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Having thought it probable that he would trodeavour to turn our left bv that road, I had ■directed Colonel Trant, with his division of militia, to march to Sardno, with the intention that he should uicupy those mountains, but unfortunately he was sent round fcy Oporto bv the general officercommanding in the North, in consequence of a small detarhmer.t of the enemy being in possession r.i St Pedro deSul; and, notwithstanding ihe efforts which he made to arrive in time, he did not reach Saulae till the 28th at night, alter the enemy "was in possession of ttie ground.

As it was probable that in the course, of 'he night of the 2S1I1 the enemy wouldthrow his wholearmv upon that road by which be could avoid 'he Sierra de Busaco, and reach Coimbra by the high road to Opotto, and thus the army would have been exposed t« he cut off from that town, or to a general action en less favourable ground; and at t had reinforcements in my roar, I was induced 10 withdraw from the Sierra de Busaco. Theenemv d;d break up in the mountains at «leven at night of the 28th, and he made •ihe inarch expected. His advanced guard was at Avelans, in the read from Opcrto to Coimbra, yesterday; and the whole army was seen in march through the mountains; iha! under my command, however, was already in the low country, bet»ecnthe Sierra <Je Busaco and the sea; and the whole of it, with the exception of the advanced guard, js this day on the left of the Mondego,

Although, from the unfortunate circumsta' ce of the delay of Colonel Trant's arrival at Sardao, I am apprehensive that I shall not succeed in effecting the object which I had in view in pas ing the Mondego, and in occupying the Sierra de Busaco, Ido not regret my having done so This movement lias afforded me a favourable opportunity of nhewing the enemy the descriprion of troops of which this army is composed | it has brought the Poruguese levies into action with the enemy for the fiist time in an advantageous si'uanon; and they haveproved that the trouble which has been taken with them has not been thrown away, and that thev are vorthy r,f contending in the same ranks with British troops, in this interesting cause, which they aflbid the best hopes of saving.

1 hroughout the contest upon the Sierra, and in all the previous marches, and in those w hich we have since made, the whole army has conducted themselves in the most regular manner. Accordingly all the operations have been carried with ease, the soldiers have suffered no privations, have undergone no unnecessary fatigue, there has been no loss ot stores, and the army is in the highest spirits.

I have reeeived throughout the service, the greatest assistance from tl.egeneral and stair officers.

Lieutenant General Sir Brent Spencer has given me the assistance which hisexrerience enables him to arlbrd me, and 1 am particularlv indebted to the Adjutant and the Quartermaster-general, and the officers ol their departments, and to Lieutcnant-colcnel Bainurs'i and the officers of my personal staff;

to Brigadier-general Hovfarth, and the Artillery ; and particularly to Lieutenant-colonel Fletcher, Captain Chapman, and the officers of the Royal Engineers.

I must likewise mention Mr. KennedT, and the officers of the Commissariat, which department has been carried on moat successfully.

I 6ho'uld not do justice to the «ervice,ort» my own feelings, if I did not take this opportunity of drawing your Lordship's attention to the meriti of Marshal Beresfoid. To him exclusively, under the Portuguese government, is due the merit of having raised, formed, disciplined, and equipped the Portuguese army, which has now shown itself capable of engaging and defeating the enemy, I have besides received from him, upon al< occasions, all the assistance which his experience and abilities, and know ledge of inn country, have qualified him to afford me.

The enemy has made no movement in Estramadura, or in the northern Provinces, since I addressed your Lordship lait. My last accounts from Cadiz are of the oth instant.

I inclose a return ofthekillea1 and wouuded of the allied armies in the course cf theijth, 26th, 27th, and 23th instant. I send this dispatch by mv Aid-de-camp Captain Burgh, to whom I beg to refer your lordship for any further details, and to recommend htm t« j sur lordship's notice.

I have the honour to be, &c.

WaLttNOioif. Mttvrn ofibe Kilt J, Wtmniti, and Mining, is Lard WMingum't ji-my, on tbe ijli tud Jolt. Captain Hoey, Deputy Adjutant General of the oath reg. severely wounded; Cornet Keating, of the 16th Light Dragoon, slightly; 2 sergeants, j rank and file, wounded. 7 rank and file missing.

The return in the action at Busaco on the 27th of September, is as follows: Major Smith, Captain fjrquhart, and Lieutenant Onsley, of the asth reg. and Lieutenant Henry Johnson, ofihe truth, killed.

Wimndii.— \i\ batt. od foot, Lieut.-col. Barclav, slightly, 70th root, Lieutenant-colonel C. Campbell, Assistant Adjutant General, ditto, ^jd foot; Captain i.ord Fitrroy Somerset, ajd-de-camp to Lord Wellington, diito. 1st foot guards, C.ipM* Marquis of TweddaJe, Deputy Assistant Quarter-master General, ditto. 1st batt. 40th foot, Captain Geoige Preston, aide-decamp to Sir B. Spencer, ditto. 1st batt, 7'J* foot, Lieutenant Marr, djtlo, 1st bat'. 9'» foot, Lieutenant Lindsay, severely, rdoa:t. 14th foot, Captain Meachan, slightly. »■ bail. j8thfoot, Lieutenant Miller,ditto, '» batt. 45th foot, Major Gwvn, severely (Lieutenants Darns and Tyler, ditto; Lieutenant Anderson, slightly. 1st batt. 5 tb w»'» Major Napier, severely, isl batt. sjd/oot, Captain George Napier, slightly; Lieoienant C. Wood, ditto. 5th batt. 6Mh to"'. Lieutenant-colonel Williams, and Captain Andrews, ditto; Lieutenants Jorieaniltwr

stcin, severely; Lieutenant Frankem'i slightly. 74thfoot, Lieutenant Cargell. severely. 1st. batt. 7»th foot, Captain l»"uglas, ditto. 2d bait. 8jd toot, Lteutcw« Qulinuist, shiftily. 1st bait. »Mlt tot, »'^ ditto. Detachment id light ditto, Lieut Stolte, severely.

Jot Silver, severely (since dead); Major »ion of arms, and on honourable terms m> Vf'Gregor, and Captain Dermott, severely; surrender the island. There was not a moCapiains Daisey and Kurv, slightly; Lieu- ment to be lost in saving an enemy corntenants Fitzpatrick and Nickle, and Ensign pleteiy in our power, and I accordingly isLeonard, severely, ist batt. of the line of sued immediate orders for the troops to hair, the King's German Legion, 1 ieutenant Du- Thus, sir, in a few hours, has this rich, Xing, slightly, id ditto. Major Wurmb, extensive, and valuable colony, been added!

Muting isl batt. 79th foot. Captain A.


Total.—1 Major, t Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 1 Ensign, 5 Serjeants, 97 rank and £lc, killed; 3 Lieutenant-colonels, 5 Majors, ia Captains, 16 Lieutenants, 1 Ensign, 21 Seijeants, 3 drummers, 434 rank and file, wounded; 1 Captain, 1 strjeant, 29 rank and file, missing.

C. Stswaht, Maj. Gen. and Adj. Gen.

N. B. The officer and men returned missing, are supposed to be prisoners of war.

Return oftbe Killed, Wounded, Missing, and Pri~ tetters of War, of the Portuguese Army, on tie 27/6 of September.

Killed.—4 Captains, 2 subalterns, 1 Serjeant, 1 drummer, Si rank and file.

'founded.—1 Colonel, 1 Major, 2 Captains, til subalterns, 9 Serjeants, 47S rank and file.

Prisoners and Missing.—2 Serjeant > 18 Tank and file.

Total--Killed, 90; wounded, 512 ; prisoners and missing, 20.

Downing-strcet, Octcber 25, t?10. A dispatch, til winch the following is an extract, was Inst night received liy the Earl of Liverpool, one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State.

To N. B. Etlmondslcne, Eiq. Clicf Secretary to (tovernncnt, Calcutta.

Six—I have the honor io report that the force, consisting of tSro European and j8;o native troops, which the Right Hon. the Governor General of India, inX'ouncil, has been pleased to confide to my orders and direction?, for the conquest of the island of Bourbon, arrived at Roderiguej on the 20th of June.

From the unfavourable state of the weather, we Were delayed at Roderignes until the morning of the jd inst. when vvc weighed anchor, and proceeded to the point ot rendezvous, fifty miles to windward of the island of Bonaparte, which point we reached at four o'clock on the evening of the 6ih.

Tbe first brigade, composed ot his Majesty's 86th regiment, the first battalion of the

to his Majesty's dorninions, with a population of upwards of 100,000 souls, and with a, loss on our part comparatively trifling when the nature of the service is considered, a return of which accompanies this dispatch, with a copy of the capitulation.

I have deemed it proper, for the present, to divide the island into two districts, N rth East, and South West, in order to facilitate the distribution of the troops to the different out-posts, and i have the satisfaction to say, that those arrangements have been already effected, and that that part of the force intended to be employed on the ulte-ior object of tnsexpedition, isuow in read mess to move at the shortest notice.

(Signed) Henhy P. Kr^Ttvc,

H ad-quarters. Lieut. Col. Comm.

Si. Paul's, itleof Bourbon, 21. 1810. list if Officers Killed and fJ'ounJed.

Flank Coips, Lieutenants Spinks anil Wannell, slightly wounded; His Majesty'* 8 th reg. Lieutenant John Graham Monrc, Mlled; Major Wm. T. Eduards, s'ightty wounded; Lieu'enant Michael Creagh, brigade Major, dangerously wounded; Lteufcnaiits Archibald^i'Lean an:l A. K. Blackall, severely wounded; Lieutenant J„hn Webb, slightly wounded; Lieutenant Win. Richard Whiie, severely wounded.

Total.—-i subaltern, 1 Serjeant, i5 rank and file, lulled; 1 major, 7 subal cms, 2 Serjeants, 2 drummers, (16 rank and file, ai.d 1 seaman, wounded.

Capitulation for the surrender of St. Denis, the capital, and-the whole is and of iioiu- . parte, ague:! upon between Col. St. Susanne, commanding the island of Bonaparte, lor his Majesty the Empe'or of France, of Italy, Pic. &c. on ihe one band, and Commodore Kowlev, commanding his Britannic Majesty's tquadion. Lieutenant Colonel Keating, commanding his Gri'annic Majesty's and the Hon. hast India Crm:>any's land forces, and R. J. Farquhar, e*q. cm the other. The whole of Hie islain of Bonapa te shall be dcliveied up to his Britannic Majesty: the city of bt. Denis at 12 o'c'oik to-moiroiv the 9th of July, and the o'her military stations in succession, as early as intelligence

Mb regirnent of the Madras native infantry, of ihepiesem cap.tuijiiun can be cumrou

and a small detail of artillery and pioneers, nkatcd.

commanded by Lieutenant-colonel Frjier,

was ordered to land at Grand Chaloupe, and

to proceed by the mountains direct against

the west side of ibe enemy's capital; whilst

the second, thiid, and fourth brigades, were

to land at Riviere des Pluies, and 10 force

the lines of detence extending fiom the Bu

At 11 o'clock to-morrow, the French troops which occpy ihe arsenal and Imperial battery, shall evacuate tlierpo.t, and the gienadier company of his Majesty'^ >6th regiment, and the gren uiier company of the 6th Madras native regiment, will take pisses ion of them, when the French flag will

tor Redoubt on the north or sea side, to the be struck, and that of Ins Britannic Majesty Redoubt No. ti, on the south, and from displayed

thence to cro.s the rear of the town to the river St Denis.

I received, however, a message from the left, that the enemy had sent out a trumpeter, with an officer, tq demand a tuspeai

The iriottt of the line and Garde National sh.ill u: a'lowedall the honour* of war; they shall march out of the city with their aims and baggage, drums heating, marches lighted, together witii then field artilltrt;

Xtl.f ♦hpy are to l.iy down their arms on the seafics», \n front of the irrtpcrial battery: the trofps of th" line ate tn ^unen ler themselves pri-one^s of war, an't 'o \>p tmb jrfc«*'I v* such for the C i;>e of Good Hope, or fir E-ij^Iand. In consir'eration of the distinguished character of Colonel St. Sn^nne, ,md his officers, and of'heir jja'U.'t defence ->f the place, the officers of ail rank*- arc allowed to preserve their sw rds and military decorations; they are to continue prisoners of war, ana to embark for the Cape of Good Hope, or far England. Colonel st. Susannc and his family shall be iil'oweda passage to the \>\e of France, or to France, upon his giving hii parole of honour not to serve dining the war, •r till he shall be regularly exchanged.

Funeral honors shall be paid to the French officers who have fallen in th? battle, according to their respective ranks.

An inventory shall be ma e of property of all descriptions*belonging to the state, which s'ia!l be deliver d over to the person appoint* ed hy the English government to receive ir.

■Ml warlike stores, magizines, provisions, charts, plans, and archives, are included i;t this article.

The laws, customs, and Migion, of the inhabitants, as well as their property of ail descriptions, shall b: respected and 'insured to them.

Alphabetical Lrsr of Bankrtiptc[e8 and Ditidrnos, announced between the QQt\ of September and the 10th of October, extracted from the London Gazettes,

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BAKIR Robert, Rarnor, Nottingham*, innhoidef. [Wife,
Nuttiiia>him, and Birbrr, Fetti-r l*»r
Barlow Thorn**. Wertmortand Place, MiridlefeT, brewer.

(Hewitt and Kirk, imchffttr. mi Mure, remote
Barrett William, Earl Retf.rd, Notts, grocer. (Allen,

Cirhflr l>reet, Softo, atid Hinmm Baft Kr'rVird BartoliTrt G*eur>>, Utr or Well ftr-ct, it. Mary le boa?,

priutfeiler, but now Iti the Ki-g's Bench, (nawtbtj

and Wrattiflaw, Warwick ftrstt. Golden iqonre
Bates lame* Henry, Rothrrrtrhe, tailor. '.H.rtry, New

Rndm rtreet. BUckfilsra
Sa>><-y Chrilopher, Bath paft*y «nk ami woollen draper.

(Hicfernore. Btijh Isne, I node* *, and Winijate, t'ath
Bcarecr William- Plccadi'ly, Miien dr*prr. ( I ilf in,

Chatham Place. Biackfriart
Berry tamuel, Buckfaft AM»«y, De»un. woollen manu-
facturer. {WKliams anil Parke, Frtnce'a Arret,

Hedf.irij row. and Terrell trtter
Beth ell John ream, Hackney, baker. (Kenrick, Hatfield

frreec Chrirt church, aurry
Blunuell R-ilpli, Lirerpool, victualler. (Car*, Liverpool,

mj BU.krtcjck. Terr pie ■rook Jrii'eph, Hudderifie d, Ynrk, fta'inner. (Stephen

too, H'llmfrtb ant Battyd. Chance y lane Brook ((.ink William. Clturrill, Yurk moiikrcr". (Omn

ger. i eeJs, and CroOey, H*tr>orn ccurt. Gray** inn, BJrowne John Hurchinfon, Cambcrwell, merchauc (Vwaio,

Stercn. and Maplea- Old Jewry
Butcckf Charlct, < ockfpur i»r«et, coffee hoof'* keeper.

(VUar'iand HurcMiift**. K-w filiate. Llnc"|n',i inn
Bur*:' ft Thorn as, Tlldefley Banka, Lancafrcr.cactou ipin-

»rT. (Cilia. Chancery lane, and Jobnforr and Lonf

dale. nfanchefter Butler Edward. l»te of Deptford, common brewer, but

now of Bride U»e, London. (Langhim, Bartlett'e

Carrlame'. North ^hie'di, grocer, (Heed, Newcaftle.

and Fairlefi, Maple'* li»n
Chrtham lieary, Tetter ltue,hitter* ;Berrldte> Hartoa

CMlter.ce Thoma*. Batcomh, Sem«rf«. miller. (Warry,

New Inn, and Evered, *<hepton Mallet
Clemctira >o««rt. Noiwith. apgraJi't-r. (fimpfon and

Rackham. Norwich, and Vtjnrttl* Son, and HoUaway,

army cKfitr*. (Father, T err.ple
Cvttlc Robert, Manchettcr n>eit.h*»t. (Sykes and

Knuwlrt, f ew i»« and llrlV, PontcttaA
Cm Jamct, Kanniiii>tafi, painter. t truwhitt, Lynn a

Coxa.i Ceorjte.Chnrth flrecr, Ch lit ""hiirth. .-urry, mill-

wrlvhf Lane, t a«-e'ce Founrry ill

Crtckmor^ TVtna*. Shi '-er ftrret. pewrerar. (Watnei

did i tn.'-; Or >■•: Craw joh». Dtin ftreet, Wrftminfter, carfenter. (Pop

km, Dean Arret, loho
Xut'lnc Milliard, Ration Suffolk bu'ther. (Bicnold,

Jim Norwich
Dlckf'n iraac LUerpmU merchant. (tlakebell and

vuiiifgii temple-, and Afcroft. LirdrpwH
Blkinr « ha In Jcnkim am! Vincent May Li»"P^U

patent filk-hat manofaflufen. !>r«n'lWe.-t and

Earn, Liverpool, and Wl.-dle, John tract, Mdtvid

mw B.a"" J'ttfiua, DHfon-'r-Mrxre, itpeaOer, Catron manu

ri^orrr, tMarf-M, WM*it« i.,u*rc, ai,< Kay,


Evcrftt Francis, Woolley, Wiltt. clo«liier. rSar.dr>f

Horton, and Fearke, Crane court, Fleet ftreet, urdf

Fhene, ^e!kfJ;ara
FOfberry WBUem, and BdwirJ 7r.KVrby, Llvcrpuol. raer-

chanta. (Staalftrect arm a..en, Lircrpooi, attat

win-lh, John ftraet. Brdf _ ,»
Francla Jfohn,Carabrid«e, com fad r. (Key sod r-opct

Mincinit lane
Garner Thomta, Dudley. Worre-''rr, (trrjfer. (RabinC**

Dudley, and Anftlcr and Cox, Temple
Cill Jnfcph, Upper Mary le i.une I'reet, leather csttc/e

(Jeyei, Chailot'c ftreet. F.tzray irruare
Clover Mary »od ilivtb^r , Kiddermmfttr. fniiliiere.

(Hallen. Kld<*ermi »<■. and -■ Kr Ha.b>n tardea
Cluyat William and Oliver, Ma'axlox, Orrr.wal:. dealers*

Mobn*, or ErfmMi.a, Pcntaace, and Frice and

BruWne, Licfoln'* In
Goup,h John, Mai<*en Lant, Coreat Garden, k-ift'iajer.

(Tllfun, Chathaan Place
Grfcmc William Tlieophitua, mi* William Mercajfe,

Aur>tn Vrian- mt chim*. (Fairtte a'nd Franciad

Li'ifjln1* inn
Hall Robert. Swanfca, rteiter. (Uoutfield, Bcverie

ftrict. Fleet Breet
Hamilton RohfiT 0I1 B oad r>rtet, underwriter. (Ben*

n*it« ard Oreavea, tme'i ^'OT yard, Coienanai Rreec Haywood John, wo (l itrcet, Lhear<i<te, a*aoUen draper*

(Smith, Do'fet tlrcet. SatUou ■ tV|atre rteatli Richard, jmi. Lo.J.m r«;-*j, ou^*»wark, conctl*

maker. (smith, rx>rlet ftrtrr, sailatiury Cf-uare HendeifoN John, Lambeth- fnk and canto printer.

(Nralinc, L awrence tar e. CheapAde
Hew^ir Thoout, southboruutth. Kent luirnowder mi*

nufafturrr. (Warry. M<-rfaik ft ret. Scran*;
Kllla Peter. Shoe la<-e. dealer In ii i i i. (.Chapman ged

Stevens. S'. MilJ-ed" court, "oultry
Hills Tr.oms». Abney Mills, Weft Hun, miner. (Mat-

rhewt and Msrdalu ai'le ftrtet. Hotb •■■
Hobfon Janet,Stt-vhport. Chafter. cartoa fpujner. {Back-

lev, Minch<:lCF. and Milne and Parry. Tcmpln H«llin«dalf William. Rirerhead, aCtot. linen drsper.

(Wara*Biacktnan ftrect south war k. and Craw, »e»«-.

Hordern Anthony, It. J'lhn'l ftreet. potter. (Cnlppea-

dall, Great V(;iien tliect
Hudloo Henry Newgate ttrert. tarem teepnr. (:h«r-

wflod, Cante'bury tquare, Soqt^wark Hutlic* Th>4nai, and ChrlBophcr =evecke, Uifbof%a:e

ftreet, drapers l^ilnl. Fairitwrne, and Clarke,

Warnford c*«rr
HuteMnfin wi.iiiia, Smith's Bulidino* Leadenhallftrett.

wine merchant. (bbcrwocd, Cufbion-cuurt, Broad

ftreet Incbam Jon". •"' P»«d Foi. Bradford York, calica

mannfacturar-. (tvaoa, Hatro» Garden, atu CroJey,

Jacki.-u Francis* Jon Great Priflield. York, drutr,!*,

ifc.*i y, -tucker aud Dawlhn. Furnlral's ion, and Cotf

wurth, Huit
Jarrttt Gedrne, Piccaiilty. hatter. (Rhrwea, Cook and

Handlcy. St. Jamct't J"a>K, Clerkenwetl
Jewell Jtiim. Angel ttreet, Lonoon, tailor (Yuvatfa

Vine ftreet. ricradilly
Johni""n Robert, i ii-crpo"!. mfrclta t , Grcam and

Bronte. LUerp«-vl
Johntbn Jamea Alexander. Friar*a ftreet, Rlnrkfriar'a

toad, rrulf.r. t&ilrer Aldeifga e ftrc*t
Jon»- Edward- 'oddifghurl*, Kflex, victualler. (Hen-
ley, onttar and si»->, Curltior itreat
Jones i avirl wiUiam vharlca. Hanf4r« Place. Blackfnar'e

road. gauM dieiier. LG»(«u Bra) Bi*uh», Anftl



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With Biographical Memoir* of distinguished Characters recently deceased.

OS YVe-lnesday, October 3, the Coffre-dum, at the Liinehouse entrance of the West India D«>cks, erected for. the purpose oi keeping out the water, while the building of the tvm^Wsii or the lock was going on, gave way. /U Lisariy ii'.i* wetter, ia the aUetnoon# ta«

woTkmen employed in excavating the eirti for the foundation, having ob&erved the water to burst underneath the frriei, were ordered to remove imtn'dutcly rrom the dim. The confidence,"however, rc^osel id iti »ccuriiy» from the iinmei;»e atren.tii ol tlic bra^cijtVc*

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