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into the mal-contents, ordered 39 persons to to the Coa, in a very broken and extensive be executed, among whom were four mar position, which it was absolutely necessary to quisses and counts, eight ecclesiastics, fourteen occupy, in order to cover the passage of the lawyers, and the president, che marquis of cavalry and artillery through the long defile Selva Alegre..

leading to the bridge. After this was effectezi, The people of Mexico have raised a con. The infantry recired by degrees, and in as good tribution of four raillions of dollars, for the order as it is possible in ground so extremely support of the war against France.

intricate. A position close in front of the

bridge was maintained as long as was necessaGREAT BEITAIN.

ry, to give time for the troops, which had A Dispatch of which the following is passed to take up one behind the river; aud. an extract, has been received from Lieut

the bridge was afterwards defended with the enant General Viscount Wellington, greatest gallantry, though I am sorry to say dated Alverca, July 25, 1810.

with considerable loss, hy the 43d and part af The cavalry attached to General Craufurd's the 95th regiment. Towards the afternoon advanced guard remained in the villages near the firing ceased; and after it was dark, I the fort of La Conception till the 21st instant, withdrew the troops from the Coa, and retired when the enemy obliged it to retire towards to this place. The troops behaved, with the Almeida, and the fort La Conception was de- greatest gallantry, stroyed. From the 21st till yesterday morn To Lord Viscount Wellington, &c. ' ing, brigadier-general Craufurd continued to Those returned as prisoners and missing occupy a position near Almeida, with his left were taken in a charge of the enemy's cavalry wittrin 800 yards of the fort, and bis right just after our cavalry and guns nad began extending cowards Junca. The enemy 'ace to retire. tacked him in this position yesterday morning, Names of Officers Killed, Wounded, and Missing. shortly after daylight, with a very large body K illed.-43d foot, lieutenant colonel E. of infantry and cavalry, and the Hull, captain E. Cameron, and lieutenant S. peral retired across the bridge over the Coa. Nison. 95ch foot, lieutenant D. M'Leod.

In this operation, I am sorry to say that the Wounded.-Staft, lieutenant Shaw, 43 retroops under his coinmand suffered considera- giment, aid de camp to brigadier-general R. ble loss. The enemy afterwards made three Craufurd, slightly, 14ch light dragoons, lieuefforts to storm the bridge over the Coa, in all tenant Blatchford, severely, 1sc battalion uf of which they were repulsed. I am informed the 43d regiment, captains P. Desiion, T. thac throughout this trying day, the command. Lloyd, and W. F. P. Napier, slightly; Captain ing officers of the 451, 520, and 95th regi. J. W. Hall, severely ; lieutenant G. Johnments, lieutenant-colonel Beckwith, lieute- stone, slightly; lieutenant J. P. Hop'sins, se. nant-colonel Barclay, and lieutenant-colonel verely; lieutenant H. Hancot, slighcy; lieu. Hull, and all the officers and soldiers of these tenants J. M.Dearmaid, J. Stevenson, and R. excellent regiments distinguished themselves. Frederick, severely, 5% ditto, Major H. RideIn lieutenant-colonel Hull, who was killed, wood, slightly; captain R. Campveil, ditio. his Majesty has lost an able and deserving 95th ditto, captain J. Creagh, and S, Mitcnell, officer. Brigadier-general Craufurd has also severely, since dead; 1st lieutenant, H. C. noticed the steadiness of the 3d regiment of Sirith, slightly; 1st lieutenan:-, Ni. Pratt, Portuguese Chasseurs, under the command of P. Riley, A. Coane, and T. Smith, severely; lieutenant-colonel Elder. Since yesterday the 2d lieutenant G. Simmons, ditio. enemy have made no movement.

Missing.- 1st battalion 95th regiment, lieu. Cops of General Croafurd's Report, inclosed in Lord tenant J. G. M•Cullock, taken prisoner. Wellirgson's Dispatch of ibe 952b.of July. Return of obe number of ibe Kild, Wounded,

Carvelbal, July 25, 1810. and Missing, of a division of live sumyidir MY LORD. I have the honour to report ibe command of bis Excellency Leutenario-Gia to your lordship, that yesterday morning the neral Lord Visciunt Wellingtini, E. B. in Ac. enemy advanced to attack the light division tion with obe Frbricbrirmy rcur Almeida, on with between 3 and 4000 cavalry, a conside tbe 24ib of July, 1810. rable number of guns, and a large body of Head-quarters, Alverca, July 25, 1810. infantry. On the first appearance of the Staf, --1 stafi, wounded. Royal Horse Ariin heads of their coiumns, the cavalry and bri. lery, 2 horses, killed; 2 horses, wounded; % gade of artillery attached to the divisions ad- rank and file, missing, 14th light dragoons, våuced to support the picquets, and captain 1 serjeant, killed; 1 lieutenant, i raok anda Ross, with four guns, was for some time en-' file, 4 horses, wounded. 16th light dragoons, gaged with those attached to the enemy's 3 horses wounded. 1st hussars, king's Geis Cavalry, which were of much larger calibre. man legion, i borse, killed; % rack and fire, As the immense superiority of the enemy's S horses wounded. 1st battalion 43 foot, i furce displayed itself, we fell back gradually lieutenant-colonel, 1 captain, I lieutenant, towards the fortress, upon the right of whicle 2 serjeants, 13 rank and file, killed; 4 capthe inlantry of the division was posted, having tains, 6 lieutenants, 8 serjeants, 77 rank and its left in some inclosures near the windmill, file, wounded ; 1 drummer, 14 rank and file, about 800 yards from the place, and its right missing. 1st battalion 520 foot, 1 rank and ! 3


file, killed; 1 major, 1 captain, wounded; 3 opened their fire upon it on the 34th June; rank and file missing. 1st battalion 95th foot, and, adverting to the nature and position of 1 lieutenant, 11 rank and file, killed; 2 cap- the place, to the deficiency and defects of its tains, 5 lieutenants, 1 ensigr, 1 serjeant, 54 works, to tbe advantages which the enemy rank and file, wounded; 1 lieutenant, 1 ser. had in their attack upon it, and to the name jeant, 32 rank and file missing. 1st battalion bers and formidable equipment by which it Portuguese casadores, 2 rank and file, killed; was attacked, I consider the defence of Ciudad 7 rank and file, wounded ; 7 rank and file, Rodrigo to have been most honourable to the . missing; 3d ditto, 2 rank and file, killed; 1 governor, Don Andres Hervasti, and its garri. serjeant, 23 rank and file, wounded; 2 rank son; and to have been equally creditable to and file, missing

the arms of Spain with the celebrated defence Total 1 lieutenant-colonel, 1 captain, % of other places by which this nation has been lieutenants, 3 serjeants, 29 rank and file, s illustrated during the existing contest for its horses, killed; i staff, 1 major, 7 captains, independence. There was an affair between 12 lieutenants, 1 ensign, 10 serjeants, 16+ our piquets and those of the enemy this mornrank and file, 12 horses, wounded; 1 lieute- ing, in which the enemy lost two officers and nant, 1 serjeant, 1 drummer, 80 rank and thirty-one men, and twenty-nine horses prifile, missing. One officer of the Portuguese soners. We have had the misfortune to lose casadores wounded, rank and name not ascere lieytenant-colonel Talbot, and eight men of tained.

the 14th light drageons killed, and twentyC. STEWART, Brig.-Gen. and Adj. Gen. eight men wounded. Dispateb from Lieut. Gen. Lord Vis. Wellington

to obe Earl of Liverpool; dated Alverca, 111b An account of the reduction of the Naof July, 1810.

tional Debt, from the 1st August 1786, to The enemy passed the Agara in force on the 1st August, 1810: 1 the morning of the 4th inst. and obliged Brig. Redeemed by the Sinking Fund £163,527,088 Gen. Craufurd to fall back with his advanced Transferred by Land Tax reguard to the neighbourhood of the fort of La deemed ...

........ 23,576,480 Conception, which had been occupied by a Ditto by Life Annuities purpart of the third division of infantry. In chased ...

....... 1,200,386 making this movement, captain Krauckenburg and cornet Cordeman, at the head of a small On Account of Great Britain £188,303,954 body of the 1st hussars, had an opportunity of Ditto of Ireland ............. 7,132,050 distinguishing themselves by making a gallant Ditto of Imperial Loan ........ 1,070,173 charge upon a superior body of the enemy. Ditto of Loan to Portugal ...... 43,618 Upon mentioning the 1st hussars, it is but justice to inform your lordship, that they Total ............ $196,549,75 have been with the advanced guard through The sum to be expended in the ensuing out the winter, and have performed their duty quarter is 2,728,0261. 195. 31d. in the most satisfactory manner. The 3d Account of the expences incurred, since battalion of Portuguese chasseurs, under the commencement of the present war, in lieatenant-colonel Elder, had also an opportu. building, repairing, and making fortifications, nity of shewing their steadiness during this Martello towers, and the purchase of lands movement of the advanced guard, and the connected therewith, throughout the United skirmishing of the enemy which attended it.' Kingdom, to the 5th January, 1809; The 1st hussars had five men and three horses

a three norses

North Britain ..

North Britain ..........& 16,834 18 10% wounded, and the 16th light dragoons three Northern District ...... +3,753 071 horses killed.

* Yorkshire District ..... 9,406 10 61 Alverca, July 11. Eastern District

tern District ........ 141,496 15 7 Since I wrote to your lordship, this day I Thames Division ........ 5,234 1 01 have received a report that Ciudad Rodrigo Medway Division .... 716,965 13 1 surrendered to the enemy yesterday evening.

southern District
Southern District ...... 863,610

3 81 There was a large practicable breach in the Portsmouth Division .... 150,998 1 10% place, and the enemy had made preparations Plymouth Division .

vision ...... 42,756 12 103 for a storm; when marshal Ney having ofter. Severn District ....... 9,865 4 8 ed terms of cảpitulation, the garrison surien. Ireland

.............. 154,419 19 114 dered. The enemy took up their ground be. Guernsey ............ 47,037 7 64 fore this place on the 26th of April; they Jersey ....

78,874 58 invested it completely on the 11th June, and Ordinance, June 14, 1810,

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INCIDENTS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, IN AND NEAR LONDON ; . With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Churucters recently deceased.

THE premises of Mr. Gillet, printer, in Sa. of Benjamin Kennett, esq. of Northflect • lisbury.court, Fleet street, were early on Kent. Sunday morning, the 29th of luly, destroyed At Folkstone, James Colquhoun, rsq. to by Sire, together with the dwelling-house of Cathari..e D acon, daught out saines Deacon, Mr. Swan, printer, adjoining. Some houses esq. o. Jams-stret, Westminster. at the back of these buildings in Crown-court At sé Ceorge's, Hanover square, Evelyn and Hanging sword-alley, were also much John Srirley, esą of Eatingtun, 10 Mins Stan. da naged, as was the late house of the Vac. hope, only diughter of Arthur S. esq: cine Institution. It is remarkable, that the "The Riv. Join Cholmeley, second son of premises of Mr. Gillet, on the same spot, the late M. Cholmeley, Easton, Lincoln. Were destroyed abou: four years ago; and the shire, and brother to Sir Montague Cholmepresent fire is supposed to have been occasione ley, bart. to Selina Eliza, third daughter of ed by some incendiary throwing combus:ibles R. Pulten, esq. of Great Winchester-street. into the ware-room, the window of which At St. George's, Hanover square, James had been left open to dry the sheets, as the Staveley, esą. or Gray's Inn to Ann Ewbank, dames were first observed, to issue from daughcer of the late John Abraham, esq. of chence, though neither fire nor candle had Turtenham. been for some weeks introduced into it, and it AC Woolwich, Captain J. E. Jones, of the bad that very evening been inspected by Mr. royal artillery, to Luisa, daughter 1 che lace Gillet himself.

William Smith, esq treasurer of his Mje, cy's MARRIED.

Ordnance. At the seat of Sir Robert Preston, bart, at Ac St. Martin's in the-Fields, Miss Ann Woosford, Lieut.-general Sir David Baird, Collins, of Belton-street, Lo.g Acre, to Mr. bart K. B. to Miss Preston Campbell, of N. Kinton, of Lamb's Conduit street. Fernton and Lochlane, in the county of AC St. Pancras Church, Andrew Trevor, Partn.

esq. surgeon of the 334 foot, tu Harriet, At Woodford, Michael Henry Percival, to youngest daughter of Charles Benny, esq. Miss Flower, eldest daughter of Sir Charles of Howland.s.rect. f. bart.

Ac St. George's, Hanover square, Richard · St Mary le bone Church, the Rev. Ri. Currun, esq. eldest son of the Right Honourchard Hartley, of Newcastle upon Tyne, to able Jobo P Curran, master of the rolls in Jane, daughter of N. Bishop, esq. of Glou. Ireland, to Miss Wysel, o: York place. cester-place, New-road.

At St. Church, Mr Robert At Chelsea Church, Mr. J. T. Nuttige, of Newinan, to Miss Laws, both of Oxford. Barking, to Miss Louisa Robinson, or Cheyne. sireet. sow, Chelsea.

At St. Mary's, Newington, J Hanbury, At St. Ann's, Thomas Canham, esq. of jun. of Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn, to Miss the Middle Temple, to Miss Swainson, of Sarah Fuller Langton, eldest daughter of Frich-street,

Richard Langton, esq. banker, of Lombard. At Hadley, Mr. James Boyd, jun. of Wel. strect. beck-street, Cavendish-square, to Miss Ogil.. vy, daughter of David Ogilvy, esq. of Cock At Hillingdon, at the house of her uncle, Foster, Middlesex

Lacey Primate, esq. Miss Maud. Ac Mary-ie-bone Church, the Rev. Ed.' At Highgate-grove, Miss Ann Minshaw, 13. ward Whitby, to Mary, daughter of the late At Pentonville, Isabella Anna, wife of Mt. Benjamin Way, esq. of Denham-place, George Moxon, and only daughter of W. Bucks.

Mann, esq. late of Syleham Sufolk, 20., At St. George's, Hanover-square, Lieut.. In the Strand, Mrs. Goodwin, wife of Mr. colonel Pierce, of the Madras establishment, C. bookseller. to Miss Lester.

At Scaines, Mrs. Elizabetb Perkins, relict AtFinchley, Mr. C. B. Jones, of St. John's of John David P. esq. 69. street, to Miss M. A. Verrals, of East End, in Great Prescot-ssreet, Goodman’s-fields,

Edmund Horrex, esg. Ac St. Clemeot Danes, John Deacon, esq. At Upper Ground, Christchurch, Black. of Bishopsgate street, to Miss Inwood, or thic friars, Mr. G. Farquharson, formerly a jewelo Strand.

ler and silversmith, in the Strand, 74. Robert Panthen, jun. esq. of the Inner Ac Putney, Mis. Pettiward, relict of the Temple, lo Miss Rosina Burrell.

Nate Rev. Dr. P. 86. As Hornsey, Peter Tetrode, esq. of Har. At Islington, Daniel Sebbon, erg. 88. lingen, North Holland, to Mrs. Oyze, of At Harmswurth, Lieut.-Col. Hall, late of Muswell-hill.

the 75ch regiment, and quarter master-gene. At Northfleet, Benjamin Sharpe, eng. of ral of his Majesty's croups in India, 57. " Fleet-street, banker, to Ann, eldest daughter la Bedford row, . Blake, esg. banker. MONTHLY Mag. No. 203.


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At his house in Bear-street, Leicester. Riebard Chambers, esge of Portman place, square, where the family had resided for near 76. a century, Mr. Jacob Furnell, currier, 53. As At Vauxhall Walk, Mrs Page, wife of a tradesman, none surpassed him in integrity. Ms. F. P. of the Transport Office. With a frame or body extremely feeble, and At Paradise-sow, Lambeth, Joon Party, es subject to frequent attacks of the palsy, he formerly barrister-at-law. possessed strong powers of mind; his literary Mr. Windham, (whose death is mentioned attainments were considerable ; he had read in our Number forjuly,) was descer.ded from much, and his memory was retentive. Above an ancient and highly respectable family in all, he was a man ot sincere and unaffected the county of Norfolk, where they had resided!

for several generations, and possessed a conAt his house in St. James's Palace, William siderable property. His father, Wiliam Wybrow, esq. aged 67, first master cook to the Windham, was one of the most adorired: king, arter near fitty-three years honourable characters of his time ; and, in 1756, soon and faithful duty to his royal master. He after the plan of a National Militia was was apprenticed to his majesty when he was formed by Mr. Pitt (afterwards Earl of ChatPrince George, as was the custom of those ham), this gentleman, in conjunction witha days; and, on his majesty succeeding to the the late Marquis Townshend, was extremely throne, he appointed him one of his cooks, zealous and active in promoting and carand from his good and meritorious conduct, rying into execution that scheme, which rose to be first cuok.

has since proved so salutary to his couns At her house in South Street, Finsbury try. On this subject he published one or Mrs. Rebecca Tomkins.

two very excellent pamphlets. He died Neil Steward, late of the Custom House, 87. in 1761, leaving his only son, then eleven Josepb Cade, esq. of Garlick-hill, aged 38. vears old, under the care of the executors

At his house, in Eyre street, Hatton Gar of his will, the Rev. Dr. Dampier, then den, in the 73d year of his age, Mr. Tbomas Under Master of Eton-school, and Ms. Gar. Crucbley. He was one of the very few survi- rick. Mr. Windham was born at Felbrigge. yors who served under the immortal Wolte, hall, the family-seat in Norfolk, in March at the memorable battles and taking of Que- 1750. He received the carly part of his bec, Louisburgh, and the Havannah.

education at Eton, whers be continued At his house in Manchester street, Pierce from 1762 to the antumn of 1766, when Bryan, csq. 78.

he removed to the University of Glasgow, At his lodgings in Great Russell.street, where he resided for about a year in the Major Silvester Ramsay, lace of the Honourable house of Dr. Anderson, Professor of Natu. East India Company's service.

ral Philosophy, and diligently attended At Dulwich, aged 77, Mrs. Surab Hucks, his Lectures, and those of Dr. Robert relict of William H. esq. a lady whose loss Simson, Professor of Mathematics, the will be severely felt by the poor, and whose well-knowa author of a Treatise on Conic Memory will be long cherished with affec- . Sections, and of other learned works. Donate regret by her relatives and the select Here first probably he became fond of circle of friends who enjoyed the bappiness of those studies, to which he was ever afterber society.

wards strongly addicted. • In September 1967, The Row, Richard Cecil, A.M. of an apo- be became a gentleman commoner of Uniplectic fit, late minister of St. John's Chapel, versity college in Oxford, Mr. (afterwards Bedford-row, and vicar of Cobham, in Surty. Sir Robert) Chambers, being his tutot. General Charles Vernon, 92. He was licure

During his academic courset (from 1767 CO aant of the Tower, and senior general of his 1771 he was highly distinguished for his Majesty's forces.

application to various studies, for his lovo At the Bush I

Staats, Ipomas Grigub, of enterprise, for that frank and graceful esq. Solicitor, Bath.

address, and that honourable deportment, At Hackney-grove, Helen, fifth daughter which gave a lustre to his character through of Mr. William Flower.

'At Vale-place, Hammersmith, W7. Tims, Mr. W. has left behind him three esq. 54.

treatises on mathematical subjects, which At his bouse in Earl's-court, Thomas Forsytb, he directed, by his will, should be put into esg. of Upper Wimpole street.

the hands of the Bishop of Rochester (Dr. Mrs. Wimbolt, wife of the Rer. Thornas W. Horsley,) who was then living; adding, of Souchgate Chapel.

that if the should think them of any value As Crie sea, Benjamin, second son of Mr. they might be published. Wright, solicitor, Hyde-screet, Bloomsbury, - † in 1782, he was created M.A. and in 15.

1793, D C. L. at the Installation of the In Charlotte screet, Poriman place, Lieur. 'Duke of Portland; when so high was the Charie: Byomy, o che rojal navyy: 35.. admiration of his character, that on his

lo Tavistock-to*, Carent Gamion, Mrs. entering the theatre, the whole assembly Poluscona, wife of My J. of the Drury-liat tose from their seats, and hailed him with Corpiny.

loud applause,


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every period of his life. In 1773, when Norwich, and afterwards for various bou he was but twenty-chree years old, hjs roughs; and he so early distinguishet love of adventure, and his thirst of know. himself in the House of Conmons, that he ledge, induced him to accompany his was selected by Mr Burke in Jane 1781, to friend Constantine Lord Mulgrave, in decont his motion for a representation to his voyage towards the North Pole; but his Majesty on the state of the nation. In he was so harassed with sea-sickness, that the preceding year, he had been appointed he was under the necessity of being landed principal. Secretary to the Earl of North in Norway, and of wholly abandoning his ington, then conscitated Lord Liegtenant of purpose. la 1778, he became a Major in Ireland; and in that capacity he visited the Norfolk Milicia, then quartered at Dublin in the spring of 1783, and intended Bury in Suffolk, wbere, by his intrepidity to have accompanied his Excellency when and personal exertion, * he' quelled a dan he afterwards opened the session of Par. gerous mutiny, which had broken hut; liament there in October;* but being prenotwithstanding he was highly beloved by Kenced by illness, he relinquish d his office; the regiment. On one of the mutincers and his friend the Hon. Thomas Pelhin laying hold of a part of his dress, he felled (now Earl of Chichester,) was appointed him to the ground, and put him into con- Secretary in his room. From the time of fine nent; and, on nis comrades after his coming into Parliament to the year. wards surrounding him, and insisting on 1793, he usualiy voted wich the Opposi. the release of the delinquent, he drew tion of that day; but he never was what his sword, and kept them at baytill is called a thorough party-man, frequently • party of his own company joined deviating from those to whom he was in and reseved him. Soon afterwards, in con- general attached, when, in matters or imsequence of his being obliged to remain for porcance, his conscience directed him to several hours in wet clothes, he was seized take a different course from inem; on with a dangerous bilious fever, which nearly which account, his virtues and talents were deprived him of his life. In the autumn of never rightly appreciated by persons of that year, partly with a view of restoring his that description, who frequently on this health, he went abroad, and spent the two ground vairly attempted to undervalue foliowing years in Switzerland and Italy. him. After the rupture between Mr. Fox Previously to his leaving England, he was and Mr. Burke. in consequence of the chosen a member of the Literary Club, French Revolution, Mr. Windham attached founded by Sir Joshua Reynolds and Dr. himself wholly to the latter, with whom Johnson, (whu had the greatest esteem for he had for many years live in the closesc Mr. Windbam;) and, notwithstanding his intimacy; and of whose genius and virtues engagements in consequence of his Parhe had always the highest admiratin. diamentary business, and the important Being, with him, thoroughly convinced of offices which he filled, he was a very fre- the danger then impending over his country quent attendant at the meetings of that from the measures adopted by certain classes Sespectable society, (for which he always of Englishmen, in consequence of that creo expressed the highest value,) from 1781 mendous convulsion, he did not hesitate to to near the time of his death. So early unite with the Duke of Portland, Lord as the year 1769, when he was at Oxe Spencer, and ochers, in accepting offices ford, and had not yet attained his twen under the administration in which Mr. Pist Lieth year, the late Marquis Townshend, then presided. On this arrangement Mr. then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, - whom Windham was appointed Secretary at War, he twice visited during his residence in with a seat in the Cabinet, an honourable that country, uffered him the office of his distinction which had never before been an. principal Secretary; but he decimed it in a letter which is scrit extant, and which

Whea about to visit that country in his very forcibly displays that excellent sense, official capacity, he called oa Dr. Johnson ; and those honourable sentiments, which and in the course of conversation, lamented afterwards uniformly regulated his conduct. that he should be under the necessity of sancIn 1782 he came into Parliament, where tioning practices of which he could not be sat for twenty-eight years, at first for approve. “Don't be afraid, sir," said the

Doctor, with a pleasant smile, you will • Of his dauntless courage many' sastances soon make a very pretty rascal."-Dr. John. might be given. In May 1785, he ascended son in a leuer to Dr. Brocklesby, written from Moulsey Hurse in a balloon, with Mr. at Ashbourney in 1784, says: " Mr. WindSadler; and ia 1793, having visited the ham has been here to see me he came, I army engaged in the siege of Valenciennes, think, forty miles out of his way, and staid he surveyed all the works with the most wout a day and a half; perhaps I make the minute attention, in company with Captain time shorter than it was. Such conversation (now Colonel) Thornton, and approached so I shall not have again cill I come back to the near the enemy, that he was often within regions of literature, and there Windham is the scach of their capaura

inter stellas luna minora." EPIT.


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