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Died.] At Peterborough, Mr. Ellington, At Alderton, the Rep. Richard Frank, of the Boat public house there. -Mr. John D.D. Knowles, cooper,-- Mr.J mes Massey, cooper.

ESSEX. Of Abington Lodge, Mr. Richard Stanton, The Rev. B Scale, M. A. is appointed sur.' i respectable grazier.

rowgate to the Rev. Dr. Hamilton, archdeaof Fiqedon, John Gray, esq. 72.

con of Colchester. At Duxworth, Mrs. Marshall, wife of the Murried.) At Horksley, Mr. Thomas Rev. Charles M. vicar of that place.

Sadler, to Miss Bryant, of Newmarket. At Maidwell, Mr Edmond Bland, a re- At Layton, David Powell, esq. to Miss spectable farmer and grozier, 85.

George Hoare, daughter of S. H. esq. At Daventry, Andrew Miers, esq.

Ai Prittlewell, Mr. C. E. Horn, of the At Wood Newton, Mr. James Cheesman. Lycæum Theatre, to Miss Matilda Ray, of HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

the late Theatre Drury Lane. Married.] Mr Tomas Robinson, iron. At Boreham, Mr. 'Wm. Baker, of Little monger, of St. Neot's, to Miss Caiherine Baidow, to Miss Susan Belcher, of the former Baxter, of St. Martin's, Stamford baron. place. Died] At Alconbury Lodge, Miss Baccus. At Braintree, Mr. Abraham May, to Miss CAMBRIDGE.

Lacey. Married] At Cambridge, Lieut. Walker, Died.] At Chelmsford, suddenly, Mr. R. M. to Miss jane Wiles, daughter of the Chivers Hollingsworth, bricklayer. late Mr. W.-Mr. W. Freeman Coe, to Ac Broomfield, Mr. Jobn Parsons, farmer. Miss Freeman.

At Duke's Karm, Layer Breton, 'Mr. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Tohn Phillip Ley. English, esq. o: Bath, to Frances, daughter At Colchester, Mrs. Holditch, wife of Mr. of the late Thomas Huddlestone, esg. of Milo H. draper ton.

At Lawford, aged 84, 1. Bridges, esq. for. At March, Mr. W. Francis, of the East merly of Mistley, und many years a magistrate India service, to Susannah, only daughter of for this county; a man universally respected the late Nathaniel Goodinan, esq. . for uprightness and integrity of conduct.

Died At Chingford Hatch, William Attentive to his magisterial duties, he was Bell, esq.

particularly useful in his neighbourhood; and At Fordkan, Mss. Waters, wife of Tho with a mind enriched by observation and mas W.

study, and possessing an extraordinary meNORFOLK.

mory, he was an example of piety and virtue. The Rev. Philip Du Val Aufrere, B. A. is

KÉNT. instituted to the sectory of Bawdeswell, the A project is in contemplation to construct presentation of Sir John Lombe, bart.

an harbour at St. Nicholas Bay, on the northMarried.) At Norwich, Mr. Edward Blyth, eastern coast. The plan originated with some cotton manufacturer, to Miss Purdy.' merchants in the metropolis, with a view of

At Guist, Mr. Henry Stebbings, to Miss obtaining a shelter for those vesseis, which, Jadith Rassell.

in the winter season, are so much exposed on At Down ham, Mr. Robert Harvey, gro the coast of this country. It is proposed to cer, to Miss Coates.

make the harbour capable of receiving vessels Died. At Norwich, Miss Chapman, of 500 tons. eldest daughter of Mi c. attorney.--Mr The project of an archway through part of William Lawrence, aged 16, son of Mr. Shooter's Hill, is certainly to be attempted. Lawrence.

Notice has been given of an application to SUFFOLK.

Parliament, for a bill to carry it into effect. Married.) At Easton, Mr. M. Hawes, to The late storm at Margate washed away a Miss Sparrow.

part of the new pier, and dashing a collier At Bury, Mr. Vine, stone-mason, to Miss against the Marine Parade, broke down thirty Spencer.

large stones, &c. Such a storm has not been At Bungay, Mr. Plowan, tanner, to Mrs. witnessed since the bathing-rooms were washSteel. Mr. Last, merchant, to Miss Maria ed away. Butcher,

In the event of the basin of the projected At Mour House, Boxted, Wm. Cook, canal from Canterbury to the sea being gent. to Mrs. Pugh, of Hengrave.

formed at the end of North-lane, it is in cunAt Didlington, Mr. Cole, to Miss Jane templation to open a road and avenue to it Thwaites, of Norwich.

from the Blackfriars by a bridge over the At West Harling, Mr. J. W. Nicholson, Stour, where the ancient one formerly stoud, to Miss Maria Coe, of Little Thornham. and thence crossing St. Peter's and Pound.

AC Arminghall Hall, B. Sands, gent, to lanes along the causeway leading to Deane's. Miss S. Aggs, ot Aylesham

mill, and by a bridge over the mill head to At Aylesham, Mr. Jennis Jex, horse. the basin; thus affording an opening into the dealer, tó Miss Eliza Jex, of Kettlestone. heart of the city, highly beneficial to the

Died.) At Wisbeach, John Thompson, concern, as well as conducive to the conveniesq. 82. -Mr. Charles Bannister.

ence of the public.



Married.] Mr. Roberts, surgeon, of At Street, near Ditchling, Mrs. Hampshire.. Bromley, to Mary, second daughter of the At Lewes, aged 77, Mr. Aaron Lempriere, late Rev. John Pratt, vicar of Moncton and many years a respectable plumber and gla. Birchington in Thanet.

zier.-Mr. Thomas Palmer, ironmonger, At Lyminge, Mr. Joshua Waddell, of of North-street. Canterbury, to Miss Charlotte Bayley, of

HAMPSUIRE. Stanford.

Last week some workmen employed on the At Canterbury, Mr. Briscoe, to Miss' estate of William Chamberlayne, esq. near Homers ham.,

Weston, dug up two earthen jars, full of Ro. At Gillingham, Mr. James Dartnell, of man coins and medals, chieħy of copper and Dover, co Miss Kitson, of Sandwich.

mixed metal. One of them was broken by At Sandwich, Mr. John Geat, currier, to accident, but the other has been preserved Miss Anne Child, of Ash.-Mr. Stephen entire, and is now in the possession of that Deverson, to Miss Ann Easter.

gentleman. Many of the coins are inscribed A: Chatham, Mr. L. Gardiner, of Whit with the names of Claudius, Aurelius, Ga. stable, to Mrs. Crockett.

lienus, &c. the medals with Posthumus, and, At Folkestone, Colonel Gorbam, to Miss on the reverse, a galley, with the word Læti.

tia uver it, in very legible characters, supAt Faversham, Mr. Wm. Snoulten, wool. posed to have been struck on some naval vicstapler, to Miss Grove.

tory. At Northfeet, Benjamin Sharpe, esq. of The Rev. G. Coxe, M. A, has been proFleet-street, banker, to Ann, eldest daugh- moted to the rectory of St. Michael's, dear ter of Benjamin Kennet, esq. of the former Winchester, vacant by the resignation of the place.

Rev. T. Watkins. Died.] At Chatham, Mrs. Shrubsole, of At the late Winchester Assizes, J. Brit. the Coach and Horses public house. --Mrs. ton, Captain in the West India Ran. Fone.

gers, was indicted for the wilful murder At Tenterden, Mrs, Hopley.

of his son, G. Britton, by beating him At Folkestove, Mr. Robert Spicer, 89. and kicking him about the body. It ap

At Maidstone, Elizabeth, daugliter of T. peared in evidence, that the prisoner had Miligate, glover, of Charing.

repeatedly beat his son very violently; and In Canterbury-lare, Mrs. Bushell, 77. Mr. Powell, a surgeon, had no doubt that the

At Canterbury, Mrs. Surton, wife of mortification, which was the cause of his Mr. S. of the Red Lion, S'aplegate.

death, ensued from the contusions on the At Seven Oaks, Mrs. Hilder, wife of Mr. back, which were the aggregate of several John H. attorney-at-law.

days' beating. The indictment, however, At Sheerness, Mrs. Bray, wife of Mr. B. having stated the deceased to have been kil. of the dock yard.

led on a specific day, when it turned out that At Dartford suddenly, T. Bradley, esq. he had died of the aggregate ili treatment he of Chatham, 59.

had received on several days, and that the SURRY.

chastisement inflicted on him on any one day Died.) At Wallington, (at Francis would not have been sufficient to have Greggs, esq.) Caroline, wife of 1. G. Chil: caused death, the Judge directed the acquit. dren, esq. and eldest daighter of George tal of the prisoner. Furlong Wise, esq. of Woolson, near Kings. 'Married.) At Winchester, Mr. Wm. Drew, bridge.

to Miss Jane Brown. SUSSLX.

The Rev. John Haygarth, to Sophia Poul. The wool growers of Sussex, have sub- ter, daughter of the Rev. Edmund P. preben. scribed for an elegant piece of plate to 'bé dary of Winchester. ; presented to Lord Sheffield, for his indelati. At Exton, Wm. Smith, esq. of Southampgable exertion in establishing the value of the ton, to Georgiana, daughter of the late Southdoin fecce.

Humphrey Minchin, esq. of Holywell Mariied.] At Little Horsted, Sir George Clerk, of Pennewick, 10 Miss Maria Law, The Rev. Mr. Miller, to Miss Ann Brack. second daughter of Ewan L. esq. and niece to stone, both of Hartley Row.' Lord Ellenborough.

The Rev. Charles Mosey, rector of South. At Lewes, Mr. John Turner, jun. to Miss wick, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of F. E. Judge, buth of Teterden.

Fownes Lutterell, esq. of Dunster Castle, At Ditchling Church, Mr. Wm. Edwards, Somerset. of St. John's Common, aged 18, to Miss At Christchurch, John Goddard, esq. sure Henrietta Herriott, aged 13.

gcon, to Miss Bryer. Died. At Brighton, suddenly, Miss M. At Lgmington, Mr. John Mason, solicitor, Cook, 24,-Mr. Howell, of Brighton Place, to Miss Richman. bather to the red machines,

Died.) At Winchester, in consequence of At East End, Ditchling, Mr. Wm. Attrce, a bite from a mad cat about nine months of Brighton, 61.

since, Richard Church. - Mrs. Newling wife


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of Mr. N. butcher,--Miss Caroline Smith, worked by one cart. horse. Strickland Freedaughter of the late Rev. Mr. S.

man, esq. of Fawley Court, and Mr. Hara At Christchurch, Mrs. Sevmour, widow bottle, of Remen ham, exhibited some excel. of the late Morgan S. formerly of Orchard, lent specimens of new Leicester wethers; and Devon.

Mr. Herbert shewed others of the different Mr. Edward Fox, maltster, near Totton. cross breeds from Merinos with Rylands

Ac Shawford House, near Winchester, in Wilts, and Southdown flocks, whereby at the 924 year of her age, Lady St. John once was produced wool the growth of this Mildmay, wife of Sir Henry St. John M. country, varying in worth from twenty pence bart, of Dogmersfield Park.

to eight shillings per pound. Ar Woodside, near Lymington, Mrs. More . A canal has been projected from Bristol, gan, wie of Mr John M. of the Greyhound to join the Wiltshire and Berkshire canal de Inn, Broaghton.

or near Foxham. By. this communication, At Alton, Win. Parker Terry, esq. and through the medium of the intended

At Southampton, Mrs. Faulkner; widow Western junction, and the grand junctioa of the late admiral F.-Dame Catherine Canals, a regular and safe navigation will be Hayward, daughter of Sir James Harringion, opened with the ports of London and Bristol. bart.

The sum of 400,0001. has been subscribed to . WILTSHIRI.

carry the plan into execution. The number of sheep and larnbs penned The rebuilding of the bridge across the for sale at Bricford fair, near Salisbury, Au Thames, at Ducchett, near Windsor, will be gust 13, a pounted to 23,039; the sales immediately undertaken, and it is intended were unusually brisk on fleshy wethers and to be completed by the beginning of DecemSouthdowa lambs; ewes met with a heavy ber. The repairs will be at the expence of sale.

the county of Bucks. Married.) At Devizes, Wm. Thomas Jol. Married ] Ac Bucklebury, Mr. John liffe Matthews, esq. captain in the Royal Ma. Lace, to Miss Row, of the same place. rines, to Fanny, second daughter of James : At Windsor, Mr. Jefferies, of Covent GarBristow, esq. of Poole.

den Theatre, end manager of the Windsor Mr. Hamlen, of Pewsey, to Miss Maria Theatre, to Miss Mansbridge, of London. . Biggs, of Beeching Stoke.

At Thorpe Chapel, Mr. Vincent, of AshDied.] Ac Salisbury, aged 66, Wm. Col. mansworth, Hampshire, to Miss Slade, of lins, esq. one of the aldermen of that city. Thorpe Farm. Mr. Wm. Weeks, an eminent coach pro- At Mortimer, Wm. Harris, esg. surgeon prietor.-Mr. L. Williams, second son of the of the Royal Artillery, to Miss Dawes. Rev. Lloyd W. of Whitchurch, llants. At Readiny, Mr. John Lamb, tallow Mr. Wm. Hutchens, formerly an eminent chandier, to Miss Martha Smith, of Chel. clothier of this city.

worth Farm. -Mr. J. Wright, of MiddlesAs Corsham, aged 70, Mr. Isaac Freame; field, farmer, to £. Warner, of Stanton Harattorney at law.

court. At l'isbury, aged 101, R. Osborne. His At Yalford, Mr. Wickens, of Langford, posterity amount to 187 persons; 3 sons and to Miss Coppin, of Tubney.--Mr. T. Ri. 5 daughters, 67 grand children, 81 great chardson, of Caversham, to Miss A. Hollogrand-children, and one great great grand- way, of Sunning. child.

Died.) At Waltham, Willis Smith, son BERKSHIRE.

of Mr. Smith, of the Duke of Clarence, In consequence of Mr. Lancaster's former Hackney road. visit. a sociery has been established at Read. At Reading, aged 24, Richard Angel, son ing, and a building, to contain upwards of of Mr. A. of this town. --Mrs. Lowndes, 300 children, in a state of great forwardness. relict of the late Mr. L. printer, 61. The Rev. Dr. Routh, president of Magda- At Thatcham. Mrs. Palmer

At Thatcham, Mrs. Palmer, wife of No. len college, Oxford, has been preferred to the. T. W. P. rectory of Tylehurst.

At Maidenhead, Mr. Smith, late of At the late annual meeting of the Agri. Henley. cultural Society for this county, held at this house at Shinfield, Wm. Huime, Jisley, the silver medals were adjudged to esg. Sir James Throckmorton, for the best South-

SOMERSETSHIRE. down shearling ram and iheaves; to Mr. Stepbess. of Peasemore, for the most short. In addition to the great improvements leaged and very much improved shearling late made, and now making at Bach, the ram and theaves, of the horned or Wiltshire communication between the upper and lower. breed: to Mr. James Herbert, of Pong hley, town is to be further facilitated and rendered for the best two years old ; and to more commodious, by widening the entrance Mr Dawse, jun. of Newbury, for the model to Milson Street, from Green Street and of a moveable threshing mill, the cost of Burton Street, by removing the Upper house, which will not exceed 50t, and which can be in Buni Street.


Married.) Marianne, the youngest daugh- tleman, who had been many years a resident ter of the Rev. Dr. Barker, rector of Marks. here.Mrs. Hemmings, wile of Mr. H.bury, to Lieut.- Colonel Needham, of the Mrs. Erith, wife of Mr. E.--Mrs. Codring3d garrison battalion.

ton, wife of Mr. C cork cutter. Wm. Waldson, esg. of Upton Scudamore, At Clifton, aged 90, Jeremiah Hill, esq. to Mrs. Barton, widow of Mr. B. late of, At Yatton, Mrs. Norman, wife of Mr. , Chippenham, and third daughier of the Rev. John N. surgeon. Wan, Willis, arcbdeacon of Wells.

At Berrow, aged 23, Sarah, youngest Robert Foster Grant, esq to Mary Slade daughter of Mr. Daniel Ashton, lace of Dalion, only child of Nathaniel D. esa of Bath. Shaaks House

At Bristol, Mrs. Sarah Tilladem, of TenMr. Moses Collier, of Wells, to Miss ple-street. --Mr. Ransford, Stokes-croft.Martha Badman, of Wookey.

Mr. Luke Spencer, and Solomon Roach, esq. W. Hill Jackson, esq. of Calcuta, to Miss both of the Hotwell Road. Albenia, third daughter of the Rev. S.

DORSETSHIRF. Wylde, of Burrington.

On Wednesday, the 29th of August, was At Wrington, the Rev. Robinson Elsdale, held the Anniversary Meeting of the free second master of the Manchester free grammar grammar-school, in Sherborne, fou »ded by school, to Marianne, eldest daughter of the king Edward VI, when the young gentlemen Rev. Wm. Leeves, sector of Wrington. delivered their speeches in a manner bigbly

At Bridgewater, Mr. Wm. Powell, glass creditable to their preceptor the Rev. John merchant, of Bristol, to Miss C. Hawkins, Cutier, and which was extremely gratifying daughter of Mr. B. H. of Stogursey.

to a very numerous and respectable audience. At Bath, Mr. Bush, baker, to Mrs. Coop. At the late assizes at Poole, a cause was er. Mr. P. Mitcbell, to Miss A. Ford. Mr. decided, which gives the burgesses at large a Wm. Cole, glazier, to Miss Cox.-David right to elect the mayor of Poole. Powell, esq. of Leighton, Essex, to Miss G. The port of Poole is made a free port, for Hoare, of Hampstead. -Mr. Winter, of which it is well calulared. The quays are Dundry, to Miss Kedwell, of Farmboronigh. spacious, and equal to any in the kingdom.

Mr. Withers, to Miss Sherry.--Mr. Married.] Mr. C. Holder, eldest son of Charles Duffield, to Miss Anne Howell. Mr. H. of Nailsea, to Miss D. Cary, daugh

At Bristol, Mr. Joseph Mallinson), of the ter of Mr. C. esg. of Kingston, with a fortune Bath and Bristol Theatres, to Miss Gelson. of 30,0001.

James James, esq. to Ann, second daugh. At Stockland, Thomas Knott, jun. gent. ter of Thomas Saunders, esq. of Fishgard. to Miss Sarah Anstice.The Rev. Charles -Nehemiah Bartley, esq. of Waltham Ab- Maitland, to Anne, youngest daughter of bey, to Mrs. Morgan, of this city.--Mr. Thomas Knott, esg. Wm. Mortimer, surgeon, to Miss Mansell, At Bridport, by the Rev. D. Williams, Mr. daughter of the late R. M. esq. of Glamor. J. Stewart, of the royal navy,to Miss 1. Ayres, ganshire.-Charles Williamson, esq. to Miss second daughter of Mr. A. of Abbey Sher. A. Conyers.

borne, Dorset. At Long Ashton, Mr. Z. Weeks, carpen. Died.) Mr. Cox, of Beeminster, in conseter, to Miss Mary Ann Rice.

quence of a fall from his horse. Died.) At Chardstock, Mr. John Bond, At Caundle Bishop, in his 76th year, the aged 82.

Rev. Nathaniel Brisced, rector of Caundle At Coombe, near Chard, Mr. Joshua Cuff. and Haydon, and vicar of Sherborne ; for

At Tatworth, near Chard, Mr. Thomas merly head master of the grammar school Deane.

there. At Chard, Ms. John Lemon, maltster and At Ball, in the parish of Sampford Cour. brewer.

tenay, aged 83, Mr. John Quick, a respec. At Bath, John Gaisford, esq. of Iford table and skilful grazier, who had amassed a House, Wilts, 27.-Maria, wife of Mr. W. fortune of 100,0001. B. Lydiard.—Mrs. Ann Vezey, 83. - George At Alphington, aged 90, Mrs. Warden, Frederick Deverell, esq. 36.-Mrs. Buro aunt to the present Bishop of Bangor. leigh, relict of the Rev. R B. of Badesley, At Weymouth, aged 27, Mr John Merry. Hants. Mrs. Smith, 87.-Wm. Eyre, esq. weather, jun. of Mere Park, Wilts. of Newhouse, Wilts.-Mrs. Gale, relict of et Bridport, aged 61, Mr. Chaffey, of the the lale Edmund G. of Newntun.-Mrs. Greyhound Inn. Pearsall, of Wilisbridge, Gloucestershire. "At Organford, ncar Poole, aged 21, Ms. M18. Jennings, of Calne. -Mrs. Grace E. Samuel Henry Forrest. Fenwick, wite of Cuchbert F. esq.-Mrs. At Rimpton, Henry Andrews, esq. Patience, widow of Mr. Thomas P. of Bris. At Sherborne, aged 70, Mr. S. Jefferey, tol, 58.-Major General Robert Rayne, of ironmonger. the Bengal Establishment.-- Jane, youngest Died.) At Over Compton, near Sherborne, daughter of Thomas Lynham, esg.-Mrs. Mr. Henry Dyke, 84; he had been in the Bower, wife of John B. esq. of Newent.-Mr. employ of the family of Gooden, of that place, John Plaisted. --Mr. Johnson, an Irish gen- as bailiff, nearly 60 years. Out of regard to


the memory of a man, who had been uniform. Clark, rector of Mortonhampstead, to Miss ly, just, and whose integrity was inflexible, Naylor, of Coomne Royal, Kingsbridge. Mr. Cooden, with some relatives and clergy At Honiton, Mr. Carpenter, canner, of man, accompanied by all his tenantry, pre- East Budleigh, to Miss Mary Loit, of ceded the corpse to the grave. The appeste Honiton. ance was awfully solemn, and the affecting At Topshan, Mr. Burnett, to Miss ceremony was pathetically and impressively Woodlev. performed before a numerous audience, who Died.] At Exeter, Mr. Charles Wooll. had willingly assembled to pay their last tri. combe, surgeon. - Mrs. Gattey, wife of Mr. bute of respect to so venerable and good a Wm G.-Mrs. Ellis, widow of Mr. E drawcharacter.

ing master, Misy Elizabeth Hull, daughter DEVONSHIRE.

of Mr. Hull, of Tamerton. Thomas ArThe Rer. T. May, has been instituted to thur, of the Woolpack. Mrs. Muslin, wife the vicarage of Fremington.

of Mr. M. of the Devonshire Arms Mrs. A new communication is now opened be. Meldrum, relict of the late Mr. Meldrum, tween Exeter and the metropolis, through linen diapers . Somersetshire, leaving the old road at Huni: At Plymouth, L.. Arthur, esq Mrs. ton, passing through Ilminster, and falling Davies, wife of Nir. Charles D cabinet ma. into it again at Andover. It shortens the ker.-Mr. Pates, of the Three Crowns. distance from Exeter len miles, and from Lieutenint Eastman, of the 13th regiment of Bath to London eleven miles, and avoids foot.--Mr. John Treby Vacthew, aged 30, many long and dangerous hills,

inany years chief clerk to the city bank, The corn harvest has afforded a 100? »vo. Exeter. rage crop in this and the adjoining counties. At Plymouth Dock, Francis Squire, esge

The asylum at Stonehouse for female one of the ancients of the Society of New penitents being too small, the Rev. Dr. Inn, London, 74, Hawker has purchased Hampton-house, late At Flat House, near Portsmouth, Mr. Sir Edward Pelle:v's, for the laudable purpose Giustone, forenian to Mr. Colville, mer. of forming a m're extensive settlement for chant, which place he filled for many years that description of wretched women.

with integrity. Married. At Exeter, Mr. Lonz, to Miss At Exmouth, Captain Henry Pasmore, of Tricks. The Rev. James Spirk, to Mrs. the West India service. Palmer.-Mr. Westway, to Miss Wedger. At Totness, Mrs. Burdon, wife of Lieu. Mr. Joho Lascombe, plumber, to Miss F. tenant Charles Burdon, R.M. Taylor, daughter of Mr. F. cabinet maker. Ac Lympstone, sincerely regretted, Mrs. Mr. Kemp, proc:or, to Mrs. Winter, relice Hill, wife of Mr. John Hill, of Rotherhiche, of the late Thomas of Gibraltar. and daughter of the lace Dr. Meddox.

At Mamhead, Joseph Pole Carew, esq. At Dawlish, Miss Jones, eldest daughter eldest son of the Right Hon. Reginald Can of the lace Joha Jones, esq. of Frankly, rew, of Anthony House, Cornwall, to Miss · Wilts. Caroline Ellis, second daughter of John Ellis, Ac Morchard Bishop, Elizabeth, wife of of Mamhead House, esq.

the Rev. W. C. Tucker. At Ditrisham, Nicholas Brooking, jun. At 'Tiverton, Capt. George Andrews, of esq. of Dartmouth, to Miss Charlotte Roope, the Royal Navy - Aged 80, Mr. Richard daughter of Roope Harris Roope, esg. of Brimson, town-serjeant. Chipton.

At Knackershole, near Plymouth, Mr. Ai scoke, Lieutenant D. G. Hawkins, R.M. John Sule, surgeon, of Saltash.' to Miss Mary Ann Cullum.

At Topshani, Mr. Win. Townsend, she. At Plymouth, Mr. J. C. Mudge, to Miss maker, who, by living parsimoniously, had H, Macey March Mr. Paul Doughty, accumulated upwards of 20001. aged 81, to Mary Dolwooj, aged 71.--Mr. At Plymouth, Alajor Innes, of the 9-148 Fillis, wine merchant, to Miss Herbert, of Scots brigade, who came home in his madaughter of Herbert, banker.

jesty's ship Milan, from Lisbon; he had At Tiverton, William Dunsford, eso late landed but a few hours. This officer had of commander of the Ceres East Indiaman, to ten discinguished himself in his country's Emilia, youngest daughter of the late John Cause. He was a subaltern of the grenadier Halsey, esq. of Bombay John Were Clerke, company of the 94ih regiment at the storm. esq, co Frances, fourth daughter of the late ing of Sering apatam, when Captain Hay, Sir Thomas, and sister to the present Sir (brother of the present Brigadier General Henry Carew, bart. uf Haccombe.

Hay, of the Scots Royal,) and one subalrern At Modbury, Richard Swift, esq. of the were klled, and Mr Innes and another su. 9th light dragoons, to Miss Sarah Perring, balrers, all of one company, were severely daughter of the late Phillip P. esq. of that wounded. His long services in the East In. place.

dies, brought on a liver complaint, and his ac. At Honiton, Mr. P. S. Wish, of Broad tive services at Ceciz, produced a dysentery, Olist, to Miss E. Fogze

of which he died. His remaing'were intered At West Aldington, the Rev, W. C. wila milatary bunouts, in Parts routes gastronom

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