street, checat minner wurtige William, Candon street, umbrella and parasol ker, Nov. 2

Mallabes George, Salford, Manchester, Cotton manufacturet Darfors jolin, Wbitechapel pad, glass seller, Dec. 15

Nov. 27 Chapa Joha, Moreiks, shoemaker, Nov. 17

Mamheit Moses, Birmingham, sincer, D-c. 1 Chsyaty Jonu, Ostord atteet, linen dreper. Nov, 17

Mettalt Joshua, New London street, Crutched friars, mer Sa rey Jho, Liverpool, merchaar. Dec. 3

chant, Sov.17 Cancy Wsiliam, Se, Mary Axe, merchant, Jan. 1

Mody lletr, Saltileerby, Lincoln, bber, Nor. 13 Claves Theophilus, and Samuel Richardson, Tokenhouse Morgui William, Lombard stock, tinker, Jan, 20 yard, merchant, Nov. 20

M: Tisohn, Porimath, baker, DC, 13 Cubhan Ejab, L verpool, merchant, Dcc. 17

Norton William, Lipierw rih, Le center, Krocer, Dec. 10 Cek Joseph Driver, and James Patchers, Norwich, wine Newton 1640. Manchontct, Citro!.manutacitirer, Dec, 13 merchants, Nov. 28

Normington John, SC Nartin's le Grand, silk trimming ma Collett Thomas, Cxbridge, grocer, Dec. 8

nufacturer, 1 .1 Coils Francis, Uning place. Southwark, tailor, Dec. 4

Norrie John, P. simouth, confectioner. Dec. 13 CMT er mind, Rendoa, Middiekex, carpenter, Dec.

Oalestward, Leeds, York, dry salter, Vor, 7 interid, Edmund, jun, Vinc street, Liquor pond street, Oswald Thomas, Berwick on Tweed, baker. Dec. 19 bacon, Nov. 27

Palmer George, Flymith, haberdasher, bec. 4 Coward Thomas, Barh, linen draper, Nov. 22

Parkins in Gerge, Buckleroury, warehouseman, Nov. Couper Robert, Catearon street, warehouseman, Nov. 17 Parecen Thomas Nicholaslane, underwrter, Dec. 8 Cox John, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, corn Durrchant, Dec. 11 Paterson John, Woolwich, grocer, Dec. 22 Suming Thomas, Castle Court, Birchin lane, merchant, Pasne lames, West quare', Sury, army contractor, Nov. 9 Dec. 1

Payne Thomas, Ashto Kent, procer, Nov. 27 Davison John, New Brentford, linen draper, Nov. 1, Dec. 8 Payne William, Great Curter lane, Doctor's commons, drugi Dean Richard, Bow, baker, Na. 17

Ris, Dec, bean David, men, and jun, and John D. St. John street, Pear on George, Friday street, Cheapside, warehouse man cheesemonger. Dec. 1

Nov. 24 De La Ceut Albert, New Lisle street, Leicester square, jew Perkins John and George Bethell, Oxford street, woollca eller, Nov. 27

drapers, Dee. I Deanett Gecage. Gray's inn lane, widdlesex, cow keeper, Phillips Thomas, Plough court, Lombard street, merchant, Dec. 8

Nov. 15 De Padre Joskue, Lime street, lead merchant, Nov.

Pilkington William Gee, Bawiry, York, innholder, Dec. 51 Dod. Jupit, Commercial Chanubes, Minories, ship and Popplewell Jamesaud John Jepson, Liwrance Punteny lane, Thourance broker. Nov. 17

brokers, Dec, 15 Bouman Sarapoon, Poultry, hatter, Dec, 11 .

Porbrick William, Ginester, linen draper, Dec. 8
Dullman Sampson, and Wilham Banks, Poultry, hatters, Nacastraw Philip, Tottenham court mad, cabinet maker.
X . 17

Dec. 4
Dow James, Bush lene, Cannon street, merchant, Dec. 1 Rainer Joha, Lombard street, banker, Jan, 20
Dyer Richard, Dudley, Worcester, grucer, Nuv.12

Reed Robert, Caroline mews, Bedturd square, stable keep Ex Gerge, Winches:er street, merchant, Nor. 17

Dec, 1 pusoft Thomas, Bedford streci, Coveat Garden, tailor,

Reeds Thomas. Bistopagate streer, cheese monger, Dec. 11 Dec. 15

Reese Richard and David William Jouca, Vere street, sta sans Philip, Hungerford Market, oyster merchant, toneis, Dec. 8

Remington John, St. Ives, Huntington, liquor merchant. Fentup John, and George Moore, Rotherhithe street, Dec. + Sitha, Vov. 94

Roberts Divid, Chester, ironmonger, Dec. 7 Fly William 2nd John. Croydoo, bricklayers, Noy. 27

Rubins William, Lewin Tugwell, Bartlett's Buildings, scrie Tru Thomas, Mabiethorpe, Lincoln, innholder, Dec. 19

vener, 1.17 Gale Jolan, New Londog streel, Crutched Friars, mer. Rune David, Liverpool, cabinet maker, Nov. 30 claal, Nov. 27

RCC James, sen. and jun. Synon's whart, Tooley street Gammes Charles, Axminster, Deron, draper, Dec. I

prov sin merchants, Nov. 17 Carbert John Christian Hsitivig, Liverpool, merctuant, Sault Witlam, South molích slicet, Hanover aquare, caller Dec. 17

derer, Nov. 10, Dec 12 German Jarvis, Aldermanbury, hosier, Jan.22

Sayer John, Sheraton, Wilts, linen draper, Nov. 19 Colbert John, Chirwell licet, grecer, Nov. 17

Scott John, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, farrier, Nov. 30 Gil James Carver, Sma'lburgh, Norfuit, grocer, Dec. 10 shaw John, Lanc sier and George Shaw, Kingston, Surry, . id Janies, and Patrick Dempsey Foby, Tuwer Royal merchants Dec, 12 merchants, Nov. 17

Shawtiru William, Cowdery, Albany, Piccadilly, confectioner Greaves Beajamin Moseley, York, and James Creaves Nov. 26 Moseley, Lancaster, merchants, Nov, 28

Shepherd William, Chesson, Nottingham, irva merchant, Halleajon Ceurge, and Thomas Newcomb, Basingball Street, Nus, 28 Warehousemien), Xov. 24

Shill Samuel, Bristol, watch maker, Iny. 21 kalea wulan, Wolverhampton, woollen yarn manufacturer Simmons Benjamin, lale of Newcastle strect, Strand, shoe

maker, but now a prisoner in the King's B ch, Dcc, 2 Fare surt William, Norwich, linen draper, Dec. 10

Spencer Abrahain, Basinghali street, wo alle diapers, Dec. 15 Martley Jahn, Manchestr, grocer, Dec. 1

Spilsbury Charles, Angel Court, Stinner stier, prints Hawksy Joseph, Piccadilly, army accoutrement maker, Dec. 8 NOY.

Soring Redshaw, Caistor, Lincrin, mercer, Dec. 10 Meckter William, Londoa street, victualler, Nor. 17

Stamto.d Edward, Yura Street,

f ractur, Nov. 29 Must 9, brinul, grocer, Nov..8

Stanitorth Themis, Sheffield, cutler, Nov. '16
Rubbi Thanas Raphael, Mary-le-bone park, music master, Stapletou Thonas, sheernes, tip keeper, Nov. 30
Inc. 1

Sary J seph, Lombard tree!, banker. Jan. 2) kolaad John, Cheapside, haberdasher, Dec. 11

Stema George, and John M.Lean, Lamb street, potstoe Hopkins Samuel, Leeds, merchant, Nov. 22

merch , c. 1 bulson joh karnister, Hackney grove merchant, Nov.99 Steers Samuel, Chapraan place, St. Giorge's in the East. Marst k rancis, Br tol, butcher, Nov. 22

builder, Deli Iberson Sambel, Ludgute hill, sila mercer, Dec. 4

Stevenson Thonis, Snow's fielik, B.rmondscy, wool stapler lace-09 Samuel Kales, Birmingham, J. button maker, D.e. 11

SC13 Charles, Berwc street, Westminuter, tailor, xor. James Menry, St Mary Axe, merchant, Dec. 15

Sunderland schn, B r, Yord, cuinerier, Nov. 23
Johston Williaux, and Nevili Brownie, fish street hill, Erucers, Sinons jine, Chiusde, bier, Narv. 21
Yov. 13

Tokelat, and Augustus Tode, Stand, winc merchants Janes Plugh, skinner steget, cheese monger, Dec. 1

Niy. 21 Joyce Rubeit, Laa's Conduit street, ilar, bec. 1

Titics William Henry, Minories, Victoller, Nov. 13 Josoa Jumph, Stuur port, Worcester, hop merchact, Tubo Wilan), and Jantes lliury Alexanuer Scott, Nin Nor. 20

Tud. Piinlich, nursery iner, Nov. 24 E pūmann Christian Menry, New London street, Crutched Tuckel Williani, ser. Fx-ter, merchaul, Dec. 11 trias, rchant, Nuk. 27

Tithili Charics,, mottat, Vov. 25 King Jornh, Xing mrect, Covent garden, sila mercer, Wall, Thomas, kel, trener, Deco

Waller Thomas, Lambe. h, alhou chandler, Doc.? King Thomas, Gesport, grocer, Nov. 82

Wall J111, Ciodon, tailor, lov. 20 Lezh Thoinas, f tentima, Lancastcr, dealer, Nov. 17

Warto s njamin, Finchlane, hroker, Dec. 11 Lars Henry Jacob, Carsonbury square, Islington, builder; Whire Thones, jun. Strand, Kent merchant, Dec. 1 Nov. 07

White The Such wark, haberdasher, Dec. 8 Levy Jacob luael, Maydon street, Minories, merchant, N . W 1 James, cheiter, brewer, Dec. $

Witkins John, and TH100:8 Lacey, Basinghall street, factunt, Lindi William, Leeds, York, spirit merchant, Dec. . Sangridge Robert 2 George Pringle, Palaber, Durham, withm Ewrence, Vicholas lane, merchant, Nov. 21 coliery, undertakers, Dec. 8

William Benjamun, Liverpool, linen draper, Dec. 1 e James, Colchoner, Krocer, Dec. 4

W hen, W am, Sething lane, tuney Xctivener L. Linan Leigh, Bath and Warinioci cartier, Dec. 9

Vox, 27 Lyc George, Bath and Warminster carrier, Dec.3

Wrigh Charles, Algas, tobxeeunist, Nov. 17 Gege and Edouad Leigh, b. and Was minister YORGIVE, 6. on Gichuid, Budge tow, merchants. Curion, DES %



With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased.

ON Tuesday, October the 30th, about in consequence of the blows and bruises he

9 o'clock at night, an alarming fire broke had received. He had previously resided in out in the Cloisters, near St. Bariholomew's Aldermanbury, and his body was privately 'Hospital, by which three houses were con interred by his family. The coffin was not sumed.

opened; and after public curiosity had been The same night, a fire took place at a gratified, it was replaced in the vault, and public house in Whitecross-street, City Road. the stone fastened over it. A young woman, who slept in the second The Temple church, one of the most an. floor, in her fright, threw herself ou! of cient foundations in London, is at present the window, and died of the bruises which under a thorough repair. The nine marble she received.

figures of Kniglits Templars in armour, placed A marble slab has lately been erected on in the area of the round tower, supposed che Eastern wall of Kensington church, to to be rare pieces of antiquity: are now the memory of Mr. Elphinston, a memoir of protected from injury. Several of the mowhose life appeared in our Number for Den numents have been cleaned, and the church cember last year. The following is the in. already presents a new appearance. scription :


At Putney, Richard Alexander Oswald,
To the Memory of

esg. of Glasgow, to Miss Elizabeth Anderson, JAMES ELPHINSTON.

eldest daughter of the late John A. e39. of His Mind was ingenuous,

His Heart was affectionate,

William Douglas Hopkins, esq. of Bethel.
His Manners, though polished, were simple, place, Camberwell, to Miss Irvin, of the
His Integrity was undeviating; Crescert, Minories.
He was

Robere Isherwood, esq. of Doctors' Com.' A great Scholar

mons, to Ann, only daughter of tbe Rev. And a real Christian.

John Prower, of Purton, Wilrs.
Jortin, Franklin, and Johnson,

The Rev. Richard Yates, chaplain of Were in the number of his Friends. Chelsea Hospital, to Miss Telfer, only daugh, He was born ac Edinburgh, Nov, 25th, O. S. ter of Patrick T. esq. of Gower-street, 1721,

Bedford-square. He died at Hammersmith, Oct. 8th, 1809. At Stockwell, Anthony Burnley, esq. to And his Remains are deposited near the South Mary Ann, eldest daughter of John Wild, Wall of this Church.yard.

esq. In grateful Remembrance of his Virtues and At Lambeth, Henry Buckley, esq. of the Affection,

Lawn, South Lambeth, to Anne, only daughHis Widow has caused this Tablet to be en- ter of Samuel Wolle, esq. of the East India graven.

house. The workmen employed to repair the At Newington. Butts, Mr. Joseph Fuller, ehurch of St. Mary, Aldermanbury, disco. bookseller, of Charing.cross, to Jane, eldest vered a few days since the remains of the daughter of Mr. Joseph Carter, of Newingnotorious Chancellor Jeffries. A large fat ton-ploce. stone was removed near the communion-table, Ac Islington, Mr. George Morgan, of and in a vault underneath the men found a. Ludgate-hiil, to Miss Harrison, of Kensingleaden ccfin, containing the body. The ton. coflin did not appear to have suffered much By special licence, at the house of Peter decay. It was closed, and a plate remained Free, esq. Baker-treet, Sir Belling barn on it, inscribed with the name of Chancellor Beginald Grabam, bart. to Harriette, third Jeffries. His son and daughter are also bu- daughter of the late George Clark, esq. of ried in the same vault. After the legal West Hatch, Essex. murders at Taunton, which Jeffries managed At Finchly, Charles Robert Neate, esq. of with so much address, he returned to Lon. Whetstone, to Frances Augusta, second daugha Jon ; and, to avoid the popular fury excited ter of the late Robert Manners, csq. by his intamous conduct, disguised himself in At Hampton Court, Sir John Fleming the habit of a foreign sailor, with intention Leicester, bart. tu Georgiana Maria, youogest to escape to Han burgh; but being discovered daughter of Col. Cotlin. as he was looking out of a window in a house At St. Anne's, Westminster, George at Wapping, where he had concealed him. Skelton, esq; iu Mrs. Mantell, relice, of self, he was seized by the mob, and almost the Rev. Thomas M. rector of Friatham, killed. He was finally lodged in tbe Tower Surry. by the populace, in order that he might be Ai Mary-le-bone, Capt. Dickinson of the brougbt to justice; but he died soon after, 12th Light Dragoons, to Miss Hamilton, of

.. Richmond

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